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This is a partial character sheet for The Last Sovereign. Beware of unmarked spoilers for any information present in the current public release.

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The Goddesses of the world who act as a sort of Monolatrist pantheon; each Goddess is subject to one race or school of dedication as is the case with the Goddess of Magic. It is revealed that the goddesses are nothing more than the antithesis to the Incubus Kings in every way that counts, including once being mortals that somehow came across divine Soul Shards. Their creation, along with the Incubus Kings', is said to be nothing more than another machination of the Tower.


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The patron goddess of humans, who is also worshiped by halflings and a minority of elves. She is considered the most involved goddess in the game due to having many characters who are devout followers of her religion.

  • Have You Seen My God?: While The Mother and Antiala had both appeared in times when their followers were in danger, Ivala has remained oddly silent despite giving sense to her most connected followers that she is there.


A divine being who as of now, is the only one with angelic wings, she considers the mysterious divine being to be her sister along with another shard holder, Zelica.

  • Epileptic Trees: popular fan speculation is that Mithyn is either the Goddess of Magic, due to the leader of the Goddess of Magic faith claiming that their goddess has wings, or the mother goddess of the succubi if you believe the elven doctrine that all the goddesses made their races in their image.
  • Puny Earthlings: She doesn't see bog-standard humans be worth anything and is wondering why her sister, the mysterious divine being is so interested in one of them.
  • My Greatest Failure: Claims that she is part of the reason why King Alonon has become such a nihilist, she is the one who showed him the Tower, and it broke him.


The patron goddess of the Zirantians, she is fierce and warrior-like, able to fight even The Fucklord to a standstill.


Goddess to the dwarfs, they believe that she is dead which in turn resulted in the dwarfs already low fertility rate plummeting even more.


A goddess of unknown faith. She was instrumental in keeping Wendis somewhat sane while her soul was trapped in the Tower. She is currently captured by someone Mithyn considers a monster.

  • The Ghost: So far she has only been mentioned, but never appeared.

    Mysterious Divine Being 
A goddess of unknown name and origin. Nothing about her is known, except that she is watching someone closely, and she seems to know more than she's letting on.

  • Distressed Damsel: She is currently held captive by unknown captors, appearing trapped on top of a large spire of earth high among the clouds.
  • Fan Nickname: Mysterious Divine Being is, obviously, not her name, but is the only thing identifying her among the fanbase through the wiki.
  • Onee-sama: Mithyn considers her this.

    The Mother/Grynyth

Goddess to the elves, she is fiercely protective of her race and only her race.


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