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  • Cat giving the entire premise of the show as a reason for Sam to stay
    Cat: We sort of have this whole fun Odd Couple dynamic. Built in conflict. Lots of potential for more adventure.
  • In #FavoriteShow, the title characters freak out that their show "That's A Drag" was cancelled before the finale.
    Sam: Why? That show's a big hit! What kinda TV network cancels a big hit?!
    • Victorious on Nickelodeon, of course.
    • Cat trying to stop the producer is pretty funny. It's very reminding of the antics of Kel and Josh.
    • One of the kids Sam and Cat was babysitting is a hugger and the other asks too many questions. The one who hugs a lot crawl up in the stage light forcing Sam to cut the rope and rip it open.
    Sam:Now that is good babysitting.
    • Whereas Sam reminds one of Kenan or Drake Bell.
  • #TheBritBrats
    Cat: Who would win in a race, a snail or a worm?
    Sam: ...Worm. Cat: Yay, worms rule!
  • Sam does a Face Palm and Face Fault in #TheBritBrats after Cat misunderstand her way of speaking.
  • Anytime Cat Comically Misses the Point.
  • Anytime Cat makes special effects noises.
  • In #NewGoat when Cat tries to stop a sparring match.
    Cat: Use your words.
    Goomer: I want to punch you...and hurt your face.
    Sparring Partner: I don't want that to happen.
  • The Wazzing discussion at the start of #TextingCompetition.
    • "SIT DOWN, LADY!"
    • Dice annoying friend B.J. Malloy likes to eat eggs and is a echoer.
    • During the slow-mo part of the contest, Butler's mom is yelling "COME ON!". His (understandable) response is "I HATE YOU!"
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    • Cat thought Sam's last name is "Puckle" but it's "Puckett" because that's what she put on Sam's contact on her phone.
      Cat: Well I'm leaving it as Puckle.
    • The slow-motion event as a whole, especially if you're used to hearing Sam's screaming- her distorted "I'M TEXTING!" is oddly hilarious.
    • The Unreveal that the speedboat is actually a toy, topped off for the older fans with a Zoolander reference, of all things.
      Cat: (after measuring the speedboat with a tape measure) What is this? A speedboat for ANTS?
    • In the last scene before the credits, Sam and Cat plays with the again, a toy speedboat around the pool with bored looks on their faces, then Cat got a text from the Vice-President, as per the other prize for winning the competition, again and Sam tells her to ignore it. During the credits, they do the same scene again holding different props, but this time the text is from Jerry Trainor. Sam still tells Cat to ignore it.
  • Sam does a Duck Season, Rabbit Season to Cat in #BabysittingWar to "resolve" the conflict of who sleeps in Nona's bedroom.
    • This episode is funny in general because they turn their personal problem into a contest of who gets the bed. Their every attempt to impress the kids on who's their favorite is like that one episode in iCarly where Carly and Sam compete over who gets to kiss a boy, which doesn't end well.
    • The final judgement, so to speak:
      Daisy: Sam.
      Sam: BOOM!
      Jarvis: Cat.
      Cat: POW!
  • In #GommerSitting, Cat accidently blinded Goomer by putting medicine in his eyes and his childish freak out is priceless.
    • Goomer major freak out at "Bots" is funny.
    • And then this little exchange:
      Cat: You still can't see anything?
      Goomer: Not really.
      Sam: Read me what it says
      Cat: 'Kay um, it says: "Flush eyes gently with milk."
      Sam: Got it. (She grabs a bottle of milk and pour it all over Goomer's face).
    • Goomer is funny in general actually.
    • While he's still blind, he punch out the ref.
    • At the end of the episode, when "Skullcrusher" lost to Goomer and demands a rematch, he shoves Sam away. For those who watch iCarly, that was a big mistake.
  • Cat's consistent failure to change Dice's appearance in both #ToddlerClimbing and #MommaGoomer. Even funnier when you remember how Cat failed with being a make up artist in the Victorious episode Tori the Zombie.
  • Also from #MommaGoomer:
    Cat: I went to camp with a girl named Louise. She pooped in the lake. (giggles) She tried to blame it on the fish. (suddenly grim) But I knew.
    Cat: Just trust Valentine and Puckle!
    Sam:'s Puckett.
    Cat: You told me it was Puckle!
    Sam: I said Puckett. I always say Puckett.
    Goomer: ...I thought it was Pickle.
    Sam: Who would name me Sam PICKLE?!
    Cat: Mr and Mrs Pickle.
    Sam: Byeee!
    Cat: I feel like I just ruined Goomer's life!
    Sam: No, you just ruined the rest of his life.
    Sam: No real teacher is gonna let us take over his classroom!
    Cat: No real sane teacher. (attempted extended Evil Laugh) You'll see where I'm going with this in a second.
    • Sikowicz and Sam meet for the first time.
    Sikowicz: You strike me as pushy.
    Sam: I can also be punchy and kicky.
  • "Toilet Wars", that is all.
  • In "#Revenge of the Brit Brats", Sam and Cat tricks Gwen and Ruby into killing the latter, the twins got upset because they don't want the victims to end up killing each other, like last time. While Ruby want to snitch on Gwen, they end up fighting each other, and they remain that remain during the credits.
  • Everybody Dyes even funnier by the fact it was used in a retirement home.
  • Sam: (To an angry foreigner) "Hey, this is America we speak English or Spanish"
  • In Secret Safe, Goomer is trying to find Sam and Cat (Who are in the safe). Goomer, being Goomer, thinks that Sam's a ghost, and when Cat speaks up:
    Goomer: "Oh God! Cat killed Sam! I always thought it'd be the other way around!"
    • Dice getting mobbed by fan girls.
      Respect me!
  • That moment in #PeezyB when you realise the Plot-Mandated Friendship Failure has all the hallmarks of a marriage in trouble.
    Sam: You made me chicken?
    Cat: Yes, it was ready five hours ago!
    • Also:
    Sam: I work all day and come home to find you babysitting with another girl!
    Cat: What did you expect? I have needs!
    • And this joke gets used again in #MYPoober, with Sam as the role of an alcoholic husband
    Sam: I drink root beer because of you!
  • Melanie going primal in Twinfection, before kissing Cat.
    • The I trick Sam/I tricked Cat dance used after both pranks in that episode.
    • When Sam ask's Melanie to help pose as her Evil Twin. We get this
    Melanie: So you want me to be like you?
    Sam: Me times 100.
  • Sam beating a tree so hard it fell and broke someone's car, and later it was revealed to be Dice's mom's car
    • This line early on:
    Sam: My uncle always told me don't trust banks, banks get robbed.
    Cat: Was he a banker?
    Sam: No, he was a robber.
  • Cat tracks down an accident victim just to take her shoes (don't ask) and thanks to her head injury, they manage to bluff her into thinking she's always known Cat, whereupon Cat has to use a fake name. She calls herself Sam Puckett.
    Sam: (facepalm) The one time she gets my name right.
  • Anytime Cat is snarky, partly because it's so unexpected, partly because she's so good at it.
  • Herbert the homeless man whenever he shows up. He sure seems like one of the many homeless people we've come across in Dan Schneider's shows, yet he talks about his life like he's not. If you actually consider it ambiguous whether or not he's telling the truth about how his life is going, it makes his scenes even funnier when he comes onscreen.
  • When Sam and Dice are making fun of Nona for being so out of touch with the 21st century, Cat chides them. When Nona shares her newest discovery with the group (that her phone can take pictures) we get this gem:
    Cat: I can't even defend you anymore.
  • Baberham Lincoln. That is all.
  • In #MagicATM, Cat not realizing there's consequences when she gets arrested for being able to take money out of the ATM machine.
    • The fact that she has her own version of "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" is quite funny.
      • Even funnier and possibly Cat's best moment in both this show and Victorious is that the police, Herbert the homeless man and Dice all come right in as she starts singing "Take Me Down to the Basement" and Cat becomes the conductor for a minute, while Sam still tells them that's not how the song goes ("And we won't, won't pay for this song/'Cause it's public domain!").
    • Sam getting herself arrested with Cat so she doesn't have to go to juvie by herself. And managing to take down a criminal on the run.
      • Cat's commentary of what Sam's doing to him offscreen makes it funnier. As she's just spanking him repeatedly at first.
    • When the police tell them that they have a reward coming for catching the criminal that will allow them to pay back the money they took from the ATM machine
    Sam: So we get out of trouble and get an extra thousand dollars?
  • Cat "seducing" Freddie in #TheKillerTunaJump. Before that, Cat's drops her glass when she thinks Freddie's knocking on her door. Later, she shrieks "Get out!" at Dice.
    • How Cat found his number in the first place is also good for a laugh.
    "Sam's contacts. Abraham's Fried Chicken... Adam's Ribs... Barney's Bean Barn - Wow, lotta restaurants."
    • "You mess with The Cat, you get the whiskers!" Ariana's hand gestures sell it.
  • Sam with her hands all bandaged up, manages to get a bunch of kids that know karate to get them to take out technology. Meanwhile she's actually speaking to them in Japanese. Her last words to them is also really funny.
    Martial Arts Girl: (in Japanese) Please pay us now!
    Sam: (in Japanese) No! You'll get nothing and like it! (bows)
  • In #BlueDogSoda we already saw how Sam freaked out when a whole case of the soda fell to the floor and shattered. When she hears Goomer too has destroyed what was the last bottle of it, you already get the sense that she's going to freak out again, already setting up a funny moment. Then she takes out some sponges and she, Dice and Goomer actually try absorbing the soda on the ground and squeezing the drink into their mouths.
    • When they think the man they saw earlier in the episode is at the door to arrest them for secretly selling Blue Dog Soda and Sam immediately blames Cat when she opens the door. Followed by Cat's freak out.
    Sam: It was Cat.
    Cat: (shrieks) SAM!!!
  • In #BlooperEpisode:
    • The bloopers.
    • Ariana being called Arioni.
    • At the very end when everyone gets up to dance, Puckentine shippers will love and laugh at the fact that just Jennette knocking over the chair as she approaches Ariana to dance with her fits well in this page.
  • In "#StuckInABox" when they're trying to get the magician to help Cat out of the box, we see him actually flirt with Sam. What makes this part even funnier is that we watch Sam look all girly and flattered by this guy's attempts and she gets them to go to the back of the shop to kiss but it's only her way of sealing him to his doom, so to speak.
    • Dice and Goomer being terrified of what Sam is doing in the back to the magician and seeing what looks like blood run across the floor.
  • From #SuperPsycho:
    Sam: Why not?
    Doctor: I just cleaned it.
    • Everything having to do with Nevel. Especially when he first meets Cat.
    Nevel: Okay, this girl makes Gibby look like a genius.
  • In #FirstClassProblems:
    • Goomer yells to Sam & Cat that he has the timers for the Baums children. Though he says only the word "Baums", which makes the airport security and everyone around him and Dice freak out.
    • If you've ever come across one of those people that fill their seats around them up with their own belongings and keep all those seats they DON'T sit in to themselves, watching Sam take a man's things and toss them away counts as one.
    • Goomer crying in the interrogation room. Not because he got in trouble, but because of all things to cry about in this situation, he didn't get the beverage he wanted when one of the agents offered him water first.
    • Sam bringing the bratty kids they're babysitting toilet water which she declared instead to be special water, as they wouldn't drink water from the sink, even giving the water a French name to satisfy them.
    • At one point, a security guard mentions that he's simply around to check for people who have been beeped and therefore were smuggling anything through the gate. When he's not looking, one man goes through and the security guard doesn't notice. When you think about how you hear of people that manage to sneak onto a plane, this further compliments the fact that airport security can be quite a joke.
    • Coco from Zoey 101 makes an appearance and everything she does in her one scene is enough to be added to this page.
    • Sam & Cat keep thinking they're going to be the next ones to board the plane only to find other people board before them even though they've got first class tickets. From elderly people to people with smaller children to the military to people with pets, and even when they they can finally board the plane, they're kept from doing so because of the lockdown at the end due to Dice and Goomer, but everyone already on board a plane gets to leave.
    • Dice and Goomer flipping out on each other the way they do towards the end.
  • The episode "#Lumpatious" was part of a theme weekend for Nickelodeon where you had to spot something "off" with each show (you then could log onto Nick's website and enter in information to win a contest). In "#Lumpatious" viewers had to spot every time a jester-like character appeared. The show was actually pretty clever in how this was integrated, but the CMoF (and arguably a CMoA for the show itself on how to handle the network-imposed theme) was at the very end of the episode when Jepson was forced to wear the bikini per the bet he had with Sam & Cat. He still keeps harassing them, so his brother Lucas (whom Sam and Cat were babysitting) tells a bunch of bikers that Jepson thinks they're wusses. They then proceed to beat the tar out of Jepson. None of this by itself is the CMoF - what makes it the CMoF is the jester character the viewers are supposed to spot coming out of the bushes and laughing at Jepson as this is happening to him (and yes, even though it's pretty obvious that the jester was an active participant in the scene, it still counted as one of the scenes the viewers had to "spot" for the contest).


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