Characters: Super Robot Wars Judgment

Touya Shun

One of the protagonists of Super Robot Wars Judgment, Touya Shun is just your ordinary 17 year-old Japanese high school student and good friends with Kaname Chidori. Obviously, this normalcy isn't going to last, and a Humongous Mecha crashes into his school one day, with three mysterious girls in the cockpit, being chased by unknowns. Requesting his assistance, despite not knowing how to use the machine, Touya leaps at the opportunity to fight back against the girls' pursuers.

As the events of Judgment unwinds, Touya discovers the following: his father, El-Selda Shun, was a Knight to the Fury, a group of Human Aliens who reside on the moon and are trying to destroy the world. Touya is the result of El-Selda and his recently deceased Earthling mother (El-Selda having died years earlier). This explains why he's able to master the mecha the girls brought him so easily, due to his Half-Human Hybrid nature. Touya's also childhood friends with the Princess of the Fury, except he couldn't remember it.

His mecha depends on player's choice: he can either use the close-ranged Real Robot "Coustwell" (Mid-Season Upgrade "Coustwell Brachium"), long-ranged real robot "Bellzelute" ("Bellzelute Brigandy"), Super Robot "Granteed" ("Granteed Dracodeus") or the secret mecha "Vorlent" (replaced with the "Laftkranz").These tropes apply to Touya:

Calvina Coulange

The other protagonist of Judgment, complete with a separate story, Calvina Coulange was a genius Ace Pilot, but ends up retiring and being called to the Ash'ari-Kreutzer Facility on the moon to mentor and tutor up-and-coming pilots. As fate would have it, the installation is destroyed by an unknown entity and seizes all the data within, rendering her the Sole Survivor; not even her boyfriend survives. Heartbroken, Calvina changes from a usually enthusiastic lady into a sad woman, sometimes putting up a bout of Wangst. She's later drafted again to the battleship Nadesico, serving as an advisor to its squadron of Aestivalis. During the trek through space, an unregistred machine carrying three girls in the cockpit are on the run. Begging her to use it and defend the Nadesico, Calvina hops into the unit and uses it, despite not knowing where the mecha comes from.

When the Fury reveal themselves to the world, to her horror, Calvina discovers The Dragon is actually her Not Quite Dead boyfriend, who goes by his real monniker "Al-Van". Worse yet, one of her students at the Ash'ari-Kreutzer Facility is still alive, except he too is a Fury named Jua-Mu Dalby. Both were the conspirators behind the facility's destruction. Filled with doubts, anger and sadness, Calvina begins hating the Fury and swears vengeance, with an added dose of violence.

Calvina has access to all the mecha Touya can use; what she lacks in Touya's Half-Human Hybrid abilities to use Fury machines effectively, she makes it up with her sheer skill as a former Ace Pilot. Tropes about Calvina include:

Katia Grineal, Festenia Muse and Melua Melna Meia.

A trio of mysterious girls who assist Touya or Calvina in their stories, they were experimented upon by the Fury, but managed to escape thanks to Touya's father, El-Selda, taking along a Fury-produced Humongous Mecha to flee from the persuing Fury. Katia is calm and composed, Festenia is feisty and foul-mouthed, while Melua is shy and timid, often prone to tears. The three assist the protagonist navigate their mecha in Judgment, serving as co-pilots.

Each girl grants a specific bonus to the protagonist and mecha, depending on whether she is the co-pilot: Katia increases accuracy/evasion rates, Festenia boosts weapon power and damage output, while Melua allows defensive bonuses and additional skills. If the player chooses Touya as the protagonist, it's possible he can end the game with one of the girls in a relationship, depending on who is his co-pilot the most times. This is not an option for Calvina, because she's already devoted to her old boyfriend. Tropes associated with the girls, as well as the mecha they bring:


The main antagonists of Judgment, the Fury claim they were the ones who seeded life on Earth, but retreated from the world and resided on the moon, watching over their creations. The Fury also claim they were previously, eons ago, defeated by another space-faring force, fleeing from them to the far ends of the universe. They are led by "Representative Knight" Gu-Landon Goetz and his "High Knights" Al-Van Lunks, Fu-Lu-Mu-Lu and Jua-Mu Dalby. Tropes associated with the Fury:
  • A God Am I: Somewhat: they terraformed and seeded life on Earth.
  • Apologetic Attacker: Al-Van
  • Ax-Crazy: Psycho for Hire Jua-Mu, after he gets promoted to full Knight.
    • There is another reason listed in the supplemental material for Jua-Mu's behavior: Larselium can have adverse effects on the body, particularly on the glands that produce adrenaline and endorphins. While Al-Van, Fu-Lu and Gu-Landon have had proper training, Jua-Mu is promoted so fast he doesn't have enough time to adequately adjust his body to higher levels of Larselium found in the Laftkranz. In short, Jua-Mu is on a severe adrenaline high and an extreme pleasure high while using the Laftkranz that's slowly destroying his brain from the inside. At the same time, the protagonist also speculates that Jua-Mu may have received brain damage from when he was caught up in the explosion of Al-Van's Laftkranz.
    • Considering the crazy amounts of Larselium Gu-Landon's huffing in the final battle, his Villainous Breakdown becomes much more understandable.
  • Black Knights
  • BFS: Laftkranz's Orgone Sword, which reaches Zankantou levels of size.
  • Cold Sniper: Fu-Lu, mostly
  • Eleventh Hour Superpower: Al-Van aligns with the protagonist in the last scenario.
    • Redemption Demotion: Averted; Al-Van's Laftkranz still carries the 50,000 HP it had when the protagonist fought him previously, and he deploys with full Will, allowing the same destructive moves he used when he was an enemy.
  • Evil Is Hammy: Gu-Landon, even for an SRW Big Bad. The Larselium overload during his Zui Gaiden going One-Winged Angel makes him even more so.
  • Expy: Al-Van's often considered by players to be a lunarian Sanger Zonvolt. Since Sanger's a samurai, Al-Van's naturally a Knight in Shining Armor.
    • In fact, Al-Van's version of the Laftkranz's final attack is a combination of (in order of the animation) Sanger's "Inazuma Juryoku Otoshi", "Shippu Dotou", and "Unyo no Tachi" techniques.
  • Facial Markings
  • Fashionable Asymmetry: As the picture can attest to, none of the three Knights wear symmetrical clothes.
  • Heroic Sacrifice/Redemption Equals Death: Al-Van will pull this off to stop the reactor on the Fury Mothership "Gau-Ra Furia" from exploding. Averted in Calvina's story, as he's convinced to not go through with it, but can be played straight in Touya's story, unless the player opts for a Balanced Harem solution with the three girls, in which case he will avert it.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Al-Van
  • Leitmotif: "Moon Knights" for the High Knights, "Doomsday" for Gu-Landon
  • Mukokuseki: Gu-Landon is an interesting aversion, as he looks Asian, despite not being human. Then again, it could just be his perpetual scowl.
  • Omnicidal Maniac: Gu-Landon turns into one at the end of the game, planning to destroy both humanity and the Fury for going against him.
  • One-Winged Angel: Gu-Landon's Zui Gaiden
    • Clipped Wing Angel: However, this transformation causes the Zui Gadin to lose its Orgone Cloud ability.
  • Politically Incorrect Villain: If Calvina's the protagonist, Jua-Mu and Gu-Landon will call her misogynist names.
  • That's No Moon!: The moon's actually the Gua-Ra Furia covered with space debris since Earth was merely an uninhabitable planet when the Fury first arrived. This becomes a plot point because Gu-Landon wants to reactivate the ship, which would cause it to shed its debris shell and bits of that would rain down on Earth. The disruption of the tidal interaction between the Earth and the moon would fundamentally change the environment. Gu-Landon's reasoning for the attempt is that while it would pretty much destroy the world, the Fury can simply reseed it again and start anew.
  • Worthy Opponent: Fu-Lu and Al-Van's statements generally give you this feel and it's blatantly obvious the both of them don't hold harsh feelings for the protagonist and most of their allies. Fu-Lu actually looks forward to engaging Domon Kasshu should you attack her with him in one scenario.