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Fridge: Super Robot Wars Judgment
  • Fridge Logic: If the N-Jammers are still on Earth, then how come Burrstone is still able to use it's Nuclear Missiles? However, N-Jammers only suppress fissile reactions. The only explanation for this is that Burrstone's missiles are fusion-based and use some form of non-nuclear fuse. (Laser-triggered fusion remains experimental in real life, but hey, they've got giant robots here, so who knows...)

  • Fridge Brilliance: It is puzzling at first to see that the three girls do not know anything about their captors despite being held for years. Then you realize that the Furies have tech that controls time and can access to their minds. Makes you wonder what has been done to them...

  • Fridge Logic: The Fury have recognized the Nadesico/Archangel task-force as the main threat to their return due to the protagonist's mecha and its Larseilam Canceller - which prevents them from using their Game Breaker Time Stop powers. Without it, they can easily wipe out anyone standing in their way. And yet, despite the fact that Nadesico and Archangel frequently split up, it apparently never occurs to them to attack whichever ship you AREN'T with, thus effectively halving your forces for any future engagements...

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