YMMV / Super Robot Wars Original Generation

Series-specific YMMV

  • Accidental Innuendo: Put Excellen Browning at the controls of the Alt Eisen if you get a chance and use the Revolver Stake. Hilarity Ensues
  • Anticlimax Boss: Not that Shu Shirakawa is easier than the mooks, but after fighting someone like Dark Brain, he's much easier, even when he's the True Final Boss for Original Generation Gaiden. Quite a shame when he was horrendously difficult in Super Robot Wars 3 and was the hardest boss in SRW history in his Super Robot Wars Alpha Gaiden incarnation, though probably the primitiveness of the game engines for those games contributed to his difficulty back then, as well as his knack of constantly casting Spirit Commands like his Alpha Gaiden counterpart.
    • In the Second Original Generation, Euzeth Gozzo is a lot easier, especially after pitting you through Perfectio and his cronies.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Removing the "Boxer" and "Gunner" frames for the Huckebein MK III in the Second Original Generation peeved some players since it relegates the AM Gunner into Tier-Induced Scrappy (see below) and demotes Ryoto Hikawa and Rio Mei Long for the game. The Moon Dwellers brings both frames back via an EXbein; additionally, Ryoto and Rio have access to their own individual EXbein, finally making it possible to have both frames simultaneously on the map during scenarios.
  • Badass Decay: While Lamia Loveless' treatment in Original Generation Gaiden is debatable (be it this or mere Badass in Distress), The Inspectors turned her Angelg into nothing but a "Humongous Mecha that flies and constantly gets beaten up and only good for blowing up" (except that one time performing Phantom Phoenix with Royal Heartbreaker), making Lamia LOOK like a Faux Action Girl, until she gets her hands on the Vysaga, and only started racking up good kill counts afterwards (while they made a black-painted Angelg for Echidna Iisaki and...well it only serves to get shot down, too). The Record of ATX manga portion of The Inspectors (which is based more on the anime while taking up some story elements from the game) averts this, making Lamia using the Angelg just as capable enough of racking up kill counts.
    • In terms of gameplay, while the Leige Geios from Super Robot Wars 4 is still formidable in the Second Original Generation, it's nowhere near the monstrosity it was when it first appeared in the Classic Timeline. This may be a case of being a Degraded Boss later in the game.
  • Breather Boss: If the player is aiming for the route leading to the True Final Boss in the Second Original Generation, then the AI-1 and Duvan Org are this. Despite them being a Dual Boss in the scenario after the Super Robot Wars Destiny finale, they don't have Perfectio's unit abilities nor his event-driven, Regenerating Health situation. Additionally, this scenario is where you regain Einst Alfimi.
  • Broken Base: Now with its own page.
  • Cliché Storm: The games have enough Humongous Mecha clichés to qualify as an Affectionate Parody, but one thing that stands out is the SRX. It's a super robot composed of three real robots, one of which is a Transforming Mecha, and two of the three pilots are psychic.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: For the custom MK II Gespensts in the Second Original Generation, most players will usually stick with the Type-N frame as its weapons have longer range and its final attack is ALL-based, meaning it targets both units in a "Twin Unit" and any adjacent Twin. Expect pilots using this mecha to be near the top of the kill count, especially if they're paired with another pilot for a Twin Unit with the "Violent Assault"note  or "Continuous Attack"note  "Twin Command". Bonus points if both pilots have the "Continuous Action"note  pilot skill.
  • Complete Monster: There's a whole list of them - Archibald Grims and Agilla Setme, just to name a few of the worst offenders.
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Too many to list, whether it's Kai Kitamura being able to punch out Cthulhu with a simple Mecha-Mook or Ratsel Feinschmecker/Sanger hamming it up, there's bound to be something for everybody.
    • The Inspectors ending with an all-out battle against Beowulf!
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: When Vigagi hears Ratsel's full name, Hilarity Ensues. Anything involving the Inspectors, really: they turn the "quirkiness" in Quirky Miniboss Squad Up to Eleven.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: In the first game, during Ryusei's route, after being told that the SRX (the result of combining the R-1, R-2, and R-3) can no longer be formed (which they had just did some time prior to the conversation to win a battle), Ryusei says something along the lines of "The real 'transformation' is all of us", meaning all his companions. That certainly means a lot for a robot otaku.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: See here
  • Epileptic Trees: How Kai got the infamous "Gespenst Kick". Either he's been teaching Lenonjayce Stallord in Original Generation or he's his future instructor...if Jayce ever appears...
  • Even Better Sequel, Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Compared to the first game, the sequel had some of the best visuals on the Game Boy Advance (pre-Super Robot Wars Judgment), backed by greater pilot/mecha/weapon customization, an even larger cast and a deeper, engaging plot than its predecessor.
  • Exiled from Continuity: The notably absent Huckebeins in the Animated Adaptations. See entry for more details.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: You can expect plenty of Fanart showcasing Axel Almer and Lamia, Axel and Kyosuke Nanbu, Ingram Prisken and Villeta Vadim or Raul and Fiona Gureden.
    • Axel/Kyosuke is lent a bit of weight by the fact that some of the dialog when the two fight each other implies that Kyosuke's counterpart from Axel's home universe is gay.
      • Not really: the implication is because Beowulf doesn't have a female companion, since Excellen doesn't exist there. Beowulf obviously isn't going to have much in the way of friends. This is simply Yaoi Fangirl interpretations running wild.
    • Axel/Lamia is less of a Crack Pairing now: Original Generation Gaiden threw a short, but meaningful conversation between the two of them that could be interpreted as Ship Tease, plus Axel saving Lamia and claiming that he accepts her as a person.
  • Fetish Fuel: Excellen and Alfimi fanservice, brought to us by the animators themselves.
  • Goddamned Bats: Every Original Generation game has at least one example, though Barrelions are the most consistent, having too much HP, will occasionally defend when attacked and come in large numbers. They don't exactly pose a threat, but are typically annoying during scenarios they appear in. At one point in Original Generation 2, the game uses this to create a literal Beef Gate made of Barrelions forming a wall.
    • The mass-produced JinRai in the Second Original Generation has a boatload of HP and armor in the same ballpark as the Barrelions, but higher, with an unusually strong mobility rate. Justified since they're an offshoot of the actual JinRai, though they're made more annoying with each one having the same "Afterimage" ability note  as the JinRai. Unless you cast the "Strike" Spirit Command note  for a guaranteed hit, you'll likely be burning away pilots' Spirit Points you were intending to save for dealing with bosses later in the same scenario. Oh, and mass-produced JinRai come in hordes of at least a dozen at once.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: The only reason players bought the premium edition of Infinite Battle was so they could play Dark Prison without having to wait six months for it to be sold as separate Downloadable Content. Infinite Battle itself was So Okay, It's Average.
  • Magnificent Bastard, Manipulative Bastard: Abound
  • Memetic Badass: Ratsel by proxy of his Leitmotif, Kai pulling off the most insane maneuvers and techniques with little more than a mass-produced Gespenst and Sanger because he's naturally this.
  • Memetic Mutation: This game is definitely the origin of "Trombe!" over here. There's even a website named after it.
    • "Real Men Ride Each Other"
    • Lee Linjun sparked a minor series-exclusive meme "NADUHA", which he earned more and more of for his douchebaggery. NADUHA means "Needs a Drill Up His Ass" note .
  • Moral Event Horizon: Some like Archibald and Agilla really stay FAR on the other side.
    • Lee crosses it when he kills Daitetsu Minase. 'Course, he was a jerkass before that, too.
    • Wilhem von Juergen crosses it when he shoots a defenseless Lamia and makes the team think he killed her. It's more than agreed that by that point, any sympathy he might have had in the OVA's lost and after his demise, he'll forever be cemented as an unsympathetic Big Bad Wannabe. Though strangely, he's posthumously pulled away from the Horizon when they introduced Kaoru Tomine, who turns out to be really remorseless in terms of villainy and even used Juergen's previous designs to fuel his diabolical brainwashing system, basically cementing that compared to Kaoru's remorseless sociopathic tendencies, Juergen would look like a saint and very much a legit Anti-Villain...
    • Within the first minute of The Inspectors, Beowulf kills a defeated Ryusei by Impaled with Extreme Prejudice.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Jun Kanan sending the TouTetsuOh to kill off and devour some allied NPC pilots. Would look normal, if not for the narrative to shift to a first-person perspective of one of the NPCs trembling as the TouTetsuOh looms over them, only to suddenly vanish, reappear with its jaws open and fade to black, all in the while hearing nasty crunching sounds and the game text about the pilot screaming to death.
  • Player Punch: All five units of the Huckebein series are outright annihiliated by newcomer Amara in the Second Original Generation. Doubles as a Tear Jerker for some veteran players. Made worse if players believe the rumour that Namco Bandai and Sunrise are indeed responsible of getting rid the machines just because they look like Gundams.
    • Up until Original Generation Gaiden was released, Lamia getting shot down dead by Juergen, making it look like Death by Adaptation, was rather convincing enough to punch you in the gut with the prospect of Lamia, one with all original plot threads resolved, being Killed Off for Real to leave some space. Thankfully, averted/softened once Original Generation Gaiden was released.
    • The Second Original Generation plays the Death by Adaptation or inversion of Spared By Adaptation on Chris, one of Cliana Rimskaya's personalities, the sweet Nice Girl who's interacting with the cast off-battlefield... and then does the same to Ventus after he's promoted from Secret Character into a mandatory recruit. Unlike Lamia, they are more likely to stay dead...
  • Scrappy Mechanic: Zigzagged with the "Twin Battle" system. Unlike the squad-mechanics in the Alpha games and Super Robot Wars Z, a Twin Unit can only be formed during scenarios rather than before in the intermission menu. Furthermore, the system requires pilots to reach 110 Will first before players can form a Twin Unit, making this unlikely at the start of scenarios (since all pilots start at 100 Will) except for characters having reached "Ace" status AND are part of the top three Aces on the roster, which will grant them the required 110. The problem still persists because that only applies to at least three characters on the rosternote , while Will gains vary between characters. Finally, the Twin Command can only be accessed from a Twin Unit, and requires Spirit Points from both pilots to activate, though the Command's effects apply to the Twin Unit, with some Twin Commands being better than others (for example, "Soul"note ).
    • Come the Second Original Generation, the Will prerequisite is gone, and players can form twins in the intermission menu. Unfortunately, so are Twin Commands.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Compare the music in the teaser trailer for The Moon Dwellers to the Hans Zimmer theme for Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: The EXbein in The Inspectors (see Exiled from Continuity); made more evident in The Moon Dwellers as the unit effectively replaces the Huckebein MK III on the roster with the "Boxer" and "Gunner" frames to boot.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy
    • Despite Sanger being one of the top characters in the Second Original Generation, players can't seem to figure out what benefits his Ace Bonus providesnote  because of the following reasons:
      • The "Tornado Blade" with Ratsel's Aussenseiter already ignores barriers/defenses by default (as do all Combination Attacks in SRW).
      • Players normally cast "Fury" when they want to apply debuffs to enemies using specific weapons that deal debuffs (most enemy barriers/defenses can negate these attacks), and all three mecha that Sanger can pilot in this game (Dygenguard, Grungust Custom, and Grungust Type-0) do not carry the "Armor Breaker" equippable weapon to deal the debuffnote , which makes having "Fury" pointless.
      • "Fury" would likely be used half the time in conjunction with the new "Maximum Break" mechanic, which also ignores barriers/defenses by default, except it isn't possible for Sanger to trigger it.
    • The AM Gunner in the Second Original Generation is a unit no player wants to use as its arsenal needs a pilot who has the pilot skill "Hit & Away"note , weak attacks that can't be used post-movement, and no Huckebein MK III to dock with to form the Huckebein Gunner, since all Huckebeins are destroyed in a mandatory event.
  • That One Boss: See here
  • Tear Jerker: The Inspectors version of Cattleya Fujiwara-Branstein and Daitetsu's deaths are a lot hard-hitting than their video game counterparts.
  • Too Cool to Live: Some will question this entry, but many will certainly acknowledge this is why Ouka Nagisa and Wodan had to die.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Ouka dies in an area almost full of Machine Cells, the Original Generation equivalent of DG Cells. Back in Super Robot Wars Reversal, the Big Bad resurrected Master Asia using DG Cells. What should be a Reversal parallel in Original Generation Gaiden is instead given to Lamia, rather than Ouka, who's almost tailored to be the Master Asia equivalent (story-wise, anyways). While it turns out for the best eventually, some fans believe Ouka was simply too cool to be resurrected.
    • It's implied the Machine Cells stopped functioning after the Earth Cradle collapsed, particularly since the supercomputer Magus Gebo that powers the Machine Cells has also been destroyed in the collapse.
  • Win the Crowd: To say the announcement that Namco Bandai will personally translate the Sony PlayStation 4 version of The Moon Dwellers into English being a good thing is an Understatement - the publisher is being universally praised for it.

Character-specific YMMV

Latooni Subota

Kai Kitamura

Lefina Enfield

  • The Woobie: Lefina has A LOT of self-confidence issues in the first half of Original Generation, to a point where she was ready to give up and run away from it all.

Michiru Hanaten

Lee Linjun

  • The Scrappy: This guy is seriously so obnoxious that he makes it to the top scrappies in a series usually devoid of them. However...

ODE System

  • Nightmare Fuel: Snarking aside, let's just say if you're not Lamia, you WILL never want to get absorbed by them and turned into goo.
  • The Scrappy: Second by a far margin, with Lee as one of the biggest scrappies in SRW. With Lee possibly getting Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, Juergen and the ODE System could take the throne, but as far as SRW goes, he still has to compete with Mist Rex.


  • Foe Yay, with loads of Say My Name: AXEL ALMER!!!
  • You Keep Using That Word: Beowulf's MK III is NOT the Alt Eisen Nacht, which appears in Endless Frontier and coincidentally in the prologue scenarios of Original Generations, where Excellen coins Kyosuke's Alt Eisen with the "Nacht" monniker after he paints it temporarily blue in hopes to fool Divine Crusader Remnants. This is because The Federation in the Shadow-Mirror universe approved of the MK III's specs, rendering it as the next-generation machine.
    • Also, the Nacht in Endless Frontier sports an additional mini-claymore launcher, something the MK III and Alt Eisen don't have.
    • It actually is called the Alt Eisen Nacht. The prologue scenario naming and the Endless Frontier versions are both named after it, with the former being a Mythology Gag. This is known from Original Generation 2 where the Alt Eisen Nacht is a Dummied Out unit, implying they originally intended to have the fight between Axel and Beowulf be playable, but decided against it.


Chienne, Chien and Chiot

  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Chienne is a girl, Chiot is a guy. Without carefully looking at them, you'd think it'd be the other way around.

Jun Kanan

  • Les Yay: Very, very eager to point out the bodily figures of other girls, with her battle quotes more akin to flirting than anything.