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  • Acting for Two: Sam's twin Melanie from "iTwins" returns in "#Twinfection".
  • The Cast Showoff: Mostly averted with Ariana Grande - she only sings in "#MagicATM", "#StuckInABox" and "#GettinWiggy" (and it only counts as a sort-of musical number in the first-named), as well as rapping with Sam and their charge at the beginning of "#BabysitterWar," but her other known talent comes up when she makes convincing baby noises in "#DroneBabyDrone."
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  • Dawson Casting: Barely averted by Ariana at the start (when she was 19); a different matter at the end, since she was 21. On the other hand, Jennette was 20 when production started and 22 by the time the plug was pulled. Which led to this statement from the young lady...
    The reason Sam & Cat ended was because of adults being stuffed into cookie cutter kids' network characters created for tweens.
  • Dye Hard: Cat. Confirmed by Word of God. If Life Imitates Art, she's a natural brunette.
  • Executive Meddling: This show turned from a completely new vehicle for Jennette McCurdy, into a Spin-Off that also happened to feature Ariana Grande. The speed this change happened can be shown with the surprise from the dual fandoms of the parent shows.
  • Fake Brit: In-universe, when Cat dons a British accent to play Abraham Lincoln in "#BrainCrush." And no, it doesn't make sense in context.
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  • Franchise Killer: The show's cancellation due to its Troubled Production caused the end of the era of this Schneiderverse that dates back to The Amanda Show and includes Drake & Josh and Zoey 101, and even arguably all the way back to All That (all of the shows were connected by at least one recurring actor or actress).
  • Lying Creator: In order to appease angry shippers of iCarly, upset over the implied hookup between Freddie and Carly, Schneider told fans that there may be shipping moments for Seddie in Sam and Cat.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Frequently done with sent-in photos of fans of the show, which are put in various places, ranging from a photo on a desk to the bottom of a coffee mug. Doubles as a Freeze-Frame Bonus.
  • Prop Recycling: Don't you think "Clarice" looks a lot like those Fresno Girl dolls?
  • Role Reprise: Several actors from previous Nick Verse shows return to reprise their roles in the series.
    • Eric Lange returns as Erwin Sikowitz from Victorious in #MommaGoomer.
    • Abbey Wilde reprises her role as Stacey Dillsen from Zoey 101 and iCarly in #MadAboutShoe.
    • Nathan Kress reprises his role as Freddie Benson in #TheKillerTunaJump from iCarly, while Elizabeth Gillies and Matt Bennett return as Jade West and Robbie Shapiro, respectively, over a year after Victorious ended. Mary Scheer also reprises her role as Marissa Benson for her brief cameo.
    • In #SuperPsycho, Noah Munck and Reed Alexander reprise their roles as Gibby and Nevel, while Danielle Morrow reprises her role as Nora Dershlit, all from iCarly.
    • Jessica Chaffin returns as Coco Wexler from Zoey 101 in #FirstClassProblems.
  • Screwed by the Network: Just one season of 40 episodes ordered, before being put on hiatusnote .
  • Star-Derailing Role: For Jennette McCurdy, as this show was meant to be a star vehicle for her, but found herself in the shadow of her co-star Ariana Grande. Following the show's cancellation, while Ariana's music career taken off, Jennette's acting career started to fade, with Nick and Ariana being misblamed by Jennette further worsening things for her.
  • Troubled Production: Actually eventually led to its cancellation; originally, the show was envisioned as a star vehicle for Jennette McCurdy, but then Nick insisted on including Ariana Grande in the show as well. Eventually it was retooled as an iCarly and Victorious spin-off. Then, Nick doubled its episode order, causing the producers to scramble to get additional episodes written and filmed (And as this order happened mid-production, most of the crew were exhausted and desperate for a break). Jennette McCurdy started to publicly butted heads with the network while Grande's real-life music career taken off. In the end, Nick decided to pull the plug on the show.
  • Unfinished Episode: When it was abruptly cancelled, four episodes were left unfilmed, cutting its 40 episode order down to 36. Nothing is currently known about these scripts.
  • What Could Have Been: Jennette and Ariana said in an interview that they were offered the chance to sing the theme song, but both refused. They did jokingly sing it during one of Ariana's livestreams, but they had to look the lyrics up online.
    • The show was also meant to be paired with another iCarly spin-off, Gibby; that pilot was filmed but not picked up.
    • Dan Schneider has also said that Victorious was intended to run concurrent of Sam & Cat as well; S&C would've essentially focused on Cat's domestic life with Victorious following her at school. The crossover potential was also obvious (and teasingly hinted at in "#GoomerSitting").
    • And now the whole show is an example of this. Nickelodeon executives have come on record saying that the show was approved for a second season - that never came.
      • Heck, they never filmed the last four episodes promised for the first season!
  • The Wiki Rule: Sam & Cat Wiki
  • You Might Remember Me from...: If only PeezyB was into orange soda again.

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