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  • The episode "Capture the Flag" is one big one for Donkeylips. By the end of the episode, he had successfully captured nine people of the opposing team with just a ditch, saved the team from an ambush with a single carefully aimed water balloon (He had only one thanks to Z.Z.), took an unsuspecting enemy's water balloon and used it on him, overcame the tire obstacle that for years gave him a hard time, and finally captured the flag itself and carried it triumphantly back to camp.
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  • In "The Wrath Of Kahn, Jr." Doctor Kahn's niece, Ellen has come to the camp, and her bratty antics and pranks drive all the other campers up the wall. Ug, however, doesn't want them to get revenge because he's trying to get a raise. So instead, the campers come up with a new plan, and just ignore everything she does. They then set up a trap for her to teach her a lesson. Amazingly, Doctor Kahn is so impressed by the punishment that Ug not only gets his raise, but Doctor Kahn even foots the bill to take all the campers to a concert.
  • In "They Call Me Ms. Tibbs":
    "I am Ug! (fixes his hat) I am the lawgiver!"
    "And I am Ranger Mona Tibbs!" (puts her hat back on and salutes)
  • "The Treasure of Sara Madre" features an awesome revenge plot by the five campers whom Budnick and Donkeylips swindle out of their boomboxes with fake directions to Sara Madre's alleged buried money. First, they take a hat from the prop cupboard for camp theatrical productions that looks like Sara Madre's straw hat, then plant it in the garbage they empty over Budnick and Donkeylips, leading them to believe that they actually were digging near the money's burial site. They then give the two conmen a new set of fake directions that lead to the infield of the camp baseball diamond - which Ug has spent the episode trimming with a ruler and a pair of scissors so that it is picture perfect for the new camp brochure, and which he is none too happy to see ruined.
    Ug: There is a very deep hole in the middle of my infield. Eventually, the hole will fill up with water and the scum will float to the top! Then, Bobby Budnick, heh heh, you will be mine!


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