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  • Rumy in Fans! exemplifies this trope, having seemingly made it her life's mission to ensure that Rikk is happy with Alisin as a way of dealing with the fact that she's been hopelessly in love with him since before Rikk even knew Alisin's name. At the end of the strip, however, Alisin and Rikk care too much about Rumy to let her sacrifice her own happiness for them, and they convince her to join them in a three-way relationship, which works out well for all of them.
  • El Goonish Shive:
    • Gay Justin is in love with straight Elliot, and isn't quite sure what to do about it. One strip shows Justin, after an inevitable Gender Bender (this is EGS, after all) looking at Elliot's girlfriend Sarah and thinking "How dare you be someone I can't dislike..."
    • Subverted with another character, Ashley. She approaches Elliot to warn him about her Manipulative Bastard ex-boyfriend trying to woo Susan. Despite liking Elliot herself, Ashley acts while believing that Elliot likes Susan. The subversion comes when Elliot explains he and Susan are Just Friends, and the scene ends with Elliot asking her out.
    • Sarah and Susan's reactions to Ashley are straight examples of the trope. Although in their cases he's not exactly "my beloved", more "the person I've concluded probably isn't my beloved although we're still friends" and "the person who I might consider being my beloved if anyone was going to be, which is unlikely", respectively.
  • Megatokyo:
  • In Namir Deiter, Twofer (Hispanic lesbian) Gabby tries to fix her best friend, main character Tipper Namir, up with her Jerk with a Heart of Gold cousin, partially to ease the tension developed after Gabby confessed her feelings for Tipper and Tipper gently put her down. Resolved later when Gabby hooks up with a fellow Twofer art student (to whom she'd confided the previous situation). And Gabby proceeds to go through it again , when she endures Jacinda's Anything That Moves attitude, before finally getting fed up with being taken for granted and breaking things off herself.
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  • Occurs fairly early on in Questionable Content: Faye finally explains to Marten why she's been putting out such drastically mixed signals towards his romantic overtures and why she can't have a relationship with anyone right then, especially the kind Marten wants. She agrees to seek help for her issues, but only on the condition that Marten doesn't try to wait for her.
  • Homestuck:
    • There's an example in the form of Karkat Vantas. He doesn't have a very good relationship with Dave (at that time), but when his love interest Terezi chooses him over Karkat, he accepts it despite initially protesting and does his best to just be a good friend to her.
    • Almost inverted with Dirk and Roxy. Roxy is in love with Dirk. He's gay and can't reciprocate — but he considers having a relationship with her anyway because he loves her (platonically) and wants her to be happy. Fortunately, he realizes that this would be a terrible idea.
  • Sluggy Freelance:
    • Torg has had a crush on Zoë for most of the comic's run, but he never tells her how he feels, and at one point even resolves never to speak to her again, because he's worried that Oasis (a crazy jealous, immortal assassin) will kill Zoë for getting between her and Torg.
    • When this Myth Arc finally gets resolved, and Torg and Zoë are together, Oasis is also freed from her brainwashing that made her think she loved Torg. But just as Torg and Oasis part ways — and Oasis willingly leaves Torg to be with Zoë — it's implied that Oasis now has real feelings for him after gaining free will.
  • In 1/0 Ghanny helps Terra break her self-imposed fourth wall and come out of the closet to confess her love for Zadok as talked about here
  • Sabrina Online: Zig Zag isn't so much in love with the title character as she's infatuated with her. And she knows it. There's also the fact that Sabrina is straight, a tad prudish, and is rather Squicked by Zig Zag's Anything That Moves attitude. Zig would settle for getting Sabrina to come out her shell and enjoy life.
  • In General Protection Fault, Nega-Ki is shown developing some feelings for Nick, having been repulsed by Nega-Nick's cruelty, and after charging him to distract him and getting mortally wounded in the process, tells her counterpart to love him and promise her they will be happy together. Trudy also has this mindset for Nick, combined with being The Atoner, in the To Thine Own Self arc.
  • In The Order of the Stick, Therkla confesses her love for Elan, who's already dating Haley, though she's been missing for months and may well be dead. Therkla says that if Elan will be with her now, she'll willingly step aside if Haley ever comes back into the picture. Elan still declines, however.
  • Happens twice in Something*Positive — Davan lets Branwen leave to go to Canada, even though they are very much in love, because he knows that she really wants the journalism job she was offered. PeeJee actively helps Jhim go to D.C., lending him $1,000, despite the fact that it's tearing her up to watch him go. In the second case, however, Jhim is gay, and oblivious to PeeJee's feelings.
  • It happens often in Sonichu where Chris-Chan and some other characters say that.
  • In Nerf NOW!!, Heavy Weapons Guy and Heavy Weapons Girl compete for the Medic's attention during a battle. Then they are shot at by a soldier, and Medic uses the medigun on HWGirl first, basically choosing her over HWGuy. During the celebrations after the battle, HWGuy spies on them...and his only reponse to seeing them kiss is a small smile before he leaves so as not to come between them.
  • In an alternate story plot to the Mario Series by SylentNyte called Super Mario: Royal. Bowser, despite his many attempts to win over Princess Peach. Finally decided to let her go and allow her to marry Mario because he wanted her to be happy.
  • Bittersweet Candy Bowl has this in numerous characters; many members of the secondary cast, such as Sue, are okay with Mike being happy with someone else, but object to his long-distance relationship with Sandy, wanting him instead to date their friend Lucy. Lucy herself has this to some degree with Mike, though she still wants him as a friend - something he is now resisting after having the idea put in his head that Lucy was just using him rather than being clingy and Tsundre because she is in love with him. Augustus has this for Daisy, who in turn, like Sue, likes Mike but wants him to be happy with someone else - but preferably Lucy if not herself. Abbey expressed similar sentiments to Daisy before they started dating, though Daisy herself may be dating him to make HIM happy, as well as to have someone for herself - but she doesn't care for him the same way she does for Mike.
  • In Cucumber Quest, Lettuce. Unfortunately, this means she thinks Parfait ought to be grateful for Tomato's attentions, because she does not want his beloved to be happy, only him.
  • College Roomies from Hell!!!
    • Margaret does this with Dave. He's madly in love with her, and while she does love him, it's mostly platonic. More importantly though, Satan enjoys murdering anyone who gets too close to her. So she does everything she can to drive Dave away, to the point of even calling up her love rival, Blue, to give him some Intimate Healing when he desperately needs it.
    • Blue pairs this with Dogged Nice Girl. She makes no attempt to hide her feelings for Dave, and believes very strongly that they'd be happy together, but is also willing to wait and see if he'll be happier with Margaret. In the end, she was right. When they finally get together, he's the happiest he's ever been. Although, he's the comic's Butt-Monkey in a Crapsack World, so there is something of an upper limit.
  • Split Screen: Jeremy is as in love with Jan as she is with him. He pretended not to notice (and just ended up giving mixed signals in the process), because he thought with his issues, he'd just drag her down. He feels this way even after she comes back to down a decade later as a successful fashion designer.
  • Acheron's motivation for The Quest in Inverloch is to find Kayn'dar, the object of Shiara's Childhood Marriage Promise, even though he himself is deeply infatuated with her. Lei'ella later examines this and asks if he's not secretly hoping that Kayn'dar is dead so that Shiara will seek comfort with Acheron. Luckily, it turns out—long story—that he is actually Kayn'dar. So no problems.
  • TRIPP: Tripp and Coco find out that before she left, Proxy (Tripp's bodyguard from the future and would-be lover) had Edgar (who, at the time, literally had the power of God) transfer her status as Tripp's sexual soulmate over to Coco.
    Tripp: All we gave her was a bag with a People magazine and some shea butter.
    Coco: For the record, that was some really awesome shea butter.
  • Jack Hyland in Gunnerkrigg Court is in love with Zimmy, but recognizes that Zims has ... problems ... and "The last thing she needs is someone hassling her for a date". So he dates Jenny, who knows and understands about this (and also happens to look a bit like Zimmy if she had regular eyes and teeth).
  • Suggested in this A Softer World comic, particularly the Alt Text.
  • In the NSFW Oglaf strip "Performance Anxiety", a couple of gangly newlyweds retire to their bedroom for their first night together... and each reveals that they hired a high-class prostitute to give the other a good time in their place. They end up watching the prostitutes have (rather wild) sex, holding hands and smiling sheepishly at each other.
  • Played With in Shortpacked!Jacob eventually comes to realize that he and Amber are a bad match for each other, but still advises her to break up with Mike because he legitimately believes that he's bad for her, too. She doesn't take his advice, however, and the two wind up Happily Married by the end of the comic.
  • In the epilogue chapter of Zebra Girl: Zandra reveals to a girl (implied to be her ward/protegee) that she could've compelled Crystal to stay with her (and Crystal's in the previous chapter suggested she would've stayed of her own will if Zandra had actually asked). But she chose to let Crystal go and live her own life, rather than letting her stay and risk having Crystal change under under her influence. A photo in the epilogue showed her and Wally together, with several children.

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