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The current roster of the Kuryuin High School Girls Football Club.

     In General 
Team Colors : Blue and Orange
Team Symbol : Fleur-de-lis
Formation : 4-3-2-1note 

Kijikita's semifinal opponents, Kuryuin is a dark horse team like Kijikita which is mostly composed of average players but has made it this far thanks to the dynamic duo of Mirai Takenou and Tatamaru Amane, together known as the Wild Cats, a footballing duo that dominates the local futsal circuit.

Kuryuin is the first of Kijikita's opponents in official Tournament Play to fit the Opposing Sports Team archetype note , in that while the other members of the team are at best pretty average but more rules-savvy than most teams in the series, their two best players Takenou and Amane often employ dirty tactics to get ahead of the opposition, which runs counter to the fair play and Team Spirit philosophy of most of the other teams in the series so far.

  • Combat Pragmatist : The Wild Cats' general strategy, which has also been adapted to a slight degree by the other Kuryuin players, in that the team is mostly composed of average players who are capable of gaming the system to hide illegal plays and fish for favorable calls for themselves and unfavorable ones for the opposing team.
  • Expy : In some ways to the Yamabuki Middle School Men's Tennis Club. Both are pretty average teams turned dark horses thanks to their respective dynamic duos, and one of their top players (Akutsu and Takenou, respectively) have rather wild streaks and play very aggressively.
  • Keystone Army : Relies heavily on their two best players Takenou to make their way through the tournament.
  • Shout-Out : The color scheme and the fleur-de-lis symbol on their uniforms, their 4-3-2-1 formation dubbed as "the Christmas tree", and their meteoric rise to the regional semifinal upon the arrival of the Wild Cats may be a possible reference to the French national football team which went from failing to qualify for the World Cup in 1990 and 1994 to winning the whole thing in 1998.
  • Unnecessary Roughness : Pretty much a key strategy of the Wild Cats, with Amane intentionally stepping her opponents' feet and Takenou bulldozing her way through the opposition.


Kaon Nanasato

Position : Goalkeeper
Number : 1

A Kuryuin third-year student and goalkeeper of the girls' football team. She is quite fast given her short stature, and organises her defence so that they can hold up opponents in the box. Kaon then quickly nips in to steal the ball from under their feet.

Aki and Maki Satta

Positions : Right Center Back (Aki) and Left Center Back (Maki)
Numbers : 2 (Aki) and 12 (Maki)

Two Kuryuin second-years who play center backs for the girls' football team. Aki and Maki are two of the Satta triplets on the team, and Aki is the team captain. Their other identical sister Saki plays central midfielder for the team.

Junko Doi

Position : Right Back
Number : 3

Riri Tougo

Position : Left Back
Number : 4


Mirai Takenou

Position : Defensive Midfielder
Number : 6
Birthday : September 13
Blood Type : B
Height : 190cm
3 sizes : B90/W73/H97

The bigger half of Kuryuin's dynamic duo Wild Cats that dominate the local street futsal scene. Her massive size and physical style of play makes her a fearsome force in the midfield and a pillar of strength for Kuryuin.

  • Amazonian Beauty
  • Ambiguously Brown : Despite being Japanese, readers keep mistaking her for a different nationality (such as Brazilian or African) due to her massive size, tanned skin, and Mismatched Eyes.
  • Bash Brothers : With Amane.
  • Blue Oni, Red Oni : She is actually the Blue to Amane's Red despite their appearances and playing styles implying otherwise.
  • Combat Pragmatist : Very pragmatic, to the point of breaking Mai both physically and mentally, punching out Mitsu like A Twinkle in the Sky, and kicking Chidori holding the ball just to score a goal.
  • Force and Finesse : Definitely the Force to Amane's Finesse.
  • Friend to All Children : Despite being obviously not a Gentle Giant, she actually has a soft spot for children, which is exactly why she fails as a goalkeeper playing against a bunch of kids.
  • Game Face : Like Amane, she is shown with a glint in her eye and a grizzly smile whenever she decides to Let's Get Dangerous!.
  • The Juggernaut: Easily swats away her opponents pretty easily.
  • Knight of Cerebus : She alone is the reason why their semifinal match against Kijikita is easily the most brutal in the series so far. She strikes so much fear into her opponents that she caused a massive breakdown on a very free-spirited Mai.
  • Lightning Bruiser : Regularly swats her opponents away like a truck and can even keep up with much smaller opponents like Mai and Chidori.
  • Mismatched Eyes : Yellow left eye and blue right eye.
  • One Head Taller : Than pretty much everyone else in the series, and is much wider too.
  • Spirited Competitor : Very spirited and competitive on the pitch.
  • The Stoic : Generally quiet and seemingly uninterested off the pitch.
  • Worthy Opponent : After their match against Kijikita, she gave Chidori her shirt and expresses her desire for a rematch with Mai, the former to which Chidori responds in kind by leaving her own shirt at the door of the Kuryuin locker room.

Saki Satta

Position : Right Central Midfielder
Number : 16

A Kuryuin freshman who plays right central midfield for the girls' football team. She is the youngest of the Satta triplets, with the two older sisters playing the back for the team.

Sanae Hori

Position : Left Central Midfielder
Number : 8


Rio Sanada

Position : Right Winger
Number : 7

Mahiru Hayami

Position : Striker
Number : 9

A Kuryuin second-year who plays striker for the girls' football team. She admires the Wild Cats for transforming Kuryuin into a regional powerhouse upon their arrival.

  • Expy : Mahiru is basically Dan Taichi if he were a female high school football player. Both wear headbands, are basically the Joke Characters for their respective teams, and admire their top players and aspire to become as good as them.
  • Genki Girl : Can be very excitable while playing but is still able to speak formally. She keeps running around while playing but her teammates rarely pass the ball to her because she is not that good, especially compared to the Wild Cats.
  • Japanese Politeness : Prefers speaking formally and with honorifics.
  • Martial Arts Headband
  • Throw the Dog a Bone : In-Universe, she thinks Mirai is doing this for her whenever she deflects hard passes off her on purpose, but in fact this is to pass the ball to her partner Amane.

Amane Tatamaru
Position : Left Winger
Number : 11
Birthday : June 14
Blood Type : AB
Height : 165cm
3 sizes : B84/W59/H82

The smaller half of Kuryuin's dynamic duo Wild Cats that dominates the local street futsal scene. Outside of the pitch, she is an Idol Singer named "Ame" who commands a large audience despite her young age.

  • Bash Brothers : With Mirai.
  • Battle in the Rain : Loves playing in the rain, as it actually boosts her speed and football skills.
  • Birds of a Feather : The reason why she is a True Companion to Mirai is that she considers Amane to be a fighter like herself.
  • Blue Oni, Red Oni : She is actually the Red to Mirai's Blue despite their appearances and playing styles implying otherwise.
  • Combat Pragmatist : Like Mirai who regularly tosses off opponents like ragdolls, Amane is not above stepping on her opponents' feet to get ahead of the game.
  • Force and Finesse : The Finesse to Mirai's Force.
  • Game Face : Like Mirai, she is shown with a glint in her eye and a grizzly smile whenever she decides to Let's Get Dangerous!.
  • Idol Singer : Outside the pitch, she is a rather popular teen idol. After their match against Kijikita, Amane expresses her desire to form an idol group together with Reika and Kijinan's Jaina-Airi Mishiki.
  • Meaningful Name : Her idol name "Ame" literally means "rain", matching her love for playing in the rain.
  • Narcissist : Beneath her upbeat and bubbly Idol Singer persona, she considers other people beneath her and is not above breaking the rules to succeed both in football and in life.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed : Her skills and pragmatism may be influenced in part by former French player Zinedine Zidane, given Kuryuin's subtle reference to the French national team that won the 1998 World Cup.

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