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Tear Jerker / Lucifer (2016)

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     Season 1 
  • Seeing Lucifer's real wings mounted like a stag's head in the antique auctioneer's home. They really look like they would belong to the most beloved son of Heaven. Lucifer's reaction is borderline disgust and heartbreak that a part of his was mounted like that.
    • And then made worse when Lucifer burns the wings after learning his brother was the one who set it up to be stolen.
  • As he dies in Lucifer's arms, Father Frank tells Lucifer "your father has a plan for you," revealing he believed all along Lucifer was the Devil and still accepted his help. Lucifer actually cries over the man's death. He later stands on his balcony railing at God for his "rules" and asks, "What's the bloody point?"
    • This carries particular punch because Frank was probably the first person that Lucifer befriended simply because he liked them: Chloe's immunity to his powers fascinated him from the start, Maze pretty much exists to be his servant and protector - if a particularly irreverent one and Doctor Martin is, first and foremost, his therapist who he saw as a vehicle to work out his issues.
  • Lucifer's anger at Maze's betrayal. Seeing Maze's face is heartbreaking.
  • Lucifer's increasing anger and despair in the two-part finale of Season 1. He's absolutely gutted by the idea of people being killed in his name, and to top it all off, everyone seems to have turned their back on him. By the end of "#TeamLucifer", he feels completely betrayed and alone, to the point of begging to be killed or taken back to Hell. His miserable expression both times that Chloe points her gun at him is telling of how desperate he is for one person to believe him.
  • Malcolm's family were so happy he's awaken from his coma. Which makes it worse when Malcolm has become abusive towards them (as a result of returning from Hell). When Chloe visits his house, she found his wife was so afraid of him that she almost shot Chloe. Their son wasn't there, so one can imagine how he felt about his dad now. Not to mention if they ever learned that Malcolm was indeed a Dirty Cop all along. We don't know what became of them following Malcolm's death.

     Season 2 
  • Amenadiel's reaction to beginning to fall is utterly heart wrenching. His wings are rotting away, going from something majestic to something that looks diseased.
    • Amenadiel's reaction is particularly heartbreaking when you realize that despite everything Lucifer's done, Lucifer hasn't fallen. His wings were still pristine (however unattached), and he still has his powers of persuasion and super strength, even after five years of supposedly betraying his purpose.
    • After holding himself to be better and more pure than Lucifer, the realization that he's somehow fallen further than the Devil breaks Amenadiel completely, leading to his drunken depression in the later episodes.
  • Lucifer's story of his family is saddening because people can easily identify with it: They once were quite happy then Dad began tinkering in the garage on a project (humanity), Mom became cold and distant, and so when one of the kids started acting out (Lucifer), Dad threw him out and Mom stood there and did nothing.
  • Dan and Chloe's divorce is finalized in "Sin-Eater". Particularly sad for Dan, who shot Malcolm to protect Chloe, and let her think she was crazy about the Palmero incident. In the first season they tried to give each other another chance. But then he was kidnapped by Malcolm while he was texting Chloe, Malcolm texted that Dan doesn't want to see her. Dan was able to escape, but couldn't say anything to Chloe who's angry at him. Eventually Dan was forced to tell her when Malcolm framed Lucifer for murder, and Chloe was extremely pissed at him for gaslighting her. He made up for his mistakes by placing himself under arrest to clear Lucifer. Though he himself was cleared by the next season as the department want to put the whole thing behind them, so he end up doing grunt work. Thus Chloe being his superior, and was still upset with him. While they try to work things out, Dan decided they're not good together anymore, and he blames himself for it.
  • Lucifer is forced to kill Uriel to keep him from hurting Chloe or his mother - and the knife he used to kill him means Uriel has suffered Cessation of Existence. Lucifer's stuck in a state My God, What Have I Done?, and he later sobs in his mother's arms over it.
  • Lucifer's mother taking Amenadiel to Uriel's grave, allowing him to grieve for his fallen brother.
  • In the episode after killing Uriel, Lucifer begins a downward spiral into misery and self-loathing by sitting at his piano and, glassy-eyed, playing a haunting rendition of Metallica's "Unforgiven". Thematically apt for both his brother's murder and his relationship with his father, the melody is as heartbreaking as the symbology is pertinent.
  • Lucifer stands in front of the target and practically begs the shooter to shoot him, wracked by his guilt over killing Uriel. Lucifer sees Chloe in the vicinity too, meaning he knew he was going to die or at least get seriously injured and he believed that he deserved it.
    • The look on Chloe's face when she sees him is heart-breaking. And then later, when she's trying to convince him to open up to her, he refuses. She doesn't force him, but her voice is breaking when she advises him to talk to someone else if not her. She just wants to help him, but he won't let her and it hurts.
  • As he tries to confront his grief in therapy, Dr. Martin demands that Lucifer stop using metaphor when talking to her. She wants the truth, and Lucifer gives it to her, showing her his true face and confirming that he really is the devil. Dr. Martin reacts with fear and catatonia, possibly confirming to Lucifer everything he fears about himself. He gives her a small, vulnerable smile, but ends up leaving her office, clearly feeling more rejected than ever.
  • The aftermath of Lucifer revealing his true face to Linda; she's locked herself in her office and is extremely jumpy. And then when Maze stops by, she simply asks the demon to leave, unable to accept what she is. Maze just looks so lost that it's hard not to shed a tear for her.
  • Chloe almost shoots her father's killer. Her hands are shaking and there are tears streaming down her face as she holds the gun to his head. She ultimately decides to lock him up in the same prison he was warden over for years.
  • Lucifer's Exact Words speech to a criminal that he and Dan are trying to catch in a sting operation. Especially since Luficer later admits that he meant every word:
    Lucifer: I want someone dead.
    Boris: Who?
    Lucifer: Lucifer Morningstar.
    Boris: And what has this person done to deserve death?
    Lucifer: Well, he hurts people. And not just his enemies, those close to him as well. In fact, I think he hurts them most of all. (off a comment from Dan) Yes, believe me when I say, Boris, that the world would be a better place without him.
    • Made harsher by the tail end of season 4.
  • The ending of "Homewrecker": Shaken by Linda's words, Lucifer stands Chloe up, leaving her waiting in the restaurant for two hours before she gives up and heads home. Not to mention that she kept texting him, and he refused to reply.
  • An underlying one in "Stewardess Interruptus". Just when Lucifer has accepted that he loves Chloe and they're inches away from kissing, one of his ex's walks in on them and interrupts the moment, essentially scaring Chloe away. Lucifer tries his damn hardest to make her see that he wants to give their relationship a shot, but she doesn't want to listen. While she probably has understandable reasons to be wary (Lucifer's reputation, still wounded from her divorce), it's still hard to watch them interact, especially in the stake-out van. It gets to a point where Lucifer fully believes that he's unworthy of her; his speech is both a Heartwarming Moment and Tear Jerker. It's a good thing that Chloe changes her mind at the end of the episode and kisses him.
    • Lucifer's reaction to hearing his past loves saying that their relationship is just about sex and it's meaningless.
  • Lucifer's reaction to finally being told that Chloe was purposely put in his path by God. He flashes back to soft moments they’ve shared throughout their time together, the montage of their relationship overlaid by Lucifer’s shaky breathing. He comes out of it close to tears, upset and furious, and leaves, barely steady on his feet. It's utterly heartbreaking.
  • Lucifer discovers he now has his own personal Hell waiting for him - in which he's forced to stab Uriel over and over again. By the time Lucifer’s mother comes to rescue him, Lucifer is weeping openly, sobbing in agony every time he stabs Uriel, clinging to his brother and begging to be forgiven. Even once she arrives and tells him it isn't his fault, it takes a blunt reminder that Chloe is dying for Lucifer to break out of his tearful, guilt-ridden daze.
    • Two facts from other seasons make the whole thing even more awful. Season One tells us that time moves much faster in Hell, so for the few minutes that Lucifer was dead, he could have been in Hell for years. In Season Three, we learn from Lucifer himself that all the doors in Hell are open and unlocked. He knows that, but he still stays, punishing himself.
    • Lucifer's mother finally seems to get her comeuppance in the most heartbreaking way. In Hell she realizes that everything is her fault, confessing to manipulating Lucifer in order to get back at her ex-husband. Filled with guilt, she wants to stay in Hell with an illusion of Uriel. Lucifer tells her they need to leave, plaintively repeating "Mum" as she stays put, staring at the illusion of Uriel. Lucifer has to drag her back to the elevator, whispering that Uriel isn't real as she begs him not to take her away from her son.
    • As Linda desperately tries to bring Lucifer back from the dead, and it looks as though it might not work, Maze is shown starting to cry - the first time the audience has ever seen her do so.
      • She was unable to kill him in the first place, despite her anger at him, and her offer to do so.
  • The ending of "A Good Day to Die". Lucifer has had enough of his parents manipulating him and leaves LA, wanting to get away from everyone since he doesn't know who he can trust. This leads to a heartbreaking scene where Chloe - having tried calling Lucifer enough that she jokes about it being over three hundred times - walks into his penthouse and finds everything covered in sheets, and Lucifer nowhere to be found. To make things worse, she's a recent divorcee who took a leap with Lucifer, putting her heart on the line. Ouch.
    • Lucifer's mother suffers as well; she genuinely loves her children and tells this to Lucifer, but he's had enough of her games and won't listen to her pleas. He leaves her standing alone. He hates her, and she has no one to blame but herself.
  • "Candy Morningstar" is mostly a funny episode, but from Chloe's point of view, it's really not. She finally opened herself up to Lucifer (which is a big deal for her after everything that happened with Dan), giving him a shot despite her better judgement and his reputation. Then she nearly dies. Then, Lucifer disappears completely out of the blue, and is gone for two weeks. Chloe tries to get over it, but she clearly hasn't. Then, Lucifer suddenly shows up again without warning, and acting like nothing happened. Worse still, he's seemingly married to a ditzy stripper from Vegas, completely on a whim, which from Chloe's perspective, makes it seem like he never had feelings for her at all. The look on her face pretty much sums it all up: it's utterly heartbreaking.
    • Lucifer is not much better. He genuinely believes that he's worthless and doesn't deserve Chloe's love, and that any feelings she has for him must have been faked by God. Not once has he realized that her feelings for him are indeed genuine, and that his actions are just hurting her more.
    • While being garroted, Lucifer flippantly taunts both the man strangling him and the detective, saying that there's no point in threatening him, since Chloe doesn't need him anymore. He suggests that the man to just kill him and get it over with, or that Chloe shoot them both. He seems to genuinely be seeking death.
  • "Deceptive Little Parasite": Trixie is scared that her mother could die because of her job, and she doesn't want to tell either of her parents because she doesn't want to worry them.
    • The ending scene, where Lucifer lets himself feel his pain and uses his emotions to light the sword. There are obvious tears in his eyes, and he's sobbing softly as the blade flickers. Amenadiel notices and seems very concerned, stopping their mother from forcing him to try again and resting a hand on Lucifer's shoulder as he pulls himself together.
      • In the prior scene, Linda gently urges Lucifer to stop refusing to feel his pain. He lifts a hand to his mouth and looks away, tearful, as Linda assures him that although it's difficult, going through his pain is the only way to process it.
  • "God Johnson": Towards the end of the episode, God Johnson tells Lucifer that he's proud of him... but then his belt buckle is removed, revealing that he's just an ordinary man under the influence of a celestial artifact (presumably put there by God). For a moment, in his drugged state, Lucifer thought he had the love and approval he always wanted from his Father, only to have it ripped away again thanks to another "trick". The entire incident just makes him even angrier at God.
  • "The Good, The Bad and the Crispy":
    • Lucifer's mother tortures and almost kills Linda to extract information about Lucifer and Amenadiel's plan. When Maze finds her, she's bleeding out and desperately says how she didn't want to tell her anything. Amenadiel just barely saves her by stopping time.
    • Lucifer finally assembles the Flaming Sword and sets it alight, deciding to finally deal with his mother. At first it seems like he plans to kill her with it- then he tears a rip in the fabric of existence with it and begs his mother to leave and create a new universe where she can be happy, without God. His mother tearfully says how much she will miss "her angel", and leaves through the tear. Lucifer tosses two-thirds of the blade in after her and is left visibly shaken in the aftermath.
    • And considering that there may be no coming back, Lucifer's mother may never be able to see the rest of her children again. She didn't even get to say goodbye to Amenadiel.

     Season 3 
  • "They're Back, Aren't They?": When you really look closely, Lucifer's reaction to getting his wings back and having his devil face taken away is completely justified. It's a violation of his body, and he hates it.
    • Lucifer attempts to finally show Chloe the truth...but it backfires, because for some reason he doesn't have his devil face anymore. Chloe thinks that he's just messing with her and is clearly upset about it, holding back tears before leaving the room.
    • Just how nervous Lucifer is before he attempts to tell Chloe. He's obviously recalling what happened with Linda, and fears that Chloe will never want to see him again.
    • Hard to tell on the first viewing, but when Lucifer is trying to explain to Chloe that he was kidnapped, she doesn't believe him. Once upon a time, she said he never lied. But now, it's visible that she's losing faith in him, if subtly. It may be a long time before she truly forgives him for leaving her that time.
  • "What Would Lucifer Do?"
    • Lucifer genuinely believing that people don't change, no matter how much they might want to, so resolves to act out in order to prove his point. He almost kills a man in his anger, before Amenadiel reminds him that he's not evil, but someone who punishes evil.
    • Amenadiel points out that Lucifer's attack on the murderer wasn't a punishment for the man. Lucifer was punishing himself, for not being there for Chloe when she was in danger.
    • The ending of this episode captures perfectly how broken and torn Lucifer is. He's changing because he's in love with Chloe, but since he believes that she was put in his path purposely, he thinks that his father is forcing him to change. He has no idea who he is anymore or how to define himself, and it's slowly tearing him apart.
      • This analysis explains just how heartbreaking the entire scene is.
    • Marcus eventually explains why he turned down Chloe's request to be considered for union rep; it's a position for has-beens. Then it turns out he gave the nod to Dan, who doesn't even realize this is the Kiss of Death.
      • Made harsher in hindsight by the revelation that Marcus is Cain, and his interest in Chloe is entirely self-serving. Giving Dan that position was likely a way to further isolate Chloe from her support structure.
  • "Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards"
    • Because she has no memory of what happened when Lucifer's mom had her body, Charlotte plays off still being normal. Which means, she can't understand why her husband took custody of her children or why Dan is so weird around her.
    • The entire episode is a deconstruction of possession. Turns out, for Lucifer's mother to possess her, she was stuck in hell. There, she was forced to defend sleazebags for eternity. Like Malcolm, she spent what may have been a short time in hell and she is absolutely terrified of going back; to the point of trying to do anything to redeem herself just so she doesn't go back.
  • "Off the Record"
    • Despite everything he does, you can't help but feel sorry for how Reese's obvious love for Linda led him to a downward spiral to Hell... literally.
      • Save some tears for Linda. It's implied her marriage turned unhappy and suffocating before she divorced Reese, and while his behavior to her is unacceptable and she's tired of it, she still cares about him as a person. And what does she get for it? The knowledge that he's a killer, however unwitting. And thrown into a planter after she finds out. The woman asked for none of this.
      • Lucifer’s reaction to Reese’s dying words speaks volumes. There’s no satisfaction or triumph in it for him this time, not like there usually is with the guilty.
    • Lucifer's statement that "all the doors to Hell are unlocked. They can leave anytime. But no one does."
  • "The Sin Bin"
    • Everything that's been building between Lucifer and Chloe since he ran off to Vegas in season 2 finally comes to ahead, and Chloe reaches her breaking point. She's had enough of him and his antics. The hurt in Lucifer's eyes, especially since he was motivated by trying to protect her, just makes it all the more heartbreaking.
  • "City of Angels?"
    • The Whole Episode Flashback has Lucifer's clear hurt after Amenadiel calls him evil.
    • Lucifer isn't intimidated when Amenadiel threatens to drag him back to Hell against his will, apparently confident that he can hold his own against his brother, despite Amenadiel's reputation as Heaven's best warrior, but when Amenadiel reminds him what will happen if he invites God's wrath, he hesitates. Despite the fact that the alternate reality bonus episode narrated by God implies that Lucifer's relationship with his father isn't as hostile on God's side as it is on Lucifer's (at least not anymore), you can see fear in Lucifer's eyes when Amenadiel mentions the possibility that his father might bring his wrath down on him. Whether he has an accurate understanding of his father's personality and motives or not, it's obvious that Lucifer is afraid of his father. While it makes sense that the Devil would be afraid of God in the context of a religious narrative, it's just sad when it's put in the more relatable context of a messed up relationship between father and son.
    • Maze is absolutely heartbroken as she is cutting off Lucifer's wings. The look on her face just sells it.
    • Lucifer's own sickly smile is painful to watch, too. That's not the look of the Devil in his moment of triumphant rebellion, that's the look of a man mutilating himself to spite the father he's come to believe never loved him.
  • While Maze was angry and not sad, the situation she’s in is quite saddening. Being the third point in a Love Triangle between your ex and your best friend sucks!
  • In "All About Her", Lucifer attempts to get Chloe's help (and win back her favor after the disaster with the Sinnerman) by assisting her on her current case... in his own interesting way. Seeing that he 'organized' her desk (complete with a computer background of himself and hilarious but useless categories for cases), Chloe rants at Lucifer about his selfishness, betrayal, and carelessness, demanding to know why he's still there if he doesn't need her help anymore. After a long, hurt pause, Lucifer reminds her that it's because the case matters to her, it matters to him. They're partners. Chloe backs off after that.
  • "High School Poppycock"
    • Lucifer literally has nightmares about losing Chloe.
      • Not just losing her, but seeing her get hurt specifically because of his angelic nature.
    • Linda and Amenadiel hiding their relationship from Maze results in a big blow out between the three of them, with Maze and Linda's friendship damaged and Linda and Amenadiel breaking up.
  • "Infernal Guinea Pig"
    • Charlotte breaking down in Linda's office over what she (unknowingly) experienced in Hell.
    • Abel tearfully begging Cain not to kill him again.
    • Amenadiel allows Maze to beat him up after he confronts her over her behavior of the last episode. Then he bluntly tells her that all she's done is hurt Linda's heart. Maze is silent before storming off in anger.
    • Even despite Cain and Abel making peace with one of another (along with Abel understanding what utter hell Cain has suffered living on Earth for millions of years), Abel still gets hit by a car.
      • And much beforehand, Lucifer attempting to dissolve his friendship with Cain after seeing how Cain was close to letting Chloe die.
  • "Let Pinhead Sing!"
    • Shaken by the events of the previous episode, Lucifer pushes Chloe away because he thinks it'll keep her safe from God. The result: when Pierce asks her out, Chloe accepts. Lucifer watching them leave together is heartbreaking to see.
      • Wanna add some more tears? Lucifer seems to have finally realized that Chloe has free will, meaning that he pushed her away and ended their romantic relationship before it even began the previous season...for no reason at all other than his own fear and paranoia over his Father's plans, spurred on by his Mother's lies. Showing up in Linda's office with tears in his eyes at the end further hits home just how close he is to breaking down.
        Lucifer: I think I've made a horrible mistake.
    • The situation as of this episode: Cain and Chloe have started dating, with Chloe having absolutely no idea that she's dating the world's first murderer. And Cain is dating her not because he has feelings for her, but because he thinks she will make him mortal if she cares about him the same way she cares about Lucifer. Cain is manipulating Chloe's feelings for selfish reasons, and Chloe has no idea because her best friend, who actually does love her, won't tell her the truth.
  • The Maze and Linda subplot ends on a terrible note with Linda and Maze on bitter terms with one another over Maze feeling betrayed by Linda dating Amenadiel and keeping it a secret while Linda feels she was trying to protect her and for once be happy considering what she has to deal with. The fact Maze breaks Linda's gift (a giant ax) shows that Maze is still stubbornly feels betrayed by Linda.
  • "The Last Heartbreak"
    • Maze is venting all of her frustrations to Dan. She claims she is tired of Chloe and their "stupid little brat". Cue Dan pointing out that Trixie is right behind her. The look on her face is heartbreaking.
  • "The Angel of San Bernardino"
    • Chloe is about to tell Pierce she loves him only for him to realize he's falling for her and can't do it. He openly says "it's not worth it," meaning Chloe thinks she's not worth it.
    • Right after that, Lucifer, having realized Maze was manipulating him in order to keep him from catching on to Pierce's plan, comes by to check on Chloe. Trixie opens the door and points to Chloe sitting on the couch, staring at nothing.
  • The entire ending of "Quintessential Deckerstar". Charlotte dies a second time defending Amenadiel from Pierce, and passes in his arms. Having had an epiphany about the nature of humans and celestials, Amenadiel summons his wings and takes Charlotte's soul to Heaven.
    Amenadiel: Let's go home.
    • Dan's reaction is utterly heartbreaking. When he arrives on the scene, he immediately runs to her side and cradles her body in his arms, sobbing. The fact that the pair only had a short time together as a couple brings forth extra tears. Then the camera zooms in on the bracelet Charlotte is wearing, the one Dan gave to her...
    • Chloe's reaction, as well. This is a woman who really didn't like Charlotte at the beginning of the season, but by this episode trusted her enough to listen to her speculations on a case (no matter how crazy they sounded) and considered her a friend. When she and Lucifer arrive on the scene, Chloe tries to find Charlotte's pulse and starts to cry when she can't find it, before turning to embrace Lucifer. And before that, when she gets the initial phone call, she almost sobs.
  • "A Devil of My Word":
    • Lucifer comments that at least Chloe will see Charlotte again in Heaven, whereas he himself will never see her again because she has gone to aplace where he cannot follow.
    • Dan is sent home to give him time to grieve over Charlotte's death. When he finds the waffle maker he brought for her, he throws it across the room. It's painful to watch, especially for anyone who's been watching from the beginning: he lost Chloe, his first wife, due to his own mistakes, and it took a long time to get over her. And when he finally did, moved on and fell in love again with Charlotte, she was taken from him. He then spends the rest of the episode mostly in a cold rage (apart from when he almost attacks Lucifer and the suspect's driver), and when they capture one of Pierce's goons Dan outright threatens to kill him if he doesn't cooperate.
    • Ella, having found out that the man she looked up to the entire season is a cold-hearted killer and a big crime boss, starts to lose her faith in God.
    • When Lucifer and Chloe confront Pierce, one of Pierce's men shoots Chloe, though luckily she's wearing a bulletproof vest. Pierce then orders the rest of his men to shoot them, and Lucifer quickly shields them both with his wings. But since Chloe is in his arms, he's vulnerable, and that includes his wings. Cue ten seconds of Lucifer in absolute agony as his wings come close to getting torn to shreds, but he doesn't let up, not even for a second. His cries of pain are especially hard to hear. Then when he returns after getting Chloe to safety, his beautiful wings are covered in blood. And when he puts them away before fighting Cain, it actually hurts him to do so.
    • Just Lucifer going to town on Pierce's goons, showing the audience that he's no longer messing around. While some of them die as a result, it wasn't direct murder - until he fights Cain. Remember when Lucifer tried to kill the false Sinnerman but kept stalling himself? Not this time. Lucifer kills him without hesitation. He just broke one of his Father's biggest rules, the only one he pretty much agreed with (though considering it's Cain who was killed, there may not be any big repercussions). It just goes to show that while Chloe can bring out the Angel in Lucifer, putting her in danger is a sure fire way of bringing out the Devil in him, too.
    • The return of Lucifer's Devil face. In this episode, Lucifer realize that his Father isn't responsible for his wings returning or his Devil face disappearing. People are responsible for their own actions. He tells the story of when he first fell from Heaven and seeing his Devil face for the first time; Lucifer thought it was punishment from his Father, but now knows that it was actually just him. He felt like a monster, so he gave himself the face of a monster. And then, after killing Cain, Lucifer tells the dying man that he's going to Hell because he knows he's a monster deep down, and can't run from it - and while he's explain this, the Devil face returns, showing that Lucifer still thinks he's a monster and deserves that face.
    • And then Chloe comes in and sees his face. Her eyes widen, her breathing gets faster, and she takes a couple steps back. Lucifer's worried "Detective?", not even realizing that he has his face back and that's what she's seeing, is just the icing on the Tear Jerker cake.
    • Chloe gets put through the wringer in this episode. She finds out that Pierce, the man she was going to marry, not only killed Charlotte but is also the Sinnerman. She calls him and tries to get him to turn himself in. When he refuses, she's close to tears when she vows to find him and bring him to justice. While she may not have truly loved him, she did care for him, and realizing what kind of man he really is tears her up inside. While this is going on, she also finds out that Lucifer knew Pierce was the Sinnerman the whole time, and kept it from her. He put not just her, but Trixie in danger as well. Even when he points out that he did try to tell her, she points out right back that he just said that Pierce was Cain and immortal, something she would never believe, and explains that she might have listened if he'd instead told her that Pierce is the Sinnerman. Though she does also later admit that she should have at least tried to listen to him and understand what he was saying. On top of that, she's finally had enough of his metaphors and wants him to stop using them, of course not even realizing that they're true, and Lucifer is afraid of telling her because he fears her reaction. And by the end of the episode, she realizes that Lucifer has been telling her the truth the whole time, and it looks like her mind is close to breaking when she sees the proof in the form of Lucifer's devil face.

     Bonus episodes 
  • Some of the alternate versions of the characters in "Once Upon a Time" are truly sad:
    • In this world, Dan never married Chloe and thus Trixie doesn't exist. It also means Dan is now a fully corrupt cop who flees the city with Charlotte and a pile of money...unaware all they're doing is damning themselves to Hell.
    • Amenadiel only follows Lucifer around and never gets any human contact with anyone.
      • Though implied by God's narration, Amenadiel may find human connect eventually.
    • Maze is still into dark demon actions like forcing humans to join her complete with red-hot masks pressed to her face and never finding a better way.
    • Linda hosts a talk show and to get a ratings boost, reveals live to an actor how his wife is cheating on him. As he sobs, Linda has a clear My God, What Have I Done? face.
    • A different type of tearjerker in that in this world Chloe and her still alive dad have a great relationship and come together over his admitting he didn't want her to become a cop just to keep her safe.

     Season 4 
  • Season 4 hits and at the start the aftermath of Pierce’s actions rock the precinct.
    • Dan remains furious at Lucifer for not telling them that Pierce was the Sinnerman and essentially goes back to his season 1 characterization towards him.
    • Ella has lost her faith in God
    • Chloe goes on a month long vacation to Europe to process the information that Lucifer is truly the devil and despite her hiding it quite well, she’s still freaked out by it.
  • There's a subtle moment in "Someone's Been Reading Dante's Inferno" where Lucifer looks positively crushed after Chloe asks him if he enjoyed torturing souls in Hell. He's clearly saddened that after all their time together, she still doesn't understand that he never wanted to be the King of Hell. To the point she thinks he could actually take pleasure in such an abhorrent duty.
    "It was a job, detective. Something I was forced to do."
  • Lucifer confronts Chloe about lying to him about meeting with Father Kinley and asks her if he can truly accept him for who he is, and she responds with a tearful “I don’t know “.
  • After undergoing a brief moral regression, Lucifer is horrified to discover that his wings have transformed into monstrous, dragon-like appendages, signaling that Kinley’s prophecy may be coming true. When Linda comes to his aid, she finds him huddled in the dark, sobbing, begging her to help him because he doesn’t want to be a monster.
  • Amenadiel and Caleb are approached on the street by two LAPD officers who are clearly racially biased against them because they're black. The situation escalates to the point where one officer pins Caleb to the ground while the other points his gun at Amenadiel. Amenadiel tries to calmly tell them he has friends in the service who can clear things up but the cops don't listen to him. Luckily Dan shows up in time to de-escalate the situation but it's a wake-up call for Amenadiel who, until now, hadn't seen this side of humanity. Things get worse at the end of the episode when Caleb is shot and killed, prompting Amenadiel to go on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge with Lucifer.
    • It's made worse that by the end, Amenadiel begins to see Humans Are the Real Monsters, being disgusted by what he had to deal with in the episode. Seeing him later on placing his necklace (aka the gift God gave him which he treasured for all the series) on Caleb's body in the morgue and tearing up just adds more on how much Amenadiel's shaken up by the experience, so much so that following the birth of Charlie, he wishes to take him to the Silver City instead of raising him on Earth.
  • Lucifer has an epiphany that he hates himself. The next episode has him dealing with a Power Incontinence breakdown from this realization and comes to admit that while he would like to forgive himself he has no idea where to begin.
  • Maze putting herself out there emotionally in a way she never has before in order to express her feelings to Eve by performing "Wonderwall" live. It goes right over Eve's head, who assumes it's about what she should do to get Lucifer back.
  • The complete horror of learning Charlie was kidnapped, with Lucifer, Maze, and Chloe being all up concerned and fearful over who took him. Lindajust had her baby and she's exhausted from taking care of him all day, so she schedules a night nurse to care for him while she gets some rest. She then wakes up to find him and the night nurse gone.
    • Then there's Lucifer's deduction when he realizes Amenadiel was planning to take Charlie to Heaven. Cue him coming back and Linda throwing herself at him and screaming for him to bring her baby back. Even worse is she believed he killed Charlie, due to "taking him to Heaven" (arguably forgetting the earlier talk about how Half-Celestials can just go to Heaven as they please with a full Celestial due to the stress of it all). Granted it's diffused when it's revealed Amenadiel did not go through with his plan of taking Charlie to the Silver City after seeing Linda be so happy with Charlie in her arms and was instead tricked into giving Charlie to the "night nurse" who was actually a demon-possessed body, but still.
  • The final scene with Lucifer and Chloe. To prevent the Demons from rebelling again, Lucifer must return to hell to rule. To convince him to stay, Chloe tells Lucifer she loves him. It doesn’t work and he flies downward, saying goodbye.
    • The sorrow of his decision to leave is exacerbated by the extent of his selflessness. Not only does he have to refuse Chloe what she's asked for in order to protect her, but he decides to return alone to rule, presumably leaving Mazikeen on Earth to enjoy the life she's created among humanity. While he has the comfort of knowing Chloe returns his feelings, he's more isolated than he even was at the start.
    • This is also the first time that the two of them have admitted their love for each other, tenderly and tearfully exchanging "I love you"before Lucifer has to go.
    • The ending shot. Lucifer begrudgingly sitting on his Throne, crossing his legs, with the look of pure sorrow as he is finally back to the place he had been struggling for four seasons to not return to: Hell.
  • After having an epiphany about her true motivations, Eve tearfully turns Maze down at the end of the season, stating that she has too much work to do on herself before she can be in a relationship. While it's left open-ended, Maze is clearly heartbroken.
    • What makes it more painful is that it's made clear Eve has begun to fall for Maze and realized that the person she so wanted all along was in front of her. But, Eve wishes to "find herself" for now before starting anything. It implies Eve is just as hurt as Maze is as well.


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