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Nightmare Fuel / Lucifer (2016)

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Season 1

    Episode 1 - Pilot 
  • Lucifer showing off his "real" eyes to the girl who bullied Trixie.
    • Double with his beatdown on Jimmy after Chloe was wounded in a shootout.

    Episode 2 - Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil. 
  • Annoyed by a charlatan preacher in the streets, Lucifer briefly shows the man his true horrific visage and sends him running off screaming.
  • Jimmy in the mental hospital. The mere mention of Lucifer's name causes him to start bashing his head into a wall and the orderlies have to restrain him before he kills himself.

    Episode 4 - Manly Whatnots 
  • Lucifer drops the pretty boy image for a split second when two people, the victim of the week and her brother, won't accept the ironic punishment they've already inflicted on their target and still try to kill him. Needless to say, they're quite scared when they realize who they've pissed off.
  • While a Tear Jerker moment with Chloe seeing the scars of Lucifer's back where his wings used to be and tries to touch the spots, Lucifer immediately grabs her wrist. Hard. It surprises him as much as her, especially with how kindly (and snarkily) he usually treats her.
  • Chloe seeing Lucifer's true face reflected in a metal fuse box for a split second. She may have shrugged off some of the strange things around Lucifer but this is the first time she's freaked out by it. Especially since she asks "What are you?"

    Episode 5 - Sweet Kicks 
  • When Chloe rips into Lucifer making deals as "you have a God complex," he drops his smile to hiss, "I most certainly do not."
  • Discovering a supposed hip-hop designer is just a poser, Lucifer slams him through the expensive painting the man had bought. Studying it, Lucifer notes that "It looks a lot more authentic now." He then kneels down, his voice dropping as his horrific true visage echoes, "I think I'll keep it." The guy screams as Lucifer's glowing eyes fill the screen.
  • Maze goes to Chloe's home while Chloe is asleep in a chair. Maze leering over her as the mirror shows her true demonic form is pretty scary.

    Episode 6 - Favorite Son 
  • During a session with Linda, Lucifer loses his cool and punches a massive hole in the wall when Linda hits a nerve about his heavenly past. Linda is clearly shocked by the outburst.
  • When interrogating a man about the container, Lucifer flashes his true face and the man jumps off the rooftop to land on the sidewalk below.

    Episode 9 - A Priest Walks into a Bar 
  • After Father Frank is shot, Lucifer utterly loses it and lifts the shooter clear off the ground, slamming him into the wall and screaming in his face, clearly intending to kill him. It takes a concerted effort from Chloe to talk him down.

    Episode 11 - St. Lucifer 
  • Malcolm describes Hell as a door and behind it is what you loved the most in life used against you. In his case, he had a "hunger" for life and thus found himself constantly starved (which is why he's eating all the time on Earth). It was only a few second for humans, but to him, it was a true eternity and thus why he'll do anything to avoid going back.

    Episode 12 - Take Me Back to Hell 
  • Malcolm's wife is frantic as she explains to Chloe that Malcolm is out of control and is spending all of their money. Maze notes that his "appetite" is taking over. This is the reason why folks shouldn't escape Hell- their damnation becomes a true curse (and they embrace it).
  • At the end of the episode, Amenadiel learns that someone has escaped hell and Lucifer is worried about it. When he asks Lucifer who the escapee is, Lucifer replies, "Mum". Their mother must be that bad if Lucifer is afraid of her.

Season 2

    Episode 2 - Liar Liar, Slutty Dress on Fire 
  • Lucifer's mother was the one behind the more brutal of God's actions in the Old Testament, in particular Noah's flood and the Ten Plagues of Egypt. Her justification? She shrugs and casually says that she was angry.

    Episode 3 - Sin-Eater 
  • The opening sees a man burned alive. Thankfully, it's not shown, but the horrific results are seen later.

    Episode 4 - Lady Parts 
  • This episode makes it clear that someone upstairs is not screwing around. When Lucifer attempts to invoke Loophole Abuse, Chloe, whom he made his deal with God to protect, is later seen getting into a nasty car crash. It then turns out that Uriel did it, and he has no qualms about taking Chloe out to get what he wants.

    Episode 5 - Weaponizer 
  • The butterfly/snowball effect-like nature of Uriel's patterns/power. Moving a skateboard merely an inch to the right caused Chloe's traffic accident. And knocking the papers out of a man's hands nearly killed three people, Chloe included.
  • In a setting where Death Is a Slap on the Wrist if you have your connections, Azrael's blade causes Cessation of Existence.

    Episode 6 - Monster 
  • Lucifer steps into the suspect's interrogation room, breaks off the doorknobs so nobody can get in or out, and says "Hello bad guy" with a demented smile and glowing red eyes.
    • In the next scene, the suspect is curled up on the floor crying. Though later revealed that it was due to grief, not fear.
  • The people standing in line at a food truck, when all of a sudden a shot rings out and the food truck server drops dead, blood splattering over the nearby people.
  • We finally get to see Lucifer's real face. Not in a mirror or in a distorted first-person image. Plain, out in the open. Okay, it's not too terrible. But it still looks bloody and like someone who's just been scalped. Muscle, bone, gross patterns. Dr. Linda Martin freaks out.

    Episode 8 - Trip to Stabby Town 

    Episode 9 - Homewrecker 
  • Lucifer's mother plans to get Lucifer to try and return to Heaven with her and Amenadiel. To this end, she first tries to have Lux blown up, fully intending to have all the current occupants blown up along with it. Later, she decides on a new target: Chloe, after realising her son is in love with her. The episode ends with her just about to push a detonator switch, which will set off a bomb attached to Chloe's car.

    Episode 10 - Quid Pro Ho 
  • Charlotte becomes quite terrifying in this episode, where she truly doesn't see any problem with blowing up Chloe, and is only dissuaded from it by Amenadiel convincing her that Lucifer will hate her if she does. The way she gleefully exclaims it's "so exciting" while waiting to press the detonator is particularly scary because she's not talking about the act of killing, she's simply talking about the fireworks when the car blows up. She is so completely separate from humans that she doesn't even care enough to take some sort of sadistic pleasure in killing them.
    • This is combined with the fact that she's completely assimilated into human society now as a hotshot lawyer (which apparently required only two days study once she set her celestial mind to it,) and she casually demonstrates that she has Super Strength because her divine nature is too powerful to be completely suppressed by a human body.
  • While it's mostly an awesome moment, Lucifer's reaction when he finds out Charlotte nearly blew up Chloe is terrifying because we know he never lies. He is interrupted before he finishes his threat, but he got as far as "I swear, if you hurt her, I will rip..." Since Lucifer does not make idle threats, one can assume he will do something truly terrible if any harm comes to Chloe.
    • This same scene continues Charlotte's own nightmare fuel, as she is completely unfazed by the threat. Maybe she's underestimating Lucifer's feelings, but given the abilities she's demonstrated, she might be too powerful to fear him.

    Episode 12 - Love Handles 
  • The new arc villain, Dr. Jason Carlisle, and his twisted, almost Jigsaw-like "experiment": sending an e-mail to someone and giving them a choice - either they mutilate themselves in such a manner that it would ruin their chosen professions, or an innocent person, administered with a potent "designer" poison, will die.
    • The first incident involves a well-known actor being forced to choose to carve up his own face to save the victim. He's unable to go through with it, and is wracked with guilt when the student dies.
    • The second incident involves a talented surgeon being forced to destroy her hand to save the victim. As Chloe and Lucifer try to track down the young girl who has been poisoned, Dan stays with the surgeon, who asks him what he would do if given the same choice. The surgeon then goes to the kitchen for a glass of water as Dan receives a phone call - only for him to stop in horror when he recognises the sound of a garbage disposal unit coming from the kitchen. He dashes in, desperately trying to convince the surgeon not to go through with what she's planning... and after a moment, she shoves her hand straight into the blades of the disposal unit, screaming in agony.
    • In the third incident, Dr. Carlisle ups the stakes by kidnapping both of his planned victims, hooking one up to a poisoned drip, and the other, a track star, to a guillotine that will slice his leg off if he pulls the rope. Then, when Chloe and Lucifer discover where the doctor's lab is, he offers her a choice - let the two young men die, or come in and save them... while exposing herself to a fatal amount of poison gas. Thankfully, Lucifer manages to save them by convincing Chloe to chase after the doctor, allowing her to get far enough away that he can enter the lab without the poison harming him.
  • The closing seconds of the episode. Lucifer discovers that Chloe herself has been poisoned, as her nose is bleeding profusely. And Dr. Carlisle, the only person with the knowledge necessary to create an antidote fast enough to save her, is already dead.
    Chloe: (terrified) It won't stop...

    Episode 13 - A Good Day to Die 
  • Dr. Carlisle's life fell apart when he was in a car accident and chose to save a briefcase containing an important project rather than the driver who died in an explosion. He was immediately villfied, fired, blackballed from the scientific community and his wife divorced him, and he firmly stuck to a Never My Fault point of view, which led to him becoming a serial killer. So his punishment in Hell? To relive that very accident over and over for all eternity, always making the very same choice (and always sticking to the viewpoint he had in life). And as soon as he gets out of the way of the explosion, he's confronted by an angry mob calling him a coward. Lucifer gets the frantic doctor to give up the cure for the formula "to make amends." The doctor asks if "that's enough" and Lucifer replies "You tell me." He then walks away as the mob moves in and the cycle begins again. Carlisle screams out in terror as Lucifer shows his demonic face and a wicked grin before leaving him to his eternal fate.
  • Lucifer gets a dose of Hell's horrible medicine when he finds himself locked into a loop where he stabs Uriel over and over again. Even with an intimate knowledge of how Hell works, Lucifer still isn't strong enough to break free on his own.

    Episode 17 - Sympathy for the Goddess 

    Episode 18 - The Good, the Bad and the Crispy 
  • Charlotte's threats towards and eventual Cold-Blooded Torture of Linda, leaving the latter mortally wounded (thankfully, Amenadiel's time-slowing powers save her life). Charlotte's committed some horrible acts before, but this is the first time she's shown to have inflicted such a slow, brutal punishment on a human.

Season 3

    Episode 5 - Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards 
  • Charlotte's hiding of the fact that she'd gone to Hell while Lucifer's mom took over her life. For months, she was there and has been trying to fix her life since. She has no memory of any of it, though, no idea why her husband got custody of her kids and such, and she's on the verge of a total mental breakdown from trying to make sense of everything that happened. Note that she was in hell for months, whereas a few seconds was enough to drive Malcolm insane.
  • Charlotte's terror at the thought of going back to hell. Tricia Helfer absolutely nails the part of someone who is desperately trying to hide her fear.

    Episode 7 - Off the Record 
  • Reese Getty proves incredibly creepy, especially with his Sanity Slippage midway through and his obsession with bringing down Lucifer because he slept with his ex-wife, Linda. And it turns out he's dead and currently in hell, reliving the events of the episode in a constant loop.
    • What's creepy about Reese is that if you take out Lucifer and the supernatural events surrounding him, he becomes someone you could meet in Real Life. He's a deconstruction of a Dogged Nice Guy, acting as an Entitled to Have You Stalker with a Crush to his ex-wife. There's nothing supernatural about that.
    • As Lucifer admits, Hell's a swinging door and you're free to leave when you believe you no longer deserve to be down there. Reese can't seem to ever forgive himself for destroying his marriage, and a human soul cannot seem to ever realize they're in Hell, barring Malcolm, so he can't ever break the loop and has no idea of the torment he's trapped in. Imagine knowing that all you have to do is forgive yourself to get out of Hell and you really can never grasp that you can.

    Episode 9 - The Sinnerman 
  • After nine episodes of Lucifer knowing of the Sinnerman's work - and the Sinnerman knowing that Lucifer is both the Devil himself and has the power to compel the revelation of someone's desires - the two men finally end up in a room together. But the Sinnerman finds a way to still come out ahead. By gouging out his own eyes with a pen so that Lucifer's power (requiring two-way eye contact) is suddenly rendered useless. It says a lot that the sight of the man's desperation - coupled with his quiet taunt: "Now you'll never know what I want." - is enough to render the Devil shocked and utterly silent as Espinoza rushes in and calls for a medic.

    Episode 10 - The Sin Bin 
  • The reveal that Marcus Pierce is Cain, the world's first murderer, an immortal, and the one behind the Sinnerman.

    Episode 13 - Til Death Do Us Part 
  • Cain has a Healing Factor that makes him immune to death. No matter how much damage his body takes, sooner or later he will be back to his original form. However, he still experiences the pain from the damage his body suffers. Over the last 5000 years he was cut to pieces, blown up and even once jumped into an active volcano. Even Lucifer winces at the suffering Cain has experienced over the millennia.
  • What happens if Lucifer manages to permanently kill Cain?
    • Cain ceases to exist. Cain can live with that.
    • Cain goes to Heaven. Cain grimaces forever.
    • Cain goes to Hell. Cain repeats his life and death on earth, For All Eternity. (This is, indeed, what eventually happens to him.)

    Episode 16 - Infernal Guinea Pig 
  • A very Adult Fear one when Chloe is risking her life and Dan is begging her to think of Trixie. He's clearly imagining having to tell his daughter that Mommy is dead.
  • Charlotte reveals the details of her personal Hell: She wakes up goes about her morning, sits down to eat breakfast with her family and then someone who she got off comes in and shoots her whole family, and she smiles and does nothing, she wakes up and the same thing happens with a different guy she got off, over and over again.

    Episode 19 - Orange Is the New Maze 
  • Charlotte is actually relieved when she finds out that Lucifer is the Devil, because she considered the alternative (that she was going insane) worse. Now consider that she was walking around for weeks, perhaps even months thinking that she had, in fact, gone insane.

    Episode 24 - A Devil of My Word 
  • Lucifer unfurls his wings to shield Chloe and himself from gunfire. But Chloe's presence means that he is vulnerable, and he screams in agony as the bullets tear at his wings, holding Chloe to his chest.
  • Lucifer gives a rather chilling speech to Cain, with a Slasher Smile that makes you very glad he's on our side...
    Deep down, you know you're a monster, and that you belong in Hell where you will torture yourself with that truth for eternity. 'Cause no matter what you tell yourself... you can't outrun what you've done. What you truly are.
    • Worse, Cain tries to deny feeling guilty over causing Charlotte's death, until Lucifer happily reminds him with the line above. Since guilt is required to go to Hell, this could be interpreted as Lucifer intentionally making an appeal to whatever is left of Cain's conscience just before he dies, so Lucifer can make damn sure Cain goes to Hell. Brr...
    • And in response to the above, Cain just snarls, "And neither can you," and laughs.

Bonus Episodes

    Once Upon a Time 
  • Maze leads a cult which initiates members by burning half their face away to make them resemble Maze's demon face.

Season 4

    Episode 1 - Everything's Okay 
  • Just the fact that all of Lucifer's worst fears about Chloe's reaction to finding out the truth about him are legitimized, except that he is unaware of the worst of it because she is playing her part in Kinley's plan too well for him to know it.

    Episode 2 - Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno 
  • The way in which Father Kinley manipulates Chloe is quite unsettling. She's clearly in a fragile emotional state and terrified that everything she's known is a lie, and his entire plan hinges upon preying upon those fears.

    Episode 3 - O, Ye of Little Faith, Father 
  • Maze's comment to Linda that torture via labor/birth is popular in Hell.

    Episode 6 - Orgy Pants to Work 
  • Remiel is intent to retrieve the celestial child Amenadiel has fathered and return it to the Silver City at any cost. The condescending manner in which she talks about humans takes on a decidedly more chilling tone when she talks about literally cutting the child out of the mother to get to it.
  • Lucifer decision to restrain his devilish side and leave the perp to the police to deal with backfires horrifically and leads to a police officer being shot and killed by the perpetrator during his escape. Chloe and Dan are furious with him, and his own guilt drives him to violently attack the man at Eve's suggestion later on.

    Episode 7 - Devil Is as Devil Does 
  • The fact that Dan's attempt to force Lucifer to suffer the consequences of his violence by alerting Tiernan of who attacked his son nearly leads to Eve and Trixie being killed by his henchman.
  • The revelation that Lucifer has lost his angel wings due to his moral decay, becoming bat-like and monstrous in appearance, suggesting the prophecy Kinley's recounts for Chloe is coming true.

    Episode 9 - Save Lucifer 
  • The scene where Lucifer goes to Power Incontinence mode, as his mojo hypnotizes everyone in Lux (except for Chloe) to say their deepest desires, even though he wears a mask.
  • Lucifer's slow transformation to his full Devil form. It starts with a red rash on his hand, which spreads until both hands are completely red and blistered, with his nails becoming clawed. Next, a reddened, bone-like ridge forms down his neck and spine, followed by his eyes glowing a burning red. By the end of the episode, his transformation is complete, with horrible, burnt skin and non-retractable, demonic wings. As powerful and dangerous as this form looks, it also looks as if Lucifer is mutilated and in terrible pain.

    Episode 10 - Who's da New King of Hell? 
  • The fact that Dromos basically killed about 30 innocent people walking into a church just to have demons possess their bodies. As a result, the episode has the single largest body count in the series, purely because of the climax alone.
    • Worse, the show suggests the souls had to be destined for damnation to be possessed. Not only did the church have enough serious sinners to provide fodder for a legion of demons, but they also stole any chance of those people gaining redemption for their sins through confession.
    • The reveal of the demon army is played like a Zombie Apocalypse, as demons forcefully take Chloe and would have killed her if not for Lucifer revealing his Devil form.
  • To stop demons from harming his friends, Lucifer transforms into his Devil form again and commands, in full baritone, that all the demons will bow to him and return to Hell. This comes as a shock. After all the trouble Lucifer went through in the previous episode to begin to forgive himself and shed this form, that the second his loved ones are threatened (and particularly, the sight of Chloe screaming for him to help her), he didn't hesitate to bring it out. It really shows that you do not want to mess with the Devil.
  • The whole scene at the Mayan is terrifying because it prominently features the Biblical horror element that the show rarely delves into into. Previous villains of the show, such as Malcolm and Cain, have been personal enemies for the heroes (and Lucifer specifically). Even the Goddess, who came close to threatening humanity when she nearly released her divine energy, never intended to do so, since all she wanted was to get back at her ex-husband. This time, demons actively attack and kill humans, not out of any vendetta, but simply so they can have a King, and even after Lucifer agreed to retake his throne, there's no guarantee that they will not attack humans again if he renegades on the deal. This makes the episode feel akin to something from Supernatural, which shows the darker repercussion of having Biblical figures/elements clashing with humanity: constant unexplained world-threatening terror.
  • One of the demons asking if they can cut baby Charlie's tongue out because he won't stop crying. Up until that point, much of the demons' antics were Played for Laughs or Black Comedy. That moment pivots them around into a far more serious threat than first suspected.

Season 5

    Episode 3 - Diablo 
  • When Lucifer and Michael have their confrontation, the sheer raw hatred that Michael feels towards his brother is terrifying, as is the revelation that Michael's apparently been manipulating Lucifer since the very beginning, causing him to Fall.
    Episode 8 - Spoiler Alert 
  • Ella goes to Pete's apartment to get the remaining files he has on the Whisperer Killer...only to accidentally find something amiss on an electrical socket. After she does some snooping, she finds a room filled with nothing but lilies. Her boyfriend is the Whisperer Killer.
  • Pete's demeanor after Ella puts everything back in it's place. There's something rather...unsettling about the nerdy Nice Guy we've seen since his introductory episode, which makes it worse when he realizes Ella knows who he is and immediately attacks and tries to choke her, losing that "nerdy" and kind personality for a more animistic-like approach, complete with Tranquil Fury at that.

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