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Barbe-Rouge (many a time before Asterix and Obelix send yet another ship of his to Davy Jones' locker)

  • Batman:
    • This is the typical reaction the average citizen (and the more savvy crook) has upon realizing he/she's in the presence of The Joker.
      • Detective Comics #826: Robin (Tim Drake) gets caught in the middle of a gang shootout. His motorcycle is wrecked and he needs cover. A concerned citizen sees the fight from his van and calls Robin over.
        Robin: I don't know who that is and at this point, I don't care. I need distance from those thugs. Besides, any port in a storm...
        (oh, crap)
      • Then the Joker gets a brief moment when Robin screws up his plan, uses his last trap against him, and leaves him standing in front of an oncoming Mack truck.
      • Wonder Woman (1987): Widow Sazia has engulfed Boston in a war for control of the local mob that has incorporated Black Magic and dimensional portals. Then, when she's just had her base blown up and needs to regroup, the Joker shows up to "help" her out and she is justifiably horrified. The next time she's seen she's chained to a desk and a bomb for the amusement of her new "ally".
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    • Many is the Batman comic which has included a panel of a gang of street thugs about to mug, murder, rape or otherwise harm an innocent civilian in a darkened alley or villains plotting evil deeds in some deserted warehouse (or penthouse with a convenient window or sunroof) gazing up in horror as the Dark Knight swoops down on them from whatever vantage point he had been observing them from to deliver an almighty ass-kicking, For Great Justice.
    • Red Robin: Tim has a moment of dawning horror as he realizes the League of Assassins base Tam—a civilian under his protection—is at is under attack by a group of efficient super-powered serial killers who have no problem taking out multiple League ninjas and assassins at a time while he's miles away.
    • Gotham Central Renee Montoya accidentally lets slips, to the Captain no less, that Romy Chandler had her gun taken from her by Batman, after the detective shot at him. Everyone knows what's coming, and there's a single panel of Renee standing with her face displaying this perfectly.
      Sawyer: What was that?
      Renee: Oh, hell.
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    • In Death of the Family, The Batfamily gets this at the end of the second main issue when Joker says he knows all their identities, and gives proof by talking about Alfred (who he tortured) and the Batcave.
    • In Arkham Asylum: Living Hell, this is the reaction of the demons when they see Aaron Cash charging them.
  • Birds of Prey (second series) #1: Black Canary's reaction when she and Huntress find themselves facing off against an Asian woman who is a very skilled martial artist. In her words, "Two terrifying names, two impossible possibilities spring to mind. Cassandra Cain. Or, god help us... Shiva Woosan. In either case, there's a good chance neither of us makes it out of this stinking, filthy alley tonight."
    • In the first series, Spy-Smasher has that look when, after having just been humiliated in a fight by Oracle (who was still in a wheelchair, mind you), she threatens to ruin Barbara Gordon's life and steps outside to find herself facing a small crowd of heroes and villains and is informed by Black Canary that no, she won't be doing that.
  • In the final battle of the third Blue Beetle against the villainous Reach, the bad guys' command ship is collapsing all around main villain the Negotiator and hero Jaime Reyes. Now, the Reach are the never-defeated Evil Commercial Empire who worry even the Guardians of the Universe... and this plucky teenager has done what nobody ever did: bring them down essentially with the power of Heart. But just as the conflagration threatens to consume them both, time-travelling hero Booster Gold appears and drags Blue Beetle out. Reyes reaches out to the Negotiator to save him, too, which leads to the pertinent moment: the villain tearfully whispers "We never stood a chance..."
    • Earlier in the series, Eclipso, the being on the level with the Spectre, who has fought the Justice League, faces down minor hero Traci 13. She tries to pull the standard "why would you dare to attack one like me", only for Traci, with tears in her eyes, to tell Eclipso that when her mom died two people took her in and raised her as their child: Ralph and Sue Dibny. IE the woman who Eclipso's current host killed. Eclipso instantly stops fighting and, in a panic, pleads that it didn't do the deed.
  • An amusing moment in Captain Atom: Armageddon. Captain Atom goes up against Maul, from WildStorm. Maul's power is that he can reconfigure his body mass and become a figure similar to the Hulk. Captain Atom can manipulate atoms, and he turns Maul back into his skinny scientist self.
    Maul: Uh oh.
    Captain Atom: That's right. Uh oh.
  • During one of the Firestorm annuals, Firestorm has decided to protect mankind by, of course, disarming all nuclear weapons, everywhere. Before it's done he ends up in New Mexico fighting against a Soviet agent named Pozhar, when the President hits them both with a tactical nuke. And Army gets to watch Firestorm shut the whole thing down - Radiation, blast, everything. The General is less than sanguine about attacking Firestorm with conventional forces immediately afterwards, but follows the orders he is given.
  • In The Return of Barry Allen storyline of The Flash, Professor Zoom has just such a moment when Wally West overcomes his mental block that's been inhibiting his speed (put there by his own fear of replacing the then-deceased Barry Allen) and slams the villain in the back of the head, simultaneously evening the playing field. This, after Zoom had earlier declared that HE was the fastest man alive and had been running rings around several heroes who'd come in to stop him.
  • Green Lantern:
    • The Arc Sinestro Corps War has plenty of these moments, but the absolutely best one comes in the Grand Finale when the Green Lantern Corps use the artificial planet Warworld for a Colony Drop on the Anti-Monitor. The look of panic on a cosmic level villain is absolutely priceless.
    • Hal and his buddies have a moment like this when they see dozens of rings flying through the sky looking for new owners following the escape of Superboy-Prime.
    • Larfleeze gave one of the funniest after the Black Rings brought back all the people he's killed/eaten/enslaved as zombies: "Yuh-oh."
    • The look on Bolphunga The Unrelenting's face when he finds out why Mogo doesn't socialize.
  • The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy story "Double Neggative" (in Cartoon Network Block Party) has Mandy stealing Grim's cosmic egg (which would cause an apocalypse if cracked) and letting Billy take the rap for it. At the end, Mandy reveals she kept the egg in her dress pocket. She taps it to make sure it's safe—and breaks it.
    Mandy: (eyes wide open in shock) Uh oh.
  • A memorable one happens in Justice League United when the team runs into a band of bounty hunters. Kara is giddy because she has to punch them. Animal Man... is not giddy. At all.
    Green Arrow: Sardath said this space station was a bit rough... be ready for anything. Supergirl, I hear voices through that door, can you see through it with your X-Ray vision?
    Supergirl: Oh... This is going to be fun!
    Green Arrow: Hmmm... What is it, Supergirl? A few alien thugs?
    Supergirl: (smiling) No. Much better than that... Bounty hunters. Lots of them.
    Animal Man: ... Oh Crapballs.
  • Superman:
    • Despite being a nice guy, Superman is more than capable of inspiring this reaction when he has to.
    • In Demon Spawn, Linda Danvers - Supergirl- hits a wall of her office out of frustration and almost demolishes it. Then she heard people coming and got this reaction.
      Voice 1: What was THAT?
      Voice 2: Sounded like a plane crashing into the building!
      Linda: Uh-oh.
    • It often happens in Supergirl: Cosmic Adventures in the 8th Grade:
      • Linda gets this look when she accidentally brings down a wall.
        Linda: OHNOOHNOOHNO! What was I thinking?
      • Shortly after she realizes her duplicate is an Evil Twin:
        Supergirl: Ohmygosh... She's a super-villain!
      • In the third issue, the Principal asks Linda to display her super-powers. Linda's reaction?
        Linda: My... super powers? Gulp.
      • Linda gets this expression when Lena catches her wearing her Supergirl costume.
    • In The Supergirl from Krypton, Batman mutters "Damn..." when he finds an alien space pod stuck into the bottom of the bay.
    • Several examples in Bizarrogirl:
      • Jimmy Olsen has this reaction when he finds out the thing leveling Metropolis is a Bizarro.
        Jimmy: Holy—
      • Bizarro #1 has this expression when Bizarro Lois and Bizarro Jimmy catch him red-handed before he can leave the planet together with his cousin.
      • Supergirl swears when she sees Bizarro World crumbling apart.
        Supergirl: Oh, Rao.
        Bizarrogirl: (smiling) Swearing am un-ladylike, Bizarro Me. Me hate it!
        Supergirl: We're too late.
    • Some examples from Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? include Superman frightening away some 30th century villains after hearing that they [[killed Lana Lang, and later did the same to Mr Mxyzptlk by pointing the Phantom Zone projector at him, causing him to panic and try to get away, which results in a fatal Portal Cut.
    • Superman does it again quite memorably in the Elseworlds alternate universe story Superman: Red Son. Towards the end of the story, an entire platoon of Green Lantern Corpsmen attempt to subdue Superman by simultaneously using their Green Lantern rings to construct a massive safe around him and make it impossible to break out of. They assume their plan is perfect... until Superman basically punches his way out, shattering their creation, as one of the Corpsmen screams "Oh my God!". After freeing himself, Superman then points out the stupidity of attempting to use a thought-based weapon against someone who can move at ten times the speed of thought, (in this story, Superman is portrayed as having his Pre-Crisis levels of power).
    • In War World Superman has two moments when he and Supergirl face up to the eponymous weapon satellite: first he stands still to test the power of a missile, and realizes it can kill him; and second...
      Superman: We could never survive a collision with two of those — Of... My... God...
    • In the same story, Supergirl has this reaction when she notices Warworld is still working and shooting at them even though they knocked its pilot out.
    • Kryptonite Nevermore: Professor Bolden displays a horrified expression when he realizes his experiment has gone awry and the Kryptonite engine is about to blow up.
      Prof. Bolden: Sound the emergency alarm—! The engine's out of control!
    • In The Great Phantom Peril, Faora Hu-Ul freaks out when she discovers her plan has somehow failed, and Superman has escaped from the Phantom Zone.
      Faora Hu-Ul: "Great Krypton! No! Not you!"
    • Action Comics #1:
      • When a domestic abuser tries to stab Superman with a knife, he's so horrified when the blade shatters upon contact with Superman's skin that he faints on the spot.
      • When Butch and his crooks see that Superman is able to keep up with their car on-foot even when it's going full throttle, they're clearly terrified. Butch himself screams: "IT'S THE DEVIL HIMSELF!"
    • The Unknown Supergirl: As rebuilding a display made by the Midvale Orphanage's kids at Super Speed, Linda Lee freaks out when she realizes she has been seen using her powers.
    • In The Killers Of Krypton, Harry Hokum's starship is hovering over the planet where the Omega Men are fighting his Supergirl's clones. Hookum is watching the battle when Supergirl, who has just defeated her clones, glares upwards. realizing she is glaring straight at him, Hokum pales.
      Supergirl: (glaring upwards) Someone will pay for this atrocity, and that someone is... Hokum.
      Harry Hookum: (sweating) S-she's looking at me! H-how is that possible?
  • Common in the Swamp Thing graphic novels, particularly because the villains tend to be so apocalyptically full of themselves before the shit hits the fan. Anton Arcane's stymied bafflement, when he finds out it's not Alec Holland he's facing, but a pissed-off wood elemental is priceless, and it resurfaces in Hell when he learns just how long he's been there (one day... so far). Likewise, Woodrue's expression as the Green breaks off their psychic link, leaving him powerless and bereft, is both haunting and an Oh, Crap! moment.
  • In The Multiversity, the wizard Shazam gets a rather darkly funny instance of this when he realizes that he's being overshadowed by Sivana's mechanical Rock of Eternity.
  • Wonder Woman:
    • Wonder Woman Vol 1: In the Huntress feature while she's looking into some artwork that was apparently destroyed at the Gotham Museum and realizes the destroyed art was forgeries she returns to the museum to gather more evidence and try to figure out the motive. When she gets there she runs into Solomon Grundy and has a moment of horror as she realizes she's way out of her weight class and given that Grundy is putting guards' heads through walls doesn't have time to call for more powerful backup.
    • Wonder Woman: Odyssey: The goddesses mooks are quite justifiably horrified when they realize Diana has survived the fight with their boss and is now headed their way.
  • In Gotham City Garage, Harley Quinn reacts this way when she realizes that she has gotten Batgirl's full, undivided attention:
    Barbara Gordon: Sorry to interrupt this romantic and very disgusting moment— but you and I have business.
    Harley Quinn: I sure hope so. Dayum. Oh no wait hold on. Real dayum. Actual damn.
  • In Astro City: The Dark Age, Black Velvet has snapped and is out on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge — whereupon she comes upon Jitterjack, the Divided Man. She uses her powers on him, stopping him, but then:
    Black Velvet: You like this, divided man? You're mine now, like the others. My power flows through you. My darkness touches your heart. Touches it, squeezes it... clenches it until it stills. How do you like that, madman?
    Jitterjack: Not... not good. Heart breaks. B-but, is good thing for Jitterjack...
    (Jitterjack tears through Black Velvet, rising into a triumphant pose)
    Jitterjack: HE HAVE SPARE!!!
  • A particularly memorable one of these occurs in The Authority after it's implied that Captain America pastiche the Commander rapes Apollo. After incinerating the spine of the Commander, Apollo leaves him to his boyfriend, Midnighter, who shows up with a jackhammer. Oh crap...
  • The First of the Fallen pulls off a really nice, multi-layered one in part II of the "Dangerous Habits" arc of Hellblazer when he realizes that John Constantine has just tricked him into drinking beer that's a few snuffed candles away from turning to holy water. It has a nice mixture of confusion, disgust, and shock that a mere mortal managed to outwit him.
  • There are a few of these in The Sandman, of course. Several major characters get the look when various Gaiman-style horrors drop into their lives, Mervyn has one or two Right Behind Me moments when he's monologuing about Dream being "a complete... uh nevermind, just complete," and Dream has a quite impressive one when the Kindly Ones show up in his palace uninvited, having slaughtered one of his door guards to get in. It's the first time in the whole series Morpheus looked frightened of anything.
  • V for Vendetta:
    • The head of the secret police is in the middle of cleaning his gun when he gets information on who will be V's next victim. He immediately rushes out, and seems to have V caught. Then he pulls the trigger and realizes he forgot to reload the gun before leaving. The next panel is a close up of his horrified expression.
    • The climax, as the new chief of police Dominic Stone oversees a massed but not yet violent mob, where the situation could go either way depending on whether or not V turns up at midnight. The chimes of Big Ben ring twelve times and he feels a bit better... but then he realises that Big Ben was blown up at the beginning of the story. As realization sinks in, he looks up and sees V on a rooftop, provoking the second consecutive Oh, Crap!.
  • Watchmen:
    • Ozymandias reveals every small detail of his evil plot to Nite Owl and Rorschach until Nite Owl finally asks when he was planning to "do it." He tells them. The look on the two heroes' faces is priceless, at which point Hilarity Ensues. Not.
    • Soon after, Laurie shoots Ozymandias, who appears to be killed or incapacitated by the bullet. Then he opens his hand to reveal that he has in fact caught it and is unharmed. Laurie is suitably stunned at the revelation.
    • Earlier:
      Away down alley, heard woman scream, first bubbling note of city's evening chorus. Approached disturbance. Attempted rape/mugging/both. Cleared throat. The man turned and there was something rewarding in his eyes. Sometimes, the night is generous to me.
    • Later, revenge-seeking crimelord the Big Figure gets a priceless look on his face after Rorschach has dispatched both of his goons and left him totally defenceless.
    • This is the standard reaction of anyone who meets Rorschach.
    • After disintegrating Dr. Manhattan, Ozy has a few moments to gloat that he didn't think it would work, only to see a reconstituted, skyscraper-tall Dr. M reaching down through the skylight.
    • When old Bernard gets the news and see the headings: "USSR invades Afghanistan".

Marvel Comics

  • You're fighting Spider-man. You've just realised he hasn't made a joke or a quip. It's time to panic.
  • The Amazing Spider Man #230 features an epic battle between Spidey and the Juggernaut. Webs does everything he can to stop Juggs, and finally steers a gasoline truck straight at the unstoppable one. An ENORMOUS boom results. Spidey has his Oh Crap moment as a figure slowly appears in the flames and Juggernaut continues advancing, completely unharmed...
  • A Star Wars Legends example occurs after Darth Wyyrlok has concealed his murder of Darth Krayt for many issues, tricking everyone into believing he's just in stasis. Darth Nihl and Darth Talon go to the stasis chamber and find Krayt's empty armor levitating, with his body utterly vanished. Wyyrlok, a cold, calculating and infallible schemer for the entire series, goes completely twitchy-eyed, flat-out dumbstruck when Darth Nihl reports this.
  • Captain America is having an underwater battle with one of his villains Zaran, when he notices a herd of sharks coming for them, attracted by the blood spilled during the fight. Cap points out this to Zaran, whose reaction is textbook worthy
  • Deadpool is driving a monster truck down a highway (don't ask). When his foe, Bullseye (dressed as Hawkeye) launches a missile from a stinger straight at him. Deadpool gives an "oh shit" moment, before turning it into a Crowning Moment of Awesome, when he simply rolls down both windows, brakes hard, slides to the left, and lets the missile pass through the cabin, and out the other side! Then he drives back, crushes Bullseye's leg under one tire, and then pulls out a chainsaw. Chainsaw! FOR THE WIN!!!
    • Even Bullseye gets a minor one, though one would imagine that it's covered up by him muttering "OK, yeah, I admit... That was pretty awesome." Deadpool did counter this when, after stopping on Bullseye's leg, he gets out and asks "cool to park here?" before firing up his chainsaw. That was the point where Bullseye had a REALLY "oh crap" moment, and started thinking fast. Very fast.
  • In The Dark Phoenix Saga, the Dark Phoenix's awakening causes many of Marvel's heroes to collectively panic - Reed Richards notices all of his cosmic devices going off and realizes that it's the same kind of power as Galactus, it sets off Spider-Man's Spider Sense, catches Dr. Strange by surprise and causes him to worry over what kind of being could have such power and force the Silver Surfer to try to catch her, which he sadly fails to do.
  • In Superior Spider-Man, after Norman Osborn has spent the last few issues destroying the life Otto Octavius has built for himself after stealing Spider-Man's body, Osborn shows up for his final confrontation with what he believes to be Octavius, taunting him about how he'll be left with nothing when the last bomb goes off... only for Spider-Man's reaction ("Except the dignity of knowing that I never carried a man-purse") to reveal to the stunned Osborn that the true Spider-Man has returned.
  • In Go Down Swinging, Spidey's horrified reaction upon seeing Norman Osborn with the Carnage symbiote? A Heroic BSoD followed by a poignant "%#$& me."
  • In Blaze of Glory, Corrupt Corporate Executive Clay Riley decides to lead his hired mercenaries into battle himself when he hears his old arch-enemy the Ghost Rider has returned. His resolve doesn't last, and the narration all but says he's wetting his pants when the haunted horseman faces him during the fight. This is his face when it happens.
  • In Cable & Deadpool, Cable sets up a utopia called Providence and tries to change the world, though, as Professor X points out, he has no right to. Cable's efforts are meant to be sympathetic, and the rest of the world, especially America, is corrupt and wrong. A group of people involving SHIELD, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men try to warn Cable that his heavy-handed antics will not be tolerated and have to be toned down (though not completely abandoned; after all, he is trying to help people). Cable wipes the floor with them, declaring that he is much too powerful for all of them. And then they call in the Silver Surfer. Cable stoically comments that he did not see that coming, but he clearly didn't consider that someone even more powerful than him may be called to smack him down. Cable puts up a tough fight, even breaking the Surfer's board, but the Surfer beats him down, warning him that "hunger consumes worlds", comparing Cable to his former master Galactus.
  • During George Perez and Kurt Busiek's run on The Avengers, the heroes (which, at that moment, included Cap, Justice, Firestar, Hawkeye and newcomer Triathlon) were fighting a group of terrorists in an airport... A fight that was getting really, really tough for the heroes. Until, from offscreen... "I SAY THEE NAY!!!". Cue the bad guys crapping their pants so hard they switch their plan from "let's beat up the heroes!" to "let's blow up the building so that they'd be too busy protecting the civilians to catch us!".
  • In The Children's Crusade, Wiccan has this reaction when he goes up against Doctor Doom, because he knows that he's utterly outclassed and that Doom is most likely going to kill him. This happens in tandem with him having fanboy moment over the fact that he's actually fighting Doctor Doom.
  • The inhabitants of Knowhere have this reaction in Marvel 100th Anniversary Special, when Silver Galactus note  appears to eat them.
  • Ultimate Marvel:
    • In The Ultimates, Smug Snake Herr Kleiser seems to react this way every time he's caught flat-footed when something unexpected disrupts his plans. Which they do, spectacularly. Claiming to be the universal embodiment of order isn't always an advantage.
    • Ultimate X-Men:
      • Magneto gets a really good one while he's taunting Colossus about how vulnerable his metal body is to his magnetic powers, Colossus is slowly breaking free, and though his taunts continue on, he still has this look in his eyes...
      • One of the Arab soldiers in Kuwait told his friend to take care, one of the Americans must still be alive. He does not answer. When he turns to check on his friend, Wolverine had just killed him.
      • Being the team's youngest member (until Rogue and Shadowcat joined), Iceman was somewhat prone to panicking early on, especially when he first saw the Sentinels and when he thought Cyclops had been shot dead.
    • Ultimate Fantastic Four: The Skrull leader gains his powers by copying the abilities of any other mutant/metahuman in the area. At the end of an alternate universe arc, he gloats to a powerless Ben Grimm that the last Earthling aside from himself just died and Ben is now the last man alive. Ben responds by slowly taking off his coat and cracking his knuckles. Then, the Skrull realizes how screwed he is.
    • Ultimate FF: When they first got into the alien dome. Tony had threw up inside his helmet.
    • At the end of Age of Ultron, the skies over Ultimate Marvel New York go wonky and Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales goes to check it out... and finds the main universe Galactus looming overhead
    • Ultimate Vision: Vision finds that those humans are keeping a Gah Lak Tus unit in storage. She goes nuts.
  • Wolverine: In "Get Mystique", Logan is stalking Mystique, who has armed herself with a truckload of weapons stolen from the US Army. She shoots him in the shoulder, and he drops, rolls to his left, and encounters an obstruction. Turning, he sees the words "Front Towards Enemy", and recognises the object as a Claymore Mine. "Awwwwwww Fu....."
  • Iron Man has a few in the original Armor Wars storyline alone:
    • The discovery of Tony's Iron Man technology in Force's battlesuit that sets off the whole affair.
    • When Tony realizes that Stingray's battlesuit doesn't contain Iron Man tech.
    • When Tony runs out of weapons in his Stealth armor against the Titanium Man.
      Iron Man: "No weapons? No negator packs? I'm in trouble..."
      • Averted with Dmitri Bhukarin in that issue, as he was (reluctantly) willing to die for his country as the Crimson Dynamo (he doesn't), but played straight with the Gremlin when his Titanium Man armor ignites (providing horrific imagery for Tony, and some readers as well).
    • When Tony gets savagely beaten by Firepower, right before his armor gets nuked.
    • Conversely, Firepower pilot Jack Taggert, when the "new" Iron Man hands him his butt, particularly when Iron Man has to disable the nuclear missile trapped in Firepower's backpack.
      Taggert: [after Iron Man stops the Terminax and rips the Firepower armor apart] I thought you said you couldn't get me out!
      Iron Man: I lied.
    • Well after the Armor Wars, there was the look on Tony's face when ex-girlfriend Kathy Dare pulled a gun on him.
  • Let's just save some time and say damn near everyone who's ever made Bruce Banner angry.
  • In an issue of What If? centering around Reed and Sue Richards' second child living, Henry Peter Gyrich finds out that Captain America really doesn't like it when you stab teenage girls while dressed like him.
    Gyrich: Oh god no no...
    Captain America: Don't bother getting up.
  • The Punisher:
    • Frank Castle gets this quite often from the criminals he hunts down. One notable instance was in "The Slavers" arc of the MAX series, where Castle walks up behind a group of goons attempting to rape a woman in an alley. One of the thugs is so completely horrified that he drops to his knees and starts praying for forgiveness.
    • The Punisher is also one of a very small number of people to have made The Joker practically brown his pants on-panel.
  • Three punks were riding a New York subway very late at night and spotted an unshaven, grungy looking man sleeping on one of the seats. After mocking him for being "unemployed, drunken, homeless toe-jam", they decide it would be fun to douse him in lighter fluid and throw a lit match on him. Eddie Brock wakes up screaming, and then his clothes start moving by themselves and snuff out the flames. Eddie looks at the three punks, an absolutely demented Slasher Smile on his face, and the three punks just about shit themselves as Eddie transforms into Venom.
  • Sabertooth invokes this trope in Marvel Adventures: The Avengers by attacking the entire Avengers team.
    Sabertooth: Aw, crud.
    The Avengers: Zzapp! Smash! Thwip! Krak! Smash! HULK LIKE TEAMWORK!
  • In the Marvel event Siege, Taskmaster warns Norman Osborn to turn around, which he does to find Captain America's shield about to hit him in the face. Though his face is hidden behind his armor, you can imagine his expression when the comic dedicates four entire panels just to show the shield edging closer and closer to his face.
  • One Daredevil arc had a new gang making a lot of trouble, leading to Daredevil busting in the door to the warehouse they are using as a headquarters. The head bad guy laughs as he points out that he has over a hundred men armed with guns and swords in the room. He then notices that Daredevil has brought along Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Spider-Man.
  • The discovery in New Avengers that Elektra is a Skrull and that Wolverine, Spider-Man and Doctor Strange weren't able to tell, leading to the possibility that anyone could be a Skrull and kicking off the entire Secret Invasion saga.
  • During her term as a Magistratus She-Hulk defeated the villain Trycko Slatterus and made it impossible for him to use his gem of infinite power again. So he gave it to her arch-enemy Titania, making her capable of lifting small mountains over her head. This turned out to be a bad idea:
    Titania: [while holding a small mountain over her head] So, even though I've got the gem now, if you really wanted to you could take it back?
    Trycko:: Yes. Why do you ask? Oh no.(Gets crushed under a small mountain)
  • Some thugs discover that they're not just fighting Spider-Man and Jean Grey, but that Spidey and Jean are looking after "the guy who turns into the Hulk".
    Male Robber: So where is this guy... [realization] Oh crap. You? You do the — the— Hulk thing?
    Bruce: I do the Hulk thing.
    Female Robber: We'd like to go very quietly into custody, please.
  • In World War Hulk, this is the default expression of pretty much anyone unfortunate enough to go up against the Hulk in full Worldbreaker mode. Doctor Strange, of all people, is driven to an "Oh, dear" that speaks volumes.
  • The Avengers get one during the Spider-Man storyline "Alpha", when Spidey reluctantly calls in the titular teen hero to help fight Terminus... then gawk in shock as the kid makes Terminus panic.
  • When the Shi'ar first get introduced in X-Men, a Shi'ar warship is pursuing the rebel Princess Lilandra when she flees to Earth. The ship's captain is informed about the recent activities of various other alien empires (such as the Kree and Skrulls) on Earth and is unconcerned, but then his subordinate tells him that the people of Earth have fought Galactus several times and won. The captain immediately issued a panicked order to retreat before the humans have a chance to notice them.
  • In the original Runaways series, the kids encounter Old Lace, a deinonychus, in Gert's basement. Chase is convinced she's just a hologram, and to demonstrate, swings a broom at her, convinced it'll go through. It... doesn't. The next panel shows an Oh, Crap! expression from Chase.

Other Publishers

  • Hellboy seems to love this phrase, and most of his enemies get this when they realize things are going badly for them.
  • Bone has a lot of these. The best are Phoney Bone's expression when he discovers that the people of Barrelhaven have a barter system and he just assaulted the most badass man in the village for no good reason, and the entire latter half of the Great Cow Race.
  • Every villain who crosses Scrooge McDuck in The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck. The best one comes after Soapy Slick has just finished his Evil Gloating and insulting Scrooge's dead mother when he sees the look on his goons' faces. Then he sees the look on Scrooge's face.
    Soapy Slick: Oops!
    • There's two more in that same comic; after Scrooge gets done destroying Soapy's boat, he drags Soapy with him to the Mounted Police, where one of them says "Please mister, there's only 20 of us! Can't you at least wait until reinforcements arrive?" Then while digging for gold, he gets mad at the locals following and digging in his spot. This even causes the wild life to head for the hills.
    • In the Don Rosa story "The Dream Of a Lifetime", the Beagle Brothers steal an invention from Gyro Gearloose that lets them enter Scrooge's dreams, where they can steal the combination to his Money Bin. Donald follows them into the dream, and manages to get the Beagle Boys out one by one, until finally, when the dream changes to Scrooge's gold prospector days in Klondike the last Beagle Boy has had enough, runs up to Scrooge, grabs him by the neck, and tells him to give him the combination. However, as Donald points out, the Scrooge he is now trying to extort is Scrooge from his badass King of Klondike days...
    • In the Donald Duck story "Ghostdusting... ...for Fun and Profit", Donald tries to exorcise a ghost out of Scrooge's old hotel by detonating a keg of special gunpowder, which is supposed to blow up the ghost while giving just the tiniest harmless boom in the physical world. Soon after lighting the fuse he is explaining his plan to Scrooge, when suddenly Donald's nephews come running with the news that there's a priceless treasure hidden under the hotel... and it's protected by huge amounts of explosives right below the floor. Cue Donald making a face of utter horror before the hotel goes up in a colossal fireball.
  • Courtesy of Warhammer 40,000's Deff Skwadron: Razguts (or whatever his name is) sees the squigeon (serving as a carrier pigeon for the enemy) flying into a hole too small for his fighta-bommer, too late for him to turn.
    Razguts: Just a few sekonds more... just a — aw frag.
  • Red has a great one at the end, when Beesley is on the phone with Moses thinking he's won, and confidently telling him that unless he stops he will place an order to have Paul's niece murdered. Then they hear a knock on the door behind them, and Moses calmly walks in with his cell phone and a gun having slaughtered the rest of their defenses... during the conversation. The look on his face is priceless
  • In The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers, the stock response when the titular team members find out that they're fighting Overlord is "Oh crap". Even twin badasses Topspin and Twin Twist have this reaction.
  • Done twice on the same page of Elfquest, when Savah discerns Cutter's and Rayek's worst fears for the Challenge of Heart. In issue #21, containing preliminary sketches from the previous 20 issues, Rayek even says "Oh, shit!" in place of the eventual dialogue.
    • Played for Laughs a few issues later when Cutter and Skywise are trying to escape from Picknose and his family of trolls. Skywise grabs the sleep dust Picknose used to capture them and throws it triumphantly at the trolls... only to realize a couple of panels later that it doesn't work on them (turns out it only affects wolves and Wolfriders).
  • In the Asterix comics, there is a recurring pirate gang in which Asterix and Obelix always runs into during any travel through the sea. After the first beatdown, every single time the Gauls approach the pirates react in an Oh, Crap! way. In the newest volumes, they've got so used to getting a beating and having their ship sink, they resort to sinking their own ship themselves out of despair and at least avoid being beat down.
    • In Asterix and the Goths, Rhetoric has been deceiving Chief Metric about what the imprisoned Getafix has been saying, as Metric will Shoot the Messenger. Then, when The Cavalry (read:Asterix and Obelix) arrives...
      Getafix: O great Gothic Chief, your interpreter is deceiving you! I never had any intention of showing you any magic.
      [Metric is in too great a rage to speak]
      Rhetoric: [terrified] He speaks Gothic [sic]. He speaks Gothic.
    • Then in Asterix and the Helvetians there is the moment when governor Garovirus realizes that Getafix didn't just cure the man he had poisoned, but gave him a few drops of the magic potion as well.
      Garovirus: Who's ready? What's ready!?
      Centus: [storming out] I'M READY!
      Garovirus: E...easy... now... quaestor Centus...
      [Centus megaton punches him]
  • From the last issue of Global Frequency: We are so fux0r3d.
  • In Mega Man Issue 4, Mega Man finds a teleporter in Dr. Wily's fortress that he hopes will take him to his lair without having to fight anymore. However, since this corresponds with the Boss Rush from the games, he instead teleports to a room with the six Robot Masters gathered around him, with smug smiles on their faces. He can only utter "Oh..."
  • Mickey Mouse has a rarely used Villainous Harlequin enemy who in one instance reduces Mouseton to chaos in one day by a memetic joke which causes you to laugh hysterically and compulsively tell everyone else. He avoids hearing the joke himself and spread it using computers since he is by no means immune (the only ones who are seems to be a deaf woman and Minnie, who doesn't get it). The reader never hears it either, of course, only its beginning: "A guy enters a bar, and says..." After he has casually plundered every bank and jewelry store and is preparing to leave the country, he comes upon a newspaper where the front tells of how successful his crimewave is. He eagerly gets it from the newspaper salesman in suspiciously large beard and sunglasses and opens it to revel in his triumph, and reads...
    "A guy enters a bar, and says..."
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (Archie Comics):
      • Near the end of the Death Egg miniseries, Sonic has just defeated his oversized robotic double, Silver Sonic. Robotnik decides go after him, wearing his Eggs-O-Skeleton powersuit. He flies up to where Sonic is, gloating on how he'll easily crush the blue blur...only to find that Sonic has climbed into Silver Sonic's empty shell, wearing it like armor!
      • And just about everyone has one when, in Issue #224, the new Death Egg is seen hovering over New Mobotropolis.
      • At the end of Sonic the Hedgehog/Mega Man: Worlds Collide, Sonic and Mega Man are set to utilize Chaos Control to fix the damage done to their worlds. However, Eggman refuses to remain beaten and decides to attack Sonic while he's preparing his own Chaos Control attack. Then, when Sonic launches it, Eggman hits it with a laser, distorting it! Sonic's last words before everything goes white is "'What did you just do?!"
    • Sonic the Hedgehog (IDW) features a number of examples from heroes and villains alike. At one point in Issue #8, Silver the Hedgehog even says this, word-for-word.
      Silver: It's almost like Neo Metal Sonic isn't hiding what he's doing any— [Finds out Neo has conquered Angel Island] OH, CRAP!
  • In Wild's End when the gang realizes Susan's shotgun is missing.
    Susan: Where's my shotgun?
    Clive: Where's Alph?
  • Iznogoud: Iznogoud gets this look in several stories when he realises the scheme he has concocted to get rid of the Caliph is about to backfire on him, and he has no way to stop it. For example, in "The Jigsaw Turk", joke shop owner Dokodah Bey sells Iznogoud a magic jigsaw puzzle which, when the last piece is put in, causes the object of the puzzler's thoughts to disintegrate into 10,000 pieces. However, there is a piece missing, and Iznogoud has to retrieve a new one from the factory; several further misunderstandings lead the replacement to be thrown away as rubbish. While the vizier is rooting through the palace dustbins, Dokodah Bey delivers the missing piece, which he found in his shop, to the Caliph. Iznogoud finds the replacement missing piece and returns triumphant to his bedroom - where he finds the Caliph, about to put in the original missing piece and benevolently remarking that he's always thinking of Iznogoud. The vizier can only stare in panicked horror as the Caliph completes the puzzle and causes Iznogoud to disintegrate into a pile of jigsaw puzzle pieces.
  • Preacher: In the flashback to Jesse's childhood, Jody and TC find his family and are about to take Christina back home... until TC realizes the situation is more complicated than it first appeared:
    Young Jesse: Daddy!
    TC: Wait... "Daddy"? Aw, fuck.

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