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Magnus (formerly known as Wayfarer when it was published under Destiny Image) is a Christian Fantasy novel by Matthew Dickens chronicling the exploits of the 2,000-year-old Magnus Lehohn. Gifted with powers and immortality from God, he has spent centuries battling the evil forces in control of the world, and now must investigate the current going-ons in Tower Valley while battling Nephillim, squads of Mooks, demons, fallen angels, rescuing an escaped Hot Scientist, and finally confronting Satan himself.


Magnus is the first of the IAM trilogy, and the author has stated his plans to have the first book made into a comic book in the future.

In October of 2012, yet a third iteration of the book was released as an ebook, Magnus (The Musterion Casebook Files), with the character of Magnus re-invented as an ageless Steampunk Gadgeteer known as the Horned Man rather than a Flying Brick, along with a vastly different motivation and quest.


Magnus provides examples of:

  • Antichrist: Judas Iscariot is resurrected as the Beast and calls himself Iscarius Alchemy after being given powers similar to Magnus.
  • Author Tract: Matthew Dickens spends the last hundred pages of the book telling the reader about his personal views on religious doctrines, evolution, theology, Superman Returns, etc.
  • Back from the Dead: Judas Iscariot is resurrected to be the Antichrist early in the book.
  • Cool Sword: The Sword of the Dragon, as well as Magnus' sword.
  • Disposable Woman: Rachel, Magnus' first wife, is killed in the back story.
  • The Dragon: The Assassin/Archer, but is later revealed to be a disguised projection of Lucifer/Satan, and undergoes the Fusion Dance. Judas could also be considered the Dragon as well.
  • Easy Evangelism: Magnus converts April, a scientist and a skeptic to Christianity in just one or two conversations.
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  • Fangs Are Evil: All the Fallen Angels have vampiric fangs.
  • Golem: Magnus recalls battling a golem that was the basis for the Frankenstein legend.
  • Healing Factor: Very little can hurt Magnus, but what can is quickly healed.
  • Hero Insurance: Magnus' deliberate destruction of Tower Valley.
  • Informed Ability: One of Magnus's powers includes "supernatural cunning", which he never demonstrates. He demonstrates knowledge, yes, but he is two thousand years old. In fact he walks into an ambush obliviously. Likewise, a scanner reveals that Iscarius Alchemy has an I.Q. of 666, and yet never demonstrates it.
  • Kung-Fu Jesus: One martial art move is literally named after Jesus' leg movement while nailed to the cross.
  • Make Me Wanna Shout: When yelling Bible verse, Magnus has a sonic scream powerful enough to trigger earthquakes.
  • Masquerade: Normal people can't pierce the veil that conceals demons and angels.
  • To Hell and Back: In Wayfarer, while poisoned, Magnus hallucinates being at the gates of Hell.
  • Vigilante Man: Magnus lives outside of normal society and hunts evil men and demons with extreme prejudice.
  • Wolf Man: Tsavo has the ability to transform into a slavering wolf as a result of a magic spell he casts.

The Musterion Casebook Files provides examples of: