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Kyosuke Nanbu (Voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa)
You'll be seeing him and his derivatives...A LOT.

Making his debut in the lowly Compact 2 trilogy, Kyosuke Nanbu proved popular enough his game gets updated into Impact and becomes another protagonist for the first Super Robot Wars Original Generation, though his route becomes non-canon (the second half of it, anyways). Kyosuke's grumpy with a bad life-or-death gambling habit and takes war seriously. His partner's the extremely cheery Excellen Browning, which somehow makes up a good foil for his stoicism, for good reason: without her, he may as well become too grumpy like his Evil Twin Beowulf in the Shadow-Mirror universe. He also has an unnatural luck: in the past, he was one of two shuttle crash survivors, coming out with just minor scratches and bruises. While usually calm, he has a Berserk Button: go ahead and endanger his woman, and he becomes a Determinator with a dangerous Tranquil Fury.

In Original Generation, Kyosuke's the new recruit to the ATX Team, selected by Sanger Zonvolt, but after Sanger's Face–Heel Turn, he's promoted to team leader and proves himself to be equally as badass as Sanger in the role. He pretty much becomes the de facto leader after the ATX Team and SRX Team merge into one, eventually bringing Sanger back to the fold... unofficially. His biggest contribution in Original Generation 2 is during the war against the Inspectors and the Shadow-Mirror, wherein he becomes The Rival to Axel Almer. At the same time, he's also targeted by the Einst, especially Einst Alfimi, but he and Excellen manage to persuade her to turn against her creator. The events in Original Generation Gaiden puts Kyosuke into Heroic B.S.O.D. for three times, due to his apparent failure to protect his friend Lamia Loveless. Thankfully, Axel (who by this time gets a Heel–Face Turn) manages to set him straight after a Dynamic Entry rescue.

Sometime after Original Generation Gaiden, Kyosuke disappears in a dimensional rift during a live-fire training exercise with Ryusei Date, ending up in the world of Eria. After their misadventure in another world, he disappears to who knows where, but it turns out he's transported into the subterranean world of La Gias, meeting up with old comrade Lune Zoldark and new comrade Hwang Yang Long, alongside multiple members of the Steel Dragon Battle Group in the Second Original Generation. With the events in La Gias solved, Kyosuke and his allies return to the surface world, only now their newest enemies are the Gaia Sabers, Garden of Baral, Ruina and the Guests. This time around, he takes a more sidelined role.

Kyosuke pilots the very bulky real robot Alt Eisen and its Mid-Season Upgrade the Alt Eisen Riese, all that adheres to the Rule of Cool (so heavy it needs a Tesla Drive to stand up, and he's the only one who can use the Alt). They embody these tropes:

  • Ace Pilot: With the heavy-hitting Alt, Kyosuke most definitely is a "Steamroller".
  • Ace Custom: Played with. The Alt Eisen's a Flawed Prototype; the first in a proposed Gespenst MK III line of next-generation PTs but it's bulk, speed, and unorthodox weapons rendered it too clumsy and impractical to be put into mass-production. The only model produced had been gathering dust in a hanger, and seemed to be destined for the scrap heap, until Kyosuke's piloting abilities were noticed. Even then, he was only supposed to take it out for a few test runs, but the DC war broke out soon afterwords and, without any other options, he used the machine through the entire campaign, making the mecha his.
    • The Alt Eisen Riese is even more impractical: it's so heavy and unbalanced that it needs a Tesla Drive, a part normally used to make mecha and ships fly, to even stand up. That being said, it's specifically tailored for Kyosuke to use (he even had a hand in developing it), ultimately playing this trope straight.
  • Alpha Strike: Alt Eisen's "Trump Card" and Alt Eisen Riese's "Claymore Overlord"
  • Appropriated Appellation: The Alt was supposed to be designated the Gespenst MK III, but never received it due to aforementioned reasons. Its engineers took to calling it Alten Eisen (roughly "Old Iron" or "Pig Iron"; a low quality ore that's used for scrap metal) in reference to the German phrase "Zum alten eisen gehören" - "to be on the shelf/scrap heap". It was later shortened to Alt Eisen and the name stuck, despite its designer's protests.
    • BTW, "Riese" is German for "Giant". Alt Eisen Riese ~ Old Iron Giant.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Trump Card involves the Alt unloading its entire arsenal, making for one extremely powerful attack. Unfortunately, it's a one-round attack, but like other units with similar one-round weaponry, proper use of parts and allied Spirit Commands can remedy this. Savvy players tend to rely more on Rampage Ghost for the real heavy-hitting anyways.
    • Note the Riese's Claymore Overlord lets you use it twice in a scenario (excluding resupply via a teammate or battleship).
    • In-universe, the Alt Eisen and especially the Alt Eisen Riese are considered this: see Ace Custom.
  • Badass: Oh, so VERY much.
    • Badass Normal: While most of his True Companions are pilots with powerful Psychic Powers or not even human at all, he manages to win solely by skill and loads of battle experience behind the cockpit (being the only person who can pilot the Alt Eisen/Alt Eisen Riese). The only thing that's abnormal about him is his insane luck giving him the capability to survive injuries that should ordinarily kill anyone else.
  • Bandaged Dude: In The Inspector, the Animated Adaptation of Original Generation 2, after he gets trashed by Axel.
  • Battle Couple: With Excellen. Their chemistry and coordination is so good they can bounce enemy mechs like beach balls with each other's attacks.
  • Big Brother Mentor: His friendship with Ariel Org in the Second Original Generation has shades of this, to wit they even get a Combination Attack in the game.
  • Born Lucky: He got it after the shuttle crash. Since then, he's dead meat without it, which goes along with...
  • Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl
  • Calling Your Attacks: Usually averted, due to him playing The Stoic. Maybe that's why Banpresto forced him to go Hot-Blooded when he's put into the Gespenst MK II Type-S.
    • They did it again in The Inspector, though this is entirely justified due to the words "Shout Now".
  • Chekhov's Gun: In the prologue of The Inspectors, Axel defeats Beowulf using his Soulgain's "Genbu Godan", which is seen impacted on Beowulf's Einst-ified Gespenst MK III. In the final battle, Axel and Kyosuke's combined attacks breaks open the once again transformed MK III's outer armor, revealing the Soulgain's arm still lodged in its chest. Guess how Kyosuke, with no ammo left, takes down Beowulf?
  • Combination Attack: "Rampage Ghost" with the (Rein) Weiss Ritter, "E.D.N." with the Flickerei Geist
  • Deflector Shield: In Impact, both versions of the Alt come with a built-in "Beam Coat"note . Although the Original Generation games do not give the Alt this, the Riese in The Inspector is equipped with this.
  • Determinator: Sanger once described him as "a man who will charge headfirst into danger and always find a way to win, no matter how bad the odds." It's an apt description since he's also notoriously difficult to kill, even for a SRW protagonist
    Kyosuke: "It doesn't matter how thick your armor is... I'll pierce it."
  • Due to the Dead: In The Inspector, Kyosuke regains consciousness in the ICU midway through the funeral for Daitetsu Minase and practically drags himself all the way to the main deck to pay his last respects.
  • Evil Twin: Beowulf
  • Expy: Reiji Arisu of Namco × Capcom and Haken Browning of Super Robot Wars OG Saga: Endless Frontier.
    • Note despite the latter having a color-scheme that makes him more of a Sanger expy, including his storyline of being a W-Numbers human clone of Lemon Browning, Haken carries similar character traits to Kyosuke (stoicism, gambling habits/references), a main weapon with a Pile Bunker and leadership qualities. Also, the director for Endless Frontier was the one in charge of Impact and Namco X Capcom.
    • Resident Little Miss Badass Vita from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha has many references to the Alt Eisen: her barrier jacket is predominantly red and black (with some white highlights), her armed device is called "Graf Eisen" which, while a hammer, functions as a barrier-piercing attack with a pike by spending cartridges and also has the power to attack her enemies with tons of iron balls. Also, she gets trounced by new characters quite frequently.
    • In-universe, as of the Second Original Generation, the Flickerei Geist used by Ariel: its right arm is the same one that Axel ripped off the Alt during "Operation Plantagenet" in Original Generation 2.
  • Field Promotion: Is given full command of the ATX Team following Sanger's departure. After Ingram Prisken pulls his Face–Heel Turn, he's promoted to first lieutenant and practically overall battle commander of the Hagane and Hiryu Custom forces. Whoo! Talk about Breakout Character.
  • Five Temperament Ensemble: In the ATX Team, Kyosuke would be the "Choleric". He was "Phlegmatic" when Sanger was around.
  • Foe-Tossing Charge: Episode 23 of The Inspector. Kyouske finally makes his return to the front lines, with a the new and improved Alt Eisen Riese and one goal in mind: rescuing a Brainwashed Excellen from the Einst. He first No Sell's a Beam shot that would have taken out a battle ship, and then proceeds to tear his way through every Einst unit that gets thrown in his path. At one point, loads of Einst Gemuet literally dog pile the Riese; Kyosuke responds by using the Alt's Claymore launchers to blow half of the mess away note , then makes quick work of the rest.
  • Gatling Good: Alt Eisen Riese's "Chaingun"; the Claymore Launchers might also count.
  • Get A Hold Of Yourself Man: Did this to Sanger in Original Generation
    Kyosuke: "We don't need a moping fool. We need Sanger Zonvolt, The Sword That Cleaves Evil!"''
  • Gut Feeling: Going along with his gambling theme, Kyosuke's very good at weighing the playing field; sharp instincts coupled together with a fair amount of savviness makes for a guy who's rarely blind-sighted.
    • Back in the first Original Generation game, he was only guy besides Gilliam who suspected that Ingram was a traitor; his initial assumption that the traitor had an agenda separate from the Aerogaters also turned out to be right.
    • In Original Generation 2, he pegged Lamia as The Mole within minutes of meeting her, and correctly guessed she was working for a shadowy third-party.
  • Heroic B.S.O.D., due to I Let Gwen Stacy Die: Three times in Original Generation Gaiden. Absolutely mind-boggling he hasn't become The Woobie yet. Fortunately, the latter's subverted later on.
    • Averted in the Second Original Generation. The game doesn't put Kyosuke in such an emotional wringer this time.
  • Hot-Blooded: While he usually comes off as cold, reserved, and apathetic towards just about anything, there are times on the battlefield where his emotions break through and he shows this trope.
  • Hover Mecha: Alt Eisen Riese; because it's so heavy and can barely move, the Tesla Drive installed doesn't allow the Riese to fly. Instead, it hovers off the ground.
  • I Can Still Fight: In Original Generation 2, he insists on getting back into the fight despite Axel sending him to the ICU a few scenarios earlier. He does and sorties out with the rebuilt Riese later; changed a bit in The Inspectors where he's forced to play a sidelined role using a custom Gespenst until the Alt's repairs can be completed.
  • Ignore the Fan Service: Subversion; not that he doesn't appreciate Excellen's antics, but he tends to look the other way regarding her Ms. Fanservice hijinks.
  • Impaled with Extreme Prejudice: Alt Eisen's "Revolver Stake" and Alt Eisen Riese's "Revolving Bunker" works like this. Emphasis on "extreme prejudice".
    • Humorously, after performing the Revolving Bunker, the Riese will reload in a manner that makes it look like it's Flipping the Bird.
  • Improbable Weapon User: The Alt uses a Pile Bunker and carries Shoulders of Doom as weapons note . When it's upgraded to the Riese, it can't even move with the extra armor and weaponry; who in the right mind would want to use this machine? Fortunately, Kyosuke's the only one who can ever use it and factor in his ungodly luck, here's a true example of a weapon not fit for anyone but him.
  • Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better: Even in a setting where super robots generally outclass real robots, the Alt Eisen manages to rival most supers in power with a chaingun, an electrified horn, a gigantic pile driver, and a pair of shoulder launchers that fire titanium ball bearings.
    • In The Inspectors, the Riese was able to physically overpower Axel's super robot Soulgain.
  • Leitmotif: Kotetsu no Beowulf ("Steel Beowulf")
  • Lightning Bruiser: Tanking and dealing high damage while still being able to dodge are all wrapped up in one Alt Eisen-shaped package. The Riese, if set up correctly, can be a potential Game Breaker.
    • Justified in-universe: the Alt was specifically designed to charge into enemy lines via blitz strategies, hence its heavy armor and high acceleration. Incidentally, this is also why it's so difficult to pilot: it's set up for high-risk high-reward combat (which, come to think of it, fits Kyosuke's personalty like a glove).
    • As a side note, while the Alt isn't exactly an agile machine, it's got incredible acceleration.
  • Meaningful Name: Kyosuke and Excellen's Combination Attack is named 'Rampage Ghost', as both their signature machines are customized Gespensts (German for 'Ghost').
  • More Dakka: The general idea behind the Alt's design. Interestingly, most of the Alt's weapons are classified as melee-based, including its "Claymore" attack.
    • In the Second Original Generation, Kyosuke's one of the few characters who can initiate a "Maximum Break".
  • Multicolored Hair: Brown and gold
  • Official Couple: To the point where their Portmanteau Couple Name is "Kyocellen".
  • Only I Can Make It Go: In-story, it's generally agreed that he's the only guy who can make effective use of the Alt. In gameplay, there's nothing stopping you from putting a different pilot in the cockpit, but but there's not much incentive to since it disables Rampage Ghost and Code E.D.N.
  • Patrick Stewart Speech: Him giving one to the Neue Regisseur ultimately convinces Alfimi to pull her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Pietà Plagiarism: In The Inspector when Excellen is rescued by Kyouske, their mecha are in this pose.
  • Pile Bunker: Alt Eisen's Revolver Stake and Alt Eisen Riese's Revolving Bunker
  • Rule of Cool: The whole premise of the Alt Eisen, though this is played around with, as it's pointed out the things that make the Alt awesome also make it an impractical piece of scrap. Kyosuke makes it work anyways, which adds to his appeal.
  • Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl
  • Shoulders of Doom: An entirely functional one. The giant boxes that are the Alt Eisen's shoulders contain both the delivery mechanisms and the uncountable number of metal balls involved in the Claymore attack.
  • The Stoic: But Not So Stoic several times in Original Generation Gaiden.
    • In The Inspector, he's visually disturbed when he learns of the existence of his Evil Twin, more so when he meets Beowulf in the final episode.
  • Team Normal: Of the ATX Team
  • Tranquil Fury: What will befall on those who piss him off.
    • Kyosuke's a master of this trope. He never loses his composure when his buttons are pressed and always stays focused on the task at hand; hell, he just becomes more determined to beat the crap out of the stupid bastard who pushed it in the first place. A good example comes from Original Generation, after Hans Weber turns traitor and abducts Princess Shine Hausen, then flees while a large enemy force attacks the Far Eastern Base. Kyosuke orders his allies to focus on dealing with the more immediate threat rather than chase the kidnappers, prompting this exchange:
    Katina Tarask: "That's cold."
    Excellen: "Not really. Kyosuke's bad about holding a grudge."
    Kyosuke: "We'll settle this later Hans. My way."
    Excellen: "See."
    • Excellen later remarks she feels sorry for the traitor because "He made Kyosuke mad."
    • Of course, the best example would have to be during the famous Scenario 35 event, when Ingram purposely goes out of his way to taunt him. Kyosuke, when confronted with Excellen, Brainwashed and Crazy by Ingram, goads Kyosuke to attack him. He responds by saying "I see", then calmly gives orders to immobilize her mech; he even exchanges a few jokes with Sanger. What follows is this:
    Katina: "Wow! Kyosuke's pretty calm, given the situation."
    Ryusei: "Not really...
    Katina: Huh?
    Irm: (Well, he may have be trying to... but Ingram just pissed off the one guy he shouldn't have.)
    (Kyosuke silently preps himself for a Foe-Tossing Charge by activating every possible buff in the game, prompting Ingram to note that it worked a little TOO well.)
  • When He Smiles: At the finale of every series he's in. And it's comfortable for a change.
  • Wolverine Publicity: With the exception of the Masou Kishin-based game(s), you will either see him, his Expy or any variant of the Alt Eisen on any Original Generation-related game covers.
  • The Worf Effect: At least until he gets the Riese, every new villain in Original Generation 2 seems to show their superiority by beating the Alt Eisen to within an inch of destruction. Justified as the villains in question (Axel and Wodan Ymir) had tussled with Beowulf in the Shadow-Mirror universe, so they knew the strengths and weaknesses of the Alt and how to fight it.

Excellen Browning (Voiced by Yuko Mizutani)
I have a bunny suit in my stash. Wanna see me in it?
"Cheer up, nobody says you suck...even though you do."

Excellen Browning is… err…the extremely cheery Ms. Fanservice partner and complement to Kyosuke, and his girlfriend to boot. Majorly flirty, she loves to tease, can handle her alcohol good but still loyal to her boyfriend. She's not an otaku but has a hint of geekiness intact, making plenty of shout outs by herself. She also pretty much loves acting like a Cool Big Sis towards anyone younger than her. Excellen is roughly 80% Einst because she was involved in a shuttle accident with Kyosuke, but didn't survive, until the Einst interfered and saved her life. She also plays the Distressed Damsel role several times: first by Ingram (now discontinued), then the Einsts for their own nefarious schemes. She befriends Robot Girl Lamia Loveless and showcases her traits as a Cool Big Sis towards her, making Lamia call her Ex-oneesama or Miss Excell (since Lamia's so clueless about human personality at the time, she accepts that kind of nickname). Thus far, she has two clones: Einst-girl Alfimi and Lamia's mistress Lemon Browning (although Lemon's more along the lines of Excellen's Alternate Universe self).

After Original Generation 2, Excellen continues to accompany Kyosuke, doing her best to be his moral support, especially after Lamia's temporary loss, considering she was also emotionally crushed, although Lamia is restored later thanks to Axel. When the events of the Second Original Generation unfold, Excellen is transported into La Gias, temporarily being a "gang leader" for the bandit Gold, until Masaki Andoh raids the bandit hideout, forcing Excellen out of hiding, reuniting and helping him during the Langran Civil War, before returning to the surface, only to contend with new terrestrial and aliens threats. Over time, Excellen forms a bond with Ariel Org, despite the latter being the one getting a Combination Attack with Kyosuke (she's totally cool with it) and at the end of the Sealing War, considers treating Ariel like her "daughter", after being drafted into the ATX Team.

Excellen uses the sniping-based real robot Weiss Ritter and it gets upgraded/mutated into the Rein Weiss Ritter. They embody these tropes:

Einst Alfimi (Voiced by Yuko Mizutani)
Let's say sometime during her earlier days, Excellen had an accident in a shuttle plane that would've otherwise killed her, were it not for Kyosuke. And let's just say for a brief time, before she was Deader Than Dead, Excellen was hauled off by the Einsts, who proceeded to rebuild her. But why stop there? Why not create a clone out of her, name it Alfimi, but instead of being a Manic Pixie Dream Girl Hard-Drinking Party Girl, she's an Emotionless Girl?

Anyway, years later, the meddling Einst declare humanity needs a reboot, and they need their own Adam and Eve to make the planet grow again. Thus Alfimi's sent out to capture Excellen and persuade the "Adam" to agree to the Einst's plans. Instead, they pull out their own persuasion for Alfimi to break out on her own; works and the bad Einsts are destroyed. Unfortunately, since she's tied down to the Einsts, destroying them means destroying yourself, but at least she was thankful she made friends...

...that is, until she suddenly doesn't want to die. In short, moments before vanishing for good, she comes across Axel, near death in his damaged Soulgain. Alfimi merges her essence with him until her body regenerates, then reawakens when the new breed of Einsts, the Jetzt, starts doing a little havoc of their own. Alfimi, now alive and well with her old machine to boot, is tasked with hunting down the Jetzt and putting them back down. When the deed's done, she follows Axel, politely refusing to rejoin her old friends, only to wind up getting kidnapped, landing in the Endless Frontier...

As with Axel, Alfimi returns in the Second Original Generation, but moments after she returns to the surface world, she ends up separated with Axel and forcefully absorbed by Duvan Org and his monstrous Alles Geist to empower the machine. Depending on the route taken, she either perishes inside the Alles Geist or rescued to accompany Axel again. The latter is considered canon.

Alfimi pilots the very scary-looking Einst mecha Persoenlichkeit (shortened into "Lichkeit" for the localization due to space restrictions). Tropes associated with Alfimi:

  • Bittersweet Ending: Killing the Einst kills her...but then, in Original Generation Gaiden...
    • No-One Could Survive That: She floats around space as a soul, then fuses with Axel temporarily and gets her body and mech back in full later.
  • Cosmic Horror: Persoenlichkeit
  • Eleventh Hour Ranger: In all her playable appearances in Original Generation, Alfimi joins the party with one of the best sets of Spirit Commands available (such as granting any ally the "Strike" Spirit Command note  for extremely low cost). Alfimi herself gains a natural "SP Regeneration" pilot skill note , with her Lichkeit having HP/EN regeneration, "Full Block" note  and "Mirror Image" note .
  • Expy: The Final Boss of Endless Frontier, the Wahrschein Lichkeit, is basically the Persoenlichkeit through and through.
  • Facial Markings
  • Heel–Face Turn
  • Humanity Is Infectious
  • Gorn: Notable, given the genre. Her signature Limit Break, Mabuigurinote  had her send her familiars to hold the target in place. And she makes her way, draw her katana, and repeatedly impale, gouge and make a bloody mess of her target.
  • Gratuitous German: All the Persoenlichkeit's attacks are in German.
  • Katanas Are Just Better: Persoenlichkeit's Weapon of Choice; coincidentally becomes Alfimi's weapon in Endless Frontier EXCEED.
  • Late-Arrival Spoiler: Alfimi is Excellen's clone. Do note she winding up resurrecting herself and Axel, all the way towards appearing in Endless Frontier EXCEED is STILL considered a spoiler, DESPITE being on the cover of EXCEED.
  • Leitmotif: "Alchemist With a Wavering Heart"; localized as "Alchemist's Query".
  • Lost Forever: The only way to gain Alfimi in the Second Original Generation is to achieve enough SR Points to access the hard route for the final split in the game. If not, she will be Killed Off for Real in the easy route of the final split.
  • More Teeth than the Osmond Family: You briefly get to see under the Persoenlichkeit's faceplate in one of its animations. It's not pretty.
  • Perky Female Minion: For the Einst, then she becomes Axel's.
  • Ship Tease: Arguably, Kyosuke, but by Original Generation Gaiden, Alfimi's been hanging around Axel the entire time and decides to go away with him. She even lampshades it by stating she's the "only one who understands Axel". Make of that what you will.
    • Made more obvious thanks to Endless Frontier EXCEED ascending them both to Battle Couple status.
  • Speech Impediment: Not really, but she talks really slow. Made more jarring considering who she's a clone of.
  • Spell My Name with an "S": Is it "Alfimi" or "Alchemie"?
  • Talking to Herself
  • Token Mini-Moe: Amongst the Impact originals
  • You Gotta Have Blue Hair: Even when your origin is an orange-blonde Ms. Fanservice.


The antagonists of Compact 2/Impact, the Einst claim to have been around since the beginning of time, acting as the guardians of the universe and eliminate those they consider a threat to the natural order, recreating life from the ashes if necessary. It just so happens they pick the universe where our heroes live in: bad idea. They speak telepathically and only Kyosuke and Excellen can hear them. A source of Epileptic Trees arise due to the Einst being responsible for Beowulf in the Shadow-Mirror dimension. It also makes an appearance in Endless Frontier.

In Original Generation Gaiden, the Einst return as the "Jetzt", human-engineered by Wong Heavy Industries as a biological weapon using captured Einst units from mercenery groups (such as the Cry Wolves), only for them to break out of containment and run amok. The Jetzt are also responsible for the Flatfish encountered by the Hiryu Custom. By the Second Original Generation, most of the Jetzt have been destroyed, although two Jetzt cores are now housed inside two particular mobile weapons of the Gaia Sabers: the Flickerei Geist and the Alles Geist.

Tropes regarding the Einst include:

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