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  • Black Mage of 8-Bit Theater periodically comes close, but as soon as Fighter says something knife-worthy, he jumps right back to his Heel role, completely forgetting that he'd ever contemplated reforming.
  • Agents of the Realm: Jordan, who starts off working for The Dragon, joins the agents by the end of chapter four. Played with, however, in that while everyone knows by now that Ruby is evil, nobody knows what about Jade.
  • Akuma's Comics
    • Bowser is a villain in the very early comic, however he eventually decides he's tired of it and decides to retire from villainy. It take some time for Mario and Luigi to accept it and assume he's a Falsely Reformed Villain for a bit.
    • In the universe Silver Fox visits to relive his past victories, the SATAM Robotnik who "created" him has called for a temporary truce with the Freedom Fighters to deal with the Silver Fox. In the climax he is narrowly saved by Shadow from certain death, which leads to him having a change of heart. He demonstrates he's genuine by giving the Freedom Fighters technology of the Roboticizer to undo his past villainy.
  • Angel Moxie: Tristan. She (yes, she) turned good because the Big Bad screwed her over, though it's obvious that Tristan wasn't exactly evil in the first place, just easily manipulated. In an unusual turn, it's revealed she was one of the Legendary Heroes from the start.
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  • Bob and George: Here.
  • In Boy and Dog, Rowan is told a story about a troll who was evil and cursed some villagers, but then turned good when the protagonist (non-lethally) decapitated him and shouted, "Don't be mean!".
  • Ixia at Cloudscratcher's beginning (though this was always her intention) and Sogaat prior to its beginning. Nyx might be headed this way.
  • In Commander Kitty, it turns out that Zenith controls her loyal minion Fortiscue through the iKnow device attached to his ear. He's not happy to find out what his creation has been up to and promises to help...right before he tries to stick the iKnow back on his ear.
  • Monika gradually develops one in the fancomic Doki Doki Literature Girls. After restarting the game when Sayori demanded that she give her and the other girls a second chance, Monika goes from being cynical about her existence to genuinely caring for her friends and even forming a romantic relationship with Sayori.
  • Jacob Deegan has a pretty surprising Heel Face Turn in one of the most recent story arcs of the series, and actually manages a pretty heroic moment to boot.
    • Bulgak Adrak earns a particularly notable one, since it occurs while he is in Hell. A particularly explosive example, given the nature of souls in Dominic Deegan.
  • In The Dragon Doctors, Tanica experiences a gradual turn after being turned into a tree by Sarin's magic seed, in a large part through The Power of Friendship.
  • El Goonish Shive: After she was created Ellen tried to be a villain but wasn't very good at it. She eventually became a hero.
    • Hedge, Guineas and Vlad(ia) also have one almost immediately after Damien's death.
      • Damien was a Very Bad Boss. All three of them were either misled or directly threatened into being serving him. Also the reason Grace was on the run in the first place. She just refused the Face–Heel Turn in the first place.
    • Abraham after Nanase talked him out of killing Ellen.
  • In Girl Genius, Lucrezia decided to reform when Bill Heterodyne asked her to marry him. She knew she could do it because she was in love... and there had to be a reason why they always won.
  • The Handbook of Heroes has a page titled "Face Turn", where Antipaladin decides enough is enough with a simple declaration that cements the alignment change:
    Antipaladin: Smite Evil
  • Ahmad in Harry Potter Comics undergoes this after truly realizing what the results of he and his brothers' jihad has been.
  • Mal Jedi character in Head Trip... maybe a little too early.
  • Vriska of Homestuck is a complicated example. She really, really wants to be a hero, but the problem is she has only half-formed ideas about how being a hero actually works, which means her actions tend to cause more harm than good. Ultimately, She is killed before she can become a true hero, although her appearances in the afterlife show she's now at least working towards a good goal, even if her methods are arguably genocidal.
    • Much later in Act 6, the Eridan half of Erisolsprite is genuinely remorseful for killing Feferi. Both halves of Fefetasprite forgive him.
  • The Inexplicable Adventures of Bob!: Both Galatea and the Treasure Monster started out basically as villains, though they both turned out to be very much of the villainous Woobie variety. Showing them some kindness and understanding pretty much did the trick. Bob tried the same approach with Riboflavin, who's much a more hardcore villain, and it didn't work.
  • In Little Robot, Big Scary World, once BIP teaches the darkness about positive feelings, it releases the humans and wants to help them.
  • The Order of the Stick:
    • Therkla... before we're reminded Redemption Equals Death.
    • Also, Belkar's pretending to have undergone a face turn after his brush with death. He's still the Token Evil Teammate, but acting good keeps the authorities off his back and lets him Mind Screw the rest of the party. While Roy and Haley aren't fooled, suspecting it's a scam of some sort, they don't care either since Roy knows for a fact that Belkar has only weeks left to live. Belkar on the other hand doesn't know this. Although Belkar's act seems to be causing a genuine change in him. A very, very small change.
    • O-Chul also attempts to convince The Monster in the Darkness to turn against Redcloak and Xykon. He seems to have made quite a bit of progress by the time they part ways. Then again, the Monster is the Minion with an F in Evil.
    • Redcloak's backstory and continuous humiliation by Xykon have led to a lot of speculation that he's being set up for this.
      • His brother Right-Eye went through one in the backstory. He realized that working with a monster like Xykon would eventually lead to the destruction of the goblin people and that the grand Plan he and Redcloak had worked on their entire lives wasn't worth the sacrifice of so many goblins. This culminated in an attempt to kill Xykon for good; sadly, Right-Eye was Doomed by Canon.
    • Thor has to pretend that the trees surrounding Valhalla are rebel trees who have turned against their evil kin so Durkon and Minrah don't run off. Many dwarves are convinced trees are evil because their patron god likes to shoot them and have a hard time understanding Thor isn't smiting them for their evil ways and trees are in fact largely inanimate.
  • Johnny of Paranatural seems to be starting his as of Hitball.
  • Sidekicks: Kyle, aka One-Eyed Shadow, is a former villain implied to have turned prior to becoming Camilla's sidekick.
  • In Sinfest,
  • Despite being pretty unlucky at love, Torg from Sluggy Freelance seems to have this effect on the ladies:
    • He turned Aylee from an amoral, man-eating alien into a rather pleasant friend and employee who only occasionally ate human flesh.
    • He was the first person to befriend the demon Mosp since her transformation, leading her to rebel against Lord Horribus.
    • It takes some time and some pretty hefty promises on his part, but Torg eventually gets Ax-Crazy, love-sick assassin Oasis to give up killing people ... well, unless she decides they're bad guys. Still, for her, being an ultra-violent vigilante is a huge step forward.
  • Black Sonichu/Blachu/Blake of Sonichu, for reasons that aren't awfully clear.
  • Zebra Girl:
    Wally: No, I'm no—
    Sam: [swatting Wally on the muzzle] Switch sides or I'll kick your ass!
    • Gregory, the exorcist who tried to banish Sandra to hell, changed quite a lot after he spent some time there himself. Becoming a demon and being tortured helped him to gain some perspective, and several years later he is now on friendly terms with Sandra. The fact that she is sorry for sending him there in the first place helps too, though by all accounts he really had it coming at the time.