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  • This little piece from "Laugh Quake":
    Megan: It's a dummy, Craig.
    Craig: I believe they prefer to be called 'stupid people'.
  • Sanjay's baby fart bubble in "Fart Baby" going through the stages of life, from high school graduation, getting a house, and retirement. And then...
    Craig: That's the way I wanna go out, farting in Noodman's face.
  • Hector's stomach in "Unbarfable".
    • "Dos horas mas tarde." "That's Spanish for 'Two Hours Later'!"
  • Straight from the climax of "D.I.N.K.", we get a Brick Joke for the titular character's mispronunciation of Vijay's name.
    Sanjay: Help, Daddy!
    Craig: Vyjee!
  • From "Doom Baby":
    • At the end of that same episode:
      • The Dicksons dropping Baby Dickson off with Sanjay and Craig, not because they think the duo are responsible enough to care for a child, but because he's wanted by the police and needs a place to hide.
  • From one of the comics, we get this exchange:
    Vijay: My boy, I solemnly swear...for as long as I live and breathe....I will never, EVER try to help you grow as a person ever again.
  • From "Heightmare": Sanjay and Craig realize they don't need to impress anyone by going on a dangerous roller coaster and try to leave, but the seat restraints come down and lock them in. Sanjay asks the carny to let him and Craig out because Craig allegedly has a heart condition. The carny's response: "Oh, I'm sorry. You must have mistaken me for a guy who gives a crud."
  • Huggle Bunny, especially his stage show "Huggle Bunny: Gettin' Money" at the carnival.
    • Even better is his appearance in "Boatin' Down the River", where Sanjay and co. are floating down a mattress, and they meet different people. Each time making snide comments. But when they get to Huggle Bunny, they are all completely silent.
  • Snoop Dogg's guest appearance in the Season 2 finale.
  • Noodman's Wild Take, (in which his face rips off to reveal his skull) when he finds out that the Blueberry Smoodies are really dog vomit in "And Justice for Durdle".
  • Mike O' Malley hamming it up in "GUTS Busters", all of it; however at the end it can also border into Nightmare Fuel.
  • The episode "Chrome Dome" from start to finish is a laughing riot, especially with Will Willboard.
  • At the end of "Chill Bill" when the store is about to collapse.
    Chill Bill: Chill Bill! Chill Bill!
    Sanjay: (throwing Craig down like rope) Hurry , grab on!
    Craig: Yeah, bring your drink bag!
    Chill Bill: (slurps from his bag a bit) No way! You ruined my chill.
    Sanjay: But it's going to collapse!


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