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    Confirmed Theories 
Lucifer isn't mortal. Chloe just happens to be the only one who can actually hurt/kill him.
  • The show went out of their way to avoid anyone else hitting Lucifer. Chloe shot him and it hurt. She slapped him and it hurt. If someone else had shot him, he'd be perfectly fine.
    • Amenadiel punched him and it left a mark. But Amenadiel is an angel, so the possibility remains.
    • But then, Lucifer does get 3rd degree burns escaping a burning building.
    • Partially confirmed as of "St. Lucifer". Lucifer can be harmed by other people or means, but it's only being near Chloe that weakens his immortality.
      • Partially jossed in the Pilot episode where Lucifer is shot several times by Jimmy Barnes while Chloe witnesses it. Possibly explained by her also having been shot and slipping out of consciousness.

Dan shot Malcolm.
  • Confirmed.

Trixie will be kidnapped
  • And it will be a Berserk Button for Lucifer.
    • Confirmed for the Season 1 finale.

The Big Bad will be a normal human.
Despite Lucifer and the existence of demons, angels, Heaven, Hell, and God, the series is more of a down-to-earth cop show. The main villain will be some crime boss/Corrupt Corporate Executive who has the corrupt cops in his payrolls, including Dan (and maybe Malcolm). He's also aware of angels and demons walking the Earth.
  • Sort of confirmed for season 1, in that Malcolm the corrupt cop (and normal human) is the Big Bad, though the above could still be possible for future seasons too, as Malcolm reveals to Chloe that he isn't the only Dirty Cop on the force.

Lucifer's marriage to Candy isn't real
A new preview revealed that Lucifer is using his marriage to Candy to try and figure out what his mother is up to. After he's found this information out, it'll be revealed that he was never actually married to Candy, and instead paid her to pretend to be his wife. It'll also be revealed that Candy isn't really stupid at all, and was just playing a role in order to trick Charlotte. And, in order to get around Lucifer's "never tell a lie" thing, he'll say that, "Yes, she was my wife. I just didn't mention she was my fake wife."
  • Confirmed, in a way. While they seemed to have been legally married (Lucifer mentions being a "fellow divorcee" and Chloe mentions he annulled the marriage in 2x15) it was clearly only in writing so Lucifer didn't have to lie.

Mama Morningstar's divine essence is burning through Charlotte's body
That's what's going on with her, the divine and mortals don't mix. Without a vessel to contain her, her essence will dissipate unless in heaven (or hell).
  • Confirmed: her powers were rapidly returning, and any cut results in her bleeding divine light that burns anything in its path, which is the whole reason why she was so desperate to return to the Silver City.

Lucifer will get his wings back
"He may have not escaped his form like he thought he had," was what Tom Ellis said in an interview, when asked about the season 2 finale. What else could he have meant by this?
  • Confirmed

Pierce is involved with Lucifer's predicament in Season 3
New character shows up in a season where Lucifer has a new personal problem, specifically, his angel wings have grown back, and he's lost his devil face? The coincidence is too great to ignore.
  • Pierce is actually Cain, the first murderer and cursed by God to walk the Earth in torment for eternity. This doesn't NECESSARILY mean that he's behind Lucifer's shift from Lawful Evil to Chaotic Good.

Pierce and The Sinnerman are more deeply connected than Pierce lets on.
Pierce is single-mindedly obsessed with finding The Sinnerman and punishing him for killing his brother, to the point of ignoring other aspects of his job and disappearing for days at a time as well as being oddly on edge after the events of the "Sin Bin" episode.
  • Pierce is actually Cain, the world's first murderer; this MIGHT make the man he kills in the "Sin Bin" episode Abel, the world's first murder victim, as Lucifer finds a picture of "the Sinnerman" as a boy with a man possessing a mark much like Pierce's tattoo.

Cain didn’t give Lucifer his wings back or took his devil face
Sure he may be able to nullify Lucifer’s angel immunity, he’s been around so long it would be impossible to not pick up a few tricks, but he probably doesn’t have the kind of juice to restore an angel’s wings or take Lucifer’s devil face, that seems like high level stuff. If not God level, then at least high ranking angel.
  • Confirmed.

Amenadiel's fall wasn't caused by God or even by his own behavior...
... it was caused by his own recognition of his own moral failings while trying to get Lucifer back to Hell. Once he finally manages to redeem himself in his own eyes, his angelic grace will be restored.
  • Seemingly confirmed when he comes to this conclusion himself and gets his wings back at the end of the episode.

    Jossed Theories 
Achilles has escaped hell
  • Who else would cause Lucifer to worry about having escaped. It could be he among other deadly and powerful men have been clawing trying to escape and Achilles just happened to be lucky one. Though he(or she) might be someone just as dangerous.
    • Jossed. It's his Mum.

Chloe is Lucifer's mom
  • It explains why he's mortal around her. She also knows full well what she's doing to him and enjoys toying with him. As for her family, it's either a spirit in the real Chloe Decker, or they're all mind warped. Maybe even time travel, this is a being that rivals God in power and scares even Lucifer.
    • Jossed. Lucifer's mum escapes Hell by the end of Season 1.

Chloe is a case of Incorruptible Pure Pureness.
  • The reason that she can No-Sell Lucifer's charms is because she has no dark desires for him to bring out.
    • Whether this is because she really is just that good of a person or because she has some angelic heritage remains to be seen.
    • Could be the reason she reacts to Amenadiel like most women bubble at the gusset at Lucifer. She doesn't have any sinful desires that Lucifer's magnetism latches on to.
      • Jossed. The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result.

Chloe has Nephilim ancestry
It's why his powers don't work on her and why she was able to actually wound him with a mundane weapon.
  • Jossed. The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result.

Chloe is a descendant of Jesus Christ
Similarly to the WMG above she is immune to his powers because of her ancestry. And she has a relative in France.
  • Jossed. The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result.

Chloe is a Nephilim.
Meaning her father was an angel and she's a half Angel Unaware. Since angels can harm each other, this could explain why Lucifer is vulnerable around her.
  • Jossed. The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result.

Chloe is a goddess.
All Myths Are True. The reason Chloe is so elusive is because she's not from Christian mythology like Lucifer, but from another one. Which one is unknown.
  • Jossed. The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result.

Chloe is a lesbian
She just hasn't accepted it. It's why his powers don't work on her. Note how, in "Manly Whatnots", the show where he really started to get into it, they include the note of the homosexual guard, possibly as foreshadowing.
  • In the pilot episode, when talking with Lucifer in the Lux, in a Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment, she looks up and bites her lip at the moment Maze passes in front of her off screen. It's not obvious if this is related to the topic of the conversation (Palmetto) or not.
    • Probably not the case. If her being lesbian is the reason Lucifer's powers don't work on her...well, she can't be the first lesbian he's met, and Lucifer doesn't immediately jump to that conclusion. Not to mention that since he's mortal around her, it's more likely that something far more cosmic is going on with her...
      • Jossed. The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result.

Alternatively to the above, Chloe is asexual
B-movie topless scene, ex-husband and daughter do not equate to being allosexual.
  • It's hinted that Chloe's scenes in Hot Tub High School had a similar sort of pop culture impact to Phoebe Cates' in Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which is actually a rather good movie in itself. Given the time period, perhaps Hot Tub High School is this universe's version of American Pie? (the first one, at least, really is very funny, if a bit too reliant on sex jokes).

The therapist will die
I don't know at whose hands, but it will be to show off that Lucifer really has begun to care about humans.
  • Jossed, for now.

Amenadiel hates humans.
While Lucifer finds humans somewhat interesting, Amenadiel sees them as sinful and weak-willed.
  • Doesn't seem to be the case, their mother on the other hand...

The therapist is really an angel.
She's watching over Lucifer. Probably ever since his fall from grace. She's aware of the changes Lucifer is going through, and is encouraging it. She wants to bring back the old Lucifer before he rebelled. She's sort of the good conscience to Maze's bad conscience.
  • What better way for an angel to be inconspicuous is to disguise herself as someone who doesn't believe Lucifer is the real thing.
    • Probably Jossed as of "Monster", when Lucifer reveals his true identity to her.

Lucifer did not actually burn his wings.
He burned the fake wings from the auctions. Is it simply sentimentalism, is it to let himself an exit door like Amenadiel affirmed? In any case, they are now hidden somewhere nobody knows outside of Lucifer, not even Maze.
  • Point: Lucifer never says he burned the real wings.
  • Point: According to Lucifer himself, the fakes were good enough to have fooled anyone but their owner - likely including other angels in the "anyone" column.
    • This point is further supported by the fact that Lucifer himself believed them to be genuine at first. He realizes they are a forgery off screen so it's not clear if he had to be very close or if he didn't know until he actually touched them. Either way fooling Amenadiel in the dark while he was distracted would be easy. The only hiccup is Maze seemingly collecting the last feather but that's not beyond the Prince of Lies to have set up.
      • The "last feather" in Maze's possession could even serve as a Magic Compass to the wings' location and/or as a Magic Key to open the lock leading to them.
      • Maze used the feather to heal Amenadiel in the season 1 finale...
      • Most likely Jossed as of 2x13. If he hadn't burned his wings, then he definitely would've used a feather to heal Chloe instead of going through the trouble of going to Hell and back.

Malcolm is possessed.
The quip about hell, his maniacal attitude towards Dan? Malcolm isn't Malcolm any more, he's a damned soul or demon that Amenadiel has put to good use.
  • Or it is Malcolm's own damned soul, brought back from Hell by Amenadiel.
    • Jossed. Malcolm isn't possessed, just determined never to go back to Hell.

Lucifer's mom is the First of the Fallen.
  • Jossed, she was cast into Hell long after Lucifer.
Lucifer's mom is none other than Lilith
Some versions of the story she wasn't the wife of Adam rather she was the wife of God himself, so who else would be scary enough to frighten Lucifer than the Mother of Demons herself?
  • Probably not the case. In the comics Maze, along with other demons like her, are the spawn of Lilith, essentially making Lilith Maze's "mother". Not only has Maze never acknowledged this, but it would be really squick-y since Lucifer and Maze have slept together.
  • Jossed, in that she explicitly calls God her ex-husband. Probably Asherah.

Lucifer's mom is The Darkness.
Either this one, that one or something very similar. She is as ancient and powerful as the man upstairs and she, or their conflict, has shaped supernatural evil. And like the Lucifer of that other show, Morningstar was tasked with keeping her under lock and key.
  • Kinda Jossed. She calls "the man upstairs" her ex-husband, but isn't explicitly named. She is definitely mom, and wants the family back together, but probably also to spite God, though she isn't explicitly evil, just manipulative.

Maze sacrificed herself to heal Amenadiel.
It would explain why she disappeared after that big use of divine energy, the feather wasn't enough so she used her own body as well so that he would pull through.
  • Jossed, she just wants some space from both Lucifer and Amenadiel to figure out her place on earth since they aren't going back to Hell.

Chloe Causes Angels to Fall
Amenadiel's wings didn't start to molt until he started hanging around on Earth, and thought it wasn't often, he did spend some time around Chloe. It could be that she is the reason, and her presence gradually negates his powers. Lucifer's wings can't molt because he cut them off and later burned them, but that just means she goes from slowly negating his powers to totally negating his powers whenever he's around her.
  • Probably not. Lucifer can still use his power to draw out people's desires whenever he's around her. He just can't use them on her. Plus he's still pretty strong around her, as well.
    • Jossed. The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result.

Lucifer's mother will be the one who reveals his true identity to Chloe.
The promo for "Trip to Stabby Town" reveals that she wants them all to go home, back to Heaven. But Lucifer wants to stay on Earth. It shouldn't be too hard for his mother to figure out why: Chloe. So she could find a way to reveal his identity as the Devil to Chloe in order to scare her away and convince him to leave Earth behind. Of course, her plan will backfire when Chloe, while uncertain and wary at first, will accept Lucifer because he's her friend.
  • Jossed.

Lucifer's Mom is going to be messing with forces not even she understands
Considering she is going to be pushing Chloe and Lucifer together now and from the promo for the second half of the season, Chloe is going to have a nonstop nosebleed at some point whatever she's doing is going to cause major damage to the miracle baby.
  • Doesn't seem to be the case. Chloe's nose is bleeding because she's been poisoned.

How Chloe was poisoned
When Lucifer saved the college student, he walked into a room filled with poisonous vapour. Since Chloe wasn't nearby, it didn't affect him...but it's likely that the poison was still on his suit, and when Chloe hugged him... The only reason Lucifer isn't affected is because, while he was in Chloe's presence (and mortal) for that short amount of time, he then left again to meet with Maze and his mother, thus the effects of any poisoning healed. The fact that he accidentally caused the poisoning will add to his emotional state in the next episode.
  • Jossed. She was jabbed by the Professor when she tackled him to the ground.

Lucifer won't stay married
Looks like Lucifer is married to a stripper after all, but it won't last long. Not only is his end-goal now to get back to Heaven (and he can't take Candy with him) but Candy has only been listed to appear in one episode. It's doubtful that Lucifer stays married to her when she disappears. So, the theory is: Candy isn't the air-head bimbo everyone is assuming she is, and catches on pretty quick that Lucifer is still in love with Chloe. She realizes that he married her in order to avoid his problems, so does the right thing and calls for an annulment. It could be on the grounds of them being drunk when it happened, or even on the grounds that Lucifer isn't mentally sound enough to make a big decision like getting married (Linda could even help with this). Candy saying this to him could give Lucifer a wake-up call and show him just how massively he screwed up.
  • Jossed, sort of. The marriage was a sham in order to trick Charlotte into revealing her plan (and presumably to push Chloe away), so there's no Candy realization. But like stated above, she isn't stupid, and episode 2x15 confirms that they annulled the "marriage" since it was no longer needed.

Lucifer will finally show Chloe his Devil face in the next episode
Or in one of the episodes after. He's left LA, seemingly for good, not wanting to be part of his father's plans. Chloe is stubborn and will no doubt look for him, and when she finds him he'll want her to stay away. The reason he didn't show her his face before was because he cared too much about what she thought of him, but now he can show her in hopes of chasing her away. Of course Chloe being Chloe, will defy expectations and, while shocked at first, will accept him for who and what he is. This acceptance could break down the walls Lucifer would no doubt have built back up again.
  • Tom Ellis revealed in a interview that when Lucifer returns to LA, he would have made a big decision. While most people are assuming that the big decision is him marrying a stripper (and there have been hints, including the title of the episode itself), it could easily refer to Lucifer deciding to finally show Chloe who and what he really is.
    • Looks like he's married after all, though his "big decision" seems to be getting back to Heaven, if the new promo is any indication.
  • Lesley-Ann Brandt revealed in an interview that Chloe will be annoyed that Lucifer is leaving her out of the loop, and all that will come to a head in episode 2x17. This could be when he finally reveals himself to her.
  • Jossed.

Alternatively, Lucifer will show his face to her in episode 2x18
Because this would be a huge game changer for the show, and something that would be far more effective in the season finale. Also, the writers have said that not only is this the biggest episode yet, but there's gonna be quite a bit of special effects, and these implied happenings would be impossible for Chloe to ignore and write off as nothing.
  • Added to that: She's still hurt over him leaving, and the only way they can resolve this is if he tells her the truth. Plus, her obliviousness is starting to get old, especially when she's supposed to be a detective.
    • The summary for episode 18 states that Lucifer is trying to keep "the truth" from Chloe...
      • Jossed, though it was close. Lucifer decides to finally tell her the truth...but then he's knocked out and left in the desert before he gets the chance.

Mom will kidnap Chloe for the season finale
The summary for episode 2x17 says that Charlotte will join Lucifer and Chloe on the case in order to find the missing piece of the Flaming Sword, and that Lucifer will be sidelined. The ending will reveal that the entire thing was set up by Charlotte; she discovered Lucifer's true plan (to lock her inside Heaven alone) so plans to use Chloe to get what she wants. Either she threatens Chloe in order to force Lucifer to comply, or she tries to kill Chloe in hopes that Lucifer will want to follow her to Heaven. And when it all goes down, Lucifer will be forced to reveal himself to Chloe.
  • Most likely jossed, if the summary for episode 18 is any indication.
    • Jossed.

Chloe is the Key
The final piece of the Flaming Sword is referred to as "the Key that binds them all together". In episode 10, Charlotte called Chloe "the key" to getting back to Heaven. Surely this can't be a coincidence...
  • Jossed. Amenadiel has the final piece.

The Wham Shot in the season 2 finale of Lucifer waking up in the desert with his wings...
Will wind up being a flashback of the day he arrived on Earth after abandoning Hell. He's still got the wings because he hadn't cut them off yet. We'll see the impetus for that by the end of the episode, if not the act itself.
  • Nope. When he first arrived on Earth, he arrived on a beach, and he had Maze with him.
  • Plus, this has already been Jossed by the show's creator.

Azrael was the one who dumped Lucifer in the desert
.Since Chloe wasn't nearby when Lucifer was knocked out, that means a celestial/angel/demon is responsible. Azrael has been foreshadowed for a while now, and Lucifer said she's "no sweet peach". So, upon discovering that Lucifer threw away her blade, she knocked him out, stole the gem in his ring and dumped him in the middle of the desert as payback. And God just happened to choose that moment to give Lucifer his wings back.
  • Jossed as of "They're Back, Aren't They?"

Maze and/or Amenadiel are behind Lucifer ending up in the desert. They both have the motivations for it. And as Tom Ellis revealed in an interview, someone didn't want Lucifer telling Chloe the truth.
  • Amenadiel: He didn't like that Lucifer revealed himself to Linda, and attempted to prevent Chloe from finding out in 2x01. He wouldn't want Lucifer telling Chloe the truth. And since he wants to go back to being "God's loyal soldier", this could foreshadow him going backwards in terms to character development, and season one Amenadiel would knock out Lucifer and dump him in the middle of the desert. His actions could lead to disrupting the growing friendship between him and Dan, and nearly ruin what he has with Maze (unless she helped him), Linda and Lucifer, making him question his actions and leading him to lose his powers again (may seem repetitive, meaning he's the least likely out of the two, but the writers need to get rid of that pesky Story-Breaker Power somehow).
  • Maze: She almost lost a friend once, when Lucifer revealed himself to Linda and Linda shut her out for a couple of days. Granted, it all worked out in the end, but would Maze want to risk that again? Taking into account her still feeling betrayed over what Lucifer did (both with Linda and with not telling her the truth about his plans), and then him indirectly getting Linda almost killed, she may want some revenge. Knocking Lucifer out and dumping him in the desert wouldn't be unlike her. And as mentioned with Amenadiel, these actions will have consequences in season three; she'll (temporarily) lose Linda's friendship and Amenadiel's respect, and Chloe will (temporarily) kick Maze out of their apartment, giving us the ironic reveal that she's OK with Maze being a demon right from the get-go; in other words, Maze's fears were unfounded, meaning her actions were pointless...and in trying to prevent those fears from happening, she got kicked out anyway. The most heartbreaking part of it all will be Trixie rejecting her (but she'll also be the first to forgive her).
    • And both characters wouldn't be leaving Lucifer to die. He's far away from Chloe, and therefore immortal. They could think that, if that happened to him right after promising Chloe answers, he'll rethink his decision and not tell her, after all.
      • All Jossed as of "They're Back, Aren't They?"

Or Ella actually is Azrael
She did sort of just appear out of nowhere. So say that Uriel stole the blade on the same day that the mother escaped Hell, and was just waiting around to see what Lucifer would do about her. Azrael took a human form (one that Lucifer doesn't recognize for some reason) and came down to Earth in order to look for the blade, taking a job that's to do with death. Her backstory would fit, too (she grew up in a very religious family, and has several older brothers). The only thing that doesn't make sense is when she temporarily says yes to sleeping with Lucifer in episode five, but she could've easily said that so he doesn't get suspicious of her.
  • Jossed as of Boo Normal. But Ella is friends with Azrael.

Ella will discover Lucifer's identity when she sees his scars.
"Trip to Stabby Town" shows that she's pretty awesome at her job analysing wounds/bodies. It's very likely that if/when she sees Lucifer's scars on his back, she's gonna figure out where they're from...
  • Unless him having his wings back isn’t going to be a permanent thing, this seems to be Jossed.

As for when Ella finds out...'ll be in the flashback Vegas episode, which has been moved to season 3. It's supposed to be an adventure starring Lucifer and Ella (and will also explain how Lucifer met Candy), and whatever danger occurs could force Lucifer to reveal himself to Ella...and Ella being Ella will be totally cool with it. Her over-the-top wink in 2x18 when Lucifer mentioned God seems almost put on, and she look a little nervous, like she was trying to hide something, when Chloe mentioned Vegas...
  • Jossed, she didn’t find out in the episode.

Marcus Pierce isn't the Sinnerman, but an escapee from Hell.
He admires Lucifer somewhat, has a distaste for Dan's history as a dirty cop, and thinks that Chloe is special. Unlike Malcolm, who indulged in his vices even while desperate not to return, Marcus is more geared towards solving crimes, to try to redeem himself.
  • Well he definitely isn’t the Sinnerman , jury’s out on the escaped soul part.
    • Jossed. He's Cain.

Chloe's true destiny isn't to do with Lucifer at all...
Instead, she was placed on earth to defeat the Sinnerman. She just happened to meet Lucifer along the way.
  • Seeing that Marcus/Cain was the true Sinnerman, it'll be her destiny to defeat him. It's been said that what Cain wants is to die, and we've already seen that he can be harmed...around Chloe. She's possibly the only person who can kill him.
    • Jossed, Cain specifically came to LA, BECAUSE of Chloe’s effect on Lucifer, and he can be harmed, he just heals from it but still feels every ounce of pain. Alas, she has no effect on him.

The false Sinnerman...
...was Abel. He told Marcus/Cain to "do what you've gotta do" in regards to killing him, and Marcus/Cain was seriously struggling to restrain himself. He stopped because Chloe got in the way, and it's been hinted that she can suppress his abilities too (when he was hurt before in her presence). The idea of Cain being compelled to kill Abel was something that came from the comics. Then Sinnerman was begging Lucifer to kill him, before Marcus/Cain could. In the comics, the only way to break the cycle (Abel being reborn and Cain killing him, over and over) was for someone else to kill Abel. So Sinnerman/Abel was asking Lucifer to break the cycle. Not to mention that the picture of young Sinnerman had Cain hugging him from behind in the background...
  • Jossed.

Malcolm will be brought back to life again, by Lucifer's mom.
  • Jossed, for now.

Lucifer having his wings back and losing his “ devil face” is only the beginning
Soon he’ll find his old angel powers returning to him. He’ll of course be shocked and disgusted by this.
  • Jossed.

Lucifer was sent to hell not to torture sinners but to help them.
In one episode we figure out that people can leave Hell when they feel they no longer deserve it. During therapy he is told that maybe being consigned to hell is merely being gifted the most difficult task of all and he should embrace his role there. Lucifer may possibly have been sent to hell with the intention of him working to free everyone there by encouraging reform and acceptance of the past. He may simply be unaware of this intention and may learn of and accept this role eventually.

What was Mama Morningstar's cell in Hell like?
Hell is a place of self-torment from everything we've seen, a place where people — human or otherwise — relive their worst moments over and over again because they believe they deserve the scorn and hatred flung at them. If this has always been the reason for Hell's tortures, then what would "Charlotte's" cell manifest as?

Lucifer takes place in the same universe as Constantine, and by extension the Arrowverse.
  • Come to think of it, in the first episode, Chloe does refer to Lucifer's abilities as "His superpower" in a way that might imply that she thought he was a superhuman that patterned himself after the Biblical Lucifer. And given the Supergirl crossover, it would seem cross-network crossovers are now on the table for the Arrowverse. Don't expect anyone besides John Constantine to show up, though.
  • Original troper: This could all be jossed, as a billboard of Supergirl appears in the background, indicating the Arrowverse is entirely fictional in the Lucifer universe as well. But a cross-dimensional crossover is possible.
  • Same Universe? No. But same Multiverse? Yes. Earth-666, to be precise, as confirmed on Crisis On Infinite Earths. Also, Constantine and Lucifer know each other.

  • He doesn't much like children, so it's not a stretch to imagine that he sets aside a special section for the really bad ones.
    • To me that came across as an honest statement, but for all bullies, not just children, especially considering that adults who are bullies aren't likely to be punished on the mortal plane.

Amenadiel has gone rogue.
  • God hasn't asked Lucifer to come back, and Amenadiel's reasons for hanging around Lucifer are entirely personal. Maybe because...
    • He has indeed been picked to take over hell, and he desperately wants to escape that assignment.
      • Seems to be the case.
    • He can't cope with the idea that Lucifer might turn good, because he desires another battle with the Great Adversary.
    • He's actually there on the orders of other powers, who desire Lucifer's return.

Dan will get replaced by a shapeshifting demon, for the purpose of assassinating Chloe.
That plotline in the comics was one of the most memorable and important, and it seems like all the pieces are set up for it. As an additional point, all evidence will point to Maze as the one who hired it, as she has motive and demonic connections. This will cause Lucifer to turn on her for a while, though the true culprit will eventually turn out to be Amenadiel.
  • Since Amenadiel is (debatably) a good guy now, it probably won't be him, nor would suspicion fall on Maze. But the whole "Dan gets replaced by a shapeshifting demon" plot could still happen.

Lucifer and Maze aren't the only ones who left Hell
Amenadiel implied this in the first episode, but it's going to turn out he's right, there are sinful souls and other demons out causing havoc on the mortal plane.
  • Would explain why Maze has excellent tracking skills.
  • This could make the backstory Brimstone.
  • Confirmed. Other demons have left hell and there is a looming rebellion.

Love and a fulfilling mortal happy life is God's gift to Lucifer.
This is why Lucifer's powers don't work on Chloe and why he's mortal and vulnerable in her presence. This is so that he has the chance to connect with her on a human level without his angelic status as a barrier between them. It could have been anyone who Lucifer met who was an intellectual match for him, the first just happened to be Chloe. God is trying to give his son the gift of true happiness as a reward and apology for making him run hell for aeons. God is also trying to help Lucifer see that there is virtue in humanity as well as vice, by allowing him to discover Chloe's virtue.
  • Very likely the case as of "Quid Pro Ho". The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result.

Lucifer's mom is Asherah.
Historically, Asherah was Yahweh's wife back when it was a polytheistic mythology. It wouldn't be a stretch to think the writers would merge the mythologies and fit her in.
  • Worth noting is that she explicitly calls God her ex-husband, and with the broad strokes this show takes, she could be Asherah. But no name is given and so it's just "mom", "Charlotte" or "M-arlotte".

There will be a crossover with iZombie
  • And Liv Moore will immediately believe that Lucifer is the Devil, and Lucifer will immediately believe that Liv is a zombie....but Lucifer will still flirt with Liv anyways (he's a fallen angel, would zombification really emotionally repulse him?), even going as far as offering her a dead sex maniac's brains to eat.
  • At one point in this hypothetical crossover, she would snap out of Sex Maniac Brain influence....and she would still want to have sex with Lucifer out of curiosity.

Ella is an avatar of Death
She's an homage to, but not a direct adaptation of, Neil Gaiman's Death. So she's an adorable peppy brunette who wears a religious symbol around her neck and is friendly to everyone. But she's also living in the mortal world full-time, in a job that gives her an excuse to be around dead people a lot. And if Azrael (who's been mentioned to be female) ever turns up on the show, she'll manifest in Ella's form.
  • Jossed. Ella is friends with Azrael, though.

Alternatively, Ella is Elaine from the comics
Ella could be a nickname/shortened form of Elaine.
  • There have been a few hints dropped that this could be the case, such as Ella hearing "voices" in her head, her novel idea of a forensic scientist who talks to ghosts...

Flashpoint-ively, Ella is future Trixie.
Ella's past could be an elaborate story. Consider, two L.A. Detectives for parents. Being a CSI is great for interacting with everyone.
  • Both are the only ones who reflexively hug Lucifer.
  • Both are at ease snarking and trolling Lucifer. And getting away with it.
  • Both are mostly immune to Lucifer's supernatural charms.
  • Both can get Lucifer to do what they want.
    • Seems to be Jossed — we've met two of Ella's brothers, and they don't seem to be neither celestial beings, nor hired actors.

Lucifer's vulnerability around Chloe...
...didn't kick in until he saved her life, thus creating some kind of emotional bond with her. It would explain why the bullets didn't kill him when Jimmy shot him several times.
  • Alternatively, Chloe being seriously hurt switched off her Anti-Magic ability in that moment, allowing Lucifer to survive being shot.
    • The latter is most likely the case as of "Quid Pro Ho". The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result. The other alternative is God intervening in that moment.
      • "A Good Day to Die" showed that Lucifer was still vulnerable when Chloe was deathly ill and dying. In which case, it probably was just God's intervention.
  • As of season three, the first point seems to be the most likely cause. At least, that's what Cain seems to think.
    • Not exactly. He wasn't affected by her because he didn't yet develop feelings for her; saving her life is only tangentially related.
  • As of Season 5, his invulnerability seems to be back. A plausible explanation, beyond the official in-show theory that beforehand he "chose to be vulnerable" around Chloe, and now he doesn't anymore, would be that he felt vulnerable around her when he perceived his love as unrequited or her feelings as on shaky ground, but that now, sure of her affections and her full acceptance of who he truly is (as evidenced by her big "NO!" when he was shot), he's now invincible. Sort of like in real life, where you can feel uncertain and anxious when you're feeling lonely and not accepted, but can feel like you have the strength to move mountains when you have the support of those who matter to you.

Chloe is in denial when it comes to Lucifer's identity.
Because this is Chloe we're talking about. As in, the woman who refused to drop the Palmetto case despite everyone thinking she was crazy, simply because she desperately needed to find answers to explain what she saw. But after the first four episodes of the first season, she pretty much stops asking questions about Lucifer, and backs down from testing his blood in season 2. The reason she's not actively pursuing answers about him? Deep down, she sub-consciously thinks that he really is who he says he is...but she doesn't think she'd be able to handle the truth; that her best friend is the devil himself. Just look at her reaction when Amenadiel shot himself. So she simply ignores it, despite all the evidence around her.

Lucifer is doing exactly what God wants... keeping his mother on Earth. It'll be revealed that, since Lucifer's time on Earth has changed him for the better, God feels that the same will happen with the mother, redeeming her. This could also be why Lucifer hasn't (as of yet anyway) faced any repercussions for killing Uriel.

Uriel was Falling
Coming to Earth, attempting to kill Chloe and wipe their mother from existence caused Uriel to start falling, but it only started to happen during his fight with Lucifer. Kind of like with Amenadiel; he could use his powers a little at first, but then they would start to fail him. This would explain why Uriel didn't see his own death coming at the hands of Lucifer; his powers had begun to fail him.

Trixie is actually Lucifer's daughter.
This is a conspiracy theory that's been lurking around the internet for some time, born from the fact that brown-eyed Trixie is the daughter of blue-eyed parents (though it should be noted that Dan was played by a brown-eyed actor in an early version of the pilot). Trixie is Lucifer's unknown child, born from an early encounter with Chloe that neither of them remember for some reason. It could explain why Trixie is so attached to Lucifer, and why Chloe is immune to Lucifer's abilities and makes him vulnerable.
  • Probably not the case as of "Quid Pro Ho". The reason she's not affected by Lucifer's powers is because God sent Amenadiel to bless her parents (who were unable to have a child) and she was the result. Also, it's possible that genetics allows for both Chloe and Dan to be carriers.
    • Also, Lucifer scared off a bully for her, and he's scared of her, but he's funny. At least, to her.
    • Amen didn't bless her (Trixie's) parents; he blessed her grandparents. Chloe is the miracle child.

Chloe has other powers
I literally dreamed this up, but what if Chloe is immune not only to Lucifer's powers, but other celestial beings? She might be able to carry Azrael's blade without being affected by it.
  • But she was affected by Amenadiel's presence (at least at first), and his ability to slow down time.

Dan is more than he looks
Dan was the only human seen so far able to resist Azrael's blade's compulsion to kill others.

Trixie knows that Lucifer really is the devil
That's why she wasn't scared by Maze's true appearance.
  • Somehow this is way less cool than her just accepting the weirdness.

God didn't create Chloe for Lucifer...
...he made her so that Trixie would be born. We've seen that Trixie has an almost supernatural ability to get immortals on her side. Lucifer, Maze, Amenadiel... they meet her and can't help but be drawn to her. Chloe has almost been killed several times and God never stepped in to save her, but Trixie has always been fine. And when Lucifer made his deal with God in Season 1 it wasn't just Chloe that was in danger but Trixie as well. Lucifer said that God likes to play the Long Con, and what would be a longer con than ensuring that a woman is born purely so she could give birth to the child that is supposed to play a major role in God's plan?

Maze wasn’t jealous of Linda...
... She was jealous of Amenadiel. She has developed feelings for Linda. Something she’s not used to, having never fallen in love before.
  • Jossed in "Devil is as Devil does"
Linda: Are you in love with me?
Maze: [Laughing] What? I mean... you do have that "good things come in small packages" vibe about you, but, no. We're just friends.

Cain's curse is caused by him feeling like he didn't deserve his punishment
In the same vein that when you feel like you've stopped deserving it, you can leave Hell, Cain's punishment is the opposite. The minute he feel like he deserves to be punished, he can die.
  • Sort of. He lost his mark because he felt remorse for using Chloe and manipulating her feelings.

Azrael will be the fourth Big Bad and the focus of season 4
One of the entries on the fridge page mentioned how the finales of each season foreshadows the big bad of each season, considering Cain’s biggest desire is to die, who better to be the focus of the fourth season than the Angel of Death? Considering she had her blade stolen, ended up accidentally killing her brother, falling into human hands and going on a killing spree, and tossed into a newly created dimension. Cain dying which is a big no no would be the final straw. We’ll finally meet the sibling who is “No sweet peach”.
  • DB Woodside has mentioned that a sister will be appearing...
  • Possibly Jossed. Azrael has appeared in the standalone bonus episode "Boo Normal" and seems to be a pretty decent and likable person. Though the possibility of her playing a bigger role later as an ally of Lucifer is still on the table.

The resolution of the Season 3 cliffhanger
Lucifer, having killed Cain and revealed his devil face to Chloe, will be in a broken state. He's stuck in his devil form, believing himself to be a monster who deserves the face of one. After scaring the crap out of the jewellery thief for a third time, Linda and Maze know they need to fix things, and realize the only way to do that is to get Chloe to help. But Chloe is avoiding Lucifer; she's trying to process the revelation as best she can. Linda goes to her alone under the belief that Chloe is simply afraid of Lucifer and needs to be told that he's still the same person he was before. But that's not it; Chloe knows that Lucifer is still Lucifer, still her friend. The reason she's been avoiding him is because she's angry at him; angry that he didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth, and angry that he let her date Cain and put both her and her daughter in danger when he could have shown her the truth to protect her. Linda explains that Lucifer was afraid she'd never want to see him again, due to experiencing eons of nothing but people fearing him and calling him a monster. She also explains that Lucifer knows he messed up and is punishing himself. The case of the week allows Chloe to see that Linda was right, so she confronts Lucifer and tells him that she's not afraid of him - and that she forgives him. Throw in a hug, and Lucifer's devil face melts away as he finds comfort in her arms.
  • Also, the situation with Pierce will be swept under the rug, just like with the Malcolm case and Lucifer's mother's involvement with season 2's final case.

Before hooking up with Lucifer, Chloe will get some closure with Pierce
Either Pierce/Cain will claw his way out of Hell (or someone will let him out) or Chloe will visit Hell and stumble upon his cell. Either way, having been told the full story of what Cain did and that he initially manipulated her into a relationship, she'll call him out on his actions HARD and completely deconstruct the typical In Love with the Mark ending (in which both parties end up in a happy relationship) by telling him that gaining feelings for her would never have fixed the problem he created (in that their entire relationship was built on lies) and even if she had married him things would have ended badly for them both eventually. This talk with him will cause any lingering feelings she has for him to die, completely freeing her heart and allowing her to be with Lucifer. Plus, this added guilt of hurting Chloe emotionally will keep Cain in Hell for a long time to come.

The themes of Season 4
Assuming the Save Lucifer campaign is a success: Just like many of season 3's themes were hinted at in the season 2 stand-alones, a number of season 4's themes have been hinted at in the season 3 stand-alones. God and Azrael are revealed to have put a woman in Lucifer's path not for their own gain or to manipulate Lucifer, but because they thought it would make them happy; Azrael sent Ella to Lucifer because Azrael herself couldn't be around for either of them, so thought a friendship between the two would end up helping each other. Meanwhile God reveals that He put Chloe in Lucifer's path because He wanted what was best for Lucifer. So there'll be a revelation that Chloe was born for a different purpose (prevent an upcoming apocalypse, maybe?) but God made sure she was born in the right place at the right time because he thought that her meeting Lucifer would help them both in the long run (make Lucifer a better person, give Chloe a friend) - but that was all he did, and it was up to them to choose to become friends. Either one of them could have walked away at any time. Other themes include accepting people for who they are, like Chloe accepting that Lucifer is really the Devil, and accepting that everyone makes mistakes and can be forgiven for them, like Lucifer not telling Chloe the truth sooner even when she was dating Cain, and all of the mistakes Dan has made in his life. Speaking of which, Dan will briefly go dark (KA even hinted this might happen in an interview) because of Charlotte's death, which he'll blame Lucifer for - he could even find out that Lucifer is the devil and think he's evil and has some nefarious purpose for Chloe. But by the end of the season he'll realize his mistake and try and make up for it.
  • One thing is certain: there IS gonna be a season 4!

Ella will find out Lucifer's identity next
Because lets face it, Chloe is not going to be happy with Lucifer when she finds out he let her date Cain and didn't do more to stop it by showing her the truth. It's hinted that she's forgiven him for it, but after finding out that Ella knows Azrael and that Azrael has been lying to her about who she really is, Lucifer probably won't want to make that same mistake again and will tell Ella the truth.

Maze will try to make things right with Trixie.
Near the end of season 3, she called Trixie a "brat", and despite that, she still cared about her when Marcus threatened Trixie while she's asleep. So during season 4, Trixie will continue to hate Maze, who wants to be friends with her again.
  • Actually, Marcus never threatened Trixie. Maze let him go that time not because she was afraid he would hurt the girl; she was afraid their fight would wake her up.
    • Maze does apologize to Trixie but it’s jossed that she continues to hate Maze.

Linda is pregnant with Amenadiel's child
There's rumours that one of the characters will be pregnant this season, and the most obvious candidate is Linda due to her actress being heavily pregnant during the filming of the first few episodes (she even recently gave birth). Trying to hide a pregnancy at such a late stage is next to impossible without some damn good special effects, so it's most likely that the writers simply wrote it into the plot, and since the last person Linda slept with is Amenadiel... As for how it hasn't been mentioned before now (and how and why Linda is hiding it), some people don't start to show until late in their pregnancy, and some people don't even realize they're pregnant until late in the game. And considering the baby would be half-angel, it's very likely that it wouldn't even be a normal pregnancy.
  • Confirmed.

Maze is gaining a soul.
Hence her constant Mood Swings in season 3. She's developing feeling and she couldn't deal with it, so he responded by being a self-centered psychotic bitch that just wants to return to Hell.

Eve is going to force a Green-Eyed Epiphany for Chloe
  • Just from the season 4 trailer you can see that Eve is going to behave like an annoying fangirl hanger on with Lucifer which will get under Chloe’s skin. Eventually she’ll realize she’s not annoyed just because of Eve’s behavior but because she doesn’t care that Lucifer is the devil and wants to be with him.

IF There is a Season 5
  • Lucifer can still visit Earth occasionally.
  • Dromos will become The Starscream. Constantly trying to overthrow Lucifer.
    • Sort of Jossed. Since the Ruler of Hell must be a celestial being as Dromos himself stated in Season 4.
  • Demons will occasionally escape to Earth to wreck havoc to spite Lucifer. The reason for Lucifer's occasional visit.
  • Remiel will still try to take Charlie to Silver City.
  • Dan and Ella will learn the truth about Lucifer, Amenadiel, Heaven and Hell.
    • Ella will be particularly upset with Chloe for not telling her. Especially since she was having a Crisis of Faith in season 4.
  • God will appear.
    • Confirmed, God appears, played by Dennis Haysbert
  • We'll see more of Hell, and the damned souls in there, such as Malcolm, Perry Smith, Reese, Cain/Marcus, and Father Kinley.
  • We will actually see Heaven and/or Silver City, and the deceased souls there, such as Chloe's dad, Father Frank, and Charlotte.
  • The Great Darkness will be the Big Bad.
  • Lilith will appear to bring Maze back to Hell. Maze refuse to return, especially with her mother, as she likes living on Earth like Lucifer did.
  • Maze will eventually reconcile with Chloe.
  • The drug dealer from "Super Bad Boyfriend" will start harassing Amenadiel's family just for sticking his nose at his business with Caleb.
  • Eve will eventually get back together with Maze.
  • There'll be more dirty cops to deal with.
  • The Goddess somehow returns to the universe. She's actually happy being the ruler of her own universe populated by sentient beings, she finally understands why God created humanity and why Lucifer likes them.

  • A fifth (and sixth) season IS confirmed.

Remi will reign as Queen of Hell

  • To keep the demons from leaving Hell and taking evil to Earth, Lucifer has (as of the end of Season 4) chosen to return to Hell and reign there as king.

  • In the season 4 finale, it's revealed that Hell's ruler must be a celestial being like an angel (or possibly a half angel, like baby Charlie).

  • Lucifer and Chloe have finally admitted mutual love for each other.

  • Lucifer looks for loopholes, so he may look for a substitute King so he can return to Chloe.

  • Remiel is an angel (Amenadiel's sister) and is a good candidate, since she seems to have strict, black and white views of the rules.

    • She was on earth to enforce the rule against celestial-human procreation.

    • Possibly to mollify Amenadiel, she offers to CUT the baby out of the (then-unknown-to-her) human mother (being careful to not kill her — since it's against the rules to kill humans). She states firmly that she WILL fly the baby up to the Silver City, where it would live for all eternity.

  • She's also a fierce fighter.

  • So she might be chosen by Lucifer to keep Hell under control.

Amenadiel and Linda's child is a Nephilim
"The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown." (Genesis 6:4)
  • "Spoiler Alert" revealed that he's an ordinary human, unless Michael was lying to hurt him just to spite Lucifer.

Father Kinley was an old friend of Father Frank.
Kinley found out through Frank about Lucifer being on Earth, and he blames Lucifer on Frank's death.

The reason Michael wants to take over Lucifer's life
  • It's mentioned on his character sheet and in the trailers that Michael has a noticeable crooked posture which indicates an injury. My theory is that he gained that injury when fighting Lucifer when he first rebelled and was thus embittered by this loss and sought out to get revenge in any way. Since he can't face Lucifer on a one on one fight, he elects to take Lucifer's life after ensuring he's staying down in hell for good.

Pete is part human - part demon
  • And not only that, he's related to Lilith, likely her grandson.
  • After giving up her immortality, Lilith (now going by Lily Rose) attempted to have a loving human connection like those she'd seen and conceived a daughter, but the relationship went sour. She mentioned to Maze that she, "gave something a shot. It didn't work out." Lilith also likely had a "'difficult'" relationship with her daughter, leading to their estrangement.
  • In attempting to live a normal life, Lilith attempted to recreate something like the "Garden of Eden" at home that included Stargazer Lillies, and her daughter developed a love for them herself, one of the only things she picking up from Lilith.
  • Lilith's daughter later went on to have a son of her own, Pete. That relationship was also difficult at best ('Sense a theme?'), with Pete going on to use his mother's favorite flowers as part of his serial killer kit.

What will happen in the second half of Season 5.
  • Maze is still angry at Lucifer for not telling her the truth about her mother. Lucifer apologized since he swore to keep Lilith hidden, but he rightly tells her that that doesn't justify her betrayal and selfishness. In response, Maze gets fed up with everything and just leaves L.A., away from Lucifer and everyone else. It's unclear if she still wants to return to Hell.
  • Amenadiel and Linda will break up, because Linda feels that he can't accept their son as a human and only cared about him thinking he will have angelic powers. Upset, Amenadiel will return to Heaven, stating he never should have come back to Earth.
  • Ella will quit the police department. Affected by what Pete told her, she'll revert back to her criminal ways. And presumably become an atheist again.
  • Michael will rebel against God, for "going easy" on Lucifer.

Chloe Decker was made not get Lucifer a wife, but a therapist.
  • Remember that self-fic episode where we find what would have happened had the Detective's father never died? Where we find out that Lucifer and Chloe would still have met and become partners in not-crime? In this universe, Lucifer *and Dr. Martin* do not meet, at least not until after the events of this episode (seeing as Dr. Martin is now Chloe's therapist, it might be inevitable).
  • However, in this universe Dr. Martin is going down a very morally dubious path and would be rather unsuitable, all thanks to Chloe's influence as her patient getter her that TV show. Letting the elder Officer Decker die not only put Chloe on track to becoming a cop sooner rather than later, but kept her away from Dr. Martin until Lucifer could get his hands on her (in more ways than one), and her immediate diagnosis of his problems at their first meeting proved to him how useful she could be.
  • It's such a long and subtle con that not even Michael could figure it out. All signs point to Chloe being the center of all these machinations, except for one episode that only we the viewers (and maybe Uriel, who's dead now) are privvy to - and that was framed as God saying "it's not my fault".

Linda's baby that she gave up was Chloe.

OK I'm about half way through Season 5 so time will tell if this is jossed by the end of the season or not. My theory is that the people Chloe THINKS are her parents aren't. Linda looks about old enough to be Chloe's mom since she says she got pregnant at 17. She gave up the baby, it would make sense her parents would try to hide the fact she's adopted. Most adopted parents do, as they consider the baby theirs. Maybe they PLANNED to tell Chloe at one point but then her father died, and she doesn't exactly have the best relationship with her mother. Why else would they introduce this plot point in the penultimate season if not to have this reveal?

God will banish Michael to Hell as its new king.

  • God apparently told Amenadiel that Hell no longer needs a king, even though we saw proof last season it does. This implies he has a plan in place to handle the potential problem a lack of a king presents.
  • Michael bears many traits more traditionally ascribed to Lucifer, particularly being a Consumate Liar and Manipulative Bastard.
  • Michael ends up scarred in a manner similar to Lucifer in the original comics.
  • Michael looks much more like a Fallen Angel than Lucifer does with his black wings.
  • Michael is practically The Starscream, but God is omniscient and surely knows what his son is up to.

This is all explainable by God allowing Michael to run amok as a Secret Test of Character, to see how vile his son truly is. When he decides to put a stop to Michael's scheming, it'll be to take Lucifer's place as the King of Hell, but permanently banished there unable to leave, which will also free Lucifer from his responsibilities to be with Chloe.

Chloe Decker was made to be Lucifer's conscious, that's it.
They weren't supposed to fall in love. Which may be why Lucifer Cannot Spit It Out.

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