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Shout Out / Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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  • When Black Widow is working on the '70s-era computer, she says, "Shall we play a game?" She begins to explain the reference but Rogers has already gotten a chance to see WarGames (which could also a Call-Back to a scene in The Avengers where he also knows that reference).
  • Zola's avatar resembles Dr. Blight's snarky, bespectacled AI sidekick MAL from Captain Planet and the Planeteers crossed with some Matrix Raining Code.
  • Steve's notebook, in which he's written a list of things from the past 70 years he needs to catch-up on, is littered with these. Exactly what's on the list varies from country to country to fit in with pop culture trends in that area:
  • A subtle Pulp Fiction one (and Actor Allusion for Samuel L. Jackson): (Tarantino's version of) "Ezekiel 25:17" is quoted on Nick Fury's "grave". "If anybody needs me, they can find me right here" at the lonely grave of Nicholas Fury.
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  • Robert Redford gets a subtle one with his character, whose ultimate goal is to create a Utopian prison, wherein the prisoners believe they are completely free—a shout-out to his biographic film Brubaker.
  • Gary Sinise is the voice-guide of the Captain America museum exhibit.
  • Star Wars shout-outs:
  • This movie seems to have taken a few notes from The Fugitive, seeing as Cap goes on the run from S.H.I.E.L.D.
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  • Pierce tells Cap that his father "fought for the 101st", which is a nod to Band of Brothers.
  • Real-life hacker/whistle-blower Edward Snowden appears in cyber-Zola's montage; in the documentary Citizenfour he uses the HYDRA metaphor ("cut one head off and two more will take its place"), referring to the other people who have his information in case he's captured.
  • A S.H.I.E.L.D. flight controller offhandedly says "Negative, the pattern is full."
  • When Black Widow kicks Jasper Sitwell off the building. Is that Leonidas did on the messenger in the 300 movie but unlike it Falcon managed to save him to get the info they need.


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