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James: What's the problem? I thought cats liked eating rats.
Meowth: (gargling some mouthwash and spitting it out) Yeah? Lemme throw a burger on the ground, stomp it into the dirt an' see if you still want it.

Ash: I can't believe I ran away from a battle. [...] This is bad... Team Rocket almost got Pikachu, and we had to run away. As far as I'm concerned, they won. That means I need to train to beat them!
Chapter 3, the turning point of Ash's Character Development

Jessie: (To Spearow) It's called a mirror. Basically, it shows an image of what it's pointing at by reflecting light.
Meowth: Vain bird, ain't she?
Jessie: Don't insult my Spearow!
Meowth: Eh? Sorry Jessie, didja say somethin'? I was talkin' ta Spearow.
Chapter 5, Team Rocket outside of Cerulean City

James: Now, now, don't kill me! I have information, remember?!
Chapter 5, to Jessie while she's in Unstoppable Rage mode

Jessie: Team Rocket will do what it has to do,
James: To snatch that that Trainer's Sandshrew! ...Maybe we should go back to our old motto; this doesn't feel right.
Meowth: Maybe we could record da motto an' leave behind a tape player. Add a little theme song. Everybody loves music.
James: But leaving a recording is out of the question... There's no spirit!
Chapter 6, Team Rocket discussing the possibility of shortening the motto

James: I'm exhausted. You take the bag now.
James: Is that so? Well as you know, I'm no gentleman!
Chapter 6, arguing over who carries the Bag of Kidnapping

Jessie: That twerp's team is getting too strong for our own good.
James: Yes. And with his luck, he probably recruited that Pokémon with his sappiness. It would explain the gung-ho fighting it did.
Jessie: We need more muscle. His Pokémon are even with ours now, including Meowth. Not even factoring the other twerps' own.
James: Agreed. We should keep an eye out for any prospective catches to add to our own teams. Focus on tailing the twerps, but avoid direct battle. For now.
Jessie: (Chuckle) Never know when we'll find something good by leeching his luck.
James: We'll find something else to steal to offset our most recent losses.
Jessie: But for now...
James: Good night...
(Both faint from exhaustion)
Chapter 8, after losing to Charmander and dragging themselves back to camp

Jessie: (Having spied on the Squirtle Squad harassing Ash and co.) Very, very interesting...
James: A group of wild Pokémon capable of performing advanced maneuvers under a pseudo-Trainer. Now that's a prize!
Jessie: Imagine what they could with an actual commander figure in the Boss.
James: We've managed to supply mass quantities of Pokémon, as well as the Moon Stone to power them up further, but we've yet to find something truly unique. Imagine it, the first all-Pokémon squad on Team Rocket!
Chapter 9, plotting to steal the Squirtle Squad

Lately, he'd been feeling some inadequacy to the more recent Pokémon. Unlike Ekans, who could burrow and bind opponents, Koffing didn't bring much to the party except a sure escape. He knew how important his role was, and had participated in a good portion of battles, but Spearow evolving into Fearow worried him. [...] The Poison-type held no fear that James would replace him, but he feared that he'd grow obsolete—that his Trainer wouldn't need him. He wanted to be just as useful to James as Mankey was. So he resolved to not just stall for time, but to win!
Chapter 9, Koffing's Inner Monologue before evolving.

Ash: So, this is the Vermilion City Gym...
Misty: It's not too late to back out.
Ash: (sigh) Misty, I'm really getting sick of you putting me down all the time. Just watch me win this match!
Misty: I'll watch to see your face when you get creamed.
Ash: Oh yeah? If I'm such a lousy Trainer, why do I have the badge from your Gym?
Chapter 11, Ash calling Misty out on her insults for the above reason

James: Surge's Raichu can't lay a finger on Pikachu.
Jessie: Well, the twerp deals with us on a regular basis. It'd be shameful if he couldn't outwit the big, blonde caveman.
Chapter 11, Team Rocket watching Ash's Gym match

He continued his explanation, but in reality James had already tuned him out. If any Pokémon could create so many with its basic reproduction, its value would be dirt cheap. The relatively simple law of supply and demand dictated that.
Chapter 12, James seeing through the Magikarp Salesman's pitch

Jessie: You idiot! Can't you see you were tricked?!
Meowth: What a dope!
James: What matters is that we need more Pokémon for ourselves. Now one shows up offered to me on a silver platter, and you're going to criticize how I spend my money?
Jessie: Magikarp is a no-talent fish that can't do anything but flop around! What made you think buying it was a good idea?
James: A Pokémon's a Pokémon. And I can always train it.
Meowth: Da best thing dat fish's good for is a club!
James: Then I'll make it the best club it can be!
Chapter 12, Squad 13 arguing over James' decision to buy Magikarp

"Ash Ketchum, sorry for waking you, but would you mind telling me what you've been up to that got you sick?"
Chapter 13, Delia confronting Ash about what's been happening

Brock: Um, Ash is sick right now. Could you try to steal Pikachu another time?
Jessie: Now's the perfect time. The lead twerp is out of the picture and you two are too weak to protect his Pokémon.
Chapter 13, Before Team Rocket's attack at Porta Vista

'I won't lose! I can't lose! I'll protect Pikachu! I'll protect Ash!'
Chapter 14, Pidgeotto's vow before evolving

"I've had some time to think since the last time we talked, and my Pokémon aren't pushovers, even if I don't have that many. And in the end, all official battles are six-on-six at the most. Plus, numbers don't matter to me so long as all of them are my friends."
Chapter 15, Ash's reasons for letting go of his rivalry with Gary

James: Excuse me. Could I possibly have a word with you?
Damian: Whaddya want?
James: It's rude to ask questions of someone before introducing yourself. But I already know who you are, so let me show you the same courtesy. I'm an agent of Team Rocket—your Pokémon's salvation.
Damian: What's that supposed to mean?
James: If you don't even realize, then you're even more disgusting than I thought. I'm going to enjoy robbing you, Damian.
Chapter 16, Confrontation with Damian over his abused Pokémon

He knew that Meowth's chances of winning were slim at best, so he'd avoid betting on him to keep from losing money. But he'd have to the lowest of the low to bet against a friend for profit.
Chapter 17, James' musings on Meowth and Cortez's battle in the Underground Tournament

Several times, Jessie had referred to Ekans as her one irreplaceable companion, her one true friend. Whereas acquaintances in her various jobs and boyfriends had come and gone, the Snake Pokémon was always there.
Chapter 18, Jessie and Ekans' relationship described

Misty: Let's see if you can win without any of those dirty tricks you used last time.
Ash: 'Dirty tricks'?! I fight all of my Pokémon battles fair and square! How is using the wind any different from how you use the water?
Misty: They're Water Pokémon, they're meant to swim in the water!
Ash: Well Flying-types have a right to the air and wind attacks then!
Chapter 20, Ash and Misty's argument before they're second battle

"I accepted your battle so I could finally get some respect, but I don't see that happening, even if I win. You'll just say I 'cheated', or 'got lucky', or 'the sun was in your eyes', or some other excuse. Point is, I don't need to battle you to know that I'm stronger than you. And I'm not going to lose just so you can feel better about yourself when you don't deserve a victory with that kind of attitude. I've put up with it since Viridian City, but this is too much. You're not worth my time."

Brock: Aren't you at least a little worried about Misty?
Ash: She was taking care of herself before I met her, she'll be fine.
Brock: I meant emotionally.
Ash: Look, you're going to think this is really, really mean, but if she can't pull herself together after realizing that she isn't the best, then maybe she's not cut out to be a Trainer.
Chapter 21, Ash and Brock discussing Misty after her crushing defeat

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