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  • Pythos of AJCO pulls one of these at the end of the Trial To End All Days, confessing to the court that she believes AJ was guilty of everything she had been charged with and more. It's especially impressive considering she had been antagonising Egg constantly up to that point, and even more impressive considering she was AJ's defense attorney.
  • C0DA, written by former The Elder Scrolls series writer/designer Michael Kirkbride, takes place in the far distant future of TES universe. Several major characters from the series make appearances, including some former villains who now work for the heroes. To note:
  • Happens with several characters from the Darwin's Soldiers RPs, most notably with Hans.
  • Ralph from Dead Ends pulls one of these when he realizes that he is hunting down an unarmed teenager and her friend during a Zombie Apocalypse because his best friend, Ephram, has gone batshit crazy.
  • Dreamscape: Vampire Lord went through one in the past. 'Confronting the Dark' reveals what started his change of heart. He used to be a Magic Knight called Vampire Knight, who was something of The Runt at the End since the vampire empire had no need for knights, but his armor protected him from the Fog of Doom that attacked the Underworld. He destroyed the fog, which undid all of the damage it caused, and this act of heroism made him realize Good Feels Good.
    • Melissa was the apprentice of the evil witch Melinda, but later had a change of heart because of Dylan and Alice.
    • Pita was a curse Melinda placed on Dylan in the past that was out to kill him, but after Dylan gave him a form where he would have sapience, Pita essentially Grew Beyond Their Programming and became his own person.
  • DSBT InsaniT: Alex went through one in the past, although his Ambiguously Evil status brings into question how well it worked...
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  • In The Gamer's Alliance, a bunch of antagonists eventually switch sides and become more heroic. Some examples include Dalthas, Jemuel, Kagetsu I (he joins the Alliance because they saved his wife, but he still more or less pursues his agenda albeit with different means while being bound by his oath to the Alliance), Omaroch, Titaniel and Viirsa.
  • How to Hero has an entry on this here
  • Sonia and Dr. Hart in lonelygirl15.
  • In most of the Madness Combat shorts, Jeebus is the enemy of the protagonist, Hank. However, in Part 8, he is featured as trying to stop the Mooks and new Big Bad.
  • Possibly The New Adventures of Captain S: in the last episode of the first season, NES digs up a Sega Menacer for Captain S to use against Game Genie (NES's former master). Although, the series ended with NES's fate unknown, so his motivation for doing this is just as unclear.
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  • The Plumbing the Death Star episode "When Bad Guys Goes Good" is a discussion of what movie villains would be like if completely inverted. So now the four sharks from the Jaws movies are a group of savvy crimefighters trying to bring peace to the Middle East with Hal 9000 as Mission Control.
  • Spiro of The Questport Chronicles pulls one after refusing to kill a Demon Bunny for his master's dinner. He's banished from his homeland for showing mercy, and ends up as the Token Evil Teammate in the Fellowship.
    • The King of Thieves and Assassins reforms after hearing the Harp of Remorse.
  • Locus from Red vs. Blue starts the Chorus Trilogy (Seasons 11-13) as a cold, uncaring mercenary, one who justifies his actions as Just Following Orders. After this is picked apart by Agent Washington and an alien AI nicknamed "Santa", and after the "mission" literally blows up in his face, Locus realizes how hollow his excuses were, concludes he is not a soldier, but a monster and abandons the Space Pirates to set right the wrongs he inflicted.
  • In the Springhole article Changing Alignments, Allegiances And Loyalties More Believably, Syera suggests having a villain the author plans to redeem show small indications that they find certain evil actions to be overboard or pointlessly cruel.
  • Fair numbers of this happen in Survival of the Fittest. Mostly, it is the result of a 'player' stopping killing their fellows, usually due to a guilty conscience.
    • Hawley Faust of the first game, although he was semi-convinced instead of spontaneously deciding to quit.
    • Julie Mikan in V3. She set out to actively play, but after killing Owen Fontaine realised she didn't have what it takes and became a heroic character instead.
    • Dominica Sharpiro, also of V3. A less conventional example in that she made the switch purely on the chance the escape plan of the group she joined would succeed.
    • Sharon Kulikov, similarly to Julie, originally decides to play indiscriminately, but upon realizing that she can't bring herself to do that she resolves to only target other players.
    • The most recent example is probably Bobby Jacks, although he was pretty shaken up about killing other people.
    • Laeil Burbank, who started off as a vengeful Psycho Lesbian, until she pissed off an even bigger player who...decided to have some fun with her. After she's rescued, by someone who's best friend she'd killed (though it was a Mercy Kill), punched in the face, and told that if she ever saw him again, she'd kill him no less, she decides that she's through with being an indiscriminate killer (unfortunately, she doesn't survive for very long after that).
    • Sarah Atwell, who took part in one of the most horrific murders of V4, is now making a bid for redemption through killing other players after a shocking realization.
      • Of course, she ends up dying crying and begging on the floor to not die.
  • Demonking does this in TOME. Then he becomes bad again, but then ascends again and is currently more of a rival to Nylocke than a bad or good guy. This entire process is subverted when it's revealed the hackers aren't really bad guys anyway.
  • Firebrand from the slenderverse web series Tribe Twelve pulls one of these in INTERCEPTION, when it is revealed he is not only working on behalf of Noah to save him from being abducted by the Collective, he is actually Noah from a future/alternate timeline.
  • Bogdan from Water-Human does that after he develops a liking for a prisoner that his partner tells him to kill. He proceeds to attack his own partner.
  • Kelly from We're Alive is easily the most hated character among both the cast and audience during Season 1, but eventually pulls one of these after her attitude indirectly kills Tommy.