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  • 8-Bit Theater:
    • The "Goblin Punch" is an attack that is actually a kick to the groin from a very non-goblin monster. It was named by "the greatest crypto-zoologist in all of Red Mage history: Blindy O'Sightless."
    • Dataspheres are square/cubic (sort of). Blame that on pixels. Conversely, a strip had a Summoning Cube that looked like a sphere.
    • In one strip, Fighter ponders how we drive on parkways and park on driveways.
  • Curse Quest: Quite a few.
    • As far as we know Captain Walrus is not a captain nor a walrus.
    • Mogarth the Unbreakable doesn't seem to have any qualities indicating being unbreakable. He is a big soft marshmallow personality-wise and takes a huge stabbing from an owl-bear bleeding profusely.
    • "The Kobold's Dungeon" didn't feature a single kobold at all.
  • Many webcomics have this type of name. 1/0, for example, has nothing to do with impossible mathematics.
    • The name does get explained in a footnote as having to do with the impossible nature of existence (i.e. "Everything (1) coming from Nothing (0)"), but that's still arguably oblique.
  • Awkward Zombie: Despite the webcomic's name, it is not about zombies (let alone awkward ones). Its focus is on (usually) disconnected gag-a-day strips about various video games that the creator has played. (There is one World of Warcraft comic involving an undead rogue in an awkward situation, however).
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  • The Big Bad of The Wotch is named Xaos (pronounced Chaose), but is an avatar of order (while the protagonist is one of chaos).
  • In Chasing the Sunset, there is the magister Malvenicus * Dramatic Thunder * , who is a rather normal looking guy.
  • Subverted in this Daisy Owl Strip.
  • Girls with Slingshots contains plenty of girls, but few slingshots. The name does, however, crop up in reference to an alcoholic beverage in one strip, a tongue-in-cheek concession by the creator to those baffled by the ambiguous title.
    • In the back of the first printed collection of the webcomic, the creator writes that it began with a few sketches - guess what they were of - and that after drawing a few of these, people began to ask Danielle Corsetto when those "girls with slingshots" would have their own comic strip. The kicker is that she then adds that she was drawing slingshots "...because I couldn't draw guns very well."
  • Irregular Webcomic! is this on one level (it's one of the most consistently updated webcomics out there) but not so much on others (it's a very unorthodox style of webcomic, what with the numerous unrelated plotlines and such).
    • Between 2011 and 2015, when it had ended, it was no longer irregular (updates every Sunday) nor a webcomic (new content consisted of new text annotations, released regularly every day). Now, it is a webcomic again, with two new strips a week injected into the re-runs...but it's still pretty regular, with the new comics coming out at set times.
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  • The Order of the Stick: Miko Miyazaki isn't a miko, and Lord Shojo is neither female nor adolescent, though it should be noted that both "Miko" and "Shojo" can be written with kanji that don't have the common meanings, and Japan doesn't exist in the OoTS universe.
  • Buttersafe has very little to do with butter, or the safety of it.
  • Orange Marmalade is about a vampire, Ma-ri, dealing with humans at her school (mostly a boy with very tasty blood who has a huge crush on her) on the backdrop of vampires being allowed to live within society and lots of Fantastic Racism. No marmalade at all. In an FAQ, when asked what orange marmalade was (in regards to the story), the author simply explained how one made orange marmalade.
  • MS Paint Adventures has been made in Photoshop since day two.
    • Problem Sleuth is about weird puzzle shit and RPG mechanics.
    • The characters in Homestuck got out of their homes quite some time ago.
      • Discussed in Homestuck when the trolls compare their cultural naming conventions of movies. Troll movie titles are very long and Exactly What It Says on the Tin, down to describing each individual character, plot element and how many kisses and murders there are. When John points out to Karkat how stupid this is, Karkat justifies it by saying that troll movies have been around for much longer than human movies.
      • Each of the heroes has a Title consisting of a Class and an Aspect, like Heir of Breath. Some of the aspects are non-indicative, like Breath (which effectively means wind) and Light (chance or probability). The titles, though, are almost completely non-indicative. A Prince is not a leadership role, but rather someone who brings destruction to their aspect, or by means of their aspect. A Witch is creative, a Bard is passively destructive, etc.
      • However, if you have the right Title, you can have a secondary ability that makes your Aspect more literal. For example, a Page of Breath can use wind to perform CPR, and a Sylph of Light can cure the blind.
  • Wright as Rayne is, in spite of its name, about Badass Normal superhero Alex Rayne being part of a one-sided "Freaky Friday" Flip with teenage girl Dorothy Wright. Apparently Rayne As Wright doesn't have the same ring to it.
  • Penny Arcade generally features home console or PC releases.
    • There's the subseries in the comic Twisp and Catsby, featuring the surreal adventures of the titular cat and demon. The cat is Twisp, the demon is Catsby.
  • Route148 doesn't really have anything to do with any roads other than that people use them to travel by.
  • The name of the journal comic The Devil's Panties has absolutely nothing to do with its content. At conventions, the booth banner declares, "It's not Satanic porn, honest!"
  • xkcd looks like an acronym for something. In fact, it doesn't mean anything; it's just a string of random letters that the creator (Randall Munroe) liked.
    • It has, however, been pointed out that the numerical values of the letters add up to 42.
  • The full title of the Remix Comic Jet Dream is Jet Dream and her T-Girl Counterspies, inherited from the original comic book feature, Jet Dream and her Stunt-Girl Counterspies. However, in the Remix Comic, "Jet Dream" is the name of the organization, not the lead character, whose name is Harmony Thunder. She's occasionally referred to as "the Jet Dream Queen" as partial justification, but in truth, the title was chosen because photoshopping out the letters "STUN" made for a quick and dirty title change that also fit the main theme of the series.
  • In one Something*Positive strip, Fred is horrified when Peejee tells him Davan is at a store named "Getting High", thinking that Davan is now a pothead. Davan is actually going there to laugh at stoners who are disappointed to find that it's just a kite shop.
  • Mountain Time is not particularly concerned with mountains, time, or the Mountain Time Zone — with the exception of one comic.
  • The Perry Bible Fellowship has nothing to do with The Bible, fellowships, or anyone named Perry. It's a series of one-shot Black Comedy comics.
  • Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, in much the same way, is a bunch of one-shot philosophical and/or Black Comedy strips. No relation to cereal, or Saturday Morning Cartoons, or anything else the title might imply.
  • Guy from Two Guys and Guy is a girl, but a masculine one.
  • Inverted for a running gag in White Dark Life is that thus far only two werebeast turn into what their names say. Tora(tiger) turns into an oni, Tori(bird) becomes a cat, Saru(monkey) changes into a snake, and Inu(dog) and Uma(horse) transform into harpies.
  • In The Bird Feeder #194, "Rebuilding," in response to vandals adding feathers to his featherless sculpture entitled "Plucked," Josh creates another featherless sculpture entitled "Plumed."
  • Girly has Officer Getskilled. Not only does he survive the entire run of the comic, he ends up becoming immortal in the final arc.
  • Luna from Sandra and Woo mentions a gang called The White Brotherhood took over her old neighborhood in Camden, New Jersey. Sandra assumes they're Neo-Nazis, but Luna points out they're actually a black gang. It's implied they got their name because they believe mayonnaise is Serious Business.
  • You might assume that Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name provides some kind of exploration of gender or sexuality, but no, it's just about a goofy Occult Detective who happens to have a Gender-Blender Name. The first two strips give a Title Drop, but beyond that Hanna's name is not particularly important. (Or at least, never seemed important by the time that the comic stopped updating.)
  • Terror Island: The comic's plot has nothing to do with terror or islands. Lampshaded by the former Tag Line, "I'm not sure why it's called Terror Island". Also, Ned Q. Sorcerer is not a sorcerer, and Centre of the Earth University is actually on the surface of the Moon.
  • Crystal Heroes is a deliberately cliche-sounding fantasy title to emphasize how much the setting and characters deviate from genre standards.


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