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     Toddler Climbing 
  • I'm just curious. In the episode #ToddlerClimbing, how would the toddlers climbing be shot? It's essentially the equivalent of rock climbing, which no toddler could do.
    • I assumed that they shot them from a normal POV to a point, before turning the wall horizontal and having them climb that. Either that, or Dan knows an SFX team who know how to edit out the wiring.
    • The way they shot the toddlers climbing is explained on the show's website, more specifically, their Lil' Sam & Cat Show, where they show some behind the scenes footage for each episode of the show... (the one for Toddler Climbing is here:
      • ... And here I was, thinking that was a fan-made parody. Oh boy...
  • In the episode #Lumpatious, Sam and Cat need to prove "lumpatious" is a word to win a bet. After finding out its not real, they go to Oxnard to have the word put in their dictionary. The "Word Keepers" will only put the word in the dictionary if a famous person says it. The next half of the episode has Sam and Cat trying to find someone famous to say the word.
    • But they already know a famous person, Sam herself. Did they forget that she was the co-star of a web series that was popular worldwide?
[[//folder]][[folder: Cat In the Box]]
  • In #Stuck In A Box, Cat gets trapped in Dice's "magical" box for over a day and only breathes through. A. Tube. How the heck does she even have enough air to survive? And how does she eat and drink? Also, when did they pick her up (In the end she falls off the car)?
     Babysitting Commercial 
  • In #BabysittingCommercial, near the tail end of the titular commercial there's a disclaimer that says, among other things, that all the children in the commercial are paid actors. During another part of the commercial there's a sequence of children saying how great their Babysitting was and then the last kid going "ENGH! >=(" or some other unsatisfied, sour grunting noise. My question is: Why would Sam & Cat pay him to do that? In-Universe Rule of Funny for the commercial?
    • Throw It In!? Either that, or the duo are too lazy to get the kid to redo the scene or edit it out.
      • Yeah, those seem like pretty plausible explanations. ESPECIALLY the laziness one if Sam was calling the shots (which she probably was).
     Freddie and buttocks 
  • Is Freddie just ashamed of the word buttocks, but not the word butt? In #Thekillertunajump Freddie tells cat that he has never said buttocks in front of a girl before, and while that may technically be true, I remember a conversation in iCarly that goes something like Sam saying "Guess what I have" and Freddie responding "Pimples on your butt.". Freddie doesn't look the least bit ashamed after saying this.note  So why would he be ashamed of the full word but not the shortened version, especially if he's using the the full word in a purely medical sense, while using the shortened version to outright insult a girl?
    • People hold themselves to higher standards in terms of manners as they get older usually. Though it's more likely just a Series Continuity Error.
    • I doubt Freddie sees Sam as a girl.
    • It was actually Sam who said pimples on your butt, however Freddie did once say her butt was "shaped like a ham". However, this was in the first season, during which he said multiple times that he didn't count Sam as a girl
     Sam and hugging 
  • I am not sure if someone else has already pointed it out, but I am just VERY curious about the exact reason why Sam does not like to be hugged anymore (i.e. Cat who just LOVE to hug and to come REAL close to Sam)? While in iCarly she always do not mind to hug or be hugged by Carly. Is there a possibility that this is it a Series Continuity Error or has basically a more deeper meaning that it reminds her of Carly and still miss her deeply?
    • Carly and Sam were friends for a long time, whereas she and Cat have met very recently. It can be noted that she was never one for touching when it came to the other characters in iCarly
     What is with the clown? 
  • Has anyone noticed that wierd clown that keeps showing in every episode??
     Why is Cat Too Dumb To Live? 
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