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Tear Jerker / Sam & Cat

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  • Goomer's jealousy moment in #OscartheOuch, it might be played for laughs, but realizing he actually feels betrayed by his only and best friend is heartbreaking.
  • When Sam and Cat are sleeping together the first night Sam meets Cat, she tells Cat that she has no reason to go back to Seattle any time soon since her mom isn't totally well (adding to the fact that she mentions later that living with her mother is like living alone) and especially because Carly moved to Italy with her dad at the end of iCarly. Although she was still friends with the other characters, not even Freddie, who she dated for awhile and had admitted that she was in love with him, was enough of a reason for her to stay.
  • Seeing the always upbeat and perky Cat turn into a depressed heap in #FavoriteShow when her favorite show gets cancelled.
    • Just about any time Cat looks sad. Ariana Grande is way too good at it.
      • Jennette McCurdy gets her turn in #Yayday. It's just as bad as when Ariana does it, if not worse.
  • Dice saying Goomer is his best friend (he's only known him for a few weeks) gives a sad insight on his school life.
    • Notice how he is embarrassed by basically everything he does outside of school (his modelling job, that his dances at parties, even that he's part of a spelling bee). This implies he gets laughed at a lot, maybe even bullied by his peers. Makes it Harsher in Hindsight that Sam and Cat also laugh...
    • The Poker Game Dice plays in #Killer Tuna Jump consist of Randy, who seems much younger than him, the weird harpoon fishing guy, BJ Malloy, who Dice finds extremely annoying (I'm guessing either his Mom made him hang out with him again or BJ is that clueless that he doesn't get Dice doesn't like him) and one (one!) boy who could be Dice's age and a friend of him...though he never appears again, so probably not a great one. Anyway, this poker game seems to confirm Goomer, Sam and Cat are literally his only real friends
  • Goomer's mom saying one of the nastiest things ever on a Dan Schnieder show after she learns Goomer is in the MMA.
    • Almost all of Mrs. Merr's interactions with her son are heartbreaking.
  • Sam coldly swindling Cat out of all of her money at the start of Revenge Of The Brit Brats. Considering how she easily gave up a portion of money in the pilot... that's cold.
    • Also, Sam and Cat's arguing is hard to watch after all of this time seeing them as great friends.
  • Sam and Cat's argument in #KillerTunaJump is very sad, especially the part where Cat tells Sam that she doesn't care if Sam jumps over the killer Tuna. In context, it sounds like a kid friendly version of "I don't care if you die."
  • The entire second half of #YayDay
    • Sam's card to Cat. Dear lord, the card
    Sam: Most people I hate, but you I like. I'm glad we're friends.
  • Dice's abuse in episodes like #Lumpatious is this. He's willing to help them out with any problem they have, and he gets no respect and a bloody nose for his troubles.
    • In #Mad About Shoe, he actually gets upset about this, saying "Doesn't anyone say please anymore?" Earlier, when Sam and Cat both yell at him about their ideas, he, almost crying, shouts back at them to stop and flees into Sam's arms for a minute. Parred with his whispered "Sometimes you are so intense" this scene is downright heartbreaking. But it also reminds you that Dice, besides everything he does, is still just a kid
      • might be a bit wmg, but that yelling stresses him out so much might indicate something about his homelife...
  • A meta example- thae show's cancellation means that unless Dan convinces another actor from Victorious or iCarly to come back, the era of those two shows is now well and truly done.
  • Although the last episode didn't have a proper ending, Sam wanting Nona to live with her when she's been known to hate adults. Nona is the only adult to show any sort of love for Sam and the only one who she has ever been able to get along with and since Sam doesn't have such a good mother, people who have mother-figures in their lives could relate to Sam in this sense.

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