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Characters / The Last Sovereign Church Of Ivala

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The leading religion on the continent of Arclent, it is headed by the Seven High Priestess who act as the leaders of the religion. While the Church as a whole seems unified, like other large religions in our world, it is divided between three schools of thought:

Consecrationists: Believe that mortals are inherently sinful, but can be purified. According to Simon, they "tend to be reasonable enough." Vhala identifies as a Consecrationist, and Bertricia preaches mainstream Consecrationist doctrine in her Diocese. This denomination seems to favor the Chosen.


Desecrationists: Believe that mortals are born pure but can irrevocably lose their purity to sin. According to Simon, they tend to be zealots. They are responsible for the creation of Unpeople during the war against the Incubus King and their role in turning the tide against him have earned them considerable influence. An example is the zealous Andra, the High Priestess of Yhilin.

Subsecrationists: Believe that humans are permanent mixtures of sin and purity and thus allowance must be made for both natures. They have a mixed legacy, as they have lead one of the best efforts against the Incubus King (in Simon's opinion), but they are also responsible for the creation of the Inquisition. Examples include Carina and Sarai.

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    In General 
  • Matriarchy: A Patriarchy Flip version, with Brothers of the church not having as much chance to advance the church's hierarchy until sometime after the Council of Gawnfall. This is actually justified in the fact that succubi under an invaded Incubus King could seduce the brothers into giving vital intelligence.
  • We ARE Struggling Together: The very fact that the Council of Gawnfall is taking place in the first place is a sign of how bad the factionalism of the church has become. A poorly handled synod can result in the Church splitting up or worse, the dissolution of the church, which can result in a Non-Standard Game Over.

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