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    Sam Puckett 
Sam is Cat's legal caregiver
Cat is literally Too Dumb to Live without someone to look after her, hence why she went to live with Nona.

Melanie didn't pretend to be the primal twin, Sam did.
Maybe Melanie agreed to help Sam with her "evil twin" plot, but I doubt Melanie would be willing to go so far as to pretend to be a crazy person in the middle of a crowded restaurant. So Melanie posed as Sam while Sam pretended to be her own crazy evil twin. Hey, this wouldn't be the first time the fandom suspected Sam of pretending to be Melanie to kiss a possible love interest.

    Cat Valentine 
We will finally see Cat's brother.

Cat is one of the Lamed-Vav Tzadikim.
Her random, inane comments are secretly constructed as a signal to others among the 36 Righteous Ones should they ever come across her.

Cat is actually a cat and only Sam sees her as a human
  • What about all the other characters who interact with Cat?
    • And the fact that she was a main character in Victorious·

    Dice Corleone 

Dice's Dad was abusive.
His Mom finally divorced him after years of violence a few months before the pilot takes place
  • He definitely doesn't live with Dice and his Mom and is never mentioned to have any contact with his son, so he's probably either dead or there's a reason his son doesn't want to see him anymore...
  • makes sense when we look at his mother's personality; she's apparently extremely protective of Dice and won't let him stay home alone although he's 12. Maybe she feels guilty for not protecting him enough when his father was still around and/or fears her former husband would come for Dice and hurt him again if she left him alone
    • in contrast to that, she apparently tolerates Goomer around him, possibly because he's also very protective of his little manager...
      • or is he that protective because he knows the story?
  • That might also be the reason Dice is always out for making money and his mother found him an agent for his hair. They were completely broke after the divorce, Dice's dad never let his mom work and took all their earnings, so the hair modelling is the first thing they could think of to earn some money.
    • Remember the scene in #Goat Sitting where Dice tries to buy a coat (but gets a goat instead)? Why would he go to a dealer to get a new coat instead of just asking his Mom to buy him one? Except if they are still extremely poor due to above mentioned reasons and Dice knows his mother won't have the money. He himself earned the money with one of his poker games. His mom hates him doing that, she hates realizing she can't provide for her boy and would never take money from him, so he didn't tell her. He planned pretending Goomer or Nona gave him the coat as a gift.
  • In addition, maybe weird aunt Fergene doesn't live with Dice and his Mom, but they fled into her apartment as it was the closest possible place they could get away from his Dad
    • Cat only mentions Dice lives in the house, but neither she nor Nona ever state how long he has been living there
      • keep in mind, Cat herself didn't grew up in this house. She moves there in the Victorious episode "Star-Spangled Tori" that takes place just some months, if not only weeks before the Sam&Cat pilot. If he didn't tell her, she cannot possibly know when and under which circumstances he moved there
      • I don't think he'd tell her, abuse victims are usually ashamed of their past in a way and prefer to remain silent about it
  • the divorce happened a few days prior to Dice finding Opee- his mother let him keep the dog because she was so glad her beloved son was happy again
  • in #SalmonCat, the gang meets a police officer that Dice knows personally (in a friendly way). Maybe that police officer was assigned to the case

Goomer is Dice's older brother
  • they both have south-european looks
  • Goomer's adopted

Dice's family is extremely poor
  • That's the ultimate reason for his salesman tendencies; he's genuinely trying to support his family.
  • In one episode, he asks Sam and Cat for breakfast (which is odd enough, why didn't he get one at home?). Sam offers him a bone she already chewed on and he takes it. How hungry is that kid?
  • When his mom's laptop breaks, Dice needs to get a job to buy her a new one. Indicating he doesn't get a lot of pocket money and she doesn't have the money to buy a new one right away either.

    Other Characters 

The Brit Brats are dead, murdered by the infamous method actor slasher
They were never seen again after the "cop" lead them away into an alley.

Sam's mother will return
Originally she wasn't looking for Sam but was in California for one of the disturbing reasons Sam mentioned on iCarly and she only found Sam because of the baby-sitting flyers she and Cat have.

    The Show 
Just to throw it out there, Sam and Cat will become the closest thing to a lesbian couple Nick will allow.
  • Let's face it, Dan has been pushing the Ho Yay and Les Yay harder with each show. iCarly and Victorious both had an enormous amount, with Victorious even having Jade/Tori as the largest Fan-Preferred Couple, but even then they had Jade/Beck to act as a buffer. With no such Buffer Sam and Cat might be able to break even the record of Les Yay set by "Tori and Jade's Play Date".
  • See the Radar page. Not just the physical intimacy, but the jealousy in "#PeezyB".

There will be a character who represents Dan Schnieder haters.
He or she will be a Base-Breaking Character, who some will see a a ridiculous Designated Villain, others as The Scrappy. He or she will Lampshade Robbie and Fredie's butt monkey treatment, Cat's stupidity and Sam and Jade's Karma Houdini antics. The following argument will be along the lines like this.
Character: It's a wonder you psychos aren't in jail or the nuthouse. And who will let this idiot babysit?
Cat: That's mean...and unnecessary.
Character: I bet you don't even know what those words mean.
Sam: Why don't you just stop being a jerk?
Character: Look who's talking. I've heard how you treat Freddie.
Sam: Me and Freddie talked about our issu-
Character: I'm surprised you know his name. Look, just because you don't know who your daddy is and your mother doesn't treat you right, does not mean you have to be angry all the time.
Cat: She learned not to let it bother her, lots of people learn not to let things bother them, like my friend Robbie. If you let things bother you all the time, you just become cynical. I can see it's to late for you, seeing as you analyze everything and constantly complain over trivial stuff because like you have nothing better to do. And if you don't like what you see, why do you watch?
Character: Yeah well-...if you-....idiot!

Sam and Cat will be dead in one year due to massive heart attacks, they will both weigh 700-800 pounds each, and will have to be removed from the house Gilbert Grape style.
Free fastfood cheeseburgers for life is a death sentence for two teenage girls living on their own.

The sofabed is a Hellmouth.
How else are Sam and Cat able to fit in there so easily?

Sam and Cat will eventually hook up, thus becoming the first openly gay couple on Nick.
They're the two most Ambiguously Bi characters in the Nickverse, and you have to admit, it'd be wonderful for Nick to do that.
  • This isn't as farfetched as you might think. Good Luck Charlie is going to feature a lesbian couple in it's final season, and in Heroes Of Olympus a major character and one(maybe two) god(s) came out as gay. And The HOO series is published by Disney Hyperion. So Nick might introduce a gay character or have a previous character to come out to to avoid people thinking they aren't as open-minded as their rival.

Sam came out between the end of iCarly and the beginning of this show
Sam hasn't shown interest in a single boy since the show began and there was an enourmous amount of Les Yay in iCarly, it makes sense that Sam came out at some point before she met Cat.

The series finale is also the Fully Absorbed Finale for Victorious
It ends with Cat's graduation, meaning the Victorious gang will show up for closure.
  • Jossed, the show won't even get its own proper finale ala Victorious.

An episode will parody Hannibal.
  1. Super Psycho, a parody of The Silence of the Lambs, ended with Nevel escaping. He will go to Italy, just as Hannibal Lecter does in the novel, and look for Carly. It would probably be called #Nevel

An episode will parody Red Dragon.
It will be called #Red Vest and focus on how Crazy Steve was captured and put in the cell that he is in in #Super Psycho.

An episode will parody Hannibal Rising.
It will be called #Nevel Rising and show Nevel as a little kid and how he became a website critic.

"Sam & Cat" is a Show Within A Show.
In #Blooper Episode, the characters refer to each other by the actors' names (Ariana, Cameron), and Sam/Jennette point out that Goomer is not a main characer of the show. But despite this, they use Pearpads, which only exist in the Schneiderverse. So thus Sam & Cat is a show within the Schneiderverse.

After the last episode, Sam and Cat have a falling out.
Sam did let Cat get arrested and sent to jail for two weeks. It would be hard for Cat to forgive Sam for doing something like that to her. So, they stop being friends, which works out fine because the show got cancelled anyway after some behind the scenes drama.

After the "#MadAboutShoe" events, Cat gave the pink shoes back to Stacey.
They aren't seen again after that episode, so it's a possibility.

    Elsewhere in the Schneiderverse 
Characters from iCarly and Victorious will stop on by for a visit now and then.
Like Family Guy and The Cleveland Show or Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.
  • Confirmed for Episode 4, "Robbie's Back", although that episode never actually aired so it might have been incorrectly reported.
  • Also, a still for a later removed video (the image seen representing the video before playing it) showed Sam standing with Cat in Sikowitz's classroom with him there.
    • Later confirmed in "#MommaGoomer" where they visit Sikowitz's class (no other characters present however) so Goomer can masquerade as a teacher.
  • Elizabeth Gillies is confirmed for at least one appearance on the show.
  • Completely confirmed as of #Thekillertunajump. Jade, Freddie, and Robbie all appear.

Jackson Colt will return and maybe fight Goomer
He appeared in iCarly which Sam is from and Goomer is in the MMA like Jackson Colt is.

Goomer is related to Cort from the iCarly episode iHire An Idiot

Sam's mother went to the Papal Mainframe.
Sam says that her mother went to church naked one time. Maybe she was going to the Papal Mainframe, a space church at which people show up naked, from "The Time of the Doctor."

iParty with Victorious will be referenced
And it'll either be an off hand joke or Sam will figure it out and Cat will think it was a girl that looked exactly like Sam but Sam will set her straight.
  • If that was the case, it would have been referenced in the first episode.
  • Jossed, unfortunately.

Had the show not been cancelled, Cat's brother would have appeared at the end of season 2.
In "Star-Spangled Tori," Cat says that her brother would be institutionalized in Idaho for 6 months to 2 years. Season 2 might have ended at the end of that time frame.

Dan will sink the parent show ships of Cat/Robbie & Sam/Freddie.
For one of several purposes:
  • So that he can create a new shipping war between Cat, Sam and some other random guy.
  • Kill the shipping fandom completely.
  • Allow the usual boy of the week style plots for both girls.
  • Give each girl their own specific, tailor made partner to Ship Tease.
  • Have Sam and Cat end up together.
  • Or give Dice a Little Boy Seeks Big Girl crush on one of the two girls (probably Sam).
  • Averted- both ships were teased with hints of becoming more when Freddie and Robbie appeared.

Dan Schneider will give Cameron Ocasio his own show after Sam & Cat ends.
He has done this with other actors on his previous shows.
  • Jossed, Cameron Ocasio has in fact been signed for a Disney XD pilot.

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