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The current roster of the Kijiyama South (Kijinan) High School Girls Football Club.

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     In General 

Kijiyama South (Kijinan) High School Girls Football Club

Formations : 4-5-1 (friendly vs Kijikita) and 4-3-3 (regional final)

Shortened as Kijinan, Kijiyama South Girls FC is the currently reigning regional champions and perennial participants in the national tournament.

Kijinan has a strong winning tradition and a talent pool so deep even the first-year prodigies on the team can only pray to be included in the starting lineup. Two years before the start of the series, however, three (then) first-years Riria Konbaru, Jaina-Airi Mishiki, and Shuna Sorimachi managed to crack into Kijinan's starting lineup through sheer skill and talent, and as third-years are now the strongest players on the team.

As a testament to their strength, Kijinan employs powerful and flexible formations to suit their available players on the pitch and their opponents' weaknesses. During their friendly match against Kijikita, they employed a highly versatile 4-5-1 formation wherein they are able to build solid defensive first and middle thirds with Jaina on the pitch, and then go in for the kill with the unstoppable offense of Shuna and another striker (Mia or Chizuru).

They are currently defending their regional title and the right to play in the national tournament from Kijikita in the regional final.

  • Counter Attack : Their formations are designed to take advantage of their massive talent pool and exploit their opponents' weaknesses.
  • Elite Mooks : The Kijinan bench is so strong they can easily dominate their opponents even without their starters.
  • Expy : Of the Rikkai Academy / Rikkaidai Fuzoku Tennis Club. Both Kijinan and Rikkai are schools with large student bodies and whose respective sports teams command deep talent pools each led by three of the best players in the region, if not all of Japan.
    • Their captain Riria Konbaru is one to Seiichi Yukimura. Both were revealed later into the story as the true captains of their respective teams, but with different motivations to quit their respective sports. Yukimura has a rare neurological disease which may stop him from playing any sport forever, while Riria dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher and plans to retire from football after graduation.
    • Their vice-captain Jaina-Airi Mishiki is one to Genichiro Sanada. Both suffer no incompetence among their teammates and have highly aggressive playing styles and Signature Moves: Mishiki with Jaina's World, and Sanada with Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan.
    • Their third ace player Shuna Sorimachi is one to Renji Yanagi. She is basically the Finesse to Jaina's Force, just like how Yanagi is the Finesse to Sanada's Force.
  • Foil : To Kijikita Girls FC, a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits that took the regional tournament by storm almost overnight, in contrast to Kijinan perennially winning the regional championship and qualifying for the national tournament.
  • The Rival : By virtue of being the other Kijiyama high school and having the same winning tradition as their crosstown counterpart Kijikita Boys FC.
  • Opposing Sports Team : Among Kijikita's four opponents so far, Kijinan is the first team to be introduced that fit the archetype by virtue of being a crosstown rival to the former and by being far more established and organized than the newly-created girls' football team of Kijikita.


Jaina-Airi Mishiki

Position : Sweepernote 
Number : 4
Nationality : Japanese - American
Image Colors : Red and White (Team USA)

Vice-Captain and sweeper for the Kijinan Girls FC. She certainly has the air of a captain and her teammates follow her every order to the letter, completely putting their faith in their leader. Her aggressive tackling and commanding aura, known as “Jaina's World”, is greatly feared by opposition players.

  • Battle Aura : Jaina's World boosts her already insane counter-attacking abilities, turning her into an outright Lightning Bruiser.
  • But Not Too Foreign : She is Japanese-American.
  • Counter Attack : Sweepers are versatile defenders capable of covering the goal area and attacking the opposing midfielder or forward at the same time to prevent them from scoring.
  • The Dreaded : Known and feared far and wide as a super-aggressive sweeper.
  • Drill Sergeant Nasty : Does not suffer incompetence among her teammates.
  • Eagle Land : She has blonde hair, and her image colors are red and white, the team colors of Team USA.
  • Force and Finesse : The Force to Shuna's Finesse.
  • Hidden Depths : She may not show it, but deep down she truly cares for her teammates.
  • Neat Freak : Obsessed with cleaning, which is also how she describes her playing style.
  • The Leader : The Mastermind and Charismatic type for her team.
  • Pitiful Worms : Very haughty and loves trolling her opponents.
  • The Strategist : Her leadership abilities allow her to quite literally move her teammates to where she needs them to be as her teammates completely place their faith in her.

Sakuya Hayashi

Position : Right Back
Number: 33

Tomoko Sato and Eriko Miki

Position : Center Backs
Number : 35

Kumi Kusagai

Position : Left Back
Number : 32


Shizuka Yamada

Position : Goalkeeper
Number : 12

Plays goalkeeper for Kijinan, and takes over as captain when Jaina is not starting.

Riria Konbaru

Position : Attacking Midfielder -> Goalkeeper, Playing Coach (Kijiyama Unions)
Number : 10 (formerly)

A futsal player for the Kijiyama Unions, a team composed of her and four elementary school children. Revealed in Chapter 92 as the true captain of Kijinan Girls FC.

  • The Ace : Argubaly the best of Kijinan's top three players, and was once the team's main striker until she willingly gave up her spot to Shuna and slid down to keeper just so that Shuna can play in the starting lineup.
  • Cool Teacher : Dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher.
  • Flash Step : Pulls off one on Reika and Amane, to the point it seemed like she literally phased through them.
  • Friend to All Children : She is very much this to her wards at Kijiyama Union.
  • Friend or Idol Decision : She dreams of becoming an elementary school teacher, and plans to retire from football after graduation to pursue her dream. This became her team's primary motivation to win the regional championship and qualify for the national tournament so that she retires on a high note.
  • Fun Personified : Her extremely sunny disposition is described by her teammates as "shining like the sun".
  • The Leader : As the true captain of Kijinan, her leadership skills are so strong that everyone on her team, including Jaina considers her as both their captain and coach.
  • The Paragon : Easily inspires confidence from her teammates, and is by far the most honorable member of the team who refuses to underestimate and look down on her opponents. It's pretty telling when even Jaina looks up to her.


Asuka Mochizuki

Position : Right Midfielder
Number : 41

Sumire Harai - CM

Position : Right Central Midfielder
Number : 40

  • Dirty Pair : With Asuka.
  • Hime Cut
  • Insult Backfire : She and Asuka mock the Shimagawa twins for attending a former boys' school in Kijikita, until they were stunned by Mitsu's directness and beauty.

Hoshimi Tanuma

Position : Left Central Midfielder
Number : 38

Sae Yamazaki

Position : Left Midfielder
Number : 39

Suzuna Chano

Position : Attacking Midfielder
Number : 21
Image Colors : Red and White (Arsenal)

A Kijinan freshman and the football team's starting attacking midfielder during their friendly match against Kijikita.


Chizuru Asakuji

Position : Striker
Number : 9
Image Colors : Green and Orange (Werder Bremen)

A Kijinan junior who plays striker for the girls' football team. She and Shuna were subbed in just a few minutes before the end of their friendly match against Kijikita when the latter started to gain the upper hand, quickly turning up the tide for Kijinan, and even put them one goal ahead before Kijikita ended it with a draw.

Shuna Sorimachi

Position : Attacking Midfielder
Number : 10
Birthday : June 22
Blood Type : B
Height : 163cm (5 feet 4 inches)
3 sizes : B81/W57/H80
Image Colors : Dark Blue and Yellow (Boca Juniors)

Kijinan's starting attacking midfielder. Despite her assigned position, Shuna is a complete all-rounder capable of playing multiple positions.

  • The Ace : One of Kijinan's top three players, and easily one of the best in the region. Kunimitsu has even stated she is a better player than Reika.
  • Badass Biker : Sports an overall with military and skull patches at one time she worked with her bike, and shows no fear of Kuryuin's giant midfielder Mirai Takenou when they bumped into each other, and just winks on her instead.
  • Curtains Match the Window : Dark blue hair and eyes.
  • Dramatic Wind : Likes the feeling of the wind whenever she is cycling.
  • Force and Finesse : The Finesse to Jaina's Force.
  • Les Yay : Her teammates think she and Jaina are a couple.
  • Married to the Job : Lives for football.
  • Worthy Opponent : The giant Takenou considers her as one.

Mia Momofuji

Position : Striker
Number : 14
Image Colors : Light Blue and Black (Uruguay)

A Kijinan freshman who plays striker for the girls' football team.

  • A Day in the Limelight : Chapters 89 and 90 portrays her struggle as a freshman player in a massively loaded team to get included in the starting lineup for Kijinan's regional finals match against Kijikita.
  • Book Dumb : Struggles with school work like Mai and Kiiro, and almost missed the regional tournament due to poor exam scores.
  • Friendly Rivalry : Forms one with Kijikita as a team and with Mai individually after their friendly match came to a draw. Despite considering Kijikita as a bunch of idiots, Mia genuinely roots for them to win their matches; and she cried upon realizing Mai has become her friend.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : With Suzuna.
  • Manchild
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed : Mitsu compares her to former Uruguayan player Alvaro Recoba, who not only fits her image color, but also has the same tendency to play well in one game then poorly in the next.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond : Inverted in that she was once crowned MVP of the Japanese under-15 national girls' football tournament, but now struggles to compete for a starting spot on a team loaded to the hilt with talent. She finally gets included in the starting lineup during their regional finals match against Kijikita.
  • Training from Hell : Constantly subjects herself into these, running through several balls and pairs of shoes.
  • Supreme Chef : Known for being a good cook, but gets very embarrassed if anyone compliments her food.


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