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Nightmare Fuel / Sam & Cat

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  • When Cat finds that her bibble's gone missing, she lets out several bloodcurdling screams, much to Sam's indifference. Later on in the episode, after Sam finds that her motorcycle has been painted pink, she angrily shouts out Cat's name and she evidently looks like she's going to be out on a manhunt. Even worse, Sam's "murdering" of Cat also qualifies as it goes from a shouting match to Cat screaming like hell as Sam "kills" her roommate.
  • Nora Dershlit has returned. And she kidnaps Dice to get her revenge on Sam. Take a moment to think about that: the homicidal psychopath has a young boy as her hostage, and this time she just wants to make Sam suffer. To make things worse, the preview shows Sam is terrified of Nora!
    • How Nora escapes prison. She has her chicken lure the guard to the door and shoves a bucket over her head. While this starts funny, she wrestles her to the ground and beats her head against the ground, showing if anything, Nora is more violent than before.
    • The fashion that Nora kidnaps Dice. The scariest part is that it's very similar to how real life child abductors can act.
    • Nora's new Mood-Swinger personality (presumably resulting from two years of hate and a thirst for revenge causing her sanity to degrade even more). Before, the times her Faux Affably Evil mask slipped were scary, but were normally triggered by something. Now? She fluctuates between the two at the drop of a hat without any warning. It makes her holding Cat and Dice captive all the more frightening because there's now the feeling she could snap at any second.

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