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Steampunk Gadgeteers

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Maybe the authors needed to give characters access to machines in a setting with no technological market.

Maybe the authors were inspired by the sheer number of inventors that lived in the Industrial Revolution, like Thomas Edison, Robert Fulton, Nikola Tesla, Charles Babbage and George Stephenson.

Maybe it's the Rule of Cool.

Whatever the reason, at least one Gadgeteer Genius or Mad Scientist is usually a part of the main cast of any Steampunk or Gaslamp Fantasy. Very commonly, inventors, mad scientists, mechanics, gadgeteers, and other masters of technology and Magitek are scattered throughout the story like candy on Halloween night.


Note: if there's only one Gadgeteer Genius or Mad Scientist in a work, it's not this trope. If, however, there is a relatively high ratio of tech experts to normal people, then it falls under this trope.


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     Anime and Manga  

     Comic Books  

     Live Action Television  

     Tabletop Games  

  • Deadlands
  • Space 1889 has rules for making inventions and plenty of suggestions for such inventions.
  • Tephra places strong emphasis on building steamtech-savvy characters.


     Video Games  



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