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Fridge Horror
  • Scenario 27 of Super Robot Wars Original Generation 2 sees our heroes trying once again to rescue Seolla and Ouka from the clutches of the School. When Latooni and Ouka fight, Ouka comments, "You're so stubborn. That's what makes you so cute." Just your average Les Yay battle banter... And then you remember that Ouka's being brainwashed by Agilla Setme and suddenly all these horrible visions start pouring into your brain.
    • May also have to do with Ouka's views of Latooni distorted due to the suggestion and brainwashing as a side effect, Ouka does care for her fellow friends who survived the School before. Latooni, Arado, and Seolla were all she had to consider as a family aside from a large supercomputer.
  • At the ending of the "The Inspector" Anime when Beowulf appears, everyone shrug off his presence there as nonsense and get back into the fighitng. The thing is, when you think about what he was shown doing in the first episode, plus the strange einst units he bring along (who all look like some mechs of the good guys...) paint a very bleak image of what Kyosuke's corrupted alterego was up to between his two appearances.