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The current roster of the Seirin High School Girls Football Club. Not to be confused with the Seirin High School Men's Basketball Team, which name has a different Kanji reading and may be located in a different region.

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     Seirin High School Girls FC 
Team Colors : Blue and Red
Formation : 3-5-2

Kijikita's second round opponents. Much to everyone's surprise, Kijikita easily dominated Seirin for a good portion of the game until Reika had to sit out due to injury. A Conflict Ball among the Kijikita players ensued, allowing Seirin to score 4 straight goals to come back into the game. Assistant coach Konori Shindou managed to take the Conflict Ball out of Kijikita, allowing them to focus on the match just in time to hold on for the win.

Seirin seems to employ an offensive variant of the 3-5-2 formation, which is highly reliant on a strong and secure middle, with the offense mostly being carried on by their team captain Aya Kurusu, and the two wing midfielders covering either sides of the pitch. However, because the defense is focused on the middle, the back is vulnerable to an easy score once the middle is breached.

  • Breather Boss : Kijikita surprisingly breezed through their second round opponents after their brutal first two matches against Kijinan and Franklin.
  • Glass Cannon : Their 3-5-2 formation focuses on attacking the top and defending the middle, leaving the back vulnerable once the middle is breached, leading to easy goals for a much more athletic Kijikita team.
  • Keystone Army : They rely on their team captain Aya to see them through their matches, very much like how Kijikita relies on their captain Reika.
  • Miracle Rally : Thanks to Kijikita holding the Conflict Ball, Seirin manages to come back into the game from a massive deficit. Ultimately subverted when Konori manages to take off the Conflict Ball out of Kijikita.
  • The Worf Effect : Seirin was pretty much used to show how Kijikita has grown since their matches against Kijinan and Franklin.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss : Somehow manages to become this and a Breather Boss. While Kijikita did easily breeze through and defeat them in the end, Kijikita realized after the match that they can no longer rely too much on their captain Reika if they are to win the regional championship and defeat anyone that goes in their way.
  • We Hardly Knew Ye : They were basically written out since bowing out of contention against Kijikita.


Taeko Shinagawa

Position : Goalkeeper
Number : 1

Shouko Tamura

Position : Center Back
Number : 2

Yuri Kimura

Position : Right Center Back
Number : 3

Center back for the Seirin High School Girls FC. Despite being a defender, she has the best ball control on the team.

Miyu Niidake

Position : Left Center Back
Number : 4


Hiroko Marui

Position : Left Defensive Midfielder
Number : 6

Machi Nishino

Position : Left Midfielder
Number : 7

Arisa Tokumaru

Position : Right Midfielder
Number : 8

Aya Kurusu

Position : Attacking Midfielder
Number : 10
Birthday : March 20
Blood Type : B
Height : 176cm (5 feet 9 inches)
3 sizes : B96(!)/W62/H86

Attacking midfielder and team captain of the Seirin High School Girls FC.

  • The Ace : Seirin's captain and best player.
  • Boobs of Steel : Despite being the only Seirin player with known stats, it's safe to say that at 96cm she easily has the biggest bust on her team, and she gives off the aura of a warrior on the pitch.
  • Graceful Loser : Despite crying hard after losing to Kijikita, she wishes them well in the next round.
  • Heroic Spirit : Refuses to give up even when her team is down big, and true enough, she was able to score four goals in a row to take Seirin back into the game.
  • The Leader : The Headstrong type.
  • Raven Hair, Ivory Skin

Yuuko Mori

Position : Right Defensive Midfielder
Number : 20


Tsukasa Yamamoto

Position : Left Forward
Number : 9

Kyouko Hara

Position : Right Forward
Number : 13


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