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Nightmare Fuel / Sanjay and Craig

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That's gotta be painful...

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  • Huggle Bunny is basically a person in a bunny costume who appears in a few episodes and can be pretty creepy. And the fact that he follows Sanjay and Craig whenever they go is also unsettling.
  • Whenever Sanjay starts losing his mind, especially in "All Night Bummer Party", "Lundgren Loner", and "Halloweenies".
  • Many endings of episodes have a Jump Scare at the very last second.

     Season 1 
  • Wait a minute, the fact that the entire town spiraling town into chaos and danger all because of laughter in "Laugh Quake" was supposed to be funny!?
  • In "Road Pizza", when Sanjay was inside Craig's body, the pizza inside his stomach was pulsating like a heart, and the whole scene inside Craig's body was pretty unsettling.
  • In "Curb Dawgz", Hector gets his hand impaled by Craig's fangs whilst trying to high-five Sanjay, who was using Craig as a pair of arms at the time. The exposure to snake venom leaves Hector's whole arm horrifically swollen, resulting him to lose consciousness and pass out. To add insult to injury, they show the gruesome scene again at the end of the episode!
  • The close-up of Sanjay's wrinkly face in the episode "Old Farts".
  • What happens when Darlene is afraid of the dark in "Blackout".
  • Craig's made up description of "Puke's Peak" in "Heightmare".
    • "The Inferno" really is a scary ride with all the demonic-looking ghouls staring into the boy's souls as they are blinded with more colors than a rainbow could have.
  • In "Wolfie", Hector gets fascinated with wolves, and results in him following Sanjay and Craig wherever they go. He even follows them in the bathtub!
    • An actual wolf attacking Sanjay and Craig.
  • "Fart Baby" has the scene where Sanjay gives birth to the episode's namesake character, complete with him and Craig screaming throughout.
  • Who could ever forget about Sweet Cheeks and how he was introduced in "Unbarfable" with that lovely closeup?
  • Craig nearly freezing in "Cold Hard Cash"; doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • In "A Tale of Two Slithers", Sanjay gets a replacement snake. Cue intro sequence, and all the snake does is bite Sanjay's arms and his hair off, making the former scream throughout.
  • The fact that Mr. Noodman not only unwittingly ate snake eggs, then vomiting out a lot of baby snakes from his mouth and nose, in "Family Re-Noodman".
  • In "Chill Bill" Bill begins going crazy complete with screaming his name and it getting louder and louder until he destroys the convenience store.

     Seasons 2 and 3 
  • In the episode "All Night Bummer Party", when Sanjay was getting his revenge on Craig for hogging up the video game, he has a really psychotic unsettling look on his face while laughing like a crazy person.
  • The title card for "Freaks and Cheeks".
  • In the episode "Chewhuahuas", there was a scene when the kids were trying to escape those vicious little dogs and one of them looked really evil like it was almost possessed when it was angry.
  • Leslie's Wild Take (with emphasis on "wild"), in which his face rips off to reveal his skull when he finds out that the blueberry smoothies at Larry's farm are really dog vomit in "And Justice for Durdle".
  • "King of Kids" has a rather creepy fan club. The kids remember what episode where Sanjay and Craig's misadventures happen. They even sort them by seasons!
  • "Stuffed Curse Pizza" has Sanjay turning into a "cursed pizza" while also unwittingly hurting his family in the process.
    • However, later on it just so turns out it wasn't, he was actually going through puberty.
  • Some of the kids designs for the Star Trek-like fantasies in "Alien Craig" can be a little too bizarre for some.
  • Benjy Warlin in "Googas". Remember that one episode of the original Powerpuff Girls where the guy collects every Powerpuff item in existence? This episode is the very same thing, including Benjy trapping the kids in cases.
  • The Tooth Fairy taking all the kids' teeth as punishment for mocking her in the end of "Romper Chomper".
  • "Tufflips' Tales of Terror", as it is a Halloween Episode:
    • In the first story, the appropriately-titled Eye Scream, Hector can't eat because there's a thing inside his eye! Sanjay and Craig do get it out, and in the next day, Hector eats again, only to find out that the thing found its next victim, and its Chicken Chuck.
    • In the second story "Haus of Vings", Sanjay and Craig are depicted as Germans. Then they find out their friends have been turned into '''animals. That's not the scary part.
    • In the third story "Haunted Milk, Noodman drinks milk that expires on Halloween, resulting in his skin breaking out with milk starting from his fingers.
    • In the fourth story "Hook'd", Sanjay and Craig play a out of order game. The game is cool at first, but then the boys hands turn into hooks. Then Penny takes Sanjay's hand and Craig's scales.
    • The fifth and final story, "Poultrygeist", has an evil chicken wing (as well as his brethren) attempting taking over the world, though all it takes is a song by the people of Lundgren convincing them to leave (and Sanjay's charts). One of the wings is left behind (as he went to the restroom), and Craig eats him. Chicken Chuck then suggests to Penny that he should add ghost wings to the menu, then Craig turns into a giant wing while changing color throughout. Penny then decides to not add it on the menu.
  • What the kids think the egg is in "Ting":
    • What Craig thinks of it is just odd. In said scene, [ Craig is overlord of glow worms that he commands to combine and make a larger version of himself to Take Over the World; you can see why neither Sanjay, Megan and Hector where too pleased with what he was going, especially since he turned them into glow worms as well.
    • Craig destroying the Frycade.
      • spoiler: Sanjay mentions this after, meaning that he actually did destroy it.
    • Megan thinks that the egg is a key to secret treasure. However by the end, so many things are after her.
    • The ENTIRE Hector-man sequence. It's one of the most deranged, freaky, and just plain odd moments in the series.
  • "Barfy's Babies" features Craig getting skinned alive.
  • A song scene in "Barrel Boyz", has the heads of Tufflips and Vijay merging together.
  • In "Fowl Work", Craig attempts to make wings by making them the way french fries are made. It then catches fire, which is then put out by Penny, who gets ANGRY at Sanjay and Craig, and gets them banned from the Frycade for life. The worst part is that Sanjay and Craig actually die, as their ghosts come out of their bodies, from the mouths!
  • Almost the entirety of "Rash Thrash": Sanjay develops an allergy to Craig and gets one heck of an unhealthy rash all around his body and makes him inflate like a freaking balloon whenever he's around Craig.

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