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"We're all in for a world of craze."

Will the ANZC be able to survive into the 21st century and remain a world power? The question asked by many is still yet unanswered and we have to find out ourselves as time goes by bit by bit..

The Eagle Down Under (1983: Doomsday TL 2016-2030) (also mostly called EDU by the creator and fans) is a timeline of what happens in the future in the alternate history of 1983: Doomsday done in an accurate take. Created on, by member LouisTheGreyFox. You can read it here.

Even decades after the nuclear war between US/NATO vs USSR/Warsaw Pact in 1983, things have began improving to normal levels, however many changes have occurred as a result.

The timeline features many conflicts, issues, and great changes in society itself. For instance just like in OTL, same-sex marriage happens at the same time, New Zealand legalizes gay marriage in 2013, and in 2017 for Australia legalizes it as well. Technology itself is beginning to catch up to present-day standards albeit in mostly the Southern Hemisphere of the globe, and internet is becoming more and more common. However the main issue that the timeline heavily focuses on is terrorism.


The timeline itself starts out in 2016, showing the ANZC having to deal with a domestic terrorist organization known as the Australian Brotherhood, being comprised of mostly white supremacists who are outraged by the fact in recent years Australia is becoming home to many number of refugees from the former United States and China. Resulting in the organization creating many terrorist attacks against innocent people and the ANZC government itself. However interestingly enough they are crushed by a Self-Made Man who ends up working for the government of the ANZC. However even after the defeat of the Australian Brotherhood, a new foreign terrorist organization called the Hamas Caliphate declares war on the ANZC and SAC launching an attack similar to 9/11 (only worse) and destroying two Brazilian cities with nuclear weapons, resulting in another world war.


A world war on terrorism, which everyone calls it as the "World War on Terrorism". As a result we see perhaps the biggest war humanity has ever faced since World War II and if not perhaps even World War III. With this being said we see the rise of international cooperation between nations (both new and old) and the formation of military alliances solely done to help defeat terrorism.

That being mentioned the ANZC and SAC end up uniting together to fight terrorist groups such as the Hamas Caliphate. In North America we see the new countries made after Doomsday having to band together to defeat the Christian Patriots. African nations band together to fight the Lord's Salvation Army of Africa. And so on...


  • After the End: Even decades after World War III, nuclear weapons are still being commonly used by, however only difference is that terrorist groups have their hands on the few nukes that weren't used in Doomsday and stealing them, while some have began making smaller but deadlier nukes.
    • Even after a world devastated from a nuclear war, terrorism still ends up becoming a huge global threat.
  • Allohistorical Allusion:
    • The 6/23 attacks serves as this timeline's equivalent to 9/11 where operatives of the Hamas Caliphate hijack airplanes and crash them at the Q1 Tower in Queensland and the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Jainero, resulting in a World War on Terror.
    • The Hamas Caliphate is an obvious nod to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, but more dangerous as they possess armored vehicles, fighter jets, dirty bombs, and a limited but deadly nuclear arsenal.
    • The 9/11 hijackers are still alive in this timeline and are the ones resonsible for other terror attacks.
    • Rodrigo Duterte is the President of the Philippines in the late 2010s, mirroring our timeline.
    • Several school shootings and mass shootings mirror Columbine, Sandy Hook, Stoneman Douglas, and the New Zealand mosque terror attack.
    • Qantas Flight 912 is hijacked by the Hamas Caliphate and attempted crash it at the Australian National Parliament. The passengers revolt to take back the plane from the hijackers, killing them one-by-one. While they were too late to bring the plane safely, they successfully foil the terrorists' plan at the cost of their life. It is known as "The Flight That Fought Back." The entire ordeal is a nod to United Airlines Flight 93 during the September 11, 2001 attacks in our timelinenote . Even Fridge Brilliance is the passenger revolt sequence happens the same way as OTL with the same lines spoken by the passengers.
    • The Oregon Riots is basically the August 2017 Charlottesville Riots complete with tiki torches and "Unite the Right" chants. Definitely Ripped from the Headlines.
    • A viral joke to storm the ANZC military base of Pine Gap is directly taken from the July 2019 satirical event Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us.
  • The Alternet: REMUNDO ends up becoming more universally called the "Net" when it gets commonly used in Australia and other ANZC nations. At first done by dial-up connection like in the OTL 1990's, while by the late 2010's we see faster connection speeds thanks to the introduction of LAN.
    • A widely used search engine and web browser called Fittex which is an equivalent to Google from OTL, only difference is it that it is filled with more hilarious easter eggs.
    • Social media still ends up coming into being, only difference is there is no Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
      • YouTube on the other hand has a similar equivalent called "eCast" which basically functions the same way how OTL YouTube did in the 2000's.
      • Communékate is a widely used social media platform that resembles a combination of Facebook and Twitter, and was interestingly enough invented by Mike Krieger (who is known for creating Instagram in OTL).
    • Information sites and online encyclopedias end up still coming into being regardless. Two commonly used sites on the Net used for researching random information are "Infopedia" and "Rapidinformia". So in a way they sort of still end up having something similar to that of Wikipedia.
    • Online forums are very popular and used by many people, one such famous site in the TL is "Type-It", which basically the Word of God states that it pretty much a parallel version of Reddit from OTL.
    • Online gaming still ends up existing, but it pretty much resembles like what most online games did in the early 2000's.
  • America Saves the Day: Not anymore, nowadays it more like Australia Saves The Day and Brazil Saves The Day.
  • Arch-Enemy: For Morrell it was Pauline Hanson, now it is currently Osama bin Laden.
    • An Australian Senator Cory Bernardi hates Howery-Morrell for opening up Australia to liberal and multicultural ideas. He tries to assassinate him in his own house, but gets Hoist by His Own Petard.
  • The Apocalypse Brings Out the Best in People: Now in the context of the World War on Terrorism, majority of the world's nations have committed forces to fighting all forms of terrorist organizations, may they be Islamic terrorists, far-right Christians, or cult-worshipping dictators. It is implied that the Socialist Siberia may soon join in the global coalition against the Hamas Caliphate.
    • Surviving nuclear weapons among nuclear-armed states are slowly disarmed following the nuclear destruction of Natal and Recife.
  • A World Half Full: As per continuation of the universe of 1983: Doomsday though the gaps are slowly being filled.
  • Back from the Dead: Atari despite getting itself screwed in the beginning of the Video Game Crash of 1983, Doomsday ends up destroying the company and for a while it was pretty much dead until surviving corporate officials decided to refound the company in Australia in the early 2000's.
    • The former communist terrorist organization, Shining Path comes back during the World War on Terror.
  • Badass Israeli: There are plenty of Israelis in the timeline that are very badass by definition.
  • Balkanize Me: After Doomsday, new and smaller countries form from bigger countries. An example is territory once held by Russia, China, Afghanistan, and India (known as the Union Interim Parliament).
    • After Saudi Arabia falls into a civil war, the country is split into different countries. During the World War on Terror, several areas are occupied by LoN nations.
    • Thailand experiences the same situation after Red Star orders Bangkok to be nuked so that he would not be captured by Burmese forces.
    • Iraq happens to suffer one as well.
  • Better to Die than Be Killed:
    • Once the Brazilian coup attempt fails, Jair Bolsonaro commits suicide in front of national TV to avoid capture.
    • Once Burmese forces started surrounding Bangkok, Red Star orders a stolen Chinese nuclear weapon to be dropped on his capital in order to avoid capture and as a form of Taking You with Me with the invaders.
    • Hamas Caliphate General Abu Abdul Rahman is found dead by Commonwealth and Brazilian troops so that he would not be interrogated on the Great Ones's Osama bin Laden whereabouts.
  • Big Bad:
    • The Great One of the Hamas Caliphate a.k.a. Osama bin-Laden
    • Abu Abdullah al-Australi Jake Bilardi infamous Australian member of the Hamas Caliphate who carried out the destruction of Mecca under the Great One's orders.
    • Robert Martley, leader of the Christian Patriots.
    • Giacomo Bertolucci, the President of the Sicilian Republic.
    • Red Star, the dictator of the People's Republic of Siam.
    • Joseph Kony, the leader of the Lord's Resistance Army of Africa (LRAA), an Pan-African terrorist organization that seeks to create a United Africa free from foreign influence, through the means of terrorism.
    • Comrade Alipio, leader of the revived Shining Path.
    • Nameless Patriot, whose identity is unknown but is involved in promoting terrorist attacks across the Provisional United States.
  • Big Bad Ensemble: Pauline Hanson, Heather Hill, David Oldfield, David William Ettridge, Paddy Embry, Frank Hough, John Fischer, Carl Williams, John Sharpe, and Michael Marshall are (or were) members who created the Australian Brotherhood.
  • Bilingual Bonus: Most people in ANZC member nations are beginning to learn Spanish and Portuguese in school.
    • Louis Morrell himself literally knows how to read and speak Spanish and Portuguese due to learning it for much of his whole life thanks to his school years and actually teaching himself it.
  • Bury Your Disabled: The Disabomicido, aka translated from Italian for "disabled killing", a genocide done by Sicilian dictator Giacomo Bertolucci. The genocide itself ends up resulting in Europe uniting together to invade the Republic of Sicily once it is discovered that massive amounts of disabled people are being slaughtered.
  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp":
    • The Internet was originally known as the REMUNDO in South America (thanks to them bringing it into existence despite Doomsday destroying much of computer industry), but once the ANZC began to quickly use it on a daily basis, it became known as simply the Net.
    • Webcams still get invented and become popular, but they are instead universally called "self-cams", due to the fact people are able to capture photos of themselves kind of like selfies in OTL, albeit on a computer.
    • Laptops still get invented, but instead they are known as "suitcase computers" due to their resemblance to suitcases for how they open up and close.
  • Civil War:
    • Saudi Arabia breaks down into this after much of the Saudi royal family is killed in a car accident. Resulting in three factions (later four) being SDA (Saudi Democratic Army, that wants Saudi Arabia to become a secular democracy), PSA (People's Army of Saudi, a faction that wants to establish Saudi Arabia as a communist state), LAS (Loyalist Army of Saudi (Basically the reminder of Saudi Arabia, located in the capital of Riyadh, who are comprised of people still very loyal to the absolute monarchy of Saudi Arabia) and finally Hamas Caliphate (led by Osama bin Laden, who wants to establish an Islamic caliphate using Saudi Arabia as the backbone and having a vast Islamic empire as well).
    • Republic of Virginia became this after much conflict between the government and military. Only to give great advantage to the Christian Patriots to rise up and take over a significant amount of territory in former West Virginia.
    • Venezuela becomes this after a coup, resulting in a massive migrant crisis across Latin America and Post-Doomsday North America.
  • Crowd Panic: After the nuclear destruction of Recife and Natal, many people across the world fear of another terrorist attack being done by the Hamas Caliphate or the Christian Patriots.
    • Going so far that both the SAC and ANZC bring back the draft system this time for both men and women!
    • With the Christian Patriots causing havoc across North America, many people especially in the Provisional US have begun to outright view Christianity in a negative light seeing it as a "religion of violence".
  • Cult of Personality: The Red November group, a communist terrorist organization that worships Joseph Stalin as a saint. They are responsible for the bomb blast in an apartment in Magadan that killed 81 people. Their motives are for restoring the Soviet Union to its glory days since Socialist Siberia has initated economic and liberal reforms for its citizens.
  • Darker and Edgier: Even decades after nuclear war, terrorism is widespread worldwide that literally no nation will be spared by it. And terrorist organizations happen to own a few nuclear weapons and dirty bombs to use on cities without any hesitation. Many people who are fans of 1983: Doomsday can surely say that this timeline makes the original look like a "walk in the park".
  • Dirty Communists: How majority of the world views Socialist Siberia and the rest of the communist countries.
    • The same could be see how the international community saw of Red Star's regime in the People's Republic of Siam.
  • Divine Intervention: Since Israel survived Doomsday[[note:despite chugging a few Soviet nuclear missiles]] and was a target of a failed Hamas Caliphate nuclear bombing, many now believe that God still protects the State of Israel.
  • Driven to Suicide: A lot of people do this in the timeline...
    • Famous Australian comedian and animator, Rolf Harris is still accused of sexual offenses toward children and women from the 1960's and 1970's. However instead of admitting he was guilty he ends up killing himself by crashing his car into a tree while being cashed by police on May 2nd, 2018.
      • And to make matters worse he also was later discovered to have secretly supported the Australian Brotherhood and made xenophobic drawings of American refugees.
    • Jair Bolsonaro killing himself on national television in Brazil, after his coup to overthrow Brazil's government failed.
    • Abu Abdul Rahman commits suicide before Commonwealth and Brazilian troops are able to capture him, in order to prevent himself from being forced to tell where Osama is.
  • Enemy Mine: Once the Hamas Caliphate rears its ugly head, the differences between ANZC and the SAC are permanently put aside in order to face the new threat.
    • After the Magadan Apartment bombing, the international community gives its condolences and support to Socialist Siberia despite the stigma of Doomsday and communism. Even the President of the Provisional United States plans to meet the leader of Socialist Siberia as a form of reconcilation between the two countries. It is implied the Socialist Siberia will soon join the World War on Terror.
  • Face–Heel Turn:
    • Far-right politician in the ANZC Parliament, Conservative member Pauline Hansion, is eventually found out by then young college student, Louis R. Morrell, that she is the leader of the terrorist organization the Australian Brotherhood.
    • Abu Abdullah al-Australi a.k.a. Jake Bilardi being the actual person behind the destruction of Mecca via dirty bombing as ordered by Osama bin Laden. The fact a person who is from Australia ended up joining the Hamas Caliphate and then carried out the destruction on one of the world's most holiest cities is disturbing to say the lease.
  • The Federation: One can easily see the ANZC this way, and the SAC this way as well.
    • Along with the NAU (North American Union) which is often less focused on in the TL.
    • Also the Nordic Union is basically this, but once again they aren't focused on that much in the timeline.
    • PLAO (Pacific Latin American Organization) is basically a "NATO on steroids" being that it a combination of ANZC and SAC. And because of PLAO, ANZC and SAC nations are basically sharing military tech with one another in efforts to help in the World War on Terror.
  • Gender Is No Object: Plenty of nations by the time World War on Terror occurs begin to draft both men and women who are suitable for combat. Even countries you least expect it do it as well such as Japan in the timeline.
  • Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory: Even though the internet is starting to get back to levels like that we recognize, the one thing that makes very different is that it pretty much lacks many edgy trolls online. Reason simply due to the World War on Terror pretty much resulting in ANZC and SAC watching their civilian's activity online to the point that if someone were to even just joke about genocide or is using discrimination, then they basically are arrested by police for the possibility they said something that is a "terrorist threat". Simply put it no longer simply a joke to even say "I hate school so much, I wish I could blow it up with a bomb".
  • Handicapped Badass: Applies greater to Louis R. Howery-Morrell since he has ADHD and Aspergers and is very open about it.
    • And eventually ends up in a wheelchair paralyzed from waist-down due to a failed assassination attempt, yet he keeps on going determined to crush the Hamas Caliphate.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Taylor Phillips (Louis's best friend) does this during the destruction of Santiago by a dirty bomb, being permanently blind from an attack made against her in past by the AB, she knew she would have slowed down Bobby and Sophie from being able to evacuate out of the city in time. Not to mention Taylor was more concerned for Sophie's unborn child. As a result she literally told them to leave her behind so they wouldn't die.
    • An ANZC pilot flies a C-17 transport plane on the path of a Hamas Caliphate nuclear missile, sparing the city of Sanaa at cost of his life.
    • The passengers of Qantas Flight 812 after they revolted against the Hamas Caliphate hijackers and prevented the plane from crashing at the Australian National Parliament.
  • In Spite of a Nail:
    • The War on Terror still happens, but it happens later in the mid-2010's as a result, not to mention it has Australia and Brazil as the main ones fighting against terrorism instead of the U.S.
    • Osama bin Laden survives Doomsday and is still responsible for The War on Terror, only difference is that it mostly directed at Australia and Brazil instead.
    • Julia Gillard still becomes the Prime Minister of Australia, but she ends up serving longer for a total of 4 terms in office due to her successful war against the Australian Brotherhood, the establishment of a coalition with the Australian Green Party and the Australian Progressive Party to combat against the Liberal/National coalition, and for Australia's entrance into the World War on Terror.
    • Malcolm Turnbull still gets into politics like in OTL, only thing that differs is he becomes an elected senator for the ANZC Conservative Party in the Federal ANZC Parliament.
    • Sean William McLoughlin, known to our timeline as Jacksepticeye, exists and serves in the Celtic Alliance Armed Forces.
    • Senator Brian Schatz survives Doomsday and ends up becoming a senator for Hawaii for the ANZC Labour Party, and ends up becoming elected as Governor-General of the ANZC by 2018.
    • Trevor Noah survives Doomsday and ends up living and growing up in New Britain after his mother fled to escape from chaos that was happening in South Africa at the time in 1985. As a result Trevor ends up going into politics and becomes elected as a member of the Parliament of New Britain.
    • In the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte is the President just as OTL.
  • Killed Off for Real: Eric Bana, Jessica Gomes, Jessica Mauboy, Ana Lopez, Luke Mitchell, Rolf Harris, Pauline Hanson, Jair Bolsonaro, Peter Jackson, and Taylor Phillips.
    • For a non-human example would be none other than Useful Notes/Nintendo, since it pretty much was still in it's very infancy in 1983, resulting in it pretty much getting completely forgotten after getting destroyed during Doomsday in Tokyo.
  • Multinational Team:
    • For the ANZC you have (Australia, New Zealand, Samoa, Papua, Kiribati, Nauru, Federated States of Micronesia, Yukon, Free State of Alaska, Kingdom of Hawaii, Tuvalu, East Timor, Belau (Palau), Vanuatu, and Niue)
    • For the SAC (South American Confedeation) you have (Brazil, United American Republic (Argentina + Uruguay combined), Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Guyana Cooperative (Guyana + Suriname), Colombia, Ecuador, and Chile)
    • For the PLAO (Pacific Latin American Organization) you have all the nations in the ANZC and SAC combined, resulting in the most powerful multinational force to ever be created.
  • Not So Stoic: The serial killer Pedro Lópeznote , who joined the Hamas Caliphate and was responsible for the dirty bombing of Santiago, breaks down in tears and asks for forgiveness of the families of the victims he murdered after it was found out he would be executed by hanging. He shows Tears of Fear and is crying for his mother right before the hangman's noose is lowered.
  • Nuclear Weapons Taboo: Due to the destruction of Recife and Natal, most nations in the world that still have nuclear weapons (mostly those left over from Doomsday) end up agreeing on getting rid of them due to respect for all those who died during Doomsday.
    • However the Republic of Iraq (run by Uday Hussein) ends up creating nuclear weapons in secret since the beginning of the Cold War. As a result Iraq ends up deciding to launch a nuclear attack on a Hamas base in Saudi Arabia, only to come with karmic response by the Hamas. Getting nuked with a bomb similar to the Tsar Bomba!
  • Nuke 'em: Terrorist organizations (especially the Hamas Caliphate) have no shame or second thoughts at throwing nukes at their enemies.
  • Obligatory War Crime Scene: What the Sicilians did with their handicapped and Down Syndrome citizens.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: Basically what the Hamas Caliphates does to the Uday Hussein's Iraq after being struck with a nuclear bomb. Basically put it DOES not end well for the Republic of Iraq.
  • Rare Guns: Many Australian and Brazilian firearms that are rarely seen in Real Life are utilized as standard-issue weapons for the various international militaries. Be prepared to be awed at the weapons used in this timeline.
  • Retro Universe: Not for long thanks to development of technology increasing in the Southern Hemisphere with Brazil and Australia being the ones contributing to the development of new tech.
  • Richard Nixon the Used Car Salesman: Plenty of characters are this in timeline...
    • Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, becomes a famous comedian in Sweden and the Nordic Union, and later ends up becoming a politician.
    • Sean McLoughlin is a soldier for the Celtic Alliance serving in Sierra Leone Crisis and Saudi Civil War. He later writes a book about the The Troubles after retiring from the military at 43 years old.
    • Jack Gleeson is also a Celtic soldier serving in Saudi Arabia during the World War on Terror, even surprisingly somehow by coincidence become friends with Sean McLoughlin.
  • Rightful King Returns:
    • After a voting referendum the Caucasus nation of Georgia ends up becoming constitutional monarchy again bringing back the Bagrationi dynasty from centuries of not being in power.
    • Hawaii ends up becoming a constitutional monarchy again with the descendants of the Hawaiian royals coming into power. Making it the only ANZC member nation that has a monarch.
  • Ripped from the Headlines: Several incidents in this timeline mirror our notable events that occurred in real life.
  • Shown Their Work: The author has extensively done his research on politics, economics, military, and culture to try to create the world of The Eagle Down Under.
  • Spiritual Successor: New Britain considers itself the successor the former United Kingdom.
    • ADC (Atlantic Defense Community) is a successor to NATO, only difference is that it completely lacks the United States.
    • Socialist Siberia (or mostly called often as "Soviet Siberia") is a successor to Pre-Doomsday Soviet Union.
  • Taking You with Me: Red Star pulls off one once he realizes his socialist kingdom would soon fall. How? By ordering a nuclear bomb to be dropped on Bangkok which takes out himself, countless innocent civlians, and the invading Burmese military.
  • The Coup:
    • Brazil ends up having a failed coup done and planned by Jair Bolsonaro with the help of a small minority of far-right politicians and the small amount of military supporters in the Brazilian Army. They manage to take over the capital of Brasilia and successfully killing the president, Michel Temer. However this all fails from the start since Morrell is warned by an anonymous Brazilian going by the alias "Green Toucan" (who been keeping an eye on Jair Bolsonaro for a long time, knowing his moves), resulting in Morrell alerting the Brazilian military once communication with the capital has been cut.
    • Chechnya has a violent coup, which has General Borz Dzhamaldin along with his military supporters overthrowing the emir and government and replaces Chechnya's government from an Islamic emirate to a secular democracy.
    • Venezuela has one in 2019, resulting in a total bloody civil war erupting along with a mass refugee crisis affecting Latin America and Post-Doomsday North America.
    • Fiji gets this as former president, Sitiveni Rabuka overthrows the current government and outright orders outright genocide on the Indo-Fijians. Fails at the start since the ANZC and SAC respond by launching an allied invasion into Fiji after word gets out from an Australian ambassador telling everyone that the military is killing Indo-Fijians. Later on after four weeks his own political party members (the ones who helped him in his coup) end up betraying him and kill him in a gunfight.
  • The New '10s: The timeline itself starts out in 2016, and even before that the decade of the 2010's itself was very much very different for the world as places were still recovering from nuclear war. However by the end of the decade we pretty much see the 2010's as it resembles like that of the early 2000's when it comes to technology (albeit in the Southern Hemisphere and a few countries in Europe and North America, and Japan itself). And by the end of the 2010's we see technology now resembling finally something similar to that of the late 2000's and early 2010's.
  • Unit Confusion: Many nations even in Post-Doomsday North America, including the United States (or what likes to call itself) is beginning to convert to the metric system. Already in the Provisional US, highways have began being converted to kilometers.
  • Vestigial Empire: The United States and New Britain are pretty much this.
    • When it comes to the United States she has changed a lot to the point it is easily said that she will no longer be a world power again due to Doomsday.
      • And later with the situation in Oregon, resembling an American version of the The Troubles resulting in the Provisional US having to desperately focus on two fronts (Christian Patriots in former West Virginia) and the messy confusing situation in Oregon. Drafting is now enforced to both men and WOMEN once they turn 18, and even then it not enough as the Provisional US asks the League of Nations to send foreign peacekeepers to Oregon to help control the situation.
    • Same goes for the Republic of the Southern French Territories who claims to be the successor of former France.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: This is pretty much well said for ANZC and SAC during the World War on Terror. Both Australia and Brazil are literally struggling together to fight against global terrorism.
  • Western Terrorists: The Australian Brotherhood was this, being a white supremacist organization that wanted Australia to become white only again (however white as in only Anglo-Celtic) and believes that Australia has been getting killed by immigration in general.
    • The Christian Patriots are this, being that they are basically the Christian-equivalent of ISIS (perhaps worse).
  • Wham Episode: So many...
    • Pauline Hanson along with other members of the Australian Brotherhood getting exposed to public by Louis Morrell (under the alias Grey Fox), resulting in total massive outrage by the public of the ANZC against racism and xenophobic, as well as support for Grey Fox's acts of vigilantism against terrorists.
    • Australian PM, Julia Gillard nearly getting assassinated by a member of the Australian Brotherhood, but luckily survived it only having to stay in the hospital for a week. Resulting in the Deputy PM (Mark Bishop) having to become the Prime Minister of Australia for a single week.
    • Broome getting dirty bombed by the AB.
    • Nuking of Charleston (capital of the Republic of Virginia) by the Christian Patriots.
    • 6/23 Attacks, resulting in Q1 Tower in Gold Coast getting destroyed and the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janiero getting destroyed by passenger airliners being hijacked by members of the Hamas Caliphate.
    • The Great One real name is none other than Osama bin Laden, which Morrell ends up discovering and exposing to the entire public after the 6/23 Attacks
    • Nuclear bombing of the Brazilian cities of Recife and Natal by the Hamas Caliphate
    • Use of child soldiers by the Hamas Caliphate and the Christian Patriots
    • Hamas Caliphate nuking the Great Barrier Reef without a care for the wildlife, dirty bombing the cities of Santiago (Chile) and Rosario (Argentina), and blowing up Peru's largest skyscraper located in its capital of Lima. After that attack the ANZC and SAC both have a Rage Breaking Point and create the military alliance called PLAO (Pacific Latin American Organization).
    • Republic of Iraq nuking a village occupied by the Hamas Caliphate in middle of Saudi Arabia, resulting in the whole world totally shocked that Iraq had nuclear weapons thanks to researching them during the early Cold War.
      • Which results in the Hamas Caliphate striking back in total revenge using a bomb similar to the Tsar Bomba, resulting in the Republic of Iraq going into total anarchy as millions are killed in the process.
    • Capital city of Venezuela, Caracas, getting nuked while the country is in the middle of a civil war. Afterwards the whole country ends up collapsing into pure anarchy as people scared for their lives flee Venezuela.
    • The original Eureka Flag used in the Eureka Rebellion in 1854 getting destroyed in an arsonist attack.
    • The destruction of New Zealand's tallest skyscraper, the Sky Tower, and later the destruction of the largest dam in the world being the Itaipu Dam.
    • Australian member of Hamas Caliphate, Jake Bilardi confesses to being the one responsible for dirty bombing Mecca. And laughing at the same time while confessing to it to make it more sinister.
  • Who's Laughing Now?: Basically the Hamas Caliphate's response after nuking Iraq.


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