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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: This is the reason Total DramaRama received such a harsh reception upon its reveal: after the three-year hiatus the main series was stuck in after Pahkitew Island, a Lighter and Softer spin-off of questionable canonicity that ages the characters down into toddlers and removes the beloved teenage aspects of the show wasn't what fans were expecting.
  • Author's Saving Throw: After years of fans complaining of how certain characters from Island would go through Flanderization and/or derailment whenever they'd return in later seasons, this series restores said characters either closer to their original characterization, or makes them tolerable when compared to their original counterparts currently (Duncan and Owen). Courtney for example in this series is often viewed as an improvement over when we last saw her original teen self.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • The living sock puppets in "Aquarium for a Dream". They're shown twice in the episode, but never once directly acknowledged.
    • The flash forward ending for "Tiger Fail" showing Bridgette, Gwen, Courtney, Owen, and Cody grown up and elderly while also having their main TD designs. Cody also dies of old age.
    • The scenes in "Snots Landing" that take place inside Beth's nose with anthropomorphized versions of objects she's previously stuffed up there.
  • Bizarro Episode:
    • DramaRama was always wackier than it's predecessor, but "Tiger Fail" may take the cake. In particular, the ending where Gwen and Cody spend 78 years playing the quiet game just to settle what flavor ice cream they will get. Gwen ends up winning after Cody dies, when she's rewarded with her tiger tail ice cream that she and several of the other kids spent nearly eight decades waiting on, she is disappointed claiming that chocolate is actually better. This obviously won't stick.
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    • The episode "Invasion of the Booger Snatchers" counts as well since it involves Harold trying to defeat a hostile alien worm from taking over the minds of his friends and Chef. While the show has dabbled with the concept of aliens in World Tour, having them become a major plotline can be seen as weirder then normal.
  • Creator's Pet: Owen unfortunately carries this trait over from the original series. He's appeared in every episode so far and is the only character besides Chef to speak in every episode as well. He's also gotten the most episodes either centered around him or where he plays a major part, such as his ultimately superfluous subplot in "Hic Hic Hooray" where he tries to eat a worm so that he can drink a soda to get the taste out of his mouth, only to learn that there's no more soda.
    • However, he makes his first absence in "Duncan Disorderly."
  • Designated Hero: The TD kids come off as this. Despite having their personalities re-railed and being on "friendlier" terms with each other, they can come off as selfish brats who are more than willing to engage in extreme forms of trouble for the fun of it. This often results in the daycare being flat out destroyed or Chef having to suffer the most for it. It's especially jarring since they aren't even bothered by the destruction and don't even reflect on how their actions have consequences. The biggest examples so far are "Not Without My Fudgy Lumps" and "There Are No Hoppy Endings," especially "There Are No Hoppy Endings."
    • Beth is one of the biggest examples, as episodes that focus on her showcase her selfishness and eagerness in creating mayhem for her own self interests.
    • Gwen also stands out in this regard. While she is a Creepy Child, her interactions are borderline disturbing as she enjoys terrorizing the other kids for her personal enjoyment. Examples include how she was all too eager to tear off Leshawna and Beth's body parts with a chainsaw or how she ripped off the heads of her dolls as a gift for her mother.
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  • Ear Worm: For a bunch of baby babbles, the Theme Tune is bound to get stuck in your head after a while.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse:
  • He Really Can Act:
    • Drew Nelson has been voicing Duncan since Island with a boyish tenor, but his DramaRama version sounds so different to the point where it's hard to tell that they're both voiced by the same person. Drew is able to pull off a higher-sounding child voice and still sound like the rebellious tough guy that Duncan is.
    • While many people were displeased that Gwen's voice actress Megan Fahlenbock was replaced yet managing to come back in "Tiger Fail", Lilly Bartlam's performance makes up for it. Not only is she a child voice actress (alongside Wyatt White, the new voice actor for Cody) in a cast of Dawson Casting, but she manages to make a convincing performance as a Creepy Child akin to Lucy Loud.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Sometime in late 2013, a user on DeviantArt by the name of Kikaigaku made a mini comic series called Total Drama Kids, which showcased the cast as young children at school. Four years later, we get this. And in a hilarious coincidence, the series will be aired in Brazil (and presumably the rest of Latin America) under the name Drama Total Kids.
  • Ho Yay:
    • In "That's A Wrap", Cody seems really happy about being tied to Duncan. He even sings a version of "Happy Together".
    • In "Bananas and Cheese", Harold asks to hold Duncan's hand.
  • Internet Backdraft:
    • The announcement of DramaRama and its Spinoff Babies premise majorly disappointed most of the fandom.
    • Megan Fahlenbock (Gwen) stating on Facebook that not only would she not only not be reprising her role for DramaRama, but also implying that she was outright fired from the role thanks to (in her own words) "the network", caused outroar among the fandom at one of the veteran voice artists being removed (especially one who was the voice of one of the arguably main characters of the original cast). However, she did return to voice Gwen in the episode "Tiger Fail" (in an Imagine Spot featuring an elderly version of the character).
    • A clip was released of Owen doing the floss dance, and it prompted a huge backlash, saying that the show was trying too hard to be hip and relevant. This is despite the fact that the floss has been around for years before Fortnite made it popular.
    • A minor example with "Duncan Disorderly". The original plot synopsis mentioned Bridgette as a main character which got a number of fans excited since she'd been one of the more underused characters with only one episode focused on her thus far. When the episode aired, they were very disappointed to discover that her role in the episode was instead given to Beth, a character whose already had almost as many episodes focused on her as Owen, and to a lesser extent doesn't have Bridgette's likability to justify her oversaturation.
    • The original synopis for "Soother or Later" stated that Duncan returned to the daycare because he forgot his pacifier, not because it was storming outside. Although not to the extent of "Duncan Disorderly," some people were angry that they were deceived by the synopsis once again.
  • Moe: Love the show or not—the character designs of the kids are absolutely adorable.
  • So Okay, It's Average: After the first episode leaked, most of the fans who were skeptical were willing to admit that it was fun to watch. It's still flawed and has problems regarding pacing, but it makes up for it with some pretty good jokes along with having the characters acting like how they originally were. Others have said that while it isn't entirely terrible, it's not anything spectacular either.
  • Pandering to the Base:
    • Gwen's personality change which makes her feel more like Crimson from The Ridonculous Race is clearly the result of Fresh TV cashing in on the success of the Goths from RR and catering to the fans who consider them to be superior to Gwen's original counterpart (especially after All-Stars).
    • Don's cameo in "Know It All" is pretty much just for the sake of being blatant fanservice.
    • Much like Don's cameo in "Know It All", the appearances of the kid versions of Trent, Katie and DJ in "Gum and Gummer" are pretty much just for fanservice that feels rather backhanded considering that they're used for a flashback that essentially rehashes the infamous balloon scene from the finale of All-Stars.
    • The reappearance of the kid version of Katie as well as the first actual appearance of the kid version of Geoff in "Duncan Disorderly" are once again there for no real purpose other then obvious fanservice.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Leshawna, who in this series acts like an Alpha Bitch and is very willing to get people in trouble.
    • Beth is one too, as she's very self-centered and narcissistic and does selfish things for her own benefit without learning anything from her actions or suffering any consequences for them.
  • Squick:
    • In "VentHalla", Duncan somehow manages to get hold of Chef's glass eye that he replaced with a marble. It definitely doesn't help that the episode in question doesn't take the time to explain that this is a glass eye.
    • In "Snots Landing", Beth has a habit of sticking things up her nose. In the same episode, Izzy finds a dead bird in the vents.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • Leshawna getting her hair gummed and messed up in "Gum and Gummer" makes people happy due to her being a self-centered Jerkass.
    • Beth getting attacked and stung by bees in "The Price of Advice" might be satisfying for the people who aren't very fond of her new selfish characterization for this series.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: A major complaint about the show overall is that it's too childish, juvenile, and sickly sweet at times.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: "Gum and Gummer" features cameos by kid versions of Trent, Katie and DJ. They have no lines and serve no purpose other than to appear in a flashback that essentially rehashes the infamous balloon scene from the finale of All-Stars. Even those who correctly assumed that their appearances would amount to nothing more than obvious clickbait figured that at the very least they'd be treated with a bit more respect since much like half the cast for this series they haven't been seen in about seven years.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • "A Ninjustice to Harold" ends in a Here We Go Again! with the reveal that Bridgette could surpass Harold as becoming the class ninja. Imagine how the episode we just saw would've played out had the aforementioned been given Beth's role in the episode.
    • "From Badge to Worse" ends with Gwen learning that Courtney was just simply pretending to be her friend so that she could earn her final girl scout badge for making a new friend. Instead of getting mad, Gwen simply says "Well played" and signing her paper. Though it's implied that not only are they back to not being friends, but that Courtney ultimately feels guilty about using her, because this all happens within the last 30 seconds of the episode, the plot isn't allowed to do anything else other that abruptly stop on a Brick Joke involving Courtney's reward for earning every single badge.
    • As mentioned above, the original synopsis for "Duncan Disorderly" made it sound as though Bridgette was going to be a main character (which would've been the first time since "Hic Hic Hooray"), only for her advertised role in the episode instead going to the already overexposed Beth. Like with " A Ninjustice to Harold", imagine how differently the episode would've played out had Bridgette been in Beth's role like the synopsis made it seem.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • One of the main characters is Jude, a character from 6teen, a series that had ended about a decade prior.
    • MacArthur from the Ridonculous Race is a character nobody expected would show up, especially as a Recurring Extra.
    • "Duck Duck Juice" features Nikki from the aforementioned 6teen (though only in flashback).
    • "Sharing is Caring" briefly shows teenage/adult Courtney with the same design she has in the main series albeit in a slightly different outfit during a Flash Forward Imagine Spot.
    • The flash forward ending of "Tiger Fail" has two examples:
      • It shows elderly Cody, Gwen, Chef, Bridgette, Courtney, and Owen. All of their designs are almost exactly the same as their main series counterparts but with white/gray hair and wrinkles/liver spots. Bridgette looks the most different due to a completely different hairstyle and outfit, but keeps the same face. Other key differences include Chef having a Badass Beard, bushy eyebrows, hunchback, and high-tech wheelchair, Gwen having much longer hair and hospital gown, Owen having snowflakes on his shirt instead of his classic Canada leaf, and Courtney having reading glasses but otherwise looking exactly the same, even the same outfit this time!
      • Gwen in this scene is also voiced by her original VA Megan Fahlenbock, as opposed to Lily Bartlam, and this being after the implication that the former had been let go from the role.
    • "Hic Hic Hooray" shows a flashback of a kid Chef Hatchet and his older brother (something about him that was never hinted at in the original series) pulling pranks on each other, as part of a family remedy for hiccups.
    • "Bananas and Cheese" introduces two new characters that no one ever expected to see: Duncan's parents.
    • In "Know It All", we get a cameo of Don the host who now works as a scientist.
    • "Stay Goth, Poodle Girl, Stay Goth" shows a cameo appearance of a kid version of Geoff in a slot machine.
    • "Gum and Gummer" feature cameo appearances by kid versions of DJ, Trent and Katie.
    • "Invasion of the Booger Snatchers" feature cameos by Carrie, Devin, and a silhouette of Chet from The Ridonculous Race inside Harold's comic.
    • "Duncan Disorderly" features the return of the kid version of Katie as well as the first actual appearance of the kid version of Geoff.
    • "Mother of All Cards" features a cameo by Gwen's mom whose design remains largely the same barring a different outfit and a change in hair color.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: In "Gum and Gummer," we should have sympathy for Leshawna when she got gum on her hair because of Beth, but instead, we don't. This is due to her being a Jerkass in the series, her actions in "Paint That a Shame," and her wanting Owen to get punished when he was framed for Beth's doing.
  • The Woobie:
    • Chef Hatchet is perhaps the biggest example. Very few things end up going right for him. In "Duck Duck Juice", Izzy and Jude drink his favorite unicorn latte, causing him to go insane from withdrawal for the majority of the episode. When he gets another one, Duncan's explosive clay blows up on him and destroys the cup. "The Date" reveals that he suffers from depression after his girlfriend broke up with him, when he thinks he's found a new girlfriend, it turns out to be the kids sending fake love letters just so he can keep ordering them pizza. "Not Without My Fudgy Lumps" takes this Up to Eleven by putting him in excruciating pain for most of the episode and it even ending with him getting arrested because Izzy steals his phone to hack into the military to get a drone to try and retrieve Owen's box of fudgy lumps that he left outside. "There Are No Hoppy Endings" is another that highlights Chef’s Woobie status.
    • Courtney is definitely runner-up. Both the show and the characters often go out of their way just to give her a hard time, and is often victim to having a Downer Ending. Additionally, unlike main series Courtney whose misfortunes are somewhat justified due to the times she was a major Jerkass, toddler Courtney is actually just sweet and responsible most of the time if still a stickler for the rules.
      • In episode 8, Beth, Leshawna, and Duncan spend try to steal her toy egg and play with it because she didn't give them permission something Bridgette has to explain, only for her egg to hatch At the last minute causing Courtney to cry.
      • Then in "Germ Factory" while the other kids are trying to get themselves sick so they can stay home all day, Courtney tries not to get sick so she can get her gold star for 100 days of perfect attendance, only for Bridgette to sneezes on her at the end of the episode and become sick much to Courtney's horror. The episode ends with a shot of a sick Courtney, who had dragged herself to the daycare, pitifully knocking on the door begging to be let in to keep up her attendance, before vomiting on herself and then continuing to beg anyway.
      • There's also "Know It All" where all of her classmates band against her for being a stickler, with Duncan betting that she couldn't go a day without telling others what to do. Upon accepting the dare, her classmates spend the whole day doing disgusting things right in front of her. She manages to push through, prompting Duncan to bring in explosives and taunt her into talking him out of making them explode. When she still doesn't give up, Duncan taunts her into doing so, and she does, leading to the whole facility being leveled and her being arrested alongside Duncan for planting TNT in the first place. She then brags about being victorious, only for her hand to slip through a cuff. She then tells the officer to get tighter cuffs for her, meaning she told someone what to do, effectively losing the bet after everything she's been through.
    • Bridgette carries this trait over from the main series for being a major Butt-Monkey despite the fact that she couldn't possibly be any nicer. In just the 3rd and 4th episodes, she got a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown by Jude's Ax-Crazy chicken, Owen ate her entire lunch when she offered to share, and Beth takes her balloon. It stands out even more because those scenes are most of her screen time in these episodes.


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