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Taking place 20 Minutes into the Future in Atlanta, Georgia, where superheroes are the norm yet can only do so much to curtail the violence brought forth by superpowers and organized crime, Wright as Rayne focuses on Alex Rayne - a mid-twenties, non-superpowered vigilante with no secret identity and relying on his wits and fighting style to get him in and out of trouble.

But it fails to keep him from getting into trouble one night with a team of superpowered thugs. Alex is captured by Eighth Sin, a "legitimate" business that's secretly one of Atlanta's top crime syndicates headed by one of his old flames, Sarabeth Phoenix. In order to escape from her position as the organization's leader, as it's usually a life-long commitment (as in, "As long as you're alive,"), she decides to put Alex to work in upsetting the syndicate's power balance.


Because Alex's cooperation wouldn't be guaranteed and they need to keep his exact nature a secret, Alex's consciousness is moved into the body of Dorothy Wright, a normal sixteen-year-old girl. Now needing to cooperate to reverse the transformation, Alex is forced to use his combat skill and crimefighting experience to Sarabeth's ends and unseat her from the position of Eighth Sin's leader. Between schoolwork, crimefighting, and furthering Sarabeth's agenda, Alex Rayne has a lot to put up with in his borrowed life.

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The Black Princess

A sister comic running in conjunction with Wright as Rayne. The Black Princess centers on two of the women involved in Alex's abduction, Sareena Black and Misty Smid. Sareena is the titular Black Princess, the youngest of seven children in the main family of a group of witches and warlocks and the only daughter. Her roommate, the somewhat goofy Misty Smid, also works with her in the Paranormal Division of Eighth Sin, investigating the strange and unusual. In the meantime, Misty finds herself having to adjust to being brought into the inner circle of the Black Family.


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