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Season 1

    Episode 1 - Pilot 
  • The beginning, with the conversation between Lucifer and Delilah. When she comes to him for advice, he rather sweetly tells her to "pull herself together" and turn her life around.
  • Some of Lucifer and Chloe's interactions are this, whenever he's not annoying her. He says with complete sincerity that she has good instincts and that she should ignore the other cops because they feel threatened by her. And then later, when Dan is calling her out on not closing the case quick enough and claiming that's the smart thing to do, Lucifer bites back with, "She is smart. You're the dimwit." Judging by Chloe's reaction both times, this is probably the first time someone has ever taken her side.
    • The talk between them later that evening at Lux, when she's telling Lucifer her life story and says that no one wants to work with her. He immediately tells her that he's available. There's definitely some flirting going on between them.
  • Lucifer's interaction with Trixie. Not to mention scaring the girl who bullied her.
  • Lucifer actually going out of his way to save a wounded Chloe. This, however, made Amenadiel and Maze very suspicious of him.

    Episode 2 - Lucifer, Stay. Good Devil. 
  • During Chloe's acting days, a paparazzo made her life a living hell and she despises him to this day. However, when she realizes that he confessed to a crime that he did not commit, she is determined to prove his innocence.
  • The idea of Trixie treating the Devil like a favorite uncle, racing to give him hugs when he visits, is just priceless. Children Are Innocent, indeed.
  • Chloe shamefacedly explains to Trixie about the film she did a nude scene in, something she's clearly been dreading for years. It turns out that Trixie not only already knows, but she's seen the movie and liked it. She enthusiastically describes her favorite scene, and Chloe sheepishly agrees that that part was Actually Pretty Funny. Seeing the movie transform for Chloe from My Greatest Failure into something she can bond with her daughter over is very sweet.

    Episode 3 - The Would-Be Prince of Darkness 
  • Ty and Debra reuniting at the end. Yes, they're both idiots and their relationship is all sorts of messed up, but as Ty puts it:
    Ty: You're crazy, but you're my crazy!

    Episode 6 - Favorite Son 
  • Chloe admits why she really doesn't want Lucifer to be a criminal (meaning she'd have to arrest him): despite how annoying he is, she really likes working with him. Just watch the expression on Lucifer's face when she admits this.
    • This is followed by Lucifer honestly replying that he's never lied to her, and never will.

    Episode 7 - Wingman 
  • At the holy relic auction, Lucifer and Amenadiel have a laugh with each other over Saint Paul's manacles. They could have been good friends if things went differently.
  • At the very end, Amenadiel miraculously heals a cop who's been in a coma for some time, right after the doctors pull the plug on his life support. It turns out he has ulterior motives, but you can't help feeling happy for the cop's family.

    Episode 9 - A Priest Walks into a Bar 
  • Lucifer and Father Frank bonding over playing the piano. Lucifer's clearly enjoying himself, and when Chloe walks in on them, the look of sheer "d'aaaw" on her face is priceless.
  • Father Frank assuring Lucifer God still loves him and has a good plan for Lucifer.
  • Lucifer truly being affected by Frank's murder to the point of nearly killing the murderer right then and there. He only stopped because Chloe asked what Father Frank would want.
  • Throughout the episode, Lucifer has given out cynical commentary about Heaven, has mocked Frank's faith, and has acted like a derisive jerk whenever someone makes an appreciative comment about God or the afterlife. However, the song he's playing on the piano when Chloe finds him at the end of the episode is "Knocking on Heaven's Door", the same song Lucifer had earlier mocked Frank for playing.
  • Lucifer had, until this point in the series, had some minor Rage Against the Heavens moments, but Frank's death set him off on the most epic one he'd delivered, which has added impact because the previous ones had him bemoaning his own fate whereas this one was his outrage at an injustice committed against someone else.
  • Chloe breaking off her time with Dan to go meet Lucifer because she knew that Lucifer was hurting over Frank. She then goes on to call Lucifer a friend and the two play a duet on the piano.
    • Made more prominent because Dr. Linda had previously asked Lucifer if he had any friends, and he was unable to answer. Lucifer's face at Chloe's statement says it all.

     Episode 10 - Pops 
  • Despite herself, even Maze is helpless to resist Trixie's charms and the two are soon fast friends.
    • Followed up by Maze going to Linda's office to tell her about the friendship. Awwww.
  • Lucifer saving Chloe from the fire, and then joking about it afterwards.
  • Lucifer is horrified when Chloe shows up at the bar, drunk and upset after "Dan" rejected her (actually the Dirty Cop replying) and throws herself at him... and he pulls away. He then hugs her and lets her briefly vent before she falls asleep. Even Lucifer admits he doesn't know why he's doing the right thing!
  • Javier was going to give his son the restaurant, despite their complicated relationship.

    Episode 11 - St. Lucifer 
  • Chloe admits to Lucifer that she can let her guard down around him because he makes her vulnerable (in a good way). This is something she admits has never happened with anyone before - which may or may not include Dan, her ex-husband.
  • Before the above, it's revealed that Lucifer anonymously donated money to a kid's scholarship fund.

    Episode 13 - Take Me Back to Hell 
  • Maze uses the last Feather of Lucifer's Wings to save Amenadiel's life.
  • When Lucifer is shot by Malcolm and dying, he actually does try praying to "Dad." He promises to do whatever He wants him to do, playing whatever role or going wherever He needs him. And all that Lucifer asks in return? Save Chloe.
    • What does God do? Send him to Hell just long enough to warn him about his mother's escape before bringing him back to Earth so he can save Chloe. Sounds like God is starting to like this side of His son.


Season 2

    Episode 4 - Lady Parts 

    Episode 5 - Weaponizer 
  • Lucifer's protectiveness over Chloe is just adorable to watch.

    Episode 6 - Monster 
  • During trick or treating; Trixie wishes Maze would dress up. Maze reveals her true face (half-human, half demon as in the comic). Trixie simply looks up and yells "Cool!", causing Maze to smile. Doubles as a funny moment.
    • The fact that Maze let her guard down enough to show her true face to a little girl and was attached enough to worry about what she would think. Her shaky smile of relief says it all.
    • Trixie's "President of Mars" costume is made up of a vinyl jacket, plastic margarita glasses, Mardi Gras beads, and a leather whip — all things Maze had lying around. Maze didn't just take her trick-or-treating, she helped her make her costume. Awww!
    • Then there's Maze intimidating a guy into giving Trixie more candy. Then adding some cash.
  • When Chloe comes home, she finds Maze and Trixie cuddling together on the couch, having fallen asleep while watching a horror movie. Then she puts a blanket over them. Not to mention, all this comes after Chloe and Maze had a big fight over Maze's, shall we say, less than child-friendly taste in decor.
  • Lucifer finally letting down his guard enough to show Dr. Martin his real face. To the audience, it's also the first time we get to see Lucifer's face not being used to scare or as a weapon. Though the doctor doesn't react at all, his smile seemed very peaceful and serene, despite scaring the doctor into silence.
    • The scene includes a touching use of book ends. At the beginning of the episode, Linda tells Lucifer her door is always open, despite his rejection of her help. At the end of the episode, Lucifer leaves her office clearly saddened but hopeful - he leaves the door slightly ajar, echoing her sentiment from earlier.

    Episode 7 - My Little Monkey 
  • After being rejected the first time, Maze goes back to Linda in order to tell her about her new job as a bounty hunter and show her the pay check. When Linda doesn't answer, Maze is about to leave sadly...but then Linda opens the door and asks how they can still be friends. Maze assures her that despite what Linda found out about them, nothing's changed.
  • After spending the episode trying to act like Dan, Chloe tells Lucifer flat out that she needs her partner back...and that's Lucifer Morningstar. His smile says it all.
  • The ending scene between Lucifer, Chloe and Trixie.
    Lucifer: "I don't care much for my dad. care about yours...which is...why you followed in his footsteps, I suppose. W-what I'm trying to say is...I think he would be proud of you." (Chloe starts to cry, and Lucifer looks confused) "My apologies, Detective. I didn't mean to hurt you."
    Chloe: "'s..."
    Lucifer: "Then why are you...crying?"
    Chloe: "Just shut up." (hugs him)
    • The hug in itself. Chloe lets her guard down and cries into him, letting him comfort her. And Lucifer, while confused at first, gradually melts into the hug with a little smile of wonderment. There should be a trope for Big Damn Hug.

    Episode 8 - Trip to Stabby Town 
  • Lucifer finds the last wielder of the blade, standing over the last body in complete shock, unable to believe that she killed someone. To his horror, he discovers that she wasn't taking retribution for a petty grudge - she was actually raped by the yoga instructor years before, and that was what drove her to use the blade. So when Chloe and Dan show up, what does he do? Speaks on her behalf and explains that she acted in self-defense - that is, that she was attacked and that she had no choice but to use the blade.
    Lucifer: I think in this case, justice has actually been served.

    Episode 9 - Homewrecker 
  • Lucifer and Chloe's adorable dancing. That is all.
    • Before that, when Lucifer is throwing a party in order to prevent Lux from being demolished, the police show up. Chloe is with them and sends the other officers away, saying she'll take care of it. Then when they're gone, she holds Lucifer's gaze...before telling him to turn the music back on.
      Lucifer: Does that mean you're on my side now?
      Chloe: Lucifer, this is your home. I've always been on your side.
  • The murderer of Dean Cooper turns out to be Eric Cooper's fiancée. She killed him when he attempted to blackmail her with false evidence that she cheated. However, upon hearing this, Eric attempts to take the fall in her place, which leads to them both confessing to the crime. They don't care that they'll go to jail, so long as they have each other.
    • Before that, Lucifer is angry on the fiancée's behalf when he discovers that a guy created false evidence that she'd cheated.
  • Chloe calls in a favour and makes Lux a historical site, so it can never be torn down. For the first time, Lucifer is actually speechless.

    Episode 10 - Quid Pro Ho 
  • Despite still being in denial about his feelings for Chloe, Lucifer's protective instincts are still firmly in place. While talking with his mother, he tries to downplay his feelings...until Charlotte rather flippantly reveals that she almost blew Chloe up. Cue red devil eyes.
  • Even if it means her father's killer will go free, Chloe refuses to call Lucifer a liar on the stand. The result is them finally having that dinner he owes her.
  • Dan and Maze both care about Chloe enough that they ensure that if Chloe can't get the legal system to give her justice for her father's murder, they'll ensure that she, even unknowingly, will have vengeance.

    Episode 11 - Stewardess Interruptus 
  • For all Lucifer's casual attitude, he actually does remember all his sex partners by name. And it's a long list.
  • After wanting to prove himself to Chloe, Lucifer has an epiphany and tells her that she's special, and deserves someone better than him. Chloe says, "You're probably right..." And then she kisses him.
  • Lucifer shows an unusual amount of anger and disgust with the killer, giving him a "The Reason You Suck" Speech complete with showing off his Devil face. His reasoning? The man promised the victim that he would fulfill her every desire, then killed her and referred to her as just some "stupid bitch".
  • After hearing several of his ex's say that the sex with him was meaningless, Lucifer's glee vanishes. Dan notices and actually goes out of his way to make him feel better. A great way to show just how far they've come with their tentative friendship.

    Episode 12 - Love Handles 
  • Lucifer and Chloe acting adorably awkward around each other.
  • When Chloe finds Lucifer in a room full of girls, she's angry...until she realizes that he's just sitting with them, doing nothing. He tells her that he was working...and also asking for advice about her.
    • One of the girls says that Chloe is pretty. Chloe actually looks touched by the compliment.
  • After Lucifer saves the last two victims, Chloe runs to hug him. Lucifer realizes that their relationship is real, and their foreheads touch in a cute moment.
  • Maze and Mom call Lucifer to tell him about Chloe. But when he arrives, Lucifer happily explains that he and Chloe are officially together. Seeing him truly happy for the first time in possibly eons, Maze is unable to tell him the truth and immediately backs out of the confession, attempting to leave with him. It probably would have all worked out if Lucifer hadn't found the picture...

    Episode 13 - A Good Day to Die 
  • Despite the fact that, for all Lucifer knows, Chloe could be working with his Father to manipulate him (she's not), he still immediately attempts to rush her to hospital, driving like crazy to get there.
  • When Lucifer tells Dan that he's going to get the formula for the antidote, Dan asks how. Lucifer states simply that Dan won't like what he has planned. Instead of railing on him for the details, Dan just nods in understanding and tells Lucifer to do what he has to do to save Chloe. These two truly have come a long way.
  • Amenadiel has been taking his Mother's side for most of the season. But when she walks away from Lucifer's plan to save Chloe and expects him to follow, he doesn't. He states that Chloe doesn't deserve to die, and wants to help her.
    • The plan itself has Lucifer putting a lot of trust in his friends and family. He has Amenadiel guard Chloe so the doctors don't move her (a job he takes very seriously), has Maze kill him by stopping his heart, and then has Linda resurrect him by re-starting his heart.
    • Maze isn't just doing this for Lucifer. "We have to [do this]. Chloe's life depends on it."
    • When it's time for him to die, Maze can't bring herself to do it, leading to Lucifer killing himself.
    • And then, when Lucifer gets stuck in Hell, Maze wants to go after him, but can't because she's a demon, and has no soul. Linda then volunteers to go, stating that she's "done things"; things that would probably get her sent to Hell. In other words, she's willing to face Hell in order to get her friend back.
      • When Linda suggests it, Maze tells her flat out, "NO."
    • Then, when all hope seems lost, Mother shows up and volunteers to go get Lucifer, despite being terrified of Hell.
    Lucifer's mother: I have a paralyzing fear of the place, but I would face a thousand Hells to save my son!
  • Lucifer's mother, period. She spends most of the season as a Manipulative Bitch, until Lucifer gets trapped in Hell. She goes down to save him, despite being terrified of the place, and not only does she manage to pull him out of his own personal Hell (killing Uriel over and over) she has a My God, What Have I Done? moment, realizing that everything is her fault. She confesses to manipulating Lucifer and tearfully embraces Uriel.
    • The mere mention of Chloe and the fact that she's dying is enough to snap Lucifer out of it.
    • Despite his mother admitting to manipulating him and being the cause of all this, Lucifer doesn't leave her behind in Hell and drags her back with him.
  • When Lucifer first walks through the door and finds sees Uriel (just an illusion), he's overwhelmed with happiness to see his brother and embraces him. Especially poignant because of his usual uncomfortable reaction to hugs.
  • Amenadiel meets Trixie, and she hugs him, calling him a good person.
    • Unlike everyone else who has a reaction to the black American being introduced as the white Englishman's brother, Trixie simply nods as if the thought this is something in anyway out of the ordinary never even crosses her mind.
  • The two brothers reuniting after Lucifer gets back from Hell.

    Episode 14 - Candy Morningstar 
  • Lucifer once again asked Amenadiel to watch over Chloe while he was gone. Amenadiel did this without complaint.
    • Not only that, but Amenadiel is actually concerned about Chloe's feelings, and calls Lucifer out for hurting her.
  • Even though Lucifer is definitely making things worse, his actions are not for selfish reasons; he truly believes that he's doing what's best for Chloe, even if that's "protecting" her from himself and her own feelings (which he doesn't believe are her own).
  • Lucifer sings "Eternal Flame" to Chloe. While she's annoyed at first, she does end up smiling, and eventually accepts Lucifer back as her partner.
  • Chloe saves Lucifer's life, and then they joke about it afterwards. "I was aiming for you."
  • Candy telling Chloe that she was all Lucifer ever talked about when they were in Vegas, and that her nearly dying seriously messed him up.
  • The ending shows that the marriage was fake, but Candy and Lucifer look like they're genuinely friends. Lucifer even saved her life when he was in Vegas.
    • Candy also tells Lucifer not to mess up what he has with Chloe. Lucifer admits that he's trying not to.

    Episode 15 - Deceptive Little Parasite 
  • Lucifer buys Chloe a coffee before their case, just the way she likes it. He's clearly trying to make up for what happened, even if he doesn't fully understand why he hurt her.
  • Lucifer and Trixie's interactions are both hilarious and adorable.
    • After Trixie admits that she's scared that her mother's job could get said mother killed, Lucifer comforts her in his own way. Chloe's smile as she watches them says it all.
  • Also funny, but Maze showing up and pretending to be Chloe's wife. When it comes down to it, she really is a good friend.
  • Chloe and Trixie's talk at the end of the episode. Despite her difficult job, Chloe is a good mom.
  • When Lucifer finally ignites the blade there's tears in his eyes. Amenadiel notices, and the smile immediately leaves his face and he looks concerned for his brother.
    • Then, when the blade goes out and Lucifer can't light it again, Charlotte tries to pressure him into it. Amenadiel immediately tells her to leave Lucifer alone. Despite spending most of the episode bickering, they're still brothers and Amenadiel will stick up for Lucifer when needed.

    Episode 16 - God Johnson 
  • Lucifer's interactions with God Johnson...until it's revealed that Johnson isn't God at all.
  • Lucifer attempting to get his parents back together. He claims he's taking revenge on them, but his smile as he watches them dance says otherwise.
  • In a weird way, Amenadiel's creepy behaviour towards Chloe's "date" could be seen as this. He's the big brother who sees some other guy making moves on his brother's girl, and is trying to scare him away.

    Episode 17 - Sympathy for the Goddess 
  • Dan takes a frustrated Amenadiel out for drinks, and the two surprisingly get along really well.

    Episode 18 - The Good, the Bad, and the Crispy 
  • Instead of either giving in to his revenge and setting Charlotte loose on God, or sending her back to Hell, Lucifer Takes a Third Option: He opens a portal to the void, where she can create her own world away from God.
  • Charlotte, as in the human whose body was hijacked by a celestial being, is left alive when the Goddess goes through the portal. She no doubt has a lot to deal with what with everything Mom did, but remember, she was dead when her body was possessed. She's been given a second chance at life, which she will hopefully make good use of.
  • The hospital scene at the end where we can see that Lucifer is visibly shaken by what happened to his friend.
  • After two seasons, Lucifer finally decides to tell Chloe the truth about him. He gets abducted and dumped in the desert before he can, but the fact that he decided to shows that he's finally moving forwards with their friendship.
  • Despite spending the season slowly losing his angelic powers, seeing Linda at death's door and at Maze's desperate plea, Amenadiel manages to force his powers to work by will alone despite the strain in order to help the human he considers a close friend.
  • The fact that Lucifer spends the entire episode in protective mode over Chloe. Sure, she's a miracle child and was possibly put in his path purposely by God, but he still cares about her and won't let anything happen to her.
  • When Maze claims she doesn't care about humans, Lucifer tells her "Nice try, but I know there's a few you care about" while glancing at Trixie (and referring also to Linda and Chloe). Maze glances at Trixie, too, then agrees to help.
  • When Lucifer throws the flaming sword into the void he makes sure to grab Amenadiel's necklace back from the sword showing he truly does care about Amenadiel

Season 3

    Episode 1 - They're Back, Aren't They? 
  • While it was an attempt to convince Linda to cut his wings off, Lucifer never lies. He feels bad about what happened to her, and was trying to make it up to her with all the food.
  • Lucifer tries to finally tell Chloe the truth. Sure, it backfires since he's lost his devil face, but the moment before, when he was nervous and she assured him that everything was going to be fine... It gives a good indicator that when she finally finds out, she may take it well after all.
  • Amenadiel's reaction to finding out that Lucifer has his wings back. Is he jealous? Angry? Upset, since he still doesn't have his powers back? Nope. He's just happy for his brother, and excited at the thought that God may have finally forgiven him.
    • Likewise, Lucifer is concerned that his brother still doesn't have his wings and powers back, to the extent that not only does he not tell Amenadiel about his own wings returning through fear of upsetting him, he also arranges for his brother to have a massage.
  • An easy one to overlook: Lucifer split the pieces of the flaming sword between dimensions to avoid further calamity after exiling Goddess, but notice that he made certain to keep the part he knew mattered to his brother: the necklace. He even states as such when he gives it back.
  • Ella and Amenadiel's chat.
  • Despite being annoyed with Lucifer at the beginning of the episode, and repeatedly stating that he's her partner and not the other way around, Chloe stands up to Marcus and states that she is his partner, and he's hers. She stands up for her friend, showing that while their friendship is still damaged it's not beyond repair.

    Episode 2 - The One with the Baby Carrot 
  • During a session, Lucifer notices Linda wincing and immediately asks if she's OK, and if she's really ready to come back to work. Compare to season one, when he would've been too caught up in his own issues to notice.
  • In spite of the fact that she's still recovering from her injuries, Linda agrees to help Amenadiel dispose of Lucifer's discarded wings.
  • After Marcus tells Lucifer he can't involve Chloe in his search for the Sinnerman, Lucifer naturally chafes at the idea... until Marcus points out that Chloe has Trixie to take care of, at which point Lucifer reluctantly agrees to keep Chloe out of his search.

    Episode 3 - Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith 
  • Chloe and Lucifer both acting like mother hens towards Maze, and having some cute friendship moments along the way. The best being when they're interrogating the lawyer; they only have to exchange a look in order to communicate (that Chloe wants Lucifer to do his mojo).
  • The bond between Maze and Trixie is adorable.
    • Trixie actually puts herself into Maze's bag, saying, "Someone has to watch her back!"
  • The fact that Dan gave up his vacation in order to help Maze, if only because a concerned Chloe asked him to.
  • Maze ends up forming a bond with Rivers, her bounty. He asks her to come with him on the run, but she declines, saying she has ties that she can't live without.
  • At the end, after coming home, Maze is sitting with her friends/family, drinking wine. This includes Lucifer, Chloe, Trixie and Linda. It's a very sweet scene.

    Episode 4 - What Would Lucifer Do? 
  • Amenadiel realizes his true purpose: to be there for Lucifer and help him. Even when Lucifer tries to push him away by insulting him, Amenadiel realizes what he's doing and holds his own.
    • He figures out this purpose through Dan, who helped him out of a situation before having a drink with him.
  • Ella's story about encountering Marcus at the coffee machine, and Marcus passing her the cream and sugar. It doesn't seem like much to Chloe, but Ella makes a big deal about it because it means Marcus cares enough to remember how she takes her coffee, despite otherwise acting very coldly professional around her. Given what happens later in the episode, it seems like Ella's assessment is spot-on.
  • Crossing over into Tear Jerker. After acting out all episode and being a jerk to everyone around him, when Lucifer hears that Chloe was in a shoot-out he rushes to the scene to see if she's all right. Even after learning she came out of it unscathed, he continues to beat himself up for not being there for her.
  • After several episodes of being cold, critical, and dismissive, Marcus shows how he really feels about Chloe by taking a bullet for her. Unfortunately subverted later: Marcus was trying to get himself killed as Chloe's proxy.

    Episode 5 - Welcome Back, Charlotte Richards 
  • Lucifer is sympathetic to Charlotte's situation, especially after he figures out that she was in Hell after she died. He's helping her make better choices with her life, and the two of them begin to form a rather sweet friendship.

    Episode 6 - Vegas with Some Radish 
  • The ending. Lucifer returns to his penthouse and finds Chloe asleep in his bed. He apologizes for taking off on her birthday and not telling her, explains why he didn't tell her and admits that he doesn't want to lie to her again. He then opens the safe and reveals that her birthday present was inside (the fact that he kept her birthday present in a hidden safe speaks volumes). Lucifer then presents her with the present: a necklace made from the bullet she shot him with in season 1. He makes a joke, they share a laugh, and then they hug.
  • Candy thanks Lucifer for saving her and encourages him to go to Chloe. He in turn hugs her goodbye and tells her to take care.

    Episode 7 - Off the Record 
  • When Reese bursts into Lucifer's appointment with Linda to try to try to convince her that Lucifer is the devil, his plan quickly goes off the rails when he realizes she already knows he's the devil and doesn't care. She ends up quite literally playing devil's advocate, calling him "a good man", and "my friend". It's a bit surreal, but Lucifer looks surprised and genuinely touched by Linda's words.
  • Reese interviews the staff of the precinct trying to find dirt on Lucifer. All it does is reveal that Lucifer is actually very well liked by everyone there and has been quite generous and helpful to many of them.
  • The way that Lucifer manages to survive the episode. He saw an uncomfortable, socially awkward man at Lux, and his first reaction, not even knowing that the guy was a serial killer looking to kill Lucifer himself was to go over, say hello, and start introducing the man to people.

    Episode 8 - Chloe Does Lucifer 
  • The opening shows Lucifer enjoying a quiet night in with Chloe and Trixie at their apartment. They play Monopoly, and Lucifer even lets Trixie paint his face.
  • Amenadiel comforting Linda over Reese's death and the existential crisis she's been having and secretly dealing with ever since she learned the truth about Lucifer.
    • Speaking of whom, he has a Friendship Moment of his own with her at the end of the episode, genuinely asking her how she's doing after Reese's death.

    Episode 12 - All About Her 
  • Lucifer goes out of his way to help Chloe all episode in order to make up for betraying her trust, including getting her a pass into the surfing competition and cleaning her desk. While he at first does it for selfish reasons (in that he needs her help investigating Marcus), he eventually learns his lesson and sticks around even when he doesn't need her help anymore.
    Chloe: I don't need your help anymore! Why are you still here? (pauses, realizing herself why)
    Lucifer: (confirming) Because this case matters to you. Therefore it matters to me. We're partners, Detective.
  • Charlotte learns that Pierce yelled at Ella...and gives him a good telling off for doing so.
    • This leads to Pierce realizing he was wrong and apologizing to Ella.
  • When Dan investigates a surfer gang who he thinks killed the victim, he confronts them. They're actually innocent, and hold a ceremony in memory of the surfer who died.

    Episode 13 - Til Death Do Us Part 
  • After going on a date (which is interrupted by Maze), Charlotte tells Dan that she's still going through a lot and wants to sort her life out before trying to date again. Dan just tells her that he understands, and says he'll wait because she's worth it. He's come a long way since his season one douche-y self.

    Episode 14 - My Brother's Keeper 
  • When Ella comes in seeking Mazikeen's help to find her brother, she is greeted by Trixie who is play-fighting with her and Ella responds by playing along. Trixie breaks out of character to mention they are wearing the same shirt.
    Trixie: En garde!
    Ella: Oh no! No no no! Please, please don't harm me! Fierce warrior! I, I, I surrender!
    Trixie: I will spare your life, this time. *looks between each other*
    Trixie: We're wearing the same shirt!
    *Ella looks down and back at Trixie before smiling in surprise*
    Ella and Trixie: Sushi shirt!!
    *double high-fives each other*
  • When Linda is shaken by Charlotte coming to see her for therapy, Lucifer reveals it was his idea, because Linda is "the best". And when he sees just how badly Linda is taking the idea, Lucifer gently reminds her that Charlotte is not his mother, but an innocent who needs help.
  • Lucifer telling Chloe that if she did have a brother, he (the hypothetical brother) would be proud of her.
  • Lucifer confronts Ella's brother, Jay, when he finds him stealing the hidden diamonds and proving that he's not as innocent as he led his sister to believe. Jay asks if Lucifer will tell on him or if he'll confess himself. Lucifer tells him he won't and neither will he due to the fact that Ella has faith in her brother and would be hurt knowing the truth. Making Jay promise that he'll change his ways before threatening him that he'll be watching.

    Episode 15 - High School Poppycock 
  • Chloe reveals to Lucifer that she never got to go to her High School Prom. So Lucifer sets up a Prom at Lux, just for her, and the two share a dance.

    Episode 17 - Let Pinhead Sing! 
  • Chloe and Lucifer end up in a standoff against the murderer who's holding a knife. The second she points the knife at Chloe, Lucifer leaps forwards and tackles her to the ground. He ends up getting stabbed in the shoulder.
    Lucifer: It's not me I was worried about, Detective.

    Episode 18 - The Last Heartbreak 
  • Even though he's clearly not OK with it, Lucifer tells Chloe that she's free to date Pierce if that's what she really wants.

    Episode 20 - The Angel of San Bernardino 
  • Crossing into Tear Jerker. Lucifer rushes over to Chloe's apartment to save her from Pierce's manipulations, only to find her heartbroken. He then immediately goes to find Pierce and beats the crap out of him for hurting her.
    • Pierce himself has a moment when, instead of continuing his manipulations, he realizes that he actually likes Chloe and doesn't want to hurt her, so breaks up with her. It's implied that his mark is gone not because Chloe loves him, but because for the first time in his existence, he put someone else's needs before his own.

    Episode 22 - All Hands on Decker 
  • Dan admits his feelings for Charlotte, and they officially get together. Which makes her death in the next episode all the more heartbreaking.

    Episode 23 - Quintessential Deckerstar 
  • Lucifer realizes that Chloe caught the bad guys and solved the case without his help or him even there, which leads him to an epiphany that she doesn't need him, she wants him. He confesses to her he wants her to choose him over Pierce, and in his own way, confesses his feelings for her in doing so. He again tells Chloe he's the Devil, only for her to whisper "no you're not, not to me" and kiss him.
    • When Lucifer begins his "Greatest Hits" antics and plays "Heart and Soul" on the piano, Chloe actually smiles at the memory. After the case is solved and before her moment with Lucifer on the balcony, she goes over to the same piano and plays a few notes of the song herself.
  • Amenadiel gets his wings back. Not because he did some good deed or stopped a great evil but because he showed true, utter mourning for a flawed woman (Charlotte) who showed that despite her sins she was good and kind and who gave her life to save him.
    • Upon finding Charlotte's body, Chloe breaks down crying and runs into Lucifer's arms for comfort.
    • Lucifer finding one of Amenadiel's feathers next to the body and realizes what has happened.

    Episode 24 - A Devil of My Word 
  • Ella spends the entire season looking up to Pierce and thinking he's awesome. But when Dan comes to her and explains that Pierce killed Charlotte, despite not having any evidence, Ella puts her faith in him and helps them out.
    • When it looks like she's losing her faith in God, it's Lucifer who comforts her, telling her that people are responsible for their own actions and his Father has nothing to do with that.
  • Pierce threatened Linda in the previous episode, which threw Maze off enough for him to get past her guard and inject her with a knockout drug. Despite having been mad at Linda for some time, Maze's first word on waking is "Linda." She doesn't wait for the drug to completely wear off, but instead fights her way through a dozen guys, runs four miles, charges into Linda's office bleeding and battered, only collapsing when she knows Linda is safe.
    • The whole session of Linda and Maze truly burying their hatchet.
  • Chloe once again tells Lucifer that she doesn't see him as the Devil, and this time Lucifer admits that lately even he hasn't felt like the Devil, either. It adds extra Tear Jerker when Chloe sees his Devil face at the end.
  • Lucifer and Chloe confront Pierce. Chloe gets in between Lucifer and Pierce and then shoots the latter, only for one of his goons to shoot her (she was wearing a bulletproof vest, thankfully). When Pierce demands that his men finish the job and shoot them both, Lucifer reacts by immediately shielding them both with his wings. Despite the pain, he keeps the wings around them until the shooters stop, allowing him to fly away with Chloe and get her to safety.
  • Even before she saw his devil face, Chloe was already connecting the dots and realizing that Lucifer has been telling the truth this whole time. But despite realizing that her partner and friend is the literal devil, when she hears gunshots she immediately runs to help him. It's a good indicator that once the initial shock wears off, she'll be fine.
  • The reveal even has a small amount of this: when Lucifer turns to face Chloe, he's actually smiling at her. He's relieved to see that she's safe.

Bonus Episodes

    Boo Normal 
  • Just Ella greeting everybody at the crime scene, addressing two people by name and high-fiving one of them. Notice, everybody who sees her gives her a smile.
  • When Ella announces that she's considering moving back to Detroit, Chloe is upset but understanding, while Lucifer tells her outright not to go, showing that he likes her in his own way.
  • While it's not outright stated except in a line of dialogue, it's implied that Chloe has accepted the fact that Lucifer is the Devil and she's shown to be working with him still.
  • Chloe accepts Ella's story that she talks to a ghost, and says that it doesn't change the way she feels about her.
  • The reveal that the ghost Ella has been talking to is not a ghost at all, but Azrael, Lucifer's sister and the Angel of Death. She showed up when Ella was in a car wreck and was so taken with her positive attitude that she kept coming back to check up on her and the two became friends. Azrael cared enough to show up one last time to convince Ella to stay in LA (since it would be better for her instead of going back to Detroit), and was even the one who sent Ella to LA in the first place - so she can meet Lucifer and become friends with him.
    • The last point in particular Lucifer reacts badly to, thinking it's another manipulation until Azrael explains that she did it for them both; she couldn't be with either of them because of her busy job, so wanted them to have each other.
  • At the end of the episode, Lucifer visits Ella in the lab and sits down to listen to her ramble with a smile on his face. More poignant since Azrael had previously told him that him spending with her like this was one of the things that made him her favorite brother, given how similar Azrael and Ella are.
  • While a tearjerker, it's made clear that Lucifer and Chloe have in fact, finally admitted their love for each other.

    Once Upon a Time 
  • Chloe patches things up with her father, after they've been arguing throughout the episode.
    • Just the fact that in this reality, John Decker is alive and well.
  • While they're both not very nice people in this reality, the fact that Dan and Charlotte end up together is still sweet, especially since her death has separated them in the original reality. Maybe spoiled by the realization that they're both bound for Hell.
  • Chloe and Lucifer still meet and still end up working together, showing that no matter the circumstances and the reality, they'll always choose each other.
  • God is narrating the entire episode, and reveals that he put Chloe in Lucifer's path because he still loves his son and is trying to do what's best for him.

Season 4

    Episode 1 - Everything's Okay 
  • Amenadiel telling Dan that Charlotte is in Heaven. Dan initially dismisses it as a meaningless platitude, but Amenadiel is so firm that Dan breaks down crying and hugs him.
    Dan: For some reason I really believe you.
  • Maze sees Trixie sitting in the precinct and, despite wanting to apologise for hurting Trixie's feelings last season, decides to leave the girl alone and starts to make her exit. Cue Trixie calling out to Maze by name. Maze gets as far as "I'm sorry" before Trixie runs over and hugs her.
    Maze: You''re not mad at me?
    Trixie: Nah. I couldn't stay mad at you.

    Episode 2 - Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno 
  • Linda tells Amenadiel that she’s pregnant both of them smile at each other.
  • Lucifer's excitement over the prospect of going on a date with Chloe is very charming, especially when he's confiding to the equally enthusiastic Ella all of the little details he put together for it. Which ultimately makes the revelation of her involvement in Father Kinley's plan all the more heartbreaking for him in the next episode. It means she was stringing him along as if everything was normal just to leave him vulnerable.

    Episode 4 - All About Eve 
  • Lucifer shows Eve his Devil face, clearly expecting her to be afraid or disgusted. Instead Eve smiles and kisses him. Judging by Lucifer's expression, this is the first time anyone has ever accepted him this easily.

    Episode 5 - Expire Erect 
  • Eve is absolutely delighted to meet Ella when she shows up at Lux, claiming that Lucifer's told her nothing but good things about Ella. Despite Ella being determined not to like her (due to Eve getting between Lucifer and Chloe) she's quickly won over when Eve pulls her into a hug.
  • Hell, everything Eve does in the episode. Despite initially being established as a shallow Romantic False Lead who attracts Lucifer's attention away from Chloe, she reveals herself to a bubbly optimist who gets along well with everyone she meets. These include Chloe, whom she supports when she tries to formulate a plan to solve the hostage situation at Lux, telling her that she is smart and can solve anything, because she is a good detective. Chloe later admits to Amenadiel that she honestly likes Eve, thinks that she is a good companion for Lucifer, and doesn't want her to turn out to be evil.
  • Chloe and Amenadiel's heart to heart talk at the end, especially when Amenadiel tells her that her father is so proud of her. The implicit confirmation that her father is in Heaven clearly moves Chloe in a way we've never seen before.

    Episode 7 - Devil Is as Devil Does 
  • For all the trouble she causes, Eve doesn't hesitate for a second to throw herself in front of Trixie when Tiernan's gun-toting goons show up. She doesn't even know her an hour ago, but she's an innocent child and that's all Eve needs to know.

    Episode 8 - Super Bad Boyfriend 
  • Amenadiel asking Lucifer to be the godfather of his child. Hard to imagine these are the same brothers who threatened war with each other in the pilot.

    Episode 9 - Save Lucifer 
  • Mazikeen singing "Wonderwall" to Eve in an attempt to express her feelings. Even Lucifer is clearly moved by it. Sadly, Eve misinterprets this Grand Romantic Gesture, thinking that Maze is showing her how to confess her feelings for Lucifer.
  • Linda going into labor with both Maze and Amenadiel at her side.
  • Lucifer overcoming his overwhelming sense of self-loathing long enough to begin the healing process of forgiveness with Chloe's help and encouragement.

    Episode 10 - Who's da New King of Hell? 
  • In general, Amenadiel and Linda's excitement and happiness over their newborn son is very touching.
  • Lucifer formally ends his patient relationship with Linda by giving her an original copy of Sigmund Freud's personal journal. Despite his teasing, it's clear he deeply values everything she's done for him.
  • Eve atoning for her actions by participating in the mission to rescue Charlie and the fact that the others (particularly Amenadiel) forgive her despite all that happened.
  • While it's sad that she feels she has to leave for the time being to find her place in the world, Eve finally reciprocates Maze's feelings for her.
  • Ella choosing to wear her cross necklace again, showing that she no longer blames God for Charlotte's death.
  • Amenadiel ultimately refraining from taking Charlie to Heaven so he can raise him with Linda on Earth, however flawed it is.
  • Near the end of the episode, Chloe finally, finally confesses her love for Lucifer and begs him to stay. Sadly, it's followed by an eye-watering goodbye of epic proportions, as he has no choice but to return to Hell so he can stop demons from invading Earth.
    • While it's certainly depressing to be parted from the woman he loves, Lucifer returns to Hell knowing that Chloe loves him regardless of what he is, something that he has been dreading about the entire season considering her initial reaction to his true nature.
    • Lucifer unfolding his wings to return to Hell, showing that they are back to being pristine white and beautiful. The Devil has found redemption and the angel Samael lives again.


  • The #SaveLucifer campaign. Repeatedly Lucifer fans pushed the hashtag to the Top Ten trending on Twitter and shared why they wanted the show to return.
  • The producers of the show, along with the cast, praising the fans for the campaign and working to help however they could, with interviews and updates.
  • Russell Burligame of put up a hat he got during a set tour for Season 2 of the show on Ebay, with the money raised going to the ACLU. They ended up raising over $2000 for chariety.
  • #LuciferSaved. Netflix grabbing the show a day before the actors' contracts were set to expire.
    • The reactions of the cast upon hearing the new, including Rachel Harris appearing sans makeup to quickly spread the news, Aimee Garcia filming a shocked reaction in her car, and Scarlett Estevez's mother surprising her in a video and her face lighting up in excitement.
    • A big one too: While many people were more or less upset that despite being saved for Netflix, the show would end with it's fifth season. However the apparent response and high demand for the show after it's fourth season lead to Netflix announcing that it would in fact end with it's sixth season. Quite fitting.

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