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YMMV / Common Sense

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  • Nightmare Fuel: The TR trio can be pretty goddamn scary at times. Yes, they're funny. Yes, they're likeable. But at the end of the day, they're still ruthless and very competent criminals with a deep grudge against a specific target and a fairly impressive win record.
    • Gengar also creates quite the frightening atmosphere when fighting Team Rocket by controlling the Pokémon Tower. The doors shut despite being broken and freeze over, he blows out one of two light sources the team has (James managing to relight his blue rose), and takes out the one Pokémon that can fight him at an advantage in an instant, his eyes glowing red in the barely lit darkness.
    • In Chapter 35, Sabrina intervenes to save Ash and the others from Proton's attempt on their lives. According to her, this would have resulted in Brock's death, ultimately driving Ash into a Roaring Rampage of Revenge against Team Rocket, and shutting from everyone who tried to convince him otherwise. That thought in itself is terrifying.
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  • Unexpected Character: Due to the author's insistence that only Gen 1 pokemon and moves would appear in game, no one expected a Sneasel of all things to appear in Chapter 31.

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