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Season 1

    Episode 1 - Pilot 

  • When Trixie tells Lucifer how she was in a fight with a girl picking on her, Lucifer goes to the girl to tell her of the "special level of Hell reserved for bullies". The girl just has a bored "so?" expression...until Lucifer shows her his glowing eyes and she screams in terror.
    • It's a bit fridge horror-ish when you see how he does it. Rather than simply flickering up his eyes like he does with his whole face for adults, he slowly pulls apart his irises and pupils, tearing the human veil away like a set of curtains. He only snaps said illusion back in place when Chloe hears the scream and storms out into the corridor!
  • Lucifer actually catching the perp responsible for assassinating Delilah in the streets of Los Angeles.

    Episode 3 - The Would-Be Prince of Darkness 

  • Joe confesses to killing Ali, saying it was an accident and he "squeezed too hard". He tries to walk out, but Lucifer grabs him and, with one hand, sends Joe flying through the glass window of the office to smash into the one next door. The camera shows Chloe gaping open-mouthed along with everyone else.

    Episode 5 - Sweet Kicks 

  • Maze single-handedly kicks the asses of an entire biker gang without breaking a sweat, and she does it without using any obviously supernatural powers.

    Episode 6 - Favorite Son 

  • Trixie managing to blackmail her daddy for a whole year supply of chocolate cake. Cross into Funny Moments .

  • We finally see Lucifer's wings, and they are a sight to behold. Granted, the first pair we see are fake, but the real wings are every bit as beautiful as one would expect.

    Episode 7 - Wingman 

  • The actual wings are mounted full-spread in the home of a private owner and are as beautiful as you would expect, even more so when the camera places Lucifer squarely between them. You half-expect light to start beaming from him.
  • When he figures out the wings were stolen thanks to Amenadiel, Lucifer sets them on fire and makes it clear he's never going back to Hell.

    Episode 9 - A Priest Walks Into a Bar 

  • A Good Shepherd knowingly manages to befriend the actual devil. As in, a mutual friendship. Let that sink in.

  • First, the priest manages to use the Power of Love to dissuade one of his churchgoers from going to the Dark Side while said person was pointing a gun at him. Cue Father Frank's heroic sacrifice as he took a bullet meant for the aforementioned parishioner. He even takes the remaining time he has to try and reassure Lucifer that he believes that Lucifer is not beyond redemption. Crossed with Heartwarming and Tearjerker.

    Episode 12 - #TeamLucifer 

  • Lucifer and Amenadiel have a brutal fight, slamming each other about and are ready to kill each other when Maze interrupts to trash both men for using her for their own purposes. She throws down her knives and snaps that she's on her own. This makes both men chagrined enough to stop fighting.

    Episode 13 - Take Me Back To Hell 

  • Dan finally comes clean to Chloe about his shooting long ago. She immediately punches him in the face.
  • With a police manhunt out for him, Lucifer goes to the one place they'll never look for him: the police station.
  • Facing a horde of goons, Lucifer and Amenadiel go literal Bash Brothers on them to smash them apart in seconds.

Season 2

    Episode 3 - Sin-Eater 
  • The Goddess killing her mugger with a single punch, sending him flying to a nearby wall.

    Episode 4 - Lady Parts 

  • A "girl's night" between Chloe, Maze, Linda and Ella leads them to a brawl with another pack of women. Even drunk, Maze is able to hold her own with a smashed pool cue to knock some guys back.

    Episode 5 - Weaponizer 
  • A villainous example, Uriel's gift is something to behold. He can predict the future and create Disaster Dominoes through small butterflies of doom. By moving a skateboard slightly to the left, he causes a chain reaction that leads to Chloe's car crash (she survives, fortunately). Later on, he does another one by bumping into someone, triggering another chain reaction that almost leads to Chloe getting shot.

    Episode 7 - My Little Monkey 

  • Lucifer and Chloe arrive back at her place, dejected that the killer is still out there...only to discover the killer tied up inside with Maze sat next to him. In other words, Maze tracked down the killer in a single night. By herself. Because she was bored. Looks like she found a job she's perfect for.
    • The real kicker is that Lucifer and Chloe left before she did in order to find him. And she managed to not only catch the guy after they lost him, but get back before them.
  • A meta example: Tom Ellis switching perfectly in-and-out of his British accent while speaking to Dan, some major props for the actor.
  • Despite having seen Lucifer's true face, Linda is still fine and sane. She is understandably reluctant to meet with Maze, but manages to regain her composure and reconciles with her at the end. Mind you, all people who previously saw Lucifer's true face were driven mad. Turns out Lucifer's description of Linda as a complex person really is true.

    Episode 8 - Trip to Stabby Town 

  • Dan actually manages to fight against the blade's violent influence, stopping himself from killing Lucifer. For context, absolutely no other human who came under the blade's power managed to stop themselves using it. Even Lucifer himself is impressed.

    Episode 10 - Quid Pro Ho 
  • Maze versus Triad martial arts expert. No spoiler for guessing how that ends.
    Kang: (armed with two swords) Choose your weapon!
  • The trial has ended with a not guilty verdict. Perry is scot-free... until Dan comes up to him and lets him know that the Russians know he killed Boris. Cue Perry getting what he so richly deserves.
    Maze: I'm impressed. I didn't think you had it in you.
  • Lucifer almost goes full devil when he finds out that his mother almost blew Chloe up.
  • Penelope's short but truly awesome rant at Charlotte. Made more awesome when you realize that she's basically flipping off the freaking Goddess of Creation.
    Penelope: You're a mother, aren't you?
    Goddess: Yes.
    Penelope: Then shame on you.

    Episode 11 - Stewardess Interruptus 
  • Lucifer driving like crazy down a runway in order to stop a plane from taking off and a suspect from getting away.
  • When Lucifer is confronted by the murderer, Bert, said murderer insults Jana, the woman he killed (and the woman Lucifer slept with). Cue Lucifer going full devil on Bert's ass.

    Episode 13 - A Good Day to Die 
  • Lucifer's plan to save Chloe: He has Maze kill him (though he ends up killing himself because Maze can't bring herself to do it), sending him to Hell to find the professor, get the formula for the antidote, then has Linda resurrect him. Talk about friends going through Hell for each other.
    • When he gets stuck, his mom goes down to retrieve him. Crosses into Funny Moment with Maze's reaction and then Tear Jerker with the music as Lucifer leaves and is revived.
    • After his mom arrives and mentions Chloe's name, Lucifer realizes exactly why he killed Uriel: to protect Chloe and his mother. It's at this point that he's free of his guilt and, by extension, his nightmare in Hell. That makes him the first person to walk out of his cell, as even his mother is later trapped by her own guilt for hurting her sons.
  • Amenadiel vs. three security guards. Even without his Angelic powers, Amenadiel fights them off with ease. In fact, when he puts himself in the middle of a door frame, they can barely even budge him.
  • A slightly understated one: Dan and Ella are willing to break into a storehouse and steal the last ingredient needed to make the antidote; they don't even consider the consequences of being caught committing a crime.

    Episode 14 - Candy Morningstar 
  • Lucifer and Candy's marriage turns out to be all faked in order to get information out of Charlotte. Not a single person caught onto this. This includes two detectives, a trained therapist, a demon who knows Lucifer better than anyone, and his own family. Candy really does deserve some kind of award for her performance.
  • At a club with a punk vibe, Lucifer breaks in to the middle of a performance, takes the stage and sings the Bangles' "Eternal Flame" as a double-play to both make up with Chloe and locate the witness they're searching for. And the crowd eats it up. Even Chloe is won over. Anyone else would have gotten booed off stage at best, possibly assaulted at worst.
  • Chloe managing to shoot the killer without harming Lucifer, whom he has taken as a human shield.

    Episode 16 - God Johnson 
  • Lucifer and God Johnson casually strolling through the chaos caused by the other patients is nothing short of awesome.

    Episode 18 - The Good, the Bad and the Crispy 
  • Amenadiel briefly regaining his power to stop time long enough for Maze to take Linda to the hospital. The power actually extends miles away, as it also affects the events at the pier, enabling Lucifer to personally confront his mother, away from the humans.
  • Instead of sending his mother to fight his father to the death or imprisoning her back in Hell, Lucifer uses the Flaming Sword to cut open a portal which leads to an empty realm, where he urges his mother to move and create her own world. Even Lucifer himself is surprised that the sword can do something like that.
  • The ending: Lucifer finally has his wings back.

Season 3

    Episode 3 - Mr. & Mrs. Mazikeen Smith 
  • Everything Maze does in this episode. Nuff said.
    • The most impressive is when she's hiding behind a table, taking cover from a woman shooting at her and her bounty. She then takes out a knife and, without looking, throws it over the table. We then hear a thud and a groan of pain from the woman.

    Episode 7 - Off The Record 
  • In only a couple of minutes and without realizing that he's even done so Lucifer convinces a serial killer not to kill him. Just by being himself.

    Episode 8 - Chloe Does Lucifer 

    Episode 9 - The Sinnerman 
  • The man himself taking his eyes out to prevent Lucifer from reading him.

    Episode 10 - The Sin Bin 
  • When Helena keeps skating around, evading Chloe, Lucifer buys a beer, apparently deciding he needs a drink. He takes a sip, then casually tosses the remainder onto the floor, causing Helena to slip and fall.
  • The Sinnerman was able to completely resist Maze's torture methods. Considering that Maze loves her old day job, that's some feat.
  • Also, once he knows what he's looking for, Lucifer very quickly figures out that Marcus is actually the biblical Cain.

    Episode 11 - City of Angels? 
  • Chloe proving over the course of the episode that she earned her detective rank, even when Dan was putting her down.

    Episode 12 - All About Her 
  • When she finds out that Marcus yelled at Ella, Charlotte tells him off while offering him coffee. "Cream? Sugar? Or do you take it dark and bitter like your soul?" Would you like some ice for that burn, Pierce?

    Episode 13 - Til Death Do Us Part 
  • Lucifer effortlessly takes down a bunch of Mooks in an epic Hallway Fight, either by using his Super Strength to beat them into unconsciousness or by redirecting their guns/attacks into each other. Appropriately, the fight is set to SHINee's Lucifer.
  • Lucifer gets Hong, the gang's leader, to fully cooperate with the investigation in exchange for the formula for the super-special ecstasy. The man cheerfully confesses to several felonies, knowing it will mean a boatload of money when he gets out of prison.

    Episode 14 - My Brother's Keeper 
  • Amenadiel besting Pierce in the fight at Lux. While seeming to be more of a standstill in terms of victors, we do see Amenadiel fatally (or near-fatally) hurt Pierce twice and that's just what is shown. While Pierce can come back from death (and rather quickly too), Amenadiel can't come back at all without external help, as shown with Lucifer. This means that Amenadiel successfully fought off a millennia old fighter until both were exhausted without any serious injuries to himself and without his powers.

    Episode 20 - The Angel of San Bernardino 
  • Evilly awesome, but Maze revealing that she was behind the plan to distract Lucifer away from Chloe so Pierce could move in on her. What's more, her explanation as to how and why it worked is 100% true, and it's probably why Lucifer manages to finally get his act together in the season's remaining episodes.
    Maze: I know the only thing that matters to you more than Chloe: You. Easiest way to spin you around is to delve into those Daddy issues. "I can't get rid of my wings! Daddy's controlling me! Wah. Wah. Wah."

    Episode 23 - Quintessential Deckerstar 
  • When Charlotte sees the face of a man who she recognizes from her Hell loop, she doesn't stop until she proves him guilty and manages to catch not one but two killers (even though the first one they catch is a lot more sympathetic than the guy they're really after). Not to mention that during the investigation, she stands up to her previous partner/lover at her old law firm, calling out him and everyone there on their actions and telling them to their faces that they're all going to Hell.
    • Crossing over into Tear Jerker: When Charlotte sees Pierce in the bushes about to shoot Amenadiel, she immediately jumps in the way and takes the bullets for him.
  • Maze vs. Cain. Maze initially wins, but Cain tricks her into believing that Linda's in danger before knocking her out.
  • A quiet moment, but no less awesome for it: after two seasons of struggling and hating himself, Amenadiel finally forgives himself, and his wings unfold, as majestic and beautiful as ever. He then tells the dying Charlotte that they're going home, and flies her soul to Heaven, saving her from the damnation that she's been sure she was heading for.

    Episode 24 - A Devil of My Word 
  • At first, Chloe is skeptical of Dan's theory that Pierce killed Charlotte. Then Pierce makes an announcement to the precinct about Charlotte's murder, and his actions alone make Chloe realize that he did it. Less than a minute of seeing him talk was enough for her to figure it out. There's a reason she's the best detective at the station.
  • Maze vs Cain's goons. She wakes up from the drugs he gave her last episode to find herself chained to a pipe and menaced by a pair of thugs. She instantly breaks free and, despite still being woozy from the drugs, proceeds to beat the hell out of them. Somewhat battered and wobbly, she staggers round the corner to find a bunch more goons waiting for her... and we next see her in Linda's office, covered in blood and carrying a knife; her dialogue establishes that she had to fight twelve men and run four miles to get there.
  • Lucifer puts a major hurting on Cain's men, dealing out a Curb-Stomp Battle to them (using his wings!), and then fights Cain himself, dodging or blocking almost every blow, before breaking his arm and stabbing Maze's blade into his chest. They really should have known better than to try and hurt Chloe.
    • And the icing on the cake. As Cain smugly assumes he's going to heaven (as he lacks any guilt over his murder of Abel) Lucifer helpfully reminds him that was before he gunned down Charlotte. And verbally tears him down about his real destination.
  • The episode's ending: Chloe finally learns the truth about Lucifer.
    • Made even better by Netflix picking up the show after Fox canceled it. This massive cliffhanger will not be the end!

Season 4

    Episode 2 - Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno 
  • Lucifer calmly strolling out of a massive building explosion completely unscathed, then mildly shrugging it off to Chloe as a benefit of spending years in the literal Inferno.

    Episode 3 - O, Ye Of Little Faith, Father 
  • Dan and Maze beat up an entire street gang. And Dan's a much more equal part of the fight than you might expect.

    Episode 4 - All About Eve 
  • With Chloe now keeping her distance from Lucifer, he's able to mow through a whole rowdy bar, and even when Chloe shows up and makes him vulnerable, he barely reacts to being skewered with a pool cue. Extra points to the waitress who casually helps Eve out in the middle of serving a table.

    Episode 5 - Expire Erect 
  • Ella disarms a bomb she's never seen before, while hopped up out of her mind.
  • Dan manages to covertly send a message to Chloe under the hostage taker's nose with a sandwich.

    Episode 9 - Save Lucifer 
  • Eve, acting in self-defense, killing Father Kinley by stabbing his neck.
  • Chloe convincing Lucifer to stop his self-hatred and forgive himself, which causes his Devil transformation to revert. This mostly counts as a heartwarming moment, but it's also a personal awesome act by Chloe, since she previously had issues accepting this side of Lucifer.
    • Keep in mind that previous humans who saw Lucifer were merely limited to seeing parts of his body, like his face or wings. Here, Chloe has to face his full Devil form, his face, body, and wings all transformed. She is probably the first human who sees him in this form. The scene basically acts as a litmus test for her struggle to accept Lucifer; the fact that she not only accepts it, but helps him find the answer to resolve it, serves as a major Character Development for her.

    Episode 10 - Who's da New King of Hell? 
  • The fight at the Mayan, where Lucifer, Maze, Amenadiel, Eve, and Chloe confront and fight demons to save Charlie. If not for the sudden revelation of the massive demon army at the end, they would have won, too. Chloe and Eve tag teaming to dispatch the female demon outside the building is particularly sweet to watch. Regardless of their previous rivalry, when they work together, they make a great team.
  • Lucifer sends all the demon souls back to hell by going full devil face complete with his bat wings and booming demonic voice, literally commanding them to bow down and then get lost. Also that speech.
    Lucifer: ENOUGH! YOU WILL BOW DOWN TO YOUR KING! YOU DO NOT...BELONG HERE, GO HOME! (all the demons in the human bodies leave for hell, letting them fall to the ground)

Season 5

    Episode 1 - Really Sad Devil Guy 
  • Chloe tricking Lee's killer by pretending to pick up the cash but actually reaching for her gun so she can shoot him.
  • Not-Lucifer going to town with the killers, completely dispatching them while only needing a little help from Chloe.

    Episode 2 - Lucifer! Lucifer! Lucifer! 
  • After an entire episode where it seems the whole season is going to be a hackneyed story of Michael duping all of Lucifer's friends, Chloe cuts it off at the knees by revealing she noticed something off as soon as he came back, and has been playing him the whole time. She caps it off by shooting him several times despite knowing it won't do anything, just because it feels good. It's an incredibly impressive showing given her judgement lapses in prior seasons.

    Episode 3 - ¡Diablo! 
  • Chloe figuring out, defeating, and arresting the killer on her own, who also happens to be her Expy in the Show Within a Show. Also noteworthy is that she briefly utilizes the set's stripper pole, something that the expy admitted is the reason why she did what she did (she didn't want to spend six seasons acting as a stripper).
  • Lucifer's duel with Michael, as teased in the trailer, is something to behold. The amount of complex choreography and editing to make it work must have costed a ton.

    Episode 5 - Detective Amenadiel 
  • Amenadiel showing off his angelic side by kicking the killer's ass in one shot, revealing his wings and invulnerability to Chloe for the first time.

    Episode 8 - Spoiler Alert 
  • While it didn't lead to him finding Chloe, Lucifer was able to solve a case by himself. Without Chloe. Something that even Ella and the others were baffled by, showing that despite his snobbery and lack of care (at times), Lucy did pay attention to the cases.
  • Ella, a petite woman who admits that she is useless in field work, actually becomes the one to capture the killer when she overcomes and incapacitates her erstwhile boyfriend, Pete, from choking her to death.
  • Chloe using a broken off piece of the cell bars Michael used to keep her locked up is awesome, even if she did unintentionally whack Lucifer.
  • After half a season of tensions boiling between Michael and his two brothers it finally erupts into an awesome fight in the time-stopped police station with Maze and Michael versus Lucifer and Amenadiel, with neither side holding back.
    • Of note are Amenadiel's actions during this brawl, he demonstrates that he fully lives up to his proclaimed title as Heaven's Greatest Warrior when he evenly fights both Maze and Michael by himself for a time.
    • Lucifer's no slouch either as he easily defeats Maze using one hit to the chest when he goes all out near the end. Not to mention catching the demon blade Michael throws at a police officer.
  • However, all of that pales in comparison to the end of the episode. As Lucifer, Michael and Amenadiel each unleash their wings and prepare to charge at each other, an overwhelming light accompanied by thunder commands them to stop their fighting and stuns the trio:
    Lucifer: Dad?
    God: Children, you know I hate it when you fight.
    • That's right, after five seasons and eons in-universe God has finally decided to put aside his hands off approach to parenting and his creations and come to Earth to put an end to His sons' feud.


  • The massive #SaveLucifer campaign initiated by fans, the cast, and the crew after Fox unceremoniously nixed the show days before the airing of the Season 3 finale. The result? Netflix decided to pick it up... one day before the deadline for the contract termination between the cast and the executives. As of June 2020, Lucifer has amassed three season orders from Netflix since its Channel Hop, meaning the Lucifans' efforts to save the show paid off big time.
    • Paid off for Netflix too as Lucifer is now one of the most streamed shows worldwide.
  • Tom Ellis' appearance as Lucifer in Crisis on Infinite Earths means that the actor can claim the rare distinction of portraying the same character in three different networks (Fox, Netflix, and now The CW).
  • Season 5 has a new Big Bad: Michael, Lucifer's twin brother. The final shot of the trailer has the two brothers facing off meaning that we have Tom Ellis playing two different characters at the same time. Just the glimpses we see showcases his acting skills as he gives the two distinct feelings.

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