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Tear Jerker / Sanjay and Craig

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Who says a (more or less) Grossout Show like Sanjay and Craig can't have sad moments, too?
  • The show's cancellation at the 2016 Nickelodeon Upfront was very hard for fans to take, especially since it has started to find its legs after Season 2.
  • Leslie's situation, fullstop, the very fact that getting tormented by your least-favorite animal by your own father all the way from childhood is a tradition in his family is very abhorrent and disturbing.
  • "Huggle Day"
    • Poor, poor Huggle Bunny, all he wanted was to give to everyone on his holiday and yet they take him for granted all because of his presents; the selfishness of it all even drives him to cancel the holiday and take back all the gifts.
      • When the trio find him, he's all floppy and possibly dead! had not been for Sanjay giving him his kaleidoscope, things would have really gone down hill from there.
    • You also can't help but feel for Dolph in that episode, too, where he believes that he failed to pay back Huggle Bunny for his shelter when he was cold, lost and miserable long ago.
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    • Then there's Sanjay and Craig getting chased out of town by nearly everyone in Lundgren... including Megan, Sam, Hector and even Belle.
  • The brief fallout between Sanjay and Craig in "A Tale of Two Slithers".
    Sanjay: But I have a life, WITH YOU!
    • Similarly, the climax to "Rash Thrash" has both of them tearfully breaking up as friends until Sanjay finds out the cure for his Snake Allergy was the Frycade wing sauce.
  • When Megan gets kicked out of her winners club in "Glory Hounds".
    Megan: How could you guys lie to me like that, I thought you were my friends!?
    (Megan runs off home sobbing)
    Craig: Man, she's even the best at crying...
  • "Stinkboy" has Sanjay running away when not even Craig can tolerate his terrible smell from falling into the Dicksons' pool.
  • "Butts Up" has The Reveal that Lady Butterscotch was originally owned by Darlene, until Noodman cheated during a game of Butt's Up and took her.
    Darlene: You stole her away from me. But I have grown up, I've learn to forgive...
    • Sam's situation in the episode. She got her bird taken away by Noodman and kicked out of the Butts Up club. You can't help but feel bad for her!
  • Craig in "Cuddle Buddy", where he feels unloved after failing to get cuddled by citizens of Lundgren.
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  • The ending to "The Giving G" when Big G ends up getting popped, leading to the kids to stage a funeral for him.
  • In a familiar fashion, "Cold Hard Cash" had the scene where Sanjay finds Craig on the verge of dying in the cold and he regrets having him help look for the $100 bill in the ice from earlier in the episode.
  • Did anyone want to hug Darlene in "Blackout", where she loses her mind in the darkness with her only source of light being a teeny tiny candle?
  • Anytime Sanjay starts crying.
    • Or even Megan...
  • The kids getting booed at, even by their own friends and families, in "Street Dogg"; with that being said, it becomes pretty sweet after Street himself reasons with them and mends the bond between him and Tufflips.
  • "Galaxy Geeks" has a double-whammy: Leslie accidentally hurts Hector during their game, making him cry in a rather realistic way, causing Sanjay to call off the game until Leslie reveals that he was only allowed to play as the bad guy when it came to childhood roleplay games.
  • Even if his plan was kinda seedy, you can't help but feel bad for Remington at the end of "Serpentco".
  • You have to feel pretty sorry for Craig in "Heartyface", where he tries his best to beat Booger Johnson, but fails. He even tricks Sanjay and Megan as a one-last attempt to achieve fame. At least it was understandable.
  • Sanjay getting bullied and pushed around by Stasi in the Stunt School Special; no wonder Craig wanted the little guy to stand up to her...
  • "Partybot" has poor Vijay getting pantsed by his own robot and his repute as a party animal ruined.


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