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The current roster of the Kijiyama North (Kijikita) High School Girls Football Club.

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     In General 

Kijiyama North (Kijikita) High School Girls Football Club
Team Colors : Pink and White
Formation : 4-4-1-1note 

Usually shortened as Kijikita, Kijiyama North High School is a former all-boys school which has turned co-ed three years before the start of the series, and is one of the best sporting high schools for boys in Japan. They regularly qualify for the national tournaments in baseball, kendo, and football every year. Unfortunately, there are only a few sports clubs for girls in Kijikita, and the already existing ones often struggle in tournaments even if they get enough members to participate.

Despite the above situation, a girls' football club has recently been created by Reika Hakurai, the most popular freshman girl in school, to catch the attention of Kijikita's super rookie Kunimitsu Hasuga, whom she has a crush on. As such, the team mostly consists of Reika's Girl Posse - a ragtag bunch of exactly eleven high school freshmen. Reika later recruits Kunimitsu as their coach in order for them to participate in Tournament Play. She then later recruits English teacher Chako Kawami and Konori Shindou, Mai's classmate, as assistant coaches, despite both of them knowing next to nothing about football at all.

Inspired by Kunimitsu's love of Italian football and pressed for time to quickly build a winning team, Kijikita uses a 4-4-1-1 variant of the 4-4-2 formation popularized in Italy during The '80s and The '90s, with Mitsu and Yoko as the attacking and defensive midfielders, respectively, and Kiiro and Chidori as the "wingers" instead of a flat set of 4 midfielders as usual with 4-4-2, Reika as a "false nine"note , and Mai as the "target man"note . This reduces the amount of strategy needed for a ragtag team to stand a chance against more organized clubs, as this formation allows them to switch between offense and defense in quick succession.


Mai Miyano
Our THICC heroine.
Position : Striker
Number : 15
Birthday : December 12
Blood Type : A
Height : 158cm (5 feet 2 inches)
Three sizes : B90/W68(!)/H89
Image Colors : Pink and White (Kijikita Girls FC)
Hobbies : Writing novels and observing people

The main female protagonist in the series, Mai lives with her sister, mother, and father. Her family owns and manages a bath house, and is in the same class as her best friend Konori. She is a childhood friend of Kunimitsu and has helped him train for football for many years. This has also benefited her, as she subconsciously improved her own skills despite never having competed in an official football match prior to joining the Kijikita Girls FC.

She has a case of the nerves so bad that at first it can only be calmed by Kunimitsu kissing him, which he calls "conjuring a charm". She can be quite intense while playing football, but she often daydreams and can be very perverted under this state. As Mai slowly gains confidence in herself, she has risen to become one of the pillars of strength for Kijikita.

  • Awesomeness by Analysis : Her keen eye for people allows her to read her opponents' feints and adopt their skills easily.
  • Book Dumb : Has the lowest grades on the team, to the point that the prospect of losing Kunimitsu and her spot on the team got her scared shitless. She barely passed her exams with Konori's help, which partly caused Reika to recruit Konori as an assistant coach even though she didn't know a thing about football.
  • Cool Big Sis : To Ichigo.
  • Childhood Friends : Has known Kunimitsu ever since they were children, to the point Kunimitsu can easily tell if food is cooked by Mai without any clues at all.
  • Discard and Draw : Even at a younger age her kicks were so powerful it broke two ribs of a fully grown adult while playing football in a park. As the injury may have been caused by a wayward hit, she began practicing to make sure her passes are always accurate. However, this affected her kicks, and thus she can only shoot straight at the goalkeeper at first.
  • Erotic Dream : Often goes into this, even during matches.
  • Force and Finesse : Her powerful kicks make her the Force to Reika's Finesse dribbling moves and hat tricks.
  • Good Cannot Comprehend Evil : Initally has this issue with Takenou, leaving her with a really bad BSOD in the first half of their semifinal match.
  • The Heart : The team's emotional leader.
  • Heroic Second Wind : After getting destroyed by Takenou in the first half and getting chewed out by Mitsu, Reika, and Kunimitsu, in that order, she eventually realized she must fight in order to surpass her and any other opponent she will face in the future.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : With both Konori and Kiiro.
  • Jack-of-All-Stats : Her athletic body and ability to pick up other players' skills allows her to play multiple positions. While she is not as good at them as her teammates who play these positions naturally, it allows her to be an all-rounder who can quickly switch between positions as needed.
    • She is the focal point of the offense as the "target man", but she does not have Reika's ball handling skills to score hat tricks against strong and agile defenders.
    • She can fall back to midfield on defense, but she is not as agile as the team's main midfielders Mitsu, Yoko, Kiiro and Chidori.
    • She can play center back effectively with a weaker version of Jaina's World, but she does not have Saki's size, the Shimagawa twins' agility, Yuika's marking abilities, nor Jaina's aggressive mentality.
  • Magnetic Hero : Mai makes friends with pretty much everyone, including most of her rivals throughout the series, but struggles understanding people who are aggressive without reason.
  • Malicious Misnaming : Not aimed directly at her, but some of the men in the Miyano bath house often call her "Maiko" both as a form of respect for her mother Kyoko and to spite her father for marrying Kyoko because all of them loved her. At least one of them started calling her by her proper name once they start watching Mai's football games.
  • Magic Feather : Likes wearing small accessories so much that she claims to be only about 90% without them.
  • Modesty Shorts : Often seen wearing bloomers underneath.
  • Patient Childhood Love Interest : Very patient.
  • Performance Anxiety : Has it so bad Kunimitsu has to "conjure a charm" for her before a big performance or a major match due to her unpleasant experiences at grade school sports day. As she gains experience with football and confidence in herself, Kunimitsu now just hands out more tangible charms to her when the nerves get really bad.
  • Power Copying
    • Mai can copy another player's abilities but they will be weaker than the original.
    • Despite never having played an official football match before, she trained with Kunimitsu for so long she was able to copy his skills subconsciously. However, she ended up being only half as good as him thanks to a really terrible case of the nerves, to the point that Reika surpassed her after playing football for only two months.
    • Demonstrated when she was able to use Jaina's World in an official match, but because her playing style is not as aggressive as Mishiki's it's not as effective.
  • The Rival -> Friendly Rivalry : With Reika, whom she became good friends with despite fighting for position on the team and for Kunimitsu's affections. Mai looks up to Reika as a person while Reika respects Mai's determination.
  • She's Got Legs : Fanservice involving her often revolves around her wide hips and THICC thighs, the latter of which is the source of her trademark kicking power.

Reika Hakurai
Kijikita's School Idol.
Position : Center Forward
Image Colors : White and Red (England)
Height : 156cm (5 feet 1 inch)
Three sizes : B76.3/W57/H79
Trademark Favorite Food : Assam tea, fried sushi rolls, and fried tofu

The other main female protagonist of the story and the founder and team captain of the Kijikita Girls FC. Reika is the perfect high school girl: beautiful, popular, athletic, has good grades, and is from an upper class family. Her primary motivation for entering Kijikita is to get close to Kunimitsu whom she has a crush on.

She first applied to become the manager of the boys FC, but was rejected by their coach. She instead created the girls' football team so Kunimitsu can see her play. Despite playing the sport for only two months she rose up to become the pillar of strength for Kijikita and a rising star capable of going toe-to-toe against the best players in the region with much more football experience than her.

  • The Ace : Excels in any field she applies herself into, to the point that despite having played football for only two months at the start of the series, she rose up to become Kijikita's best player and one of the best football players in the region.
  • Academic Athlete : Has the best grades on the team and has competed in many sports in middle school, including judo, gymnastics, and tennis, the last one wherein she came second in the Japanese under-15 national tournament.
  • Color Motifs : Her image colors are white and red, the team colors of the English national team, which is very evident with the fact that she has stayed in Europe with Chidori as a child, that she an avid fan of Liverpool FC, and that her favorite drink is tea.
  • Combat by Champion : Often goes into this against the other team's top scoring threat.
  • Defrosting Ice Queen : May sometimes come across as a Rich Bitch, but deep down she actually cares for her teammates.
  • Force and Finesse : Her arsenal of fancy dribbling moves makes her the Finesse to Mai's Force.
  • Heroes Love Dogs : Has two pet dogs which are the only things she truly loves apart from her teammates and family.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : With her cousin Chidori.
  • The Leader : The Charismatic type for Kijikita considering most of the team's members belong to her clique and she created the team to impress Kunimitsu.
  • Limited Wardrobe : Always wears long-sleeved kits so she doesn't tan unevenly, as she doesn't want Kunimitsu to see her with sleeve tans.
  • Manipulative Bitch : Has a knack for manipulating others for her own gain.
  • Ojou : Heiress to the Hakurai Group, which runs a transport company, and owns a beachside resort and a hotel chain where rooms are 30,000 yen a night.
  • Single-Target Sexuality : Like Mai, she is Kunimitsu-sexual. This gets toned down later on in the series as the team goes deep into the regional tournament.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork -> Friendly Rival : Although both her and Mai like Kunimitsu, they managed to play well together by setting aside their differences to carry the team to victory.
  • Tsundere : Dere-dere towards Kunimitsu, tsun-tsun towards pretty much everyone else.

     Coaching Staff 

Kunimitsu Hasuga
Kijikita's harem king.
Position : Head Coach (Kijikita Girls FC), Center Forward (Kijikita Boys FC)
Number : 18
Birthday : November 11
Blood Type : A
Height : 170cm (5 feet 7 inches)

The main male protagonist of the series, Kunimitsu is a two-time MVP in the under-15 national tournaments, the super rookie of the powerhouse Kijiyama North Boys FC, and head coach of the girls club. He and Mai are childhood friends and next-door neighbors, training with each other in the local park for many years to improve at football.

Generally calm, quiet, and not overly reactive or emotional following new developments, he keeps cool and puts faith in his players. However, unlike many Harem Genre protagonists, he does not hesitate to call out his girls whenever they get too rowdy or perform badly.

His love for Italian football and the need to quickly build a winning team out of a ragtag bunch of players inspired him to implement a 4-4-1-1 variant of the 4-4-2 formation popularized in Italy in The '80s and The '90s for the Kijikita Girls FC.

  • The Ace : Two-time MVP of the Japanese Under-15 national tournaments and is considered one of the best junior male football players in all of Japan, and managed to whip up a ragtag bunch of cute high school girls into a formidable football team capable of competing against the top girls' football clubs in their region.
  • Author Avatar : Kunimitsu is an avid fan of the Italian club Juventus just like the author himself.
  • Childhood Friends : With Mai, to the point he can tell if food is cooked by her without any clues.
  • Curtains Match the Window : Brown hair and brown eyes.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare : Initially had poor football skills as a child, which is why he enlisted the help of his Childhood Friend Mai to train his skills to become one of the best junior male football players, if not THE best, in all of Japan!
  • In-Series Nickname : "Kuni" from Mai.
  • Oblivious to Love : Does not realize Mai's (and possibly Reika's) feelings for him.
  • Straight Man : He is literally this to the entire girls' team.
  • The One Guy : As expected of the Harem Genre, the coach is the only male on the team.
  • The Strategist : He is this for the Kijikita Girls FC while being The Ace for the Boys FC. As a high school boy he is able to defeat seasoned coaches with more experience than him, including a former national team player!
  • What the Hell, Hero? : Chews out Mai after her very poor showing in the first half against Kuryuin, but not after giving him a thigh brace to give her the strength to come back into the game.

Chako Kawami

Position : Assistant Coach
Height : 172cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Birthday : February 21
Blood Type : B
3 sizes : B94/W63/H90

An English teacher in Kijikita who serves as one of the coaches of its girls football team. Despite this, her role seems to be more of a manager than a coach, as she often leaves the strategy to Kunimitsu and would rather care for the team's needs outside the pitch.

Konori Shindou

Position : Assistant Coach
Height : 159cm (5 feet 2.5 inches)
3 sizes : B73/W59/H79

Mai's best friend, she and Mai hang out together both at and outside school, often eating lunch together. Mai always relies on her to help her through exam season. After seeing her well-presented lesson notes, Reika woos Konori into joining her team to be another coach. Despite knowing nothing about football at all, she is often the best at viewing the team calmly and objectively.

Aside from being an excellent student, she is generally very calm and has a good understanding of what the other girls in the team are thinking. She seems to have a strange side whenever she meets Midori Inukai.

  • Extreme Doormat : Easily succumbs to peer pressure, such as when Reika wooed her into joining the team as a coach, or when Kiiro and Mai goof off while studying, or when Kiiro's sister Midori tempts her into wearing kimonos despite her initial objections.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : With Mai.
  • Not So Above It All : Gets real giddy when she's with Midori.
  • One Degree of Separation : She got to know about Kiiro through their common friendship with Mai, which resulted into Konori meeting Midori.
  • The Smart Guy : She was specifically chosen by Reika because she can see through the girls better than Kunimitsu or Chako can, and it shows when she single-handedly removed the Conflict Ball that plagued Kijikita during their second round match.


Kiiro Inukai

Position : Left Midfielder
Height : 160.5cm (5 feet 3 inches)
Number : 11
Birthday : April 9
Blood Type : O
3 sizes : B82/W58/H82
Image Colors : Yellow (Brazil)
Trademark Favorite Food : Fried chicken with ketchup

Previously played for Kijisan Middle School. During this time, she played against Mitsu's middle school, where Mitsu began to admire Kiiro's ability after Kijisan easily won. A long time friend of Mai, her family runs a kimono business, the Inukai-ya. Has a younger sister named Midori.

  • A Day in the Limelight : Scored two of Kijikita's goals in the semifinal to punch their ticket to the regional final against Kijinan.
  • Animal Motifs : The dog. It's even in her surname!
  • Book Dumb : Like Mai she barely passed her exams to keep her spot on the team.
  • Color Motifs : Her given name literally means "yellow" in Japanese, and shares her image color with the Brazilian national team.
  • Didn't See That Coming : She scores her first goal with the team from literally out of nowhere, shocking their semifinal opponents and motivating her team.
  • Friendly Rivalry : With Kijinan's Mia Momofuji.
  • Genki Girl : Her teammates liken her to a dog who keeps chasing after the ball.
  • The Heart : Kunimitsu intends her to be this for the team, but then says it cannot be possible until she scores more goals, which she finally did in their semifinal match.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners: With Mai.

Chidori Kakiha

Position : Right Midfielder
Height : 138cm (4 feet 6 inches)
Number : 7
Birthday : July 15
Blood Type : AB
3 sizes : B70/W52/H72
Image Color : Orange (Netherlands)
Hobbies : Cooking, taking instant hot spring baths, watching football on TV with Reika

Reika's cousin and the Token Mini-Moe of the team. Chidori has played football since she was four years old and lived in the Netherlands between seventh and ninth grade, where she also worked on her footballing skills. She is initially anti-social, however, she begins to talk more to her teammates the more she plays with them. Normally quiet and reserved, she can be talkative and bubbly around her friends.

Chidori occassionally goes into "stealth mode", a coping mechanism she had when having difficulties fitting in while in the Netherlands, as she thought it was easier for her to just disappear. This increases her football abilities at the cost of making her more sinister and unable to talk to her friends.

  • Child Prodigy : Started playing football since she was four, and improved her football skills as a middle schooler in the Netherlands.
  • Classical Musician : Sings Beethoven's Ninth Symphony in the karaoke.
  • Color Motifs : Her image color is orange, the team color of the Dutch national team.
  • Curtains Match the Window : Brown hair and brown eyes.
  • David vs. Goliath : Her epic matchup against the colossal Takenou of Kuryuin.
  • Determinator : Remember kids, the smallest player on the pitch often has the biggest heart.
  • Distaff Counterpart : To Kuroko Tetsuya. Both are introverted athletic prodigies who support their respective teams from the shadows with their misdirection abilities and outright invisibility.
  • Flower Motifs : Loves flowers, to the point she showers the team's dressing room with flowers and decorations, and her accessories have flower designs on them.
  • Heroic Resolve : When Mai got hit by a really bad Heroic BSoD, she took on Takenou and carried Kijikita on her shoulders just when everything seems hopeless, even going as far as taking every single hit Takenou landed on her like it's nothing despite being much smaller and more frail.
  • Heterosexual Life-Partners : With her cousin Reika, to the point Chidori can only pass the ball to Reika initially.
  • Neat Freak : Does not like getting her hair wet when bathing, and wears a flower-shaped cap to keep it from happening.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse : Easily the smallest player on the team, but was able to carry Kijikita to victory at least twice in the series.
  • Shrinking Violet : Normally shy and reserved, bordering on anti-social, but can be really talkative when with her friends, especially Reika. She slowly gets over it as she plays more with her teammates.
  • Superpowered Evil Side : Her "stealth mode" boosts her football skills and adds Kuroko-level misdirection to her arsenal, at the cost of being unable to communicate, as though she is in a zone.
  • Token Mini-Moe : She is so small she buys her shoes from the grade school section of the footwear shop.
  • Type AB Negative

Yoko Esui

Position : Defensive Midfielder
Height : 168cm (5 feet 6 inches)
Number : 6
Birthday : June 22
Blood Type : B
3 sizes : B96/W61/H89
Image Color : Green (Mexico)

Played football for Hamami Middle School and went up against Mitsu at this level. Although Mitsu has always considered her to be an idiot, she admires her passing technique. Given her past experience in the position, Kunimitsu picks her as the team's defensive midfielder despite her stamina problems. She is an only child. She has a very happy-go-lucky attitude to life, however can get serious when in a severe enough situation.

  • Calling Your Attacks : Likes to give her football moves over-the-top names to make them cooler than they really are just before passing out at the least second.
  • Fragile Speedster : One of the fastest players on the team, but her stamina is really low.
  • Iconic Item : Plays with an Adidas Azteca football, the same one used in the 1986 World Cup in Mexico.
  • Gamer Chick : She is obsessed with video games and spends a lot of time in the local arcades.
  • Otaku : Always sings anime songs in karaoke.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds : With Mitsu.

Mitsu Kurodate

Position : Attacking Midfielder
Height : 169cm (5 feet 6.5 inches)
Number : 8
Birthday : May 5
Blood Type : A
3 sizes : B88.1/W60/H87
Image Colors : Black and White (Juventus)

One of the most talented players in Kijikita who openly boasts about her abilities. She has played football for a long time, including during middle school where she faced Kiiro and Yoko. She hates defending, which annoys her teammates greatly. Lives with her younger brother.

  • Attack! Attack! Attack! : Her general mentality on the pitch, to the point of utter refusal to play defense.
  • Gamer Chick : Often plays video games with Yoko and is just as good.
  • Glass Cannon : One of the strongest attackers on the team (surpassed only by Reika), but does not want to play defense ever and can be taken down in a few hits. Or one.
  • Hair-Trigger Temper : It doesn't take much to piss her off. She tends to pick fights with her opponents, usually resulting in a red card.
  • In-Series Nickname : Micchi, which she really hates. Initially, only Yoko uses this, but now the whole team uses it.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed : Seems to be a fan of, or at least influenced by, Cristiano Ronaldo, down to mimicking his Signature Moves.
  • Twinkle In The Sky : Gets launched up by the air by Takenou during the semifinal match, establishing the latter's monstrous strength and unfortunately, the former's fragility.
  • Signature Move : Mimicks Ronaldo's signature heel chop and celebrates with his iconic spinning leap.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds : With Yoko.


Rinka Aomi

Position : Goalkeeper
Number : 1
Birthday : August 7
Blood Type : O
Height : 178cm (5 feet 10 inches)
Three sizes : B80/W63/H80.5
Image Colors : Blue (Italy)
Hobby : Listening to audio dramas

A Kijikita freshman who plays goalkeeper for the girls' football team. She was designated as the goalkeeper because she is the only candidate to not give up during Reika's trial. She always sings Ball, I Love You in the karaoke and knows it by heart. Naturally, it's the only song she gets a score of 100% on every single time.

  • Birds of a Feather : With Saki, having both played keeper at least once.
  • Determinator : Literally nothing will get in the way between her and the ball once she sets herself into it. This trait is exactly why she is the goalkeeper of the team.
  • Headphones Equal Isolation : Wears headphones outside of football matches even when she isn't listening to music, though there is no indication that she isolates herself from the rest of the team or from anyone in that matter. It's her insane masochism that probably creeps people out.
  • Huge Schoolgirl : Stands at 178cm (about 5'10") tall.
  • Martial Arts Headband : Wears a white headband.
  • Scarily Competent Tracker : She can easily predict which way the ball will go into. Her main weaknesses are odd balls and follow-up kicks.
  • Straight Man and Wise Guy : The Wise Guy to Saki's Straight Man.
  • Too Kinky to Torture : Loves getting hit by the ball a little bit too much.
  • True Companions : Considers her team as such, and thanks Reika for being able to join the team no matter how many times she gets hit by the ball.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes? : Cannot handle cockroaches, but tends to get excited whenever she remembers how scared she was of them.

Akane and Aoi Shimagawa
Positions : Left and Right Backs
Numbers : 2 for Akane, 3 for Aoi
Height : 165cm (5 feet 5 inches)
Blood Type : A
3 sizes : B73.3/W58/H76 (Akane), B73.5/W57.8/H76 (Aoi)
Image Colors : Red and Black (Akane, AC Milan), Blue and Black (Aoi, Inter Milan)
Hobby : Paintball
Trademark Favorite Food : Fried chicken with lemon (Aoi)

Twins who play full backs for the Kijikita Girls FC. They love to compete against each other. Like Rinka, they have only one song they sing in the karaoke that they get the same score each time.

  • The Dividual : Practically inseparable as both of them attended the same schools and joined the same football teams since childhood. They both dislike training alone and prefer training with partners, which often had to be each other.
  • Girlish Pigtails : Both of them sport twintails.
  • Identical Twin ID Tags : Four.
  • Living Emotional Crutch : The twins are this to each other. When Aoi once catched a cold, Akane was so distracted during a match without her sister she could not play.
  • Red Baron : After getting kicked out of their old middle school team, they instead turned to paintball, which they are so good at they are given the nickname, "The Assault Twins".
  • The Rival : The twins have a rather one-sided rivalry with Mishiki. They were the ones who warned the team of the latter's insane defensive abilities before their friendly match against Kijinan.
  • Single-Minded Twins : Practically identical in both appearance and personality.
  • Wronski Feint : Aoi's Signature Move consists of several feints and no-touch dribbling.

Yuika Mishiro

Position : Right Center Back
Number : 4
Birthday : January 18
Blood Type : B
Height : 163cm (5 feet 4 inches)
3 sizes : B99/W62/H88
Image Colors : Black, Red, and Yellow (Germany)

The team nurse who also plays right center back. Her "muscle-reading" ability makes use of her knowledge of the human anatomy to read and track her opponents' movements.

Saki Benio

Position : Left Center Back
Number : 5
Birthday : August 8
Blood Type : A
Height : 181cm (5 feet 11 inches)
3 sizes : B92.5/W65/H90
Image Color : Red and Green (Portugal)
Trademark Favorite Food : Fried chicken with mayonnaise

Although Saki has never played football before, she has previously played basketball, so she is naturally sporty and has a good leap. Kunimitsu picks her as the team's left centre back given her height, although she also trains as a keeper to cover for Rinka if ever she becomes unavailable.

  • Birds of a Feather : With Rinka, having both played keeper at least once.
  • Discard and Draw : Used to play basketball.
  • Fun T-Shirt : Seems to love shirts with weird slogans on them. She bought one that reads "yakitori with sauce", and Rinka later bought for her a shirt that reads "yakitori with salt".
  • Ghost Story : Her specialty, to the point her ghost stories keep her teammates awake all night.
  • The Glomp : Describes as a "kissing freak" by her teammates as she likes kissing her friends to congratulate them.
  • Huge Schoolgirl : Her height and naturally long reach allows her to block high balls, making her a suitable substitute for Rinka.
  • Instant Expert : Picks up football so quickly she was able to juggle a ball 100 times in her first try, and could have gone further if she bothered breaking any records.
  • Straight Man : To Rinka's WiseGuy.
  • Wide-Eyed Idealist : Always sees the good side of everything. She does not feel bad when opponents get past her, as she believes it will not be a problem in the end.

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