Funny / Super Robot Wars Original Generation

  • The Royal Heartbreaker combination attack in action. But it's pilots…are not Latooni and Shine, but Sanger and Ratsel!
  • In the finale for the Divine Wars animé, Excellen in a Playboy Bunny suit was appealing enough. but then Lefina in a similar outfit comes in and watch the reactions. Irm is elated, many of the cast make Jaw Drops, Ryoto and Rio (who called out the former earlier on seeing Excellen) go wide-eyed (as does Katina), Kusuha blushes, Tetsuya does a Spit Take, Daitetsu loses his composure, even Kyousuke reacts with a small Sweat Drop. And after she speaks, Bullet gets a Nosebleed, which Excellen calls him out for.

  • Ingram Prisken's reaction to Kushua Mizuha's health drink in Super Robot Wars Original Generation and especially in Divine Wars. Hell, just about anything involving the notorious concoction is pretty much guaranteed to be hilarious. The fact that it can render people like Lamia Loveless unconscious is pretty damn funny in and of itself.

  • Original Generations brought the fan base the ridiculously awesome Hot Blood-poisoner known as the Gespenst MK-II S with its signature Ultimate Gespenst Kick attack. Hilarity tends to ensue whenever any character attempts to perform it. Special mention goes to Kyosuke blowing out a lung for screaming his ass off (and likewise nearly breaking a microphone again, as hilariously re-enacted in The Inspectors), Ratsel pulling a Harry Ord out of nowhere... and, to everyone's surprise, Kushua OUT CHESTOH-ING SANGER ZONVOLT!
    • Bonus points for The Inspectors version, for including a "Shout Now!" notification on the cockpit when Kyosuke was about to use that with the Gespenst he was using.
      • The song that they play during that scene is called "Are you Kidding?", and it's basically a Samba version of Kyousuke's Leitmotif. No,really.

  • And speaking of "The Sword that Cleaves Evil": he may be Banpresto's resident embodiment of Badass, but he is so weak to alcohol the fumes will knock him on his ass! Especially showcased in 2nd Original Generation when Irui serves him tea mixed with alcohol. He gets knocked out with one sip.

  • In Original Generation 2, after the team is introduced to Daizengar/Dygenguard...
    Ryusei: Daizengar/Dygenguar... That's how a Super Robot type should be called... Hey, Rai! Maybe we can call the SRX...
    Rai: We are NOT calling it Dairyusei/Dyryusei. PERIOD.
    Ryusei: But it sounds better than Dairai/Dyrai or Daiaya/Dyaya!
    Aya: I personally like 'Daiaya/Dyaya' myself.
    Mai: I thought that sounded like a stomach disorder...
    Ryusei: Oh well. Hey, how about we take your name, and added 'Oh', so it's now Dairaioh/Dyraioh?!
    Ratsel: Hm, maybe I should refer to Aussenseiter's Pferd mode as Daitrombe/Dytrombe...
    Rai: Knock it off, brother.

  • Any time Mio missed Gouryundou Masamune in Second Super Robot Wars Original Generation, in which the huge boulder she is holding in her katana suddenly popped out and crushes Zamzeed beneath it.

  • In The Inspectors, Vigagi seems to rake in CMoFs, mostly for ignoring the Fourth Wall, ever since he arrived at the Tesla Reich Institute up until his first defeat:
    Vigagi: That ability... It can't be...
    Ratsel: GuarBein MkIII Trombe.
    Vigagi: (Grabs onto Ratsel's panel) GuarBein?! Your camouflage can't fool me!
    (Galgau parries the GuarBein's G-Territory attack, but gets knocked down in the process.)
    Vigagi: Just who are you?
    Vigagi: Huh, "The Mysterious Gourmet?" Is my translator broken?
    • Then while confronting the heads of Tesla Reich (Filio, Dr. Kazahara, and Master Rishu), who just presented him... with towers of paper documents.
    • And later on while facing off against Sanger, who just received his Ace Custom:
    Sanger: Inherit my sword, Dygenguar... No! (Cue title card, complete with flaming fonts) War God's Armament, DYGENGUAR!
    Vigagi: "War God's Armament?" And what does episode 15 mean!?
    • The credits of episode 15 stand out because you will never see it coming. Aside from the usual Fanservice for the ladies, the ending includes Ratsel in a speedo... AND Sanger in a Loin Cloth. "Real Men Ride Each Other", much?
  • Fixing Lamia's damaged voice box only makes her speaking difficulties worse; but instead of causing her to speak with broken grammar, it causes her to occasionally talk like a Hot-Blooded Genki Girl. LAMIA KENZAN! (Beat) What did I just say?
    • A lot of her lines actually comes from Aschen "W-07" Brodel.
    • It gets better. She also has a couple of lines that are shout-outs to other roles Kaori Shimizu has voiced.
    • In 2nd SRW OG she will occasionally speak like this while unleashing her strongest attack!
  • Perfectio's despair wave is supposed to affect a person to the point of committing suicide. When it hits Saphine though, it starts to turn her on. Axel gets pissed off and starts asking someone to shut her up. Chika begins to babel about how Saphine is a complete disgrace to the team. Axel then asks Shuu to shut Chika up.
  • Michiru tries to play up his Delinquent status once he joins the team. Too bad he faces the military delinquent Katina herself. While we have no idea of how the fight went, the next time the team gets deployed, Michiru starts calling Katina "anego" which outright states that she beat the crap out of him.
  • Kanan states her that she's into Les Yay, especially with Kusuha. But bluntly states that she does not prefer anyone who has a flat chest. Ibis was not amused.
    Kanan: Oh, sorry. I have no interest in the 'slender' types.
    Ibis: S-slender!?
  • The 2nd Original Generations version of the Twin Bird Strike; on a Dynamic Kill, it ends with Wild Wurger running out of power in mid-air as Arado panics, forcing a red-faced Seolla to save it; the very end of the animation, which is hard to see unless you have sharp eyes, shows Falken carrying Wurger upside-down by the leg, frozen in the same pose as before.
  • Ventus and Ing Egret surviving Kusuha's drink and found that concoction delicious. When Michiru tries it, he thought it tasted bitter but didn't faint. Turns out, Kusuha made the drink super mild.
  • The reason why Lune, Zash, and Precia were at Earth instead of La Gias in stage 46? They got bored.
  • As awesome as chapter 44 was, it's still hilarious that Saphine magically doctors a video and sends it to the internet.

  • In Original Generation 2, Ryusei was gawking over Angelg and eventually...
    Ryusei: And that skirt... Rrrrrooowwwrrr!
    Latooni: I am also wearing a skirt. Why aren't you 'Rrrrrooowwwrrrr'-ing to me?

    • For that matter, anytime Latooni tries to channel Ryusei in her attacks. It's a combination of [[Kiai badassness]], adorableness and silliness, such as when using the aformentioned Gespenst Kick as SUPER ULTRA RYUSEI KIIIICK!!!

  • During 2nd Original Generation, Masaki route at La Gias, the team stopped by at a shop for tea drinking. Yuuki, as usual, chastises Masaki about 'improper' way to drink tea, and goes Sophisticated as Hell about how one drinks tea... only to be flabbergasted when he saw Tytti casually drops eight cubes of sugars onto her cup of tea since she throws common sense out of window when sweets are involved. Her response? "I thought I was being modest..."

  • Various save-exit skits. Though some that are worth noting is when Irm and Tasuku discuss in the 2nd Original Generation that their roster of allies and enemies alike have been filled with lots of beautiful women. However, for Irm, the best one has got to be the most elusive one: Umbra

  • Real life example: Tetsu Inada showing up in the Super Robot Wars Original Generation event dressed as Ratsel while Trombe overrides the BGM.

Dark Prison

  • Chika, Shuu's familiar, is the only living thing that can annoy the crap out of Shuu. And it is hilarious.
    • Speaking of Shuu, go fail Dark Prison chapter 9 and witness Shuu's Oh Crap! face.
  • While rescuing Monica, the latter is in a delusion and wishes she could see Shuu again. Shuu has to tell Monica twice that he's standing near her.
  • Chika and Elma butting heads with Selena amused at the entire thing.
  • Monica and Saphine's reunion in stage 10 with Monica throwing the first blow by hugging Shuu while inside the Granzon. All with Shuu not even caring a single bit.
  • The reason Shuu remembers a lot of things? It's thanks to seeing Masaki and the Cybuster; the Foe Yay runs deep with these two.