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  • Anytime Sam does anything heroic. The fact that this is Sam, the girl who grew up with a bad family and followed in their footsteps (though season 4 of iCarly and onwards showed she was straying away from the kind of life her other family members, outside of Melanie, leaned towards)
    • Sam running down a garbage truck to save Cat in the Pilot.
    • Sam catching a wanted criminal in #MagicATM.
    • Saving Freddie's life in #TheKillerTunaJump.
  • Despite doing a dangerously bad job of CPR, they managed to save the Inside-Out Burger manager's life.
  • Sam's flawless Bavarian Fire Drill to get the moving crew to deliver all the decor from the That's A Drag set to Cat's apartment.
    • Additionally, in the Dutch version of the show, where That's A Drag is known as Soup Dresses, they actually go so far as to insult Nickelodeon. "What kind of stupid network cancels a big hit without a proper finale?!" In the originals, the word stupid wasn't there.
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  • Sam's plan to con the girls who conned them out of $500 and Cat's bike. They trick the girls into going to a bingo match they rigged so that a special card would win the prize of a $3000 TV. They take Cat's bike there. Once there Cat pretends to buy the card until the girls offer the 500 they conned Dice out of. Once the girls win, two cops come saying the bingo game was illegal because the prize was too expensive. They take the girls to a back alley and leave them there. Turns out the police officers are fakes. Cat takes her bike back and Nona (who sold the girls the tickets) gives Dice his $500.
  • Butler, the son of the overbearing mom in #Texting Competition throws the competition after seeing how far his mom will go.
    • "Maybe I did, maybe I didn't"
      • Sam managing to keep up with Butler one-handed, in speed-texting. Girl's got a mad thumb.
      • Not just that, she beat her own record one handed when her last record was 2 handed.
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    • A smaller one: Sam asks if there's any rule against her texting one-handed, which they quickly check. The guy hosting the show (who's just as annoyed at Butler's mom as anyone), smugly says to her face, "No; there isn't".
  • The little girl in Episode 6 essentially politely tells Sam and Cat to stop arguing about which of them is better babysitters, as they're a great team together. It helps that the child actress playing her isn't half bad, much like Butler.
  • Goomer of all people pulling a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown on his opponent after he insulted Dice's hair.
    • Also, right at the end of the episode, John gets angry and tries to demand Goomer a rematch, then pushes Sam aside, but Sam doesn't want to have any of that and pins him to the ground.
  • Sam, Dice and Cat stopping the... babysitter climber wall thing, and getting the fake reviews deleted. Ruined somewhat by them immediately taking their rival's place and urging the babies on.
    • Also, the return of Sam's Butter Sock, which manages to smash a table in half.
  • Goomer taking on three muggers who attempted to rob his mother... and winning easily.
  • #Babysitting Commericial:
    Girl: Bad dog!
    Sam: No, you're a bad dog. Get out
    Girl: (coming closer) You want a piece of me?
    Sam: You bet
    • Before that, offering to show them a 'magic trick' involving a glass bottle.
    Father: Are you threatening my wife?
    Sam: No, I'm threatening all three of you.
  • When #Pilot first aired, it was the most popular episode on iTunes at the time. By the way? This included all television, not just kids shows, meaning Sam and Cat beat out Mad Men for the top spot.
  • Goomer of all people figuring out Gwen & Ruby's plot in #Revenge Of The Brit Brats. GOOMER
  • More of an Offscreen Moment of Awesome, but Sam pulling an entire parking meter out of the ground. It's easy to understand why Dice was impressed
    • And then she KO's the world's 7th best fighter with one punch.
  • #Motorcycle Mystery: Cat shows us exactly how dangerous she can be, by running/jumping screaming onto the back of a professional MMA fighter (who's trying to steal Sam's motorcycle), and manages to hold him for a good while. After been thrown off, she pins down his smaller friend after he gets away, yells a cop into giving her his handcuffs, and cuffs the smaller man to herself. Then she physically drags him home the entire way, and he shouts something at her, where she responds with "*repeated foreign words*-SHUT UP!"
    • Cat broke Tori's nose and knocked Jade (JADE!) out on Victorious...she's always been a badass, she's just so naturally kind and sweet she rarely uses it
  • Cat of all people having the guts to stand up the client in "#DollSitting." Please note that Sam was perfectly willing to let the guy go because of all the crap that had happened that day.
  • Cat and Sam's twin sister Melanie kiss ("#Twinfection"). ON A NICKELODEON SHOW.
    • And Cat, in the same episode, responding to Sam laughing at the idea that she could possibly do anything smart by using the twins to fool Sam. Yes, the rest of the episode is devoted to Sam getting her own back (because, well, you know), but the point is Cat managed to get one over on Sam.
  • #BrainCrush: Sam using the kids of the karate class to destroy the audience's pear phones in order to make them pay attention to Cat's play instead of the addicting app game.
  • Cat literally able to create a perfect duplicate of Blue Dog Soda.
  • The blooper episode. So much self-referential jokes, Actor Allusions, Continuity Nods and to top it all off the hilarious bloopers themselves. Oh, and the actors play themselves in this episode (complete with Ariana's normal hair color and general adorableness) and it's glorious.
  • In #FresnoGirl Sam & Cat got a doll for a girl and end up having to put up with the ridiculous prices (like hair being sold separately) and when they go to fix the doll after Sam accidentally breaks it, the two have to put up with even more annoying prices (like being charged for pretend anesthesia) and after putting up with them, Sam finally cracks and feeds them Cat's fudge piles (which are so chewy it makes swallowing difficult) and when they can't talk, Sam makes an announcement that all Fresno Girl dolls and accessories are free for 5 minutes to get back at the store for their prices
  • In #SuperPsycho, when Nora has both Dice and Cat trapped, the lights go out only to suddenly come back on and she finds Maurice in the arms of Sam. Jennette's delivery of her line is just perfect here.
    Sam: Who wants chicken?
  • In #KnockOut, Sam becomes Rita Rooney's sparring partner and while Rita, being an MMA champion, has the upper hand for the most part, Sam manages to get her weak spot and knock her down which apparently no other fighter has managed to do, which gives Sam some fifteen minutes of fame.
    • Sam fighting, some would agree is awesome.
    • The fact that despite her fifteen minutes of fame for being able to knock down a champion which no other fighter could do, and not actually care about the fame makes Sam even cooler.
    • In #TheKillerTunaJump, Robbie punches Freddie in the gut twice, and Freddie doesn't even budge. Sure, it was probably to illustrate how weak Robbie is more than anything, but it's still pretty dope on Freddie's part.

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