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This is a partial character sheet for The Last Sovereign.

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A Blademaster, hailing from Ardheim, Antarion is a skilled duelist and a lousy human being.

  • Butt-Monkey: In his first appearance, Antarion has a pickup line prepared for each female member of your party at that point, and each of them has a different scripted exchange in which they shoot him down.
  • Crazy-Prepared: He's carrying enough healing potions on him at any given time that using one is considered one of his skills.
    Seriously, he's got a million of the things.
  • Dangerous Deserter: Downplayed, while he did leave Commander Geoff to face the Incubus Emperor by himself and then tries to use his "accomplishments" to try and win his way into the Ardoheim Succession Crisis; pretty much everyone knows he's full of baloney and couldn't win a fight outside of a regulation duel.
  • Early-Bird Cameo: You can run into Antarion for the first time by visiting the Blademasters' Guild during Chapter 2, at which point all he does is ineptly hit on the female members of your party. He then abruptly reappears during the war against the Incubus King as a surprise guest party member, after long enough that a lot of players will have forgotten who he is.
  • Glory Seeker: He comes out of the Third Arclent War smelling like a rose, mostly due to relentless self-promotion.


Dari's real form
Dari's cosmetic form

Like Vhala, Dari is an Unperson, who has been rendered magically neutered to oppose wielders of sexual magic. Unlike Vhala, Dari was an orphan who was forced to undergo an experimental version of the process. Whoever did this to her managed to screw up the process badly enough that they got Dari, a constantly-hungry born predator with severe anger issues. She serves as a surprisingly efficient intelligence agent, capable of tracking people by scent.

She can join Simon's harem in Chapter 4 if you've devoted two research opportunities to curing Unpersons.

  • Asexuality: All unwomen, including Dari, have had their sexuality seared away from them down to their soul. It also disfigures them below the waistband to the degree that according to Dari, she made a roomful of normal human prisoners vomit from the sight of it.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: Dari was from a tiny unnamed country on another continent (Thenours). After the Fucklord takes control of Erosia her family fled to Arclent, unfortunately dying during the voyage. Orphaned when she arrived she was taken care of by some, but her quality of life rapidly deteriorated. Later she was kidnapped by an unidentified individual and sent unwillingly to be transformed into an Unwomen. The procedure failed creating her Jiangshi-like form. Being pretty unhappy with her situation she spoke out regarding the injustice of her condition and the current powers imprisoned her on false assault charges, sending her to the Hole, a particular jail for the Unpeople. The prison had no formal rules, and so when some men in her cell tried to rape her, she ate them.
  • Flip Personality: Due to having certain emotions ripped forcefully from her due to the transformation, whenever she would generally have one of those emotions she lapses into a raging personality of anger, changing her facial expression and quickly slipping back to her more happy self.
  • Qipao: As Erosia is based on Asian stereotypes in pop culture, Dari wears this along with detached sleeves indicating she came from the area that would've represented China.

A Givini noblewoman born in the Incubus King/Emperor's domain. The reason behind her birth is noted to be an near impossibility in that she is a half-elf, something that required Incubus King-level sexual magic in order to do so. Despite not wishing for it, being a the child of a noble from before the fall of Givini has earned her a position of political power in New Givini and all the trouble that comes with it.

  • Blue Blood: Ellani is not only a Givini noble on her mother's side, but due to her father being dead before she was born, she has little attachment to the latter or even the former.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Her father died not long after her conception and her mother died when she was very young leaving her to be raised by the succubi who took sympathy on her. It's noted that her father was a very kind individual and would apologize for his behavior under the Incubus King's sex magic and her mother never resented Elleani.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Elleani is actually a half-elf of a Human Mom Nonhuman Dad mix, something that surprises everyone as it's implied that the two races are genetically incompatible despite similarities. Elleani confirms that the Incubus Emperor used sexual magic in order for her to be conceived.
  • Raised by Natives: After the death of her mother, Elleani was raised in Gasm Falls by the succubi living there after the Incubus King went and forgot about the project that gave birth to her.
  • Reluctant Ruler: Downplayed, Elleani is just a noblewoman and nowhere near any lines of successions, however, being an ally to the Doom King who helped establish New Givini in the first place has given her incredible political clout, something she notes she could do without.


To Simon's surprise, one of his oldest friends has risen to the position of High Priestess in the Ivalan Church: Sarai, a soft-spoken and beautiful halfling woman. In public, she's a blonde, soft-spoken woman who's ideal for her position; in private, she deals with her frustrations over the church by swearing like a drunken sailor.

  • God Before Dogma: Is a big believer in this and her Relationship Values reflect this, preferring actual charitable works over pious fluff.
  • Good Is Not Nice: Sarai is genuinely devoted to the ideals of the church and is open-minded to a fault about practitioners of other religions. When you come to her asking about politics, though, she plays fucking hardball.
    Sarai: Best. Fucking. High priestess. Ever.
  • Internal Affairs: A cutscene during the Ardford Succession Crisis both she and High Priestess Hester begin investigating why Chosen still appear in Ardam after the Incubus King has been deposed.
  • Sir Swears Alot: When among friends she can barely go a sentence without cursing. It's her only way to vent about church affairs.


One of Robin's classmates at her magical academy, Sho is a young, shy magician. Unlike the rest of her classmates, she's willing to cowboy up and participate when war comes to her school.

  • The Cameo: During the free-roam portions of Chapter 4, you can find Sho participating in the orcs' construction efforts.
  • The Load: When she joins your party, she's got minimal gear and will conservatively be 15 levels lower than everyone else. Her magic is reasonably robust, especially if she exploits an elemental weakness, but you should count on Sho spending most fights unconscious.

Niece to King Alonon of Ardoheim, she usually acts as an advisor to her uncle alongside his regular council. Simon and his harem consider her to be the most trustworthy of the nobles within Ardoheim by actually having a sense of decency and goodwill.
  • Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold: She has bright yellow blonde hair and is among the few good-natured nobles throughout the continent of Arclent.
  • The High Queen: She becomes the named heir of King Alonon, despite the actions of the party during the Ardford Succession Crisis.
  • Rescue Romance: Shows signs of this with a former Chosen by the name of Kalant who stopped, with minimal to full cooperation of the party, an assassination attempt on her life.
  • Succession Crisis: She asks the party to assist her with this after restoring the other countries' problems in the aftermath of the Third Arclent War.
  • You Are in Command Now: Alonon grants Tyna the Royal Seal so that she may act in his stead during the war.


The powerful and experienced commander of the Unpersons, Vhala has been permanently rendered incapable of sexual feelings. She's a veteran of the previous war against the Incubus King and a respected and fearless warrior.

  • Asexuality: Like all Unpersons during the 2nd Arclent War, she volunteered for this to more effectively fight the Incubus King. It is implied, however, that she was asexual even before her transformation, as she had a sexual relationship once and found herself apathetic to it.
  • Crippling Overspecialization: Vhala has a lot of area-of-effect damage and debuffs on tap, but she's one of the leading members of a group that was intended to battle succubi, incubi, and sex-magic users, so that's what she's good at; her primary single-target nukes are really effective against Lust-using enemies and kinda suck out loud at any other time. Fortunately, Vhala tends to show up under readily identifiable circumstances where you're really going to want to bring her along.
  • Weaksauce Weakness: Vhala is completely immune to Qum's buff spells and healing abilities, which can screw you over on at least one occasion if you aren't careful about how your group is constructed.


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