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Tear Jerker / Luther

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  • The death of Ripley. We see him at the start, an inexperienced and new officer growing under Luther's care. This becomes even more direct in Season 2 and Season 3, as Luther is grooming Ripley to become his successor when he retires- and you can clearly see that he has become a much better and more effective detective. On top of this, he is one of the most genuinely nice people on the show, constantly showing his loyalty to Luther and dedication to justice. In Episode 3 of Season 3, we see Luther introducing him to his girlfriend as his mate and saying that he loves him, and he asks out DS Gray on a date. At the end of the episode, he is shot dead by Tom Marwood, the vigilante killer. There are no Famous Last Words or anything like that; he is shot, and by the time the next episode starts, he's dead.

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