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  • The Flock tries to attack Maria, knowing that Manny and his family are cooking dinner... only to find out that somehow, they're all at the bottom of their apartment building, waiting for them.
    Lady Gobbler: Es Impossible! How you do this?!
    Manny: Right, like we're gonna tell you!
    (Cut to obvious robot puppet duplicates making dinner instead. Somehow, Lady Gobbler can't tell the difference between them and the Riveras) {too be fair, she is old, has only one eye, and possibly has serious cataracts}
    Lady Gobbler: I'm confused.
  • When White Pantera stands up against El Mal Verde to demand his son back, which not only doesn't go as well as expected at first, but actually doubles as a Heartwarming Tear Jerker when Manny/El Tigre realizes why his father ran from the fight years ago, we get...
    • "Stop doing that!"
    • Manny scares away some bullies and they run into a locker, accidentally freeing a nerd trapped inside. Then the locker falls on them. The bullies chime in that they're ok, the nerd says he's not.
    • Frida apparently doesn't know what a library is.
      Frida: Li-berry?
      • She comes over to Manny and his mom and says "Hey, this Li-berry is full of books!" Manny and Maria just give her these disbelieving looks.
      • Apparently the library has a book on eating churro's while playing an exploding guitar.
    • Frida helping:
      Frida: Don't worry, in the Li-berry, I found something that can defeat El Mal Verde!
      Maria: You found a book revealing his secret weakness?
      Frida: Nope. (Pulls out a giant book) Eat this!
      (She throws the book at him but it bounces off harmlessly.)
      Frida: Well that's all I got. Thoughts?
  • Some moments from "Sole Of A Hero"...
    • White Pantera tells of how he battled evil squids but the leader got away with the jeweled mule of Maya and he swears to find whoever did it. Behind his back, a happy Granpapi comes in on a squid holding the jeweled mule.
      • "Thank you Frida...that was uncomfortable..."
      • "A cat pooped on my laaaaaaawn. That is catchy."
    • Rodolpho's Canadian soap opera "You don't know anything a 'boot' it."
    • After the Bronze Boots of Truth are fixed, Pantera tests them on...Grandpapi; "I stole the Jewled Mule of Maya." * Off Pantera's glare* "...I"ll put it back."
    • After Pantera finds out about the boots.
      White Pantera: (gasps) "It WAS the boots! What a relief, I am not too old. I have only been betrayed by my only son and am now powerless to stop these bloodthirsty villains from crushing me! Hooray!"
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    • Manny tells his dad he will never steal his boots again and runs off...then Granpapi comes in with his sombrero replaced by a ham. And Manny and Frida fly off in the sombrero singing 'a cat pooped on my lawn.'
  • When Frida insists that Manny use his dads money to buy a tattoo maker...
    Manny: Frida, I can't go home without the guacamole. The giant floating tattoo dad head won't let me! (Frida blinks in confusion).
    • Frida notices that the TV Dr. Chipotle, Jr. is on isn't plugged in and lifts it off and sees him underneath. He points and yells "Look, a thing!" Frida looks and falls for for it as he gets away.
  • "And If you look to your left you will see Manny and Frida about to do something stupid."
    • "Frida, that bandito is hiding something." "How can you tell?" "His poncho just pooped."
  • When Manny asks his dad how people felt when he lost the soccer game, Rodolfo answers that they respected him...and threw rocks at him.
    • Rodolfo is allergic to jug band music.
    • The end where Pantera and Manny are running away as people throw rocks at them. Pantera says they feel like honor.
      Manny: They feel like rocks dad! They feel like rocks!
  • Manny trying to help a kid study:
    Manny: You see, gravity is what made the apple fall.
    Aaron: Uh...I gotta go to the bathroom.
    Manny: Gravity will help you do it!
    • When Manny is apologizing to everyone, he says he's sorry for the threats and bossing them around, and then adds that he listened in on their phone calls. Frida stops playing guitar and says "Whothewhatnow?"
  • This gem from "Zebra Donkey".
    Manny: Curse you Dr. Eugene L. Butterman!
    (pan to reveal Butterman a few feet away ordering ice cream)
    Butterman: Uh I'll take that to go...
    • Manny apparently replaced Frida's sister's goldfish with a hamster in scuba gear.
    • Frida gives Sartana a makeover...
  • When the Titanium Titan first shows up in "Adios Amigos", he tells Manny he has come for revenge. Manny points and tells him it's over there and the camera pans to a kiddie ride called 'Revenge'.
    • Manny tells Frida that she always gets hurt around him, she tells him to name one time that's happened. Suddenly a bird flies into her head.
    • Pantera's incredibly long Spit Take.
    • The creepy Frida lookalike.
      Frida Lookalike: "We have the same soul."
  • This exchange as Manny rescues Frida in "Old money":
    Frida: "I love those guys."
    Manny: "They lied to us so we'd rob Sartana for them."
    Frida: (in the same happy tone as before) "I hate those guys."
  • Manny and Frida's excuses as to why they were late to school in "The Late Manny Rivera" and the principal believes them.
    • "That bubble wrap, it messes with your head man."
      • The bulls get distracted by the bubble wrap as well.
      Sergio: Ok, didn't see that coming.
  • This exchange from "The Mustache Kid":
    Manny: Adults get everything! Cars, desk jobs, jet packs!
    • Dr. Chipotle, Jr.'s guacamole monster keeps eating itself.
    • "Staple staple staple, staple staple staple!"
    • Frida sing's a heart-wrenching song to Raul to get him back on their side. As soon as it ends, he hits Manny with a refrigerator. Frida says she'll have to do it the lazy mans way, and she knocks the remote of of Chipotles hand.
    • Chipotle Jr. escapes through a hatch, but instead of a escape hatch, he went down the incinerator chute.
  • "Puma Lucito": Puma Loco stole the whole police station.
    • Maria see's the giant portrait of her in Rodolfo's room and he nervously says that he put it there to cover a hole.
    • Rodolfo and Granpapi's "talk" at breakfast.
      Rodolfo: (takes a sip of coffee) Papi.
      Grandpapi: (takes sip of coffee) Rodolfo.
      Rodolfo: (takes sip of coffee) Papi.
      Grandpapi: (takes sip of coffee) Rodolfo.
    • While Manny and Frida are impersonating Puma Loco, one of their good deeds include stopping El Oso from robbing a bank, and branding "Viva Puma Loco" on his ass before throwing him in jail.
      El Oso: You gone loco Puma?
  • "I summon...SPOOOOOOOONS!"
  • Grandpapi's list of places he hasn't robbed yet include: Place that only sells light bulbs, One cent store, Shoelace factory, useless stuff, and Fred's office.
  • The Rivera family have to greet the Seventh Samurai in their super hero forms in "Rising Son." Except since Granpapi doesn't want him to recognize him, he wears a pirate costume...and later a "lady-wearing-fruit-on-her-head" costume.
  • "Why does my ice cream smell like giant monsters?"
    • Puma Loco's reason for saving the city? He was going to steal all that stuff next week.
    • Frida has to face Sartana and her choice of weapons are: A chainsaw, a mace, a sword labeled Sartana slayer, and a potato. Guess what she picks.
      • Later becomes a Chekhov's Gun when the potato actually defeats Sartana!
    • Manny finally realizes La Tigressa's identity:
      Manny: Frida's La Tigressa! Man, the blue hair totally should've tipped me off.
    • Apparently Frida spends more time in Sartana's lair than Sartana herself does.
  • Grandpapi got a new cane in "The Albino Burrito" and told Manny not to touch it. This being Manny, he touches it. And this is how his Grandpapi reacts:
    Grandpapi: Manny! I have one rule, and your break it! Which makes me want to do the happy dance! (Does a silly happy dance as mariachi music plays from his hat.)
    • Manny and Frida make parachutes and helmets out of newspaper. It goes as well as you would expect.
    • Davi jumps out of a tree onto Manny and tells him he's been pounced by the Albino Burrito. Manny just says "I do hope that I will someday recover."
    • Grandpapi made a robot to take revenge on everyone after he dies. Manny realizes one important flaw:
      Manny: If it's for after your gone, how are you gonna activate it?
      Grandpapi: Easy, make a good point.
    • Rodolfo assures them that Grandpapi probably programmed the robot not to hurt any family members. The robot then steps on him. Grandpapi tells his son that he should have been nicer to him.
  • In "Fool Speed Ahead" Grandpapi decides to hire Frida as their mechanic (despite her knowing nothing about cars). When the car won't start, she looks and finds a churro in the engine. Angrily, Frida asks whose it is, realizes it's hers, then eats it.
    • When White Pantera is talking about stopping the race, he holds up a newspaper of last year's winners, Manny and Grandpapi, with little more than a censor bar over their eyes. And Pantera is completely clueless about it.
    • Villains apparently don't know the meaning of the word teamwork, or eggplant:
      General Chapuza: And we defeated them using's the word?
      El Oso: Eggplant?
    • The group finally get their car to move fast enough to jump the bridge...only they crash straight through it instead.
    • When the group gets eaten by a Sewer Gator, Manny is lamenting in the fact that even if they survive, the Riveras will have to leave Miracle City, and says that the entire situation is his fault.
    • Frida mourning the destruction of the car.
      Frida: Goodnight sweet prince, and flights of- Hey a quarter!
  • Manny decides to go undercover to clear Raul's name, but Frida points out he could be torn to pieces. Frida's dad immediately says he likes the plan.
    • When Manny is out with the Mustache Mafia, they steal a mime's pants. Manny gets scared when the mime comes back to confront him, only to reveal that it was a disguised Frida.
    • "Frida, you're a closet mime!"
    • Towards the end when Raul is finally proved innocent:
      Cheif Suarez: Well Rivera, it's tough for me to admit that I was wrong... So I won't.
  • "Bride of Puma Loco" Hearing that Grandpapi is going to make a big announcement, Rodolfo hopes that he is finally giving him a pony. Flashback to when Rodolfo was 10 and he excitedly opens a pony-shaped gift and starts riding on it. It's a cactus.
    • A few minutes after that he looks out the hole in the wall. Grandpapi yells to him that there's no pony, and Rodolfo walks away sadly.
    • Manny being so horrified at the thought of Sartana being his grandma that he shouts a Big "NO!" for a couple hours straight.
    • The bachelor party. Highlights include Señor Chapi bursting out of the cake like a woman and Pantera doing a goofy dance, among other things.
  • White Pantera catches Manny and Grandpapi fishing on the roof:
    White Pantera: What are you doing?
    Grandpapi: Fishing.
    White Pantera: For what?
    Grandpapi: Roof trout.
    • Pantera's idea of a father son afternoon:
      White Pantera: We'll demolish evil doers with relentless force!
      Manny: (Changes into El Tigre) Yeah!
      'White Pantera: While discussing your grades, plans for college and your most private feelings!
      (Manny de-transforms, horrified)
    • Later in the end, White Pantera wants to talk to Manny about his changing body. Manny's response? Jumping on Grandpapi's mech suit and telling him to fly away.
    • Señor Chapi threatening the Titanium Titan with a broken creamer carton.
    • The Titanium Titan named his hideout "Fancy Headquarters In A Big Fist."
    • What motivates Frida to stop the Titan? Finding a picture of her with the word 'Lame' on it in his hideout.
    Frida: And he thinks I'm lame!? CLEARLY HE HAS LOST HIS MIND!
  • Once White Pantera retains his hero license for defeating the Flock of Fury, Manny proceeds to let the speedy hero ground his own son until he's older. And then 17 years pass...
    Manny: Dang.
  • Sartana's failed attempts to raise the forgotten dead in "The Grave Escape". One skeleton bandito keeps clapping after it didn't work and another slaps him.
    • "Sartana of the Dead! Attacking on the day of the dead! Actually...that makes sense."
    • "The land of the dead is just a made up place like Atlantis, or France."
    • Everything apparently poops bones in the Land of the Dead. Even rocks.
    • Explaining the first El Tigre to Frida:
      Manny: The first Rivera hero or villain. He never decided which.
      Frida: Hey, just like you!
      Golden Leone: The indecision ravaged his mind. He is now naught but a babbling fool.
      Frida: Hey, just like you! (Manny frowns)
    • All of the first El Tigre 's bipolar moments.
      Frida: Woah, he's nuttier than squirrel poop.
    • Frida keeps a bird in her ribcage when she's a skeleton. When she's restored she ends up spitting it out.
    • Golden Leone's parting words to Manny:
      Golden Leone: But if thou ever eats our offerings again, THY BUTT IS TOAST!
    • Then there's that bit of Dark Humor when Manny suggests that the Rivera family use the Rivera Super Macho Blitz to defeat Sartana.
      Puma Loco: But Manny, no one has EVER survived the Blitz!
      Justice Jaguar: I know I didn't!
  • From "Crouching Tigre, Hidden Dragon" Pantera trying to prove he's street smart. He fails.
    • Grandpapi comes up to Rodolfo and, not wanting him to know he was eavesdropping, says he was testing out the fire escape and proceeds to run through the wall and falls to the ground yelling "IT WORKS!"
  • Cactus Kid:
    • The titular character's failed attempts at villainy upon arrival in Miracle City, including getting sewn onto a building by El Oso.
    • Grandpapi's subverted Pet the Dog moment after making the Cactus Kid cry:
      Granpapi: I cannot stand to see the childrens cry.(throws CK into a dumpster) That's better.
    • The Cactus Kid swears revenge against the Rivera family, and a confused Pantera enters as he does.
      Cactus Kid: And today, I swear my revenge against the Rivera family!
      (Pantera walks by as he says this.)
      Pantera: I was just walking home from work!
  • In "A Mother's Glove", Maria tells Manny that there's something shocking he does not know about her. Manny tells her that nothing shocks him and she tells him that she used to be a superhero. Manny's brain literally shatters.
    • Manny and Frida are so excited about the fact Maria used to be a super hero, and Frida says that it will be so cool if he had a parent who is a superhero. Behind Manny are pictures of his dad, White Pantera, and when Manny moves away, a sad looking Pantera picture is shown.
    • Plata Peligrosa calls the villains weaklings and they all get mad, except for one who says "Ow, my feelings." And runs away crying.
    • Plata Peligrosa decides to fight the one who released the villains. Which is herself. Plata Peligrosa vs. Plata Peligrosa.
      Manny: Stop hitting my!
  • From "The Good, the Bad and the Tigre":
  • Frida defeats a skeleton bandito using only logic in "Fistful of nickels".
    • A deleted line in from pilot version of the ep, mostly due to how cheerful Rodolpho says it:
      Pantera: Good work is riches enough. That's why I'm never home and your mother left me.
      (Manny and Frida stare at him in shock)
  • In "Animales", Manny struggles put on a bow tie and says he looks like a doofus; Rodolfo tells him to "look like a doofus faster!"
  • White Pantera's line when he catches El Oso robbing a underwear factory:
    White Pantera: El Oso, Drop those drawers!
    (Manny burst out into hysterical laughter)
    • White Pantera has a giant wedgie over his head when we next see him.
  • Frida hides a zombie stuck to her head with a Jamaican hat and speaks in a Jamaican accent to go with it.
  • Frida writes a song for her dad in "Stinking badges". At first it's a soft and sweet song, then it turns into hard rock and Frida smashing stuff and yelling.
  • After White Pantera and El Tigre do their introduction calls in "Return of Plata Peligrosa", Frida does one of her own:
    Frida: Girl with tiny shovel!
  • Chui has apparently eaten the pants of a couple of cops and they chase Manny, Frida and Chui, while they are in their underpants.
    Cop 1: They went that way!
    Cop 2: They won't get away!
    Cop 3: I feel so free!
    • After being forced to abandon Chui in the desert, Manny tearfully runs back to him and sobs that they can't leave him and go home. Frida tells him that he has to let go. Manny suddenly stops crying and tells her they really can't leave and go home cause he has no idea where they are.
  • According to Frida, the capital of France is "Frenchy Town."
    • All of Sergio and Diego's horrible attempts to win Frida over.
  • From "Wrong And Dance":
    Manny: This is my chance to show those girls how macho I am for real! (Makes a girly face and claps) Yay!
    Frida: Yeah...he's gonna need a macho coach.
  • In "Oso Sole Mio", El Oso has just pushed Manny and Frida out of the way of a falling building and is injured in a trench. Frida just wants to know if her sandwich is ok.
  • Manny's obsession with jet packs is turned Up to Eleven in "The Cuervo Project".
    • Zoe almost reveals her identity, twice, within a minute.
      Zoe: I will build the greatest science fair invention of all time! Or my name isn't Black Cue-(See's Manny and Frida looking at her) Zoe Avez.
      (About 30 seconds later)
      Black Cuervo: (Falls in from the ceiling) I'll get you for that! Or my name isn't Zoe Av-(See's Manny and Frida looking at her) Black Cuervo.
    • Zoe laughs in triumph after revealing her volcano that no one else would think of a volcano for the science fair. Cue everyone else unveiling their inventions. They're all volcanos. The entire fair is nothing but volcanos. "What, are you kidding me?"
  • From "The golden eagle twins", Manny and Frida are hanging off the side of the golden eagle blimp (ZEPPLIN!) and Frida screams. Then casualy notices that she can see her house from there, then continues screaming.
    • While Manny is expressing guilt over taking things from orphans with the Golden Eagle Twins, Frida is fighting over a bottle with a baby in the Zepplin.
  • Manny asks Frida what she got her dad for Father's Day, Frida tells him that she gave him the greatest gift ever! It cuts to show her dad with a deadpan expression on his face, wearing the exact same goggles that Frida wears.
    • The whole scene where White Pantera gets captured. Bad "Bad Acting" doesn't even begin to describe it. And somehow White Pantera is totally convinced.
      • Frida decides to meow during it because "she does a really good cat."
      • This gloriously messed up line:
      Chipotle Jr.: "Now behold my terrible rash!" (Lifts up pants to reveal pink underwear, then Frida comes over and whispers something to him) "Oh! Uh I mean, now behold my terrible wrath!"
    • Frida puts on a puppet show for the Guacamole monster.
    • Manny using Pantera Bando to defeat the Chipotle' a tutu...while making girly faces...and doing ballet...
    • A lot of the stuff Dr. Chipotle Sr. Sr. says:
      Chipotle Sr. Sr.: I remember the civil war.
  • In "Mustache love", Manny agrees to take Raul to the medieval fair and goes to get an awesome costume. He ends up in a lobster suit cause it was the only one left.
  • After Puma Loco curb stomps the dodgeball game in "Back to escuela" the kids all cheer for him.
    Student 1: Yay Grandpapi!
    Student 2: Yay Manny for being related to Grandpapi!
    Student 3: Yay Frida for being in the general facility of Grandpapi!
    • Then the students can't hold up the mech suit anymore and it falls on them.
  • From the final episode, Frida's fart-inflated cat. She even uses it to fly around later on.
  • Of the Black Comedy variety, Manny being an Epic Fail of a pet owner. This includes him thinking a mouse and a snake could get along (one guess on how that went) and then him mistaking his hamster for a bar of soap while showering (do not ask how that went).
    • And there was also the time when Manny thought that his goldfish would be safe in the toilet while he cleaned its bowl, followed by Grandpapi going to the bathroom. No further explanation is needed.
  • "Mech Daddy" has some humorous moments:
    • "When we get home, we'll have our 700th talk about crime-fighting safety! BUT LOUDER THIS TIME!"
    • Sanchez is tipping over, and Manny and Frida realize that he's about to fall on the orphanage, the puppy hospital, and the arcade.
      Manny: We gotta do something!
    • Manny and Frida's fantasies on the mayhem they're planning to make as the giant robot including stomping on the bubble wrap factory, tee-peeing all of Miracle City, and ding dong-ditching on the moon.
    • Sanchez's daughter's reaction after Manny and Frida save her and her brother from falling to their deaths and returning home.
      Andra: We got to fall off a glacier! Sweet!
    • When Sanchez reboots, he proceeds to torture Manny and Frida, only to be stopped by his kids who give their dad the trophy they made for him. The annoyed look in realization Sanchez has on his face just says it all.
    • After Sanchez thanks Manny and Frida for helping his family he proceeds to fart them out much to the amusement of his family.

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