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Noodle Implements in video games.

  • Invoked in Assassin's Creed II, one of the first missions of the game involves Ezio gathering feathers for his younger brother Petruccio who refuses to tell him what they are for, on top of that he's executed before we learn anything at all.
  • Near the end of year 3 in Cake Mania: Back to the Bakery one of the level ending screens says that your competitor, Le Chateau Gateaux got in trouble for a publicity stunt involving an elephant, two thousand coffee cakes and a space shuttle. An earlier scheme involved a "Trojan Rabbit" made out of pastry and a pickup truck.
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  • At one point in Chronicles of Albian: The Magic Convention the player character encounters a gnome inventor who says all he can tell you about his latest experiment is that it involves a handkerchief, a rabbit, a French horn, a wooden shoe and a barrel of pomegranates.
  • See also the crafting into City of Heroes. So you have a manila folder detailing a terrifying conspiracy ("Who knew the true purpose of the aglet was so sinister?"), a gem, a piece of flesh that is regenerating into something, and a device that can trace the temporal origin of a given object. With these, you can make your attacks do more damage.
  • From Conker's Bad Fur Day:
    Panther King: Don't be too long.
    Professor: Ah...I will be as quick as I can sire.
    Panther King: Cause you know what happened last time..
    Professor: [nervously] Oh, he. Only too well, only too well. I vill go now.
    Panther King: I don't want to have to get the duct tape out again.
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  • Dishonored mixes this trope with a bit of Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking.
    High Overseer Campbell: Now, to business. What would you say happened last night?
    General Curnow: To be honest, I'm not even sure! My men, your Overseers, a few whores, maybe a little too much ale. One harmless prank with a runaway chicken, and ten minutes later, Treaver's Alley is a sea of blood and teeth.
    High Overseer Campbell: I almost wish I'd been there.
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition:
    • While Josephine is recalling her youthful misadventures with Leliana, she advises you to flee if you ever encounter her holding a twine ball, a measuring stick, and a handkerchief.
    • The Noodle Incident in the Inquisitor's past was apparently scandalous enough to begin with, but how did a rabbit become involved?
  • Dwarf Fortress:
    • Due to the nature of the item system, some descriptions of events a player does, especially in adventure mode, can seem like this. Even if the character is a master thrower and picks up whatever they can find, the descriptions can just be confusing.
      Man, this is just like that time with an bronze giant, two whales, some sand, that flaming bush, and the king's guard. Well, actually, I don't have camelskin bag this time.
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    • Then there's strange moods, which will leave you curious about what they intend to do with a lump of tetrahedrite, two cut gemstones, some alpaca wool, a wolf skull, a mussel shell and some platinum bars.
  • The Elder Scrolls:
    • In Oblivion, the required offering to begin Sheogorath's Daedric quest consists of a spool of yarn, a head of lettuce, and a lesser soul gem (hey, he is the Daedric Prince of Madness).
    • Skyrim:
      • The start of Peryite's Daedric quest has one of his followers (a Khajiit named Kesh the Clean) ask for a flawless ruby, a silver ingot, a deathbell flower, and some vampire dust to concot a mixture whose vapors the Dragonborn must inhale to meet the said Daedric Prince.
      • A note you find in Haelga's Bunkhouse thanks Haelga, a devotee of Dibella, the Aedric Goddess of Beauty (who is also associated with the carnal and sexual aspects of love) for one of the most wonderful nights of the writer's life, mentioning skillful body manipulation while wearing Daedric boots and...a trout. In her bedroom, one can also find leather strips and a horker tusk.
  • Fallen London: During one repeatable storyline, you can hire the services of an assassin with a reputation for Cruel and Unusual Death, who is noted to have done "something unspeakable to the Duke of Kent with a pair of bricks". Your character knows this well enough that, if they spot her taking out a cigar and a cigar-clipper, they immediately assume the worst and run terrified.
  • The materials necessary to make the custom weapons in Fallout 3 can get like this. "Let's see... I need a crutch, a steam gauge assembly, a pressure cooker, a fission battery and about a hundred railroad spikes."
  • Many A True Nerd's Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas runs often include commentary on the juxtaposition of items that can't interact with one another, such as a tricycle and a harmonica in a brothel (they must accommodate some very specific requests) and a vacuum cleaner and hockey mask in Elder Lyons' briefcase ("sounds like a good weekend").
  • In Fallout: New Vegas:
    • The H&H Tools Factory has terminals containing emails between employees. Alan Dalton invites Jenny DeSoto over for the weekend while his wife is away and suggests she bring her accordion and riding crop. Jenny invents an excuse and instead offers to visit Dobson O'Gill and bring a stovepipe and souveneir moon rocks, and Alan invites Dobson over and asks him to bring rubber sheets and a souvenir elephant trash can.
    • In the Old World Blues expansion, during a conversation with Doctor 8 about some undefined activity, you have the option to tell him that you usually just use a can of Cram and some duct tape.
  • Leather Goddesses of Phobos:
    • The climax involves handing a list of objects, one by one, to your sidekick so he or she can build a device to save the world. The items are: A common household blender, six feet of rubber hose, a pair of cotton balls, an eighty-two degree angle, a headlight from a 1933 Ford, a white mouse, a photo of Jean Harlow (or Douglas Fairbanks), and a Cleveland phone book. Despite the game's naughty theme, the objects aren't used to build some sort of sex toy.
    • In one room, the player sees a laboratory set up for experiments that are too outrageous to describe. Even if you play the game in Lewd Mode, the most you'll get told is that "it involves several feet of plastic tubing, a lot of lubricants, and a yak."
  • From this very wiki's Cherry Tapping page: The Legend of Zelda's Ganondorf can be defeated by: A butterfly net, an empty bottle, nuts, and a fishing pole.
  • Dr. Fred of Maniac Mansion tells his son, Weird Ed, that the Meteor needs to borrow Ed's hamster and an electric cattle prod. We never learn what the Meteor intended with either of them.
  • A knife, a photograph, a broken vase, a folder with documents, a watch, and a cellphone... Phoenix Wright only needs three out of these objects to prove his opponent guilty of a never addressed crime in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This includes Doctor Doom, demons, gods, an Eldritch Abomination, or himself.
  • In Mass Effect 2, Mordin Solus once killed someone with farming equipment. This example, though, becomes averted if you play the Shadow Broker DLC, where it reveals that he stabbed a Krogan in the face with a pitchfork during a black op.
  • Monkey Island:
    • The Secret of Monkey Island:
      • The hero asks the friendly natives of the titular island about the whereabouts of his true love who has been kidnapped by a ship crewed by ghost pirates. Unfortunately, it didn't come out quite right.
        Guybrush Threepwood: I'm looking for thirty dead guys and a woman.
        Meathead: Whoah, I'm not sure what you're planning there but count us out!
      • What requires a pot on a fire, wine, gunpowder, a rubber chicken with a pulley down the middle, breakfast cereals, ink, a jolly roger flag, breathmints, and some cinnamon? note .
      • The cutscene-of-sorts in the secret room at Elaine's mansion where we don't see what's happening but the menu keeps telling us disturbing things about wax lips and a llama...
    • In Tales of Monkey Island chapter 1, Guybrush misleads a guy by musing about how he's going to get past an ancient stone door, and mutters about going to gather "Several sticks of dynamite, a rubber chicken with a pulley in the middle, and some sort of rudimentary lathe..."
  • Although alternatives are available, commonly used "Thing Stickers" for the final battle of Paper Mario: Sticker Star include a fan, a refrigerator, a roll of sticky tape, a pair of tailor's scissors and a stereo music player.
  • Poker Night at the Inventory: The Heavy from Team Fortress 2 reveals that he has a PhD in Russian literature. When asked if it is useful in his line of work, Heavy claims, "More than you think..."
  • A potential conversation in Poker Night 2 involves Claptrap claiming that he had the weirdest dream last night.
    Brock Samson: Did it involve Charles Manson, Rita Moreno, and a duck?
    Claptrap: No, but...
    Brock: Then it wasn't the weirdest dream.
  • Quest for Glory IV has this in The Ultimate Joke, a joke so funny it's guaranteed to make anyone who hears it become paralyzed with laughter on hearing it the first time (it is said to work only once). The joke is never told, the narrator (none other than John Rhys Davies) only mention that it is "...the one with the wizard (chuckles) and the farmer's daughter...(further chuckling) It's a killer!" when you opt to tell the joke to the Big Bad, so he's stuck laughing and you can kill him with a spear.
  • In Sam & Max Hit the Road:
    • The player never gets to see what's inside the other doors at the Mystery Vortex.
      Max: "Look at all the cheese!"
      Sam: "I didn't know they could do that!"
    • The final puzzle of the game is solved with a dinosaur tooth, a pillow soaked in hair tonic, a re-filled souvenir snow globe, and a zucchini in the shape of John Muir's head.
  • In Season 1, episode 5 of Sam & Max: Freelance Police when the duo find Sybil addicted to "Reality 2.0".
    Sam: You've been playing that game for an entire week.
    Max: She's an addict, Sam. Time for an intervention. We'll need some cocktail peanuts, an iron maiden, oh, and some handkerchiefs. This is going to be emotional.
  • Scribblenauts.
    "I got through that level with a chain, a Fairy Godmother, a tranqulizer gun, and a baseball bat. You?"
  • Kingdom of Loathing. Many of the items have a logic as to how they fit together, it's just that one wouldn't normally think to combine a skewer and a rat appendix to make a rat appendix kabob.
  • In one of the runs in Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall, you read a message where an employee wonders what the research team need with a bulk order of gags, restraints, and five hundred litres of hydrochloric acid. She's somewhat creeped out by it, and probably for a good reason.
  • Based on some snippets of the Court Summons in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse, the order to cut Shantae's hair involved scissors, a jigsaw, and a goat mouth.
  • Spiral Knights: a memo on a devilite workstation in the danger mission "Heart of Ice" asks the employee to explain why he needs "999 'Open minded' devilites, 50 barrels of 'whatever frostifurs eat,' and a 'towering pillar of everfrost' and 'all the frozen souls it brings forth.'"
  • One of the medic's quotes from StarCraft II.
    Medic: Here's some lotion, a comb, and a blowtorch. Good luck!
  • In Tonic Trouble, Doc constructs a catapult out of six each of the following items: springs, propellors, jumping stones, domino stones and piggy banks. While in this case, we do know what he does with them, we don't ever get to see how.
  • World of Warcraft:
    • The game uses this trope in several of the female Draenei's 'flirt' and 'silly' emotes, including one involving butter and jumper cables and another is a recipe involving 2 gnomes and 2 eggs. Unfortunately, the one asking about whether gnomes have a vibrate setting didn't make the final cut.
    • In one scenario, you are involved with a group of Goblins trying to open a huge vault door with a powerful explosive they implrovise with the tools they have around. Most of the tools, even if not realistic, make sense (fire elemental cores, dragon egg, a battery), but we're never explained what they need the Pool Pony for. But apparently, it's "the most vital ingredient".
  • Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders is largely based around using utterly bizarre items (such as a crayon, a kazoo and an egg) for the purpose of saving the world from aliens.


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