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Awesome: Super Robot Wars Judgment
  • How does Master Asia make his grand entrance? By appearing on top of the Nadescio, and then smashing apart the gun barrels than jumping onto the Archangel and doing the same thing. By the way, he is doing all of this on foot.
  • At the climax of the Gundam SEED storyline, Athrun decides to pull a Heroic Sacrifice in order to stop Genesis from wiping out half of Earth's population. Everyone is frantically trying to figure how to stop the Genesis AND save Athrun and Cagalli (who is staying behind to try and save Athrun), and not even the V-MAX system is fast enough to reach the core in time. So what do our heroes end up doing? Jury-rigging a Boson Jump, the Dimension Coupler System and the Cytron system into a controlled space-time warp that can get in and out of the Gensis' core instantaneously and save Athrun and Cagalli. This plan is pretty much made up on the fly and nobody knows if it would even work. It does.
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