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Warning: Unmarked spoilers below.

Main Story

  • James's Establishing Character Moment in Chapter 1, where, rather than battling Mankey to catch him, he offers some of the rice balls he was making and wins him over with the promise of more.
  • Even though it's only for James's cooking at the time, it's sweet of Mankey to go back for the trio instead of following his orders and fleeing with the Poké Balls.
  • Samurai offering to help train Butterfree, since he's a Bug-type specialist, for no reason aside from to help Ash.
    • Also, while it seems like a bad joke at the time, his heart is clearly in the right place when he gifts Ash with "The Novice's Guide to Type Advantage".
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  • During their rematch, Ash realizes that Brock, as a Gym Leader, isn't allowed to surrender. Unlike in canon, where it was mostly luck, he's managed to have Onix about to be finished by Butterfree. But he still calls off his Pokémon when Brock's siblings intervene, saying that he won't battle somebody that doesn't want to battle, having a moment of empathy when he thinks about how he'd feel if he had to watch Pikachu be crushed until he couldn't take it anymore.
  • Though he passes it off by saying that the trio looks repulsive from their lack of sleep, Giovanni still allows them to spend the night at Team Rocket's headquarters instead of immediately sending them back out.
  • Ash's character shines through with the interactions between him and his Rattata. While he originally only caught her to boost his numbers against Team Rocket, he treats her with the same care and respect he would any of his Pokémon.
  • Even if it might be because of pride, Pikachu wanting to prove himself in battle against AJ's Sandshrew to Ash is rather touching compared to canon where he actively refused.
    • Also, on the flipside, Ash doesn't try to make Pikachu battle, rather keeping him aside so he doesn't get hurt and providing a reason in that he wants at least one of his Pokémon to be fighting fit if Team Rocket attacks.
  • Despite AJ's abrasive personality, Ash still sticks around to head off Team Rocket from stealing his Sandshrew.
    • AJ himself outright asks why Ash is hanging around, saying "There must be other Trainers [he] can bother", but Ash doesn't hold it against him and immediately calls out Rattata to pick up Team Rocket's trail once Sandshrew turns out to be missing.
  • When James is teaching Mankey to Tame His Anger, he recommends thinking of peaceful memories. Mankey doesn't have much to work with, having lived and fought for himself his entire life, but eventually recognizes being found by James as his happy memory.
  • In Chapter 6, it's revealed that Jessie and James had already told Meowth about their failure to enter Pokémon Tech, yet he patiently listens to them again, knowing that it's therapeutic.
    • Also his comforting reply:
      "So ya two aren't book smart. Ya'll always be da top in Meowth's book."
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  • Bulbasaur saving Pikachu when Team Rocket nearly got away with him.
  • Even though his initial Flamethrower is evaded, Charmander doesn't back down and fights all of Team Rocket's Pokémon, including Meowth, to keep them from getting away with Pikachu. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome.
  • The Squirtle Squad's faith that their leader will find a way to save them. All the sadder in light of his failure to do so.
  • Ash asking Krabby, along with Pikachu, if he wants to come with them instead of battling him to catch him.
  • The fact that Ash notices Pikachu's anger at Vermilion Gym and the Electric-type's Leave Him to Me head tilt shows that the two are much closer than in canon.
    • Also, even though he's initally worried, Ash chooses to believe in Pikachu and allows him to battle, despite not originally planning to use him.
  • In Chapter 12, it's revealed that Meowth and Giovanni's Persian share a Villainous Friendship. Their charming banter whenever they meet, even if only hearing Meowth's side, even makes Giovanni smile.
    • Persian even seems to have a small amount of respect for Meowth, if his approval of the feline agent's confidence is any indication.
  • James treating Magikarp with kindness once he decides to buy him to use for battle, and having faith that the fish can grow up to be strong with enough training.
  • Ash politely refuses to trade Butterfree away since he was the first Pokémon that he caught. A nice little detail that shows Ash appreciating all of his Pokémon.
  • Jessie telling James that she'll never forgive him if he doesn't make it back when they have to split up to flee the sinking St. Anne.
  • Krabby evolving into Kingler to save the sinking cage of Pokémon since he knows Ash will never forgive himself for losing them.
    • During that time, Squirtle has to choose between saving Ash who's freezing as they sink lower into the ocean, or the cage full of Pokémon. He knows that Ash won't make it if they keep trying and chooses to pull him to the surface, ignoring Ash's orders to go back for the cage.
    • Pidgeotto patrolling the water around the capsized cruise ship for any sign of his Trainer.
  • At the same time, Magikarp evolves into Gyarados to save James from drowning once they get separated by the St. Anne capsizing on top of them.
    • When James finds out about Gyarados, his immediate reaction is pride at his evolution.
      "And Jessie and Meowth said you were a no-talent fish. Let's go rub it in their faces!"
    • Also his posturing atop Gyarados' head, both the big introduction and mightily commanding "Full speed ahead" once they have a heading. Doubles as a Funny Moment.
  • Delia immediately getting to the bottom of what Ash is getting up to out of sheer concern.
    • When she looks to be about to cry, Ash does his best to cheer her up and promises to call her more often.
    • Following that, once it turns out that Team Rocket is trying to take Pikachu while Ash is sick, Delia refuses to allow Ash to leave his bed to help, so she takes his Pokémon to help in his stead.
  • Pidgeotto evolving into Pidgeot purely for Ash's sake, refusing to let Team Rocket win since losing Pikachu would devastate his Trainer.
    • The sheer gratitude Ash has for Pidgeot having brought back Pikachu, even though he (Pikachu) is injured.
  • After explaining why he actively tries to stop Team Rocket Ash offers to spend the day together with Delia.
  • James and Meowth confiding in each other about how it's probably a waste of time to continue chasing Pikachu. Not only does it show a close bond that they trust each other to keep it a secret from Jessie, but Meowth initiated the conversation with a casual "Penny for your thoughts?" and James answered without any hesitation on whether he could trust him.
    • There's also the fact that Meowth's apparently mentioned that he used to be a stray Pokémon before joining Team Rocket, which shows that he trusts Jessie and James back.
  • Despite not knowing when and if she can help, Delia refuses to sit at home doing nothing and asks Professor Oak to resume her lessons on battling.
  • The reason why Ash lets go of his rivalry with Gary. He considers his own Pokémon, and how two of them had evolved specifically to help him, and realizes that he doesn't need huge amounts of Pokémon so long as the ones he did catch were there for him.
  • Ash deciding to just take a day off with his Pokémon at the beach.
  • The moment of bonding between Delia and Ash when she gives him his Pokégear.
  • Jessie being openly affectionate with her Pokémon. Especially noteworthy for her Beedrill who never received individual recognition as part of a hive.
  • The fact that, even if they're criminals, James and Meowth still care about other Pokémon. James because of his kind tendencies and Meowth because he is a Pokémon.
    • Heck, upon seeing Damian's abused Pokémon, Meowth ponders whether it'd be worth throwing the match to drop his Hugh Mann act and claw his opponent's face up.
  • Weezing being concerned about Damian's Pokémon and asking Meowth if James is going to help them. It really shows how long the two have been together for James's personality to have rubbed off on the Poison Gas Pokémon.
  • Hart's internal monologue regarding his girlfriend, Pearl.
    • Also his tattoo turns out to be a valentine heart with a pearl in the center.
  • Damian's Pokémon looking after each other and making sure that each of them receives one handful of food from the bags James left them before deciding who gets seconds.
  • Despite knowing how the battle will turn out, James refuses to even consider betting against Meowth in his fight against Cortez because "only the lowest of the low would bet against a friend for profit".
  • James internally struggling to not blow his cover and jump over the railing to see if Weezing's okay after using Self-Destruct on Cortez's Fearow.
  • Pearl caring for Hart in his injured state while they're held in a closet by Dalton's Pokémon.
  • James being a Benevolent Boss to Dalton by promising him a cut of his winnings if he makes sure the bookmaker doesn't slip away in the event Jessie wins.
    • Also, while he's painting Team Rocket to be a little better than it is, he's completely sincere when he says that he believes it's the best place for Pearl and Hart to have their relationship without fear of being judged.
  • James trying to make it as comfortable as he can for Damian's Pokémon by getting Giovanni into a good mood and then recommending they be put into Team Rocket's stables, that way their loyalty will be cemented out of gratitude.
  • Jessie understanding why Fearow was Defiant to the End against Cortez's Kangaskhan. When Cortez points out that she could've saved Fearow a lot of pain by recalling her, she has this to say:
    "You know nothing about us. Fearow refused to bow her head, and that makes me proud to be her Trainer. I wouldn't take away her pride."
  • In a flashback, it's revealed that Ekans was sold to a pet store after her previous owner was appalled by her hunting other Pokémon to eat. Not only does Jessie accept Ekans wanting to hunt, but when her co-worker, Veronica, apologizes for not being able to afford a cuter Pokémon, Jessie says that Ekans has a certain elegance that not everyone can acheive.
    • It goes further, showing the bond that Ekans and Jessie developed over the years. Ekans comforted Jessie when her various relationships ended badly, and Jessie treated Ekans with what little she knew of Pokémon medicine. Jessie even quit a modeling job when the agency wanted her to get rid of Ekans in favor of a more popular Pokémon.
      • This bond and Ekans' Undying Loyalty to Jessie causes her to evolve in order to defeat Cortez's Kangaskhan.
  • James and Zubat's interactions.
    • He's perfectly understanding that she's been through a tough ordeal and needs time to heal before she can do anything remotely close to battling.
    • He consciously avoids having her raise him up as an example of virtue because he saved her, only to be disappointed later, by taking her with him to see what he does before catching her.
  • Hart's protectiveness of his girlfriend, Pearl, along with the reveal that she ran away from home to be with him.
  • The bookmaker's close relationship with his Pokémon, Dugtrio. Even when he's a greedy, cowardly two-timing scoundrel, he still loves his Pokémon.
  • Ash initiating a hug with his Tentacool after she beats Misty's Pokémon.
  • Pikachu being ready to protect Ash when Nastina orders him and Brock thrown out of her building.
  • Brock being able to resist the ghost maiden's infatuation-based hypnosis by virtue of his concern for Ash and Misty.
    • Also, while Ash doesn't want to befriend Misty, he's willing to at least try for Brock's sake.
  • Ash genuinely thanks Misty for her help in rescuing the Butterfree, even trying to tell her that she would have won had it not been for Meowth's interference.
  • Drowzee manipulating Ash's dreams so that he could have a better sleep.
  • After Ash's first bout in the Saffron Gym, Misty has grown to care for him enough to admit that she doesn't want him to throw his life away, and tries hard to stop him from going back there.
  • Ash manages to get through to Sabrina by convincing her that she doesn't need to be alone and promising to be her friend.
  • The trio of Ghost Pokémon from the Pokémon Tower reuniting and making each other laugh with a round of making faces after Haunter surprises Gengar with his favorite physical comedy gag.
  • Misty's Staryu and Vaporeon bonding over a game of tag and their shared love of games in general.
  • After Psyduck joins Ash's team, Drowzee immediately takes him under his wing to teach him to control his psychic powers.
  • Ash manages to convince the foreman not to build his dam after showing him the forest created by the Diglett and Dugtrio.

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