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This is a list of episodes for the Nickelodeon series Sanjay and Craig, which ran from 2013-2016 with 3 seasons and 60 episodes.

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    Season One 
  • Brett Venom M.D.: Sanjay and Craig sneak into the hospital to watch the world's first butt transplant, but they then discover that the patient is Mr. Noodman.
  • Laugh Quake: Sanjay and Craig try to figure out which one of their ridiculous laughs are more annoying.
  • Maximum Dennis: The boys disguise themselves as Maximum Dennis to beat Tyson at their video-game and wing eating records.
  • Dog Wave: The boys want a dog, but wind up with 100 dogs. Although when Mr. Noodman calls the pound, its up to the boys to rescue them.
  • Heightmare: Sanjay, Craig, Vijay, Darlene, Hector, Belle, and Megan head off to the carnival, to ride a big scary ride called "The Inferno".
  • Be Like Tufflips: Sanjay is mistaken for his hero when he dresses up as Remington Tufflips, and he gets all of his advantages of being him.
  • Stinkboy: Sanjay falls into the Dicksons' pool of sludge and begins to smell so bad that not even Craig can handle his horrible stench; Because of that, he runs away to hide in the sewers.
  • Wolfie: Hector’s sudden fascination with wolves gets on Sanjay and Craig’s nerves. But when Sanjay and Craig kick him out of the woods, they try to get him back after realizing that they've made a mistake.
  • Traffical Island: When Sanjay, Craig, Hector, and Megan get trapped in a traffic island, they try their best to have fun. But a big fight between the four friends makes them turn against each other.
  • Partybot: Sanjay and Craig become party animals when they hang out with an old robot invented by Vijay, but chaos ensues when the Partybot goes insane. It's up to Sanjay, Craig and Vijay to stop the Partybot from partying too hard.
  • The Giving G: The children find a giant gorilla balloon at the dump that formerly belonged to "Big G Tires." Unfortunately, the Dicksons also want it.
  • Release the Craigan: Megan becomes depressed when Craig steals her identity.
  • Muscle C.O.P.S.: Sanjay and Craig grow giant muscles to join an unusual police force known as the Muscle C.O.P.S. and learn a valuable lesson on teamwork.
  • Cold Hard Cash: Sanjay and Craig find a 100-dollar bill in the ice. But the problem is, Baby Richard Dickson wants it as well.
  • Unbarfable: When Sanjay and Craig discover that Hector has never barfed before in his entire life, they try to show him some really gross things as attempts to make him barf.
  • Game On: When Sanjay and Craig's favorite video game, Tufflips Thumbs-Up Karate, is mysteriously gone from the Frycade, they go on a quest to find it.
  • Laked Nake: When Sanjay loses his trunks at Lake Lundgren, Tyson tries to humiliate him.
  • Doom Baby: When Sanjay and Craig are forced to baby-sit Richard Dickson, things get crazy when he sneaks into Noodman's house.
  • Blackout: When Sanjay learns that Darlene is afraid of the dark, they are given an electric charger to help his mother during a blackout. The problem is, everyone else wants it.
  • Family Re-Noodman: The boys sneak into Noodman's family reunion to sample a new secret Frycade wing recipe, but they learn that Noodman's Father is a bigger threat than Noodman himself.
  • Fart Baby: Sanjay is convinced that he is pregnant with a fart.
  • Kung-Fu Catapult: During a game of Safari Food Fight with Megan, Sanjay and Craig discover a haunted trailer and agree to rid of the ghosts in search for a catapult.
  • Road Pizza: When Craig eats a pizza he found in the middle of the street, he gets possessed by an evil pizza demon named King Za.
  • Trouble Dare: The Patels rent a trailer after infesting their house with ants. Unfortunately, the Dicksons are staying in it, so they have to play against them in the classic Nickelodeon game show, Family Double Dare, hosted by guest stars John Harvey and Marc Summers.
  • You're in Trouble: When Sanjay and Craig go to Tufflips Camp, they decide to not drink for the journey to avoid wetting the bed during the night.
  • Cup O'Universe: The kids are convinced that there is a universe in an old milkshake cup, which leads to this particular question, "What if OUR universe was in a cup?"
  • Booger Johnson: Megan forces Sanjay to take care of her adorable pet gerbil, Booger Johnson, while she's away. But since Craig has an appetite for gerbils, Sanjay tries to get him to see Booger Johnson as a friend.
  • Dream Rangers: Sanjay and Craig must re-enter their dream to rescue Belle from Noodman.
  • Prickerbeast: The gang is lied to by their parents about the urban legend of the Prickerbeast, so they try to get back at them by disguising themselves as the Prickerbeast.
  • Day of the Snake: Craig lies to Sanjay about what his awesome day is like while Sanjay is away at school.
  • Old Farts: After finding out that seniors get free wings at the Frycade, Sanjay and Craig disguise themselves as seniors.
  • Kerplunk'd: Sanjay and Craig plan on starting a web-show where they prank others, based on Raska's hit web-show. Problems arise and a prank war breaks out between Sanjay and Craig and Raska.
  • Flip Flopas: The kids find some rare candies at Hector's house known as Flip Flopas, which makes bad food taste good, but also make good food taste bad. Because of that, they head off to Munchie's to get the antidote.
  • Chill Bill: When the boys come across an underground convenience store known as "Eezy P-Eezy," they soon meet Chill Bill, an electric bass player. Craig soon starts hanging out with Chill Bill, making Sanjay lonley.
  • Curb Dawgz: Sanjay, Craig and Hector, the "Curb Dawgz," disguise themselves as rad skateboarders, hoping to join a skateboarding crew.
  • Susan Loogie: To convince Sanjay to be her dance partner to a contest, Megan disguises herself as a tomboy under the name of "Susan Loogie".
  • Pretty in Punk: When Sanjay and Craig break the Dicksons' their amp, they convince Johnny Pounds to make the Dicksons guest star on his show. But he turns the Dicksons into a pop band, much to the duo's annoyance. It's up to Sanjay and Craig to stop Johnny Pounds and turn the Dicksons back into their original Punk Rocker selves.
  • Hot Sauce Boss: Chicken Chuck is revealed to put his own sauce in the Frycade's Chicken Wings, so he is kicked out but he starts a new wings restaurant, thus starting a competition.
  • A Tail of Two Slithers: note  Craig reunites with his long-lost brother Ronnie, and decides to visit his mansion for the week. Sanjay goes to extreme measures to get Craig back, but Ronnie uses devious methods to break-up Sanjay and Craig's freindship. Meanwhile Craig discovers that, much to his shock, Ronnie has founded a shovel company dedicated to killing snakes.

    Season Two 

  • Boatin' Down the River: The children set off to find mysterious castaways that are stranded on an island shaped like a butt. It turns out, the castaways were the kids the whole time.
  • Ghost Pool: The gang sets off to find a legendary pool in the forest with Belle babysitting to prove they are not babies.
  • Shirts Off: Sanjay and Craig experience freedom when they are shirtless.
  • Middle Shame: Sanjay doesn't want to reveal his embarrassing middle name to everyone, not even Craig.
  • Dolled Up: When Sanjay and Craig use Darlene's Glamour Girlz kit, they accidentally break a hole in her room leading to a comedic chain of events.
  • Space Race: Sanjay takes credit on Craig's invention and Craig goes to top him off with another invention. Meanwhile, Vijay tells his son the story of his old friendship with Herman.
  • Barfy's Babies: Sanjay and Craig discover that Barfy has kids, but one of them doesn't have a "hook". So the boys try to find something that makes that puppy special.
  • Butt's Up: Sanjay meets a girl named Sam, and helps her win a "Butts Up" game against Noodman. This all leads to an amazing discovery involving Darlene and Lady Butterscotch.
  • Screamday: During a whole 24-hour day of screaming, Craig loses his voice while screaming too much, so Sanjay, Megan, and Hector must get it back.
  • Enter Sandman: The Dicksons invite Sanjay and Craig over, only to discover that their lives are totally different than their lives.
  • Alien Craig: When Sanjay forgets to take out the garbage, a trip to the dump turns into a journey of galactic proportions. Unfortunately, Tyson gets involved and attempts to ruin their fun.
  • Googas: note  The kids are desperate to get the most popular toy in town, but their attempts are thwarted by Benji Warlin.
  • Glory Hounds: Sanjay and Craig lie to Megan and get her kicked out of her prestigious club for winners.
  • Glad to Be Sad: Sanjay and Craig hear a sad song that makes them feel better.
  • Remington Tufflips' Spooky Trailer of Cartoons: note  Tufflips and Huggle Bunny host 5 quirky stories.
  • Tuffcon: Sanjay, Craig, and Hector head off to the local Tufflips Convention. Sanjay discovers that Carlos Bandana is actually a real-life thief, while Craig and Hector get mistaken for Carlos Bandana and Lucy Luvkin
  • Pet Parents: Sanjay and Craig find a way to hypnotize Vijay and Darlene.
  • 2 Tuff 2 Watch: The kids host an overnight Tufflips movie marathon in order to save a reptile refuge, but have trouble staying awake during it.
  • Cuddle Buddy: Craig longs to be cuddled after seeing the other neighborhood pets receiving affection.
  • Ting: The children try to imagine the purpose of a mysterious object named "Ting".
  • Fartwerk: Sanjay and Craig seek to create a symphony of farts, and one person holds the one they desperately need: Noodman. They later learn about Noodman's ex-girlfriend, Bernice.
  • Foul Work: Sanjay and Craig find out about Belle's wild nightlife.
  • Rash Thrash: Sanjay develops an allergy, so he and Craig must be separated until a cure is found.
  • Wild Buds: Craig and Sanjay make a bet on who survives the longest in the woods.
  • Depants Tag: A pantsing competition goes awry when it slowly turns Sanjay and Craig against each other.
  • Ew De Hector: Hector's sweat turns out to have a divine scent, so the boys sell it as a perfume for kicks and giggles.
  • King of Kids: A group of kids idolize the duo.
  • Romper Chomper: Megan needs help from her friends to find her two front teeth.
  • Conquistador: During a visit at Grandma Wheezy's house, Sanjay and Craig find a golden robotic conquistador from an 80's hair metal band in Darlene's old room, but soon discover it is haunted.
  • Chewhuahuas: A group of deadly puppies threaten the kids.
  • Space Invaders: Sanjay, Craig, and Megan are sick and tired of Hector getting too chummy with them, and try to find a way to stop it.
  • D.I.N.K: Vijay trades the family car for a new, high-tech one much to the boys dismay.
  • Dangerous Debbie: Craig falls in love with an eel and kidnaps it from the sushi restaurant down town.
  • Serpentco: Tufflips' movies get bootlegged! Who did it and why? It was actually Tufflips himself.
  • Chrome Dome: A new billboard that Sanjay and Craig enjoy as their "Tea and Wings" friend gets on Penny's nerves.
  • Flabyrinth: In a loosely-based plot to Jim Henson's Labyrinth Sanjay and Craig find a ring from an old cereal box to find a rare treasure for Darlene.
  • Snake Parts Unknownnote : Anthony Gourmand comes to Lundgren, only for Craig to find out that he's the ultimate food the former is looking for.
  • Street Doggnote : A famous rapper becomes the boy's new neighbor but after the kids reunite him with Remington, they hold a rap battle that tears the town apart.

    Season Three 

  • And Justice for Durdle: Leslie sues Farmer Larry for his dogs and blueberry farm.
  • Beauty and The Beard: Sanjay is excited that Belle and her father Penny are sleeping over at his house, but Darlene and Vijay embarrass him when it turns out to be their son's baby photo night.
  • Hot Heads: The kids try to experience "heat nirvana" in order to fully enjoy the coolness of the local lake.
  • Lundgren Loner: Sanjay is left in the house all alone for a while, where he starts to lose his mind.
  • Bike-o Psycho: The duo find an abandoned bike that formerly belonged to a tough girl named Chido.
  • Boulder Rollers: When Sanjay, Hector, and Megan try to push a giant boulder down the lake, Craig tries to prove to them that Magnetic Snakes exist.
  • Galaxy Geeks: Leslie joins the "Alien Craig" game, only to betray them.
  • Freaks and Cheeks: When Sanjay and Craig petsit Hector's gross dog, Sweet Cheeks, a coyote unexpectedly breaks into the house.
  • Guitar Zeroes: When Sanjay and Craig are offered to play at the Punk Pit, they seek a guitar legend known as KOR.
  • Heartyface: Craig tries to become famous on a social media site called "Heartyface".
  • Huggle Day note : Dolph Lundgren guest stars as the founder of the town, where he tries to find Huggle Bunny after a "Double Dipping" incident involving Sanjay and Craig. Along the way, they discover the meaning and origins of Huggle Day.
  • Dude Snake Nood: The boys are forced to have a play date with Leslie's nephew, Randy.
  • Barrel Boyz: Remington recruits Vijay to help him with a stunt: going over Lundgren's Butt Rock Falls in a wooden barrel.
  • All-Night Bummer Party: It's Sanjay and Craig's friend-aversary, so they celebrate with a sleepover at the Frycade, but things go awry not exactly how Sanjay expected it to be.
  • Partybot Returns: Vijay reprograms Partybot into an Artybot to showcase at Bertha Van Weld's tech expo.
  • Paper Pushers: Sanjay and Craig decide to work as paper boys to raise money to buy wings, but nobody wants to read the Lundgren Wiz (Except for Noodman), so they decide to hoard all the papers in secret. Noodman, aware of the situation, tries to uncover this whole racket.
  • Bros of a Feather: Sanjay and Craig find a little orphaned baby bird, in which they name "Bean", and take it under their wings.
  • Ain't No Fang: When Sanjay gets accidentally bitten by Craig, the latter teaches Sanjay on how to be a snake.
  • Baldalzerac!: What starts as a funny prank on Noodman turns into total disaster as Sanjay and Craig's actions effect the events of a "Season 12" episode, where the duo try to save the world and time continuum from Noodman. note 
  • Master Smashers: A misunderstanding causes the kids to get into the habit of smashing things.
  • All Couped Up: Sanjay and Craig compete against Belle, Noodman, Debbie, Chuck, and Tufflips by posing as Mick Mucas in order to win a car, but could it be too hard to disqualify Belle out of the contest?
  • The Sanjay and Craig Stunt School Special: When Craig joins Sanjay at stuntman school, he finds that his best bud is living in the shadow of Stasi Stuntman, an academic overachiever. Craig then encourages Sanjay to stand up to Stasi Stuntman and become Tufflips' new sidekick in a completion announced at their stunt school; things later get intense when Sanjay, amidst a crowd cheering for his impending victory and a disappointed Craig while doing good during the competition ends up cheating for Stasi until learning that she played him like a fiddle, where he reconciles with Craig and decides not only to win for his own sake but also turn down Remington's offer to become his sidekick and decide he's his own hero.
  • Combo Attack: Megan unexpectedly befriends Chido and forms a band with her called "Character Select" , but struggles to keep their friendship and band a secret.
  • Stuffed-Curse Pizza: After failing to summon King Za, Sanjay believes he's cursed. Turns out, he's just going though puberty.
  • Quietude Dudes: When Darlene has had a bad day from work, Sanjay and Craig try to be as quiet as they can so she could get some rest, but could it be too hard?
  • Diaper Dinks: When Sanjay, Craig, Hector, and Megan all revert into babies after eating baby food, they join in with Baby Richard Dickson to live like a baby. They then later discover that BRD is turing everybody in Lundgren into babies and making them their slaves. The entire episode was later revealed to be all just a dream.
  • Halloweenies: The kids love Halloween so much that they celebrate it early throughout the entire summer, but they all get too carried away, so it's up to Vijay and Darlene to stop this madness.
  • G.U.T.S. Busters: Sanjay, Craig and Sam compete in a cross-country tour edition of the famed Nickelodeon game show hosted by guest stars Moria Quirk and Mike O' Malley.
  • Man of Squeal: When Vijay is identified as "The Pig Man", he goes back to his old pig-training days, but the obsession gets out of hand so Sanjay and Craig try to put an end to it.
  • Songjay: In this Musical Episode, Sanjay and Craig get exited about the appearance of a rare double-comet, they try to appeal to the citizens of Lundgren to gather around and watch it.
  • Freind Card: An old rivalry between Darlene and Noodman is reignited when Sanjay and Craig discover an old Friend Card in the kitchen drawer.
  • Beach Butts: When Sanjay and Craig agree to buy a present for Vijay, they get distracted and chill at the beach.
  • JJ and Greg: Sanjay and Craig become friends with another dude-reptile duo, until they start to take over their lives, thus making the original Sanjay and Craig forget who they are.
  • Tuff Rider: The kids try to recruit Tufflips for their bicycle gang, but upon learning that he cannot ride a bike, they dedicate themselves to teaching him.
  • Space Train to Space: In this episode centered around an old Tufflips movie being watched by Sanjay, Craig, and Huggle Bunny, Dillinger Softlips steals the alien dinosaur eggs and it's up to Tufflips and a baby dinosaur to stop him.
  • The Snake Pit: Craig turns the attic into a party zone, then he later realizes that Sanjay is feeling lonely.
  • Booyah For Bollywoodnote : When the Patels take a family vacation to India, Sanjay and Craig get to star as extras in a new Tufflips movie being directed by Ronnie, who gets into a breakdown when his brother's relationship with Sanjay stresses him out. Meanwhile, Vijay tries to show Darlene his favorite childhood places in India, only to discover that most of it had changed.

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