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Ho Yay and Les Yay in Sam & Cat. It may have only had one season, but it did a lot in that time.


  • Thanks to the promos that had aired before the show begun, we can now see how much Cat adores to hug Sam.
    • This has happened in almost every episode so far.
  • Photos like this might help.
  • Given with their complete lack of interest in boys, much physical intimacy and every fight seems like it's coming from the point-of-view of a frustrated domestic couple, it seems more than heavily implied the two are in a relationship or some sort of Friends with Benefits fling, which is also the accepted Fanon, that the two have had sex at least once, if not more.
  • Sam and Cat shared a bed in "#Pilot"
    • They shared a bed again in "#FavoriteShow", but in a wrestle style embrace, when Cat tries to wake Sam up.
  • Sam clearing Cat's tears in "#FavoriteShow".
    • At the end of the episode, they are shown doing a "butt bump".
  • Cat just loves to get into Sam's personal space, as this just happens every episode.
  • Sam and Cat briefly hold hands in "#MommaGoomer".
  • Sam and Cat were bumping butts again in "#RevengeOfTheBritBrats".
    • Sam was sitting very close to Cat while watching Celebrities Underwater.
    • At the end, they are seen walking together, laughing and smiling, in slow motion.
    • Sam even allowed Cat to hug her!
  • Sam and Cat's argument sounded like a married couple would do in "#PeezyB".
    Sam: I'm out working all night and I come back and find you with another girl?!
    Cat: What did you expect?! You work all the time, and I have needs!
  • Sam licked Cat's ear for no apparent reason in "#SalmonCat".
  • In "#Twinfection", Melanie pays a visit to help her twin sister Sam prank Cat. At Bots, while having her hair all messy, she jumps on the table where Cat, Dice, Goomer and Sam sits, and forcefully kisses Cat...on the lips! Granted, this was done as a prank and not something romantic, but this is the most Les Yay we've seen from the show so far.
    • Though, Dan has struck same-sex kisses in his shows before, so this is slightly less surprising.
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    • And in the bloopers for that episode, Jennette sort of licks Ariana's mouth.
  • Their favorite TV show appears to be about a family of cross-dressers. It's barely subtext at this point.
  • The Love Dodecahedron in #KillerTunaJump involves some Hoyay ships, like Cade, Puckentine, and Frobbie (though this is played for laughs)
  • During the Dance Party Ending, Jennette can be seen grinding against Ariana.
  • From the episode "#FresnoGirl":
    Sam: Honey, I'm home."



  • Groomer acted very jealous when Dice helped another fighter in #OscarTheOuch.
  • Dice gets this a lot. From his clingy, egg loving, friend in "#TextingCompetition" to Goomer, who really loves Dice's hair. Dice seems to be quite popular with crazy boys.
  • Robbie is almost creepily obsessed with Freddie in #KillerTunaJump, much to Freddie's annoyance and horror.
  • Anyone else think Nevel having lunch with Gibby at the end of #SuperPsycho looked like a date.
    • The way Gibby talks when he tells Nevel they should get some Tapenade (Nevel’s favorite food) sounded awfully romantic.

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