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Warning: Unmarked spoilers below.

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Main Story

    Ch. 1- 5 

Chapter 1

  • A brief one right after the balloon crashes, where Jessie tells Meowth to get over himself about "his beautiful face" (the balloon) being wrecked as she fixes her hair and reapplies her make-up.
  • When they decide to catch some more Pokémon, Jessie orders Meowth to fetch one that reflects her "fabulous personality". Meowth brings back a Spearow.
  • Meowth's response to the "cats eat rats" argument after spitting out a Rattata and rinsing his mouth with mouthwash.
    "Yeah? Lemme throw a burger on the ground, stomp it into the dirt an' see if you still want it."
  • James's and Meowth's silence when Jessie talks about her cooking.
  • When Jessie fusses over Spearow's appearance, Meowth says the last thing they need on the team is two vain birds. Also Jessie's reaction of stomping him into the ground.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

  • Ash's deadpan reaction to Samurai gifting him "The Novice's Guide to Type Advantage".
  • Pikachu accidentally shocking Ash and Misty when trying to attack Team Rocket from the pitfall trap.
  • Meowth getting (literally) thrown into the battle and landing flat on his face.
    "I told ya, I don't wanna go out yet!"
    "Tough! Get out there!"
  • The battle getting interrupted by Officer Jenny and Flint since Mankey had taken one of his rocks ("merchandise") to use Rock Throw.

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

  • The fact that Ash didn't actually know that Butterfree's Supersonic would be conducted through the water, which is what won him the Cerulean Gym match.
  • Meowth continuing to take cracks at Jessie's vanity.
    "Vain bird, ain't she? [...] Eh? Sorry, Jessie, didja say somethin'? I was talkin' ta Spearow."
  • James's reaction to Jessie turning to him while still in Unstoppable Rage mode.
    "Now, now, don't kill me! I have information, remember?!"


    Ch. 6- 10 

Chapter 6

  • Jessie, James and Meowth's discussion about whether or not to shorten the motto, even going on a tangent about adding a theme song.
  • This exchange while Team Rocket's rolling around in a big rubber ball:
    Meowth: Hurry, I feel sick!
    Jessie: Not in here, you're not!
  • "Did somebody say..." "Trouble?"
    • Also Mankey posing on James's shoulder at the end of the motto after Meowth's part.
  • Mankey's sheepish expression after a bout of Deadly Dodging on Pikachu's part tricks him into breaking a bar of the cage holding Sandshrew.
  • Though the tale itself is rather sad, the fact that Jessie and James' failure to enter Pokémon Tech is recounted in rhyme has a certain charm.
  • Ash created a specialized fighting-style to counter eye-based attacks, and what did he name it? Ant-Eye Combat.

Chapter 7

  • Ash releasing Rattata while caught in a snare for her to materialize clinging to his hat.
    • Also, she bites straight through the rope holding the net up with Hyper Fang, only to make Ash, Misty and Pikachu drop to the floor rather harshly.
  • Team Rocket lampshading Ash's ridiculous ability to find hidden places and rare Pokémon once James notes that the hidden village is supposed to be nearby.
  • "Pikachu..." "We'll get you!" (triple Evil Laugh)
  • The fact that Team Rocket knows something's come to save Pikachu when they hear rustling nearby. They make a Diving Save to grab him, only for Pikachu to get pulled away, resulting in a triple face plant.
  • Ash being totally oblivious to the romantic subplot between Brock and Melanie.

Chapter 8

  • Ash searching through his Pokédex, made funnier by Misty's annoyed reaction to the *ping* sound it makes every time he brings up a new page as well as Dexter (apparently) reading each entry out loud.
  • Meowth interrupting the motto.
    "Meowth! I get dat ya need ta get it outta your system, but stay focused!"
    • During the battle, Meowth easily dodging each of Charmander's Scratch attacks.
    "Missed me. Try again. Too bad."
  • James's Delayed Reaction to finding out that Pikachu is free, more out of fear than lack of understanding.
    • "It's times like this that make me want to go straight..."

Chapter 9

  • Misty asking Ash if he's being a little too careful with his new walking stick, only for it to immediately prove its worth by exposing a pitfall trap.
    "'Too careful,' huh?"
    "Aw, shut up."
  • Team Rocket's casual notice of Ash and co. charging into their camp to save the Squirtle Squad.
  • James checking in on the captive Squirtle Squad only to receive a Water Gun to the face for his trouble.

Chapter 10

     Ch. 11- 15 

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

  • James threatening the Magikarp salesman when he tries fleecing him for money on useless extra items for Magikarp.
    "Don't push your luck, hombre, I just want the Pokémon."
  • Jessie, James and Meowth realizing that they didn't really plan their escape from the St. Anne when it was in danger of capsizing.
  • James's introduction atop Gyarados's head.
    "Meet the Pokémon that all sailors fear, the leviathan of the deep blue, Gyarados!"
    • Also, him shouting "Full speed ahead!" once Jessie and Meowth climb aboard.

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

  • Team Rocket's deadpan reaction to Pidgeot trapping them in a giant tornado to be flown over the ocean. Even as they fly through the air, they just have their arms crossed with bored expressions.
    • Followed by this exchange:
      Meowth: Welp, should we say our tagline? I think we're movin' out over da ocean now.
      Jessie & James: Let's.
  • Giovanni's surprise at the Rocket trio's state when he calls them. Considering he's usually fairly reserved, it's quite comical to have such a reaction.
    "What on earth happened to you three?"
  • Delia acknowledging how reckless Ash can be in this dialogue:
    Misty: I did ask if we should stay, but he insisted we go out.
    Delia: And you listened to him? I love Ash, but he doesn't pay enough attention to his own health or safety.

Chapter 15

  • Ash initiating a splash fight with Squirtle and Kingler while pretending to pass it off as training.
  • The fact that Ash's first meeting with Tentacool was her groping him with her tentacles.
  • Pikachu attempting to charade the message that Butterfree is willing to go back to Professor Oak's so that Tentacool can stay. Ash manages to understand "Butterfree" and "sunbathing" (after a few tries). But when Pikachu points to Professor Oak...
    Ash: Professor Oak sunbathing!
    Pikachu: (Face Fault)
  • Tentacool's first time being called out resulting in tackling Ash with a hug.

    Ch. 16- 20 

Chapter 16

  • James offering a Flimsy Excuse to Leave each time he wants to recruit or rob one of the departing contestants. It cycles through using the restroom, buying some snacks, making a call to his pretend father, and then back to using the restroom (because convenience store fare doesn't agree with him).
  • After subduing Damian, James makes his disdain for him clear with this line:
    "I have some garbage to take out."
  • The absolute irony that James turned Damian in to the police for Pokémon abuse, knowing that he'd told him he worked for Team Rocket and that nobody would believe the truth coming from him.

Chapter 18

  • Jessie screaming in shock at Veronica throwing her a surprise party in her apartment.
    • Also, Veronica's attitude towards Jessie's vanity, giving a good-natured "Of course" when she compares Ekans' rare "elegance" to herself.

Chapter 19

  • Jessie casually listing off her various jobs, and seamlessly including ninja between model and style consultant.
  • The fact that Hart's Death Glare is completely ineffective against James, who has Jessie for a partner.
  • James being Mistaken for Gay when he's recounting the events of his childhood and his cherished one, his pet Growlithe. Along with Dalton pondering if he'd been hitting on him and how to let him down gently if he was.
    "Having him in my life was the first and only good thing my parents did for me. [...] He was my only true friend. Everyone else, I grew to realize that they just wanted connections to my family. But he was always there, loyally and unconditionally. Though the pressure became too much when my parents put me in an arranged marriage. [...] I wanted to take him with me, but I wouldn't have been able to provide for him. [...] So, with a heavy heart, I left him behind, knowing my family would take care of him. If only to keep him as leverage to try drawing me back if they ever found me."
  • Petrel acting laid back about his job and telling Matori in no uncertain terms that she needs to loosen up.
    "Matori, you need a hobby or a sordid affair."

    Ch. 21- 30 

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

  • Ash's blatant fear at Delia's calm tone when he calls her only to find out that she saw him flying around and dodging fatal blows from Tentacruel on the news.
    Ash: So you saw...?
    Delia: Yes.
    Ash: And me-
    Delia: Flying around on your Pokémon's back and nearly getting crushed or blasted four separate times as you tried to reason with that giant Pokémon.
  • One of the times Brock tries to get Ash and Misty to reconcile while on the ferry, he asks if they can just remember the good times.
    Ash and Misty: What good times?

Chapter 23

  • Getting the idea from Pikachu shocking Brock back to lucidity, Meowth mauls James' face with Fury Swipes to break the trance, much to his displeasure.
  • Brock calling Maiden's Peak a ghost town.

Chapter 24

Chapter 30

  • Pikachu decides it likes perfume. Cue Ash trying to find ketchup scented perfume.
  • The Running Gag revolving around the eastern district of Celadon City, namely HopHopHop Town.

     Ch. 31- 

Chapter 31

  • This exchange:
    Ash: Now, come on, we should meet up with Brock before leaving for HopHopHop Town.
    Misty: Do you have to call it that every time?
    Ash: Yes. Yes I do.
  • Mitchell, while working as a groundskeeper, has his Dugtrio looking around for anything worthwhile buried underground. When the Pokémon finds a sealed box that says "Warning: Do not open." he takes it as an invitation to open it.
  • Brock launching into an explanation of how each and every Nurse Joy has slight differences from one another, saying that Ash will learn to appreciate the more subtle differences of women when he's older.

Chapter 32

  • Primeape chasing after Doduo with a tree in his hands after apparently getting kicked in the face.


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